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The Walking Dead

"Strangers" (Aired October 19, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

There is no way I don’t throw up from this show by the end of the season. Seriously. Decapitations. Amputations. Blood in general I can handle. But cannibalism is apparently where my vom-o-meter draws the line. I hate to focus exclusively on this point here at the top, but my god, it was such a gross out moment, it’s about all I can think about. I guess we’ll get into it…


The group is on the move to wherever their next stop may be. Some outstanding problems are resolved at the beginning. First, Rick tells Tara that it doesn’t natter that she gouth with the Governor. She has since proved herself by sving Glen’s life. Rick and Carol also have a reconciliation. Rick still isn’t sture that Carol did the right thing by killing those people at the prison, but she saved their lives, and now they need to join her to stay alive themselves. He asks her persmission and sshe of course grants it.


Meanwhile, Bob and Sash are looking rather cozy, chummy, and adorable. When the group decides to settle in for the night, Daryl and Carol are keeping watch. Daryl is looking at Carol questioningly, but Carol tells Daryl that she needs to forget what happened, the same thing Tyreese told her earlier. As they’re sitting there, Daryl thinks he hears something moving around in the woods, but doesn’t see anything.  On the other hand, the viewers see a figure in a hoodie running away.


The next morning, the group is moving along when they hear cries for help. Carl, the new moral center of the show, tells Rick that they have to help the person. They come across a an Episcopal priest, Gabriel, being pulled on by some walkers. The group is able to save Gabriel, who is clearly a scared, timid, non-walker killing type of man. Rick launches into his questions 1) How many walkers have you killed? 2) How many people have you killed? 3) Why? And Gabriel answers 1) None 2) None 3) Killing is a sin. Gabriel tells the group he has a church nearby and guides them. Rick doesn’t quite trust Gabriel, and who can really blame him. After their last encounter with the Termites, they can’t be too cautious. Gabriel claims he hasn’t wandered far from his church since the whole craziness began, which feels kind of fishy.


Once at the church, the gang takes a look around, finding Gabriel’s diary, which contains a recitation of the Bible, and lots and lots of Bible references. There are loads of empty cans, apparently how Gabriel has been surviving. He tells the group that there was a can drive right before the walkers started showing up, and the cans hadn’t yet been taken to the food bank. It seems like pure luck, and that’s what Gabriel chalks it up to. I remain suspicious on the other hand.


Meanwhile, Abraham finds a bus that they can use to get up to Washington DC after some repairs. Abraham is ready to roll, explaining that DC has infrastructure that can hold up, even in this type of situation. The mission to Washington DC gives the group something to live for. Abraham points out that every place is eventually taken over, and he’s right. The prison. Woodberry. Hershel’s farm. They’ve all been temporary spots of respite. The mission to Washington gives the group a long term goal rather than just holding on to what each day may bring.


Rick asks if Gabriel has any supplies. He tells them about a food bank in town that was stocked by a canned food drive right before shit hit the fan. However, as with every place on this show, the food bank has been overrun by walkers. But it’s Rick and the gang, and walkers don’t scare them anymore, not really. So they plan an expedition, and make Gabriel go with them – Rick doesn’t trust him alone. Rick leaves Carl at the Church, telling him to be on guard.


Once at the food bank, the gang discovers that the food bank has been flooded from a collapsed roof. They wade their way into the water, which has some walkers hanging about. Greg Nicotero is a master on this show- making the walker’s features running down their faces, after years of water damage. As the gang tries to defeat the walkers, Gabriel freaks the fuck out when he recognizes a lady walker and takes off from behind the shelf they’re using as a barrier. Considering he’s an episcopal preacher, and thus allowed to marry, and we later see him holding a picture with her, my bet is it’s his wife or at least his lady friend.) Despite not trusting Gabriel, the gang can’t help but save him. In the process, Bob is dragged under by a walker. Sasha kills the walker, and Bob pops back up and says he’s ok, but I don’t believe it – he seems a little too shaken.


After returning to the church, the group seems relaxed and happy for the first time since…well… since we’ve seen them. Ever. Rick, in a haze of happiness and a little wine, agrees that the group will go with Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene to DC. Tara finally has the conversation she needs to with Maggie. She says she didn’t know what the Governor was capable of, and Maggie tells her that she’s there with them now and it doesn’t matter.


Carol and Daryl are back at a car they found earlier in the day, looking like they’re about to leave the group. I swear to God, if Daryl leaves the group I WILL LOSE MY MIND! Anyway, as they’re loading up, Daryl sees a car that he recognizes as the people that took Beth, and so they take off after it.


Back at the church, Bob and Sasha share a sweet moment, and he asks for another kiss. If there was any question about him having been bit, it’s answered here. He knows he’s going to die, and this request for a kiss just shows it. He then goes outside and starts crying. As he’s having his moment, someone comes from out of the woods and hits him over the head.

Bob awakens by a campfire, surrounded by the remaining Termites. Turns out they were the ones following the gang, the ones Daryl heard rustling around in the woods. Gareth tells Bob they didn’t want to hurt him, but they have to in order to survive. Gareth tells Bob that they’ve devolved into Hunters, and Bob looks down and sees THAT HIS FUCKING LEG IS MISSING AND THEY’RE EATING IT IN FRONT OF HIM!!!! WHAT. THE. FUCK.