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The Walking Dead

"Four Walls and a Roof" (Aired October 26, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

This episode seems to serve as a bridge between the “old” story of Terminus, and whatever the gang faces next. We say goodbye to a character we like, but not one we love. And it opens up more questions about who else is out there.


The episode opens the Termites still eating Bob. I mean really. It’s so gross. Gareth is telling Bob that it’s comforting to be able to see the walkers across the way, locked up in the school because at least then you can see the threat. Gareth tells Bob that they marked their way to him and his crew so they could find their way back – but Gareth doesn’t know back to what.


Gareth goes on to tell Bob that Terminus wasn’t meant to be a trap. They were going to give people the choice: join the Termites or feed the Termites. He also tells Gareth that he almost caught Carol, and he’s excited to eat her later. Gareth keeps talking, and then Bob starts laughing. Like a crazy person. Because it turns out HE WAS IN FACT BIT! I KNEW IT! He’s pleased with the fact that he provided them tainted meat. The Termites freak out, but Gareth tells everyone it’s ok because they cooked him first. Oh well, you know what they say: Heat kills the walker virus. Just like salmonella.


Sasha is out looking for Bob when she runs into some walkers. Luckily, Rick and Tyreese are there to help out. She storms back in to the church, convinced Gabriel knows who is watching them and why Bob, Carol, and Daryl are all missing. Rick asks Gabriel about the woman walker in the food bank and why “You’ll burn for this” is carved into his church. Gabriel tells Rick and co. that he always locked the doors to the church when his parishioners came knocking on the door looking for shelter. They were screaming, so the walkers were drawn to the noise and killed them. Gabriel tells Rick that the Lord sent them there to punish Gabriel. Somehow, I don’t think this is Gabriel’s only sin. I think he’s hiding more, considering he didn’t answer who the woman walker was to him. Glen then notices that Bob has been thrown outside and that his leg is missing.


After Bob tells the gang about the Termites being close by, Abraham is ready to get Eugene the hell out. Apparently out of sight of everyone, Abraham and Rosita repaired the bus, and he wants to go. Rick doesn’t want to leave without Daryl and Carol. Glen wants everyone to stay together, and Tara tells Abraham that if he stays one more day she’ll go with him to D.C. Abraham wants Glen and Maggie to go as well, but Rick refuses. Abraham tells Eugene to get his stuff together, but Eugene refuses. Glen tells Abraham that he and Maggie will go if they stay one more day, and Abraham consents telling everyone that he is leaving at noon the next day.


Sasha is out for vengeance after what the Termites did to Bob. Tyreese tries to encourage Sasha to stay behind and be with Bob on his deathbed, but she insists on going to find the Termites. Instead, she leaves Tyreese with the dirty work of killing Bob if he happens to die while Sasha is gone. Not to worry though. Bob’s death takes FOREVER, so she’s not really going to miss anything.) So the fighters are off to find and kill the Termites, while Carl, Gabriel, Eugene, Tyreese, Rosita, and baby Judith are left behind at the church.


Knowing that Rick and Co. have headed out, the Termites enter the church. They were watching the group leave, so they know the “weak” ones are the only ones left in the church, and with limited weapons. Gareth tries to negotiate with those who are left, saying they’ll let Gabriel go and that they will keep baby Judith alive. Probably all lies. (At this point, I actually said aloud “Keep your stupid baby mouth shut, Judith!”) And Judith, proving for the ten billionth time that babies should not be present in a zombie apocalypse. The Termites are about to attack those in the church when Rick and the others show up. It was the old switcheroo – they wanted the Termites to think they left.


Gareth begins negotiating for his life. He tells Rick that if Rick lets him go, Gareth promises to leave them alone forever. Well, rule number one: never trust a cannibal. I thought for a second that Rick was going to let him go. Truly. Even after everything Rick had been through because of Gareth, I thought he was going to release him back to the world. But no, Rick promised Gareth in the premiere that he would kill him. And then he does. Rick slices the SHIT out of Gareth, while the others destroy the other Termites, putting an end once and for all to the Termite situation. (On the one hand I’m a little sad because Gareth was such a fun bad guy to watch (like the Governor). On the other hand, I am not sad AT ALL to see the cannibalism stop.) Gabriel is appalled by the violence that just took place in his church, claiming it “is the Lord’s house.” But Maggie, daughter of the heavy in faith Hershel retorts, “No. It’s just four walls and a roof.”


The gang then filters in to say their last goodbyes to Bob. He thanks Rick for saving him, and tells Rick he is a good man for taking people in. It’s an interesting contrast between Rick and Gareth. After Rick and the gang kill the Termites, Rick says, “It could have been us.” At first it may seem like he’s saying it could have been them that were killed, but really, Rick is saying they could have been the ones who turned evil. So what is it that caused Rick to take the “heroic” path, and Gareth the evil one? Was it that they were attacked? Well no, because Rick and his people have been attacked repeatedly. Is it the people that Rick has associated with himself in this world? Maybe. It’s an interesting question, and not one that can be answered simply.


Sasha is with Bob when he finally does die. She goes to stab him in the head, but hesitates. Tyreese steps in then, completing the act for her.


As promised, the next morning Abraham and his crew leave with Maggie and Glen. Abraham tells Rick and the gang he hopes they’ll meet up with them later. He gives Rick a map that has a note from Abraham: “The new world needs Rick Grimes.” After Abraham they take off, Rick goes to help Tyreese dig some graves. Rick asks Tyreese how it was getting to Terminus and Tyreese responds, “It killed me.” But Rick reminds him that it didn't. 


Later that night, Michonne is outside when she hears rustling in the woods. Reunited with her sword since it was on one of the Termites, she approaches. Daryl steps out, and Michonne looks relieved before asking about Carol. Darryl then turns to the woods and says “Come on out.”


So who is he talking to? Beth? Carol? It seems like an odd thing to say to someone the gang would know.