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The Vampire Diaries

Filtering by Tag: Damon

"Fade Into You" (Aired November 20, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

The episode begins on May 9, 1994 with Kai going nutso and murdering his siblings. He’s looking for Jo who is hiding under the bed with two of the younger siblings. She’s leaving a blood trail for Kai to follow, and when he goes to lift up the bed, the two blond kids are gone, and it’s just Jo left.

Weirdo 1994

Kai brings Bonnie to his Portland home to cook her Thanksgiving dinner. It’s kind of weird, and Bonnie doesn’t entirely trust him. Good call, Bonnie. It’s one of the only smart things you’ve done so far.

As Kai makes Bonnie dinner, she messes with his pager, which he gets upset about, meaning at some point, this pager is going to be important. Bonnie tells Kai her magic is gone and they should go their separate ways. He agrees that after dinner, the two of them can peacefully go their separate ways.

While they are eating, Kai explains the twin merging ceremony to Bonnie, and that he needed an eclipse in order to merge. After he murdered his siblings, he tried to merge with Jo, but when he arrived, he couldn’t feel Jo’s magic. It was a trap set by his father, Josh, to send him to the prison world. But before he went, Jo told Kai she stored her magic in a knife. He then goes outside, grabs the knife, and absorbs the magic. He’s got the ascendant, he’s got the power, and he’s seen Bonnie do the spell now twice, so he doesn’t need her anymore. So he stabs her and leaves. CAN WE STOP WITH THE BONNIE IS GOING TO DIE BULLSHIT?! YOU’VE DONE THIS LIKE 20 TIMES AND I NO. LONGER. CARE.

 Present Day

Caroline and Elena are getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, and Elena is deciding whether or not she should tell Liam she is a vampire. Liam has seen some shit now, and Elena doesn’t want to compel him and keep lying.  Caroline is concerned that Elena is hiding her feelings for Damon by dating Liam.

After Jo tells Elena that Stefan, Damon, and Alaric decided to take a road trip rather than come to Thanksgiving, Elena calls Alaric only to have him tell her that Bonnie is still trapped in the prison world. Damon lied because he didn’t want to get everyone hopes up. Alaric tells Elena that they are in Portland to try and talk to members of the Gemini cult.

As the three men are getting ready to go meet the Gemini cult, Damon tries to convince Stefan to date Caroline, but Stefan insists he only sees Caroline as a friend. They arrive at an open, empty field, and Stefan explains he wasn’t able to find anything during the summer when he tried to find the Gemini cult. Damon continues to tease Stefan about Caroline, and in response, Stefan kicks Bonnie’s stuffed teddy bear, which crosses a barrier, and causes Kai’s family’s house to appear. Stefan realizes that Bonnie put her magic in the bear, and Alaric goes inside the house to check it out since Stefan and Damon need invites.

After investigating the house, Alaric shows Stefan and Damon pictures of Jo as a kid. Damon recognizes Kai as Jo’s sister.  Just then, Joshua Parker, Kai and Jo’s dad shows up and shakes Damon’s hand. He casts a cloaking spell so Alaric and Stefan can’t see Damon anymore. When Josh asks how Damon got out of Kai’s prison, Damon assures Josh that Kai is still safely imprisoned.

Meanwhile at Thanksgiving, Jo and Liv are introduced, and Jo thinks she recognizes Liv. REAL TIME REACTION: HOLY SHIT! LIV AND LUKE ARE THE YOUNG SIBILNGS OF JO!!!!! When Liam arrives, he apologizes to Elena for questioning her, saying he went back and checked the injured girl’s records, and everything was fine. Jo went in and altered the records to cover Elena’s ass. Awww! She’s gonna be a good substitute aunt/step-mommy for Elena!

Once Tyler arrives, he tries to talk to Liv, but she’s her normal, moody self. Luke shows baby videos of Liv and Jo recognizes them as her younger brother and sister. Jo explains that Bonnie’s grandmother was a friend of the Gemini cult, and she helped to ensure that all the Parker siblings ended up at Whitmore College. Kai is not just Jo’s brother, but her twin. Kai tried to kill Luke and Liv because in the Gemini coven, twins are leaders. On the twin’s 22nd birthday, there’s a merging ceremony with the two twins, and then the living twin is the leader. With Luke and Liv alive, Kai wouldn’t be able to lead. Liv then has another emo moment and leaves because, you guessed it, her 22nd birthday is coming up.

Stefan calls Elena to fill her in on the information Josh told Damon (really, Elena already knew everything). While they’re on the phone, Elena asks Stefan how he knew she could be trusted with his vampire secret when they were dating. He tells her he was in love with her and wanted her to know everything.

While Stefan and Elena are talking, Jo is on the phone with Alaric and tells him that Josh will do everything he can to stop them from getting into Kai’s prison. She also tells Alaric she has the ascendant. Josh then does some witchy magic, and tries to kill Jo so Kai won’t be able to merge with her. Over the phone, Jo invites Stefan in to the house to try and get Josh to stop hurting her, but he can’t see the house. She then guides them to the tree stump in the front yard. Inside is a knife that Jo placed her magic in. Stefan throws the knife in the direction of the house, causing it to appear. He makes it inside in time to stop Josh from staking Damon and to end his spell on Jo.

During Jo’s attack, Liam had tried to call 911, but Elena says there’s not enough time and she feeds Jo her blood. When she wakes up, Liam demands to know what is going on and Elena explains that she is a vampire. She goes on to tell Liam that her life is too complicated, so she compels him to forget everything she told him, as well as the fact that they dated at all. And thus ended the superfluous romance.

After the encounter with Josh, Alaric tells Damon and Stefan that the ascendant is off the table for fear of Kai returning and killing Jo. Damon, ignoring this threat, compels Alaric to retrieve the ascendant from Jo. Great, I’m sure that will go over SPLENDIDLY.

 After a night of Liv getting drunk, Tyler brings her home. She’s upset that her coven will come after her, but he’s hiding her in Mystic Falls. (Side note: is anyone working on making the magic restrictions there not a thing?) Tyler promises Liv they’ll find another way other than the merge to stop Kai.

 As Caroline leaves her dorm, she finds Stefan outside. Stefan tries to explain to Caroline that when Damon died, he pushed her away the most because she was the one person who would sit with him and let him cry and he didn’t want to cry anymore. She thanks him for telling her that and tells him to enjoy the leftovers.

Elena meets Damon at the bar and yells at Damon for not bringing her to Portland. She wants to know about his last 4 months with Bonnie. He tells Elena that they talked a lot, and that Bonnie sacrificed herself so Damon could get back to Elena. Elena confesses to Damon she ended things with Liam. Elena tells Damon she’s at a crossroads and she could go live her life in a way that would make her happy, or she could go with the glimmer of something she has. She then asks Damon for his help to bring Bonnie back.

"Do You Remember the First Time?" (Aired November 13, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Uh-oh. After years of objecting and fighting it, I think I may be fully on board for Damon and Elena as a couple However, I still do not support Caroline and Stefan. Mainly, it is because I think that Caroline and Tyler should be together because I don’t really care that much about Liv. As for who Stefan should end up with, I don’t know. I’m so conflicted. Me? The writers can write me in on the show and I’d be ok with that. Though Enzo would probably kill me in some of fit of rage or proving a point, but I digress….


Weirdo 1994 Mystic Falls

Bonnie awakes to find that Kai has taken her back to Salvatore Mansion. Kai then tries to setal her magic, but she stabs him and takes off running toward the hospital. After bandaging her wound and taking some pain killers, Bonnie tries to reassemble the ascendant, but realizes a piece is missing. She then hears a loud bang, and finds that Kai has followed her blood trail to the hospital. And it turns out, he’s got the missing piece to the ascendant. She runs out of the hospital and tries to start Damon’s car, but Kai is in the backseat. Kai tells her they have an hour until the eclipse and that it is time to go home.


Down in the cavern where they need to be to go home, Kai shows Bonnie that he’s brought along her favorite teddy bear. He tells Bonnie he knows she thinks she’s a monster, and he realizes he could handle his anger better. He tells Bonnie he would like to get his family back together, and he’s scared about living in the real world. He tells Bonnie she’s helped change him, but she’s skeptical


As the eclipse begins, Bonnie puts her blood on the ascendant. Kai grabs Bonnie’s hand, and she touches her teddy bear with her foot. The eclipse passes with nothing happening. Bonnie tells Kai she hid her magic from him. He looks around and realizes that the teddy bear is gone. You sneaky, sneaky witch.


Stefan, Caroline, and Enzo

Stefan stops by Caroline’s dorm to let her know that he, Enzo, and Matt found out from Tripp that she is still in danger from the vampire hunters. Caroline, seeming rather ungrateful for the head’s up, tells Stefan she doesn’t want to see him anymore. She then gets a call from her mother who tells her that Tripp’s men are going to kill her if they don’t get Tripp back.


Caroline and Stefan arrive at the hut where Enzo is holding Tripp hostage. Caroline once again starts yelling at Stefan, and Enzo realizes that Caroline has feelings for Stefan, and tells Stefan. Caroline is mortified and tells Stefan not to bring it up again. 


Matt and one of Tripp’s henchmen bring Sheriff Forbes to Caroline, while Caroline and Stefan bring Tripp to his henchmen. Sheriff Forbes says to release Tripp first. When Tripp crosses the line, Tripp’s neck slices open. It turns out Enzo turned Tripp into a vampire before Stefan and Elena got there, and Matt is none too happy about it.


At the hospital, Sheriff Forbes is being checked out, and it’s time for the big talk between Caroline and Stefan. Stefan asks why Caroline has a thing for him. He wants to know how he missed it. Caroline responds by telling Stefan she liked him because she thought he was worth it and he helped her when she became a vampire. She also tells him she couldn’t imagine why Elena would let him go. She then tells Stefan that he didn’t feel the same way about he because if he had he wouldn’t have left Mystic Falls. Caroline tells Stefan she doesn’t hate him, and she accepts his apology, but she hates him for ruining their friendship. If she doesn’t, then she has to hate herself and she deserves better than that.  It’s a really great moment, and I’m really proud of Caroline. Stefan did mess up when left Mystic Falls. He gave up on everyone and he can’t expect his friends to accept him back with open arms.


Damon, Elena, Alaric & Jo

Damon and Elena are having their first encounter since his return.. Damon thinks that when Elena sees him, their love will prove stronger than the compulsion and all her memories will come flooding back. However, Elena tells Damon she doesn’t feel anything. All Elena knows is the pain that he caused her. She knows she loved him, but she doesn’t feel anything for him.


Later, Whitmore College is sponsoring some kind of fundraiser for the medical school. Jo and Alaric attend. Jo tells Alaric that she won an award and so the college trots her out when they want to raise money. Damon shows up and tells Jo and Alaric he’s there to spend time with Alaric. Then, Elena walks in with Liam. Jo rubs it in Damon’s face that Liam is Elena’s date.


As Elena and Liam are flirting and kissing, Damon is observing like Mr. Creep. Damon, being the completely rational ex, decides to introduce himself to Liam. Liam remembers Elena told him Damon died. Damon and Elena try to skirt the topic, and Damon compels Liam to find out how threatened Liam feels, and then he compels Liam to get Elena a chardonnay, giving Elena and Damon the opportunity to dance and talk.


As they’re dancing, Damon is able to make Elena smile a little bit. He tries to trigger her memories by talking about the first time they danced at Miss Mystic Falls. Elena objects, telling Damon he can’t just show up and do this to her.  He reminds Elena he travelled through time and space to be with her. Elena tells him she feels guilty and that she doesn’t remember him. Damon then tells Elena that he would never erase the memory of her. He would rather hold on to the memories and be in agony then erase the memory of Elena. He starts to touch her face, and Elena tells him she needs some air.


At the bar, Elena tells Damon that she wants to try to remember. She doesn’t like missing a whole piece of her life. She suggests unwinding the memories backward and maybe they’ll come back. Damon agrees and asks what he wants her to do. Elena says to take her to the last place she told him she loved him.


Damon takes Elena to the border of Mystic Falls, but Elena doesn’t recall any of it. She tells Damon she remembers they needed to stop the travelers, and that Damon drove his car into the Mystic Grill to stop the explosion and died. Damon tells Elena that she got in the car with him, but Elena doesn’t believe this. She wants to hear another memory, so he starts to tell her about a summer night before she went to college when they were watching a meteor shower and it begin to rain. Before he can finish the story though, Elena grows frustrated and crosses the border of Mystic Falls in hopes of reversing the compulsion. She starts to spit up water like she was when she died. Damon pulls her back over the border, telling her that he doesn’t want to risk her life.


Damon walks Elena back to her dorm, and Elena tells him she remembered something when she crossed the border, but she wants him to finish the story about the night of the meteor shower. . Instead of doing so, Damon tells Elena when she became a vampire he was thrilled because they would be together forever, but he was also sad because she lost the life she wanted. He decides that Elena is happy now, and that she’s better off without him. He died and she did what she had to do to keep living. He tells her that he loves her enough to let her go. She tries to get him to continue telling the meteor shower story, but instead Damon simply says it got cold and muddy so they got in the car and they drove home. He’s lying and Elena knows it.


Liam stops by Elena’s dorm room, slamming a file in to her hand. He tells Elena that the girl she saved after the corn maze accident no longer needs a surgery she’s need for over a year because the problem is healed. Liam knows something is up. Damon showed up after Elena told Liam he was dead, and this girl is perfectly healed after Elena treated her. Liam gives Elena an option: she can tell him the truth or he is going to figure it out on his own.


Then we finally get to see the whole meteor shower story. Elena and Damon are watching the meteor shower when it begins to rain. Elena insists the rain will clear up, and the two begin to kiss and it’s a really sweet moment. Elena then has Damon promise her that it is forever, and he does.


After his conversation with Elena, Damon heads to the Salvatore family crypt with a bottle of bourbon. He then spots Bonnie’s bear and realizes that she’s still alive and there’s a way to save her.


Meanwhile, Alaric tells Jo that he feels bad about Elena not having her memories of Damon. Jo reminds Alaric that Elena made that decision on her own and she needs to live with it. She also tells Alaric that she is a witch who has relinquished her magic and put it away for safe keeping. She left a dysfunctional family, and hasn’t regretted it. And that’s when I realized: SHE IS PART OF THE GEMINI COVEN LIKE KAI. SHE’S THE SISTER HE DIDN’T KILL!


After the party, Jo and Alaric get back to her place. He watches her undress and notices a giant scar on her stomach. Sure enough, she confirms my suspicions by telling Alaric that her brother tried to kill her with a hunting knife when she was younger. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.


So how much is Kai’s arrival to Mystic Falls going to mess up Jo and Alaric’s life? Is Jo the sister Kai liked? Or is she another one?! How is Damon gong to get Bonnie back? How long before Elena gets annoyed with Liam? Does anyone care about Jeremy anymore?

"The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get" (Aired November 6, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Why can nothing on this show ever go to plan? I mean I get it, without problems there’s no show. But I mean really, could they not restore Elena’s memory and then still have her be uncertain about Damon? Instead, now we have to repeat Seasons 1-5 where she plays the will she or won’t se game with Damon, Stefan, and Liam? I don’t want to go through that emotional turmoil again.


After their joyful reunion, Damon and Stefan begin to fill each other in on the events of the past few months. Damon tells Stefan that Bonnie got stuck on the other side, but he’s going to tell everyone else she wasn’t with him. He knows the rest of the group won’t be able to deal with the fact that Bonnie died…again. Stefan then tells Damon that Elena had her memories compelled away by Alaric.


After Elena finds out about Damon’s return, she goes to see Alaric about reversing the compulsion. Elena tells Alaric not to give her back her memories until she’s ready. Alaric agrees, and before Elena leaves, he tells Elena he unsuccessfully tried to compel Jo, and he asks Elena to take a look in to it.


Despite what Stefan told him about Elena’s memories, Damon pays a visit to Elena’s dorm and begs her to open the door. He tries to tell her that on some level she knows the compulsion is just a way to cover the truth. At first she refuses to open the door, but finally she unlocks it. When Damon opens the door, Elena escaped through the window.


Elena calls Stefan and tells him that she panicked when Damon stopped by. She’s worried looking at Damon will break the compulsion and her happiness. She tells Stefan that she started over and made a smart decision for her future. She tells Stefan that she kissed Liam the night before, but Stefan suggests Elena not mention that to Damon.


Damon stops by Alaric’s office to pay him a visit. Damon is frustrated that he can’t go in to Mystic Falls and that Alaric, his best friend, compelled Elena to forget him. Alaric tells Damon that Elena loved Damon too much and it was killing her. Damon is ready to get the compulsion erased, but Alaric refuses to reverse it without Elena’s consent. Damon says he wants Elena to be happy, but to be happy with him.


Matt informs Caroline that Tripp is holding Enzo hostage. When Caroline finds out Stefan handed Enzo over to Tripp, she is pissed. Caroline also accuses Stefan of telling Tripp about Ivy, which resulted in Ivy being driven into Mystic Falls and killed. Caroline tells Stefan he needs to help save Enzo to make it up to Damon. So, they’re off to investigate the cabin when the door opens and two people leave. Caroline and Stefan go inside to find that Enzo is no longer inside.


At the hospital, Elena does her best to figure out what Jo knows. But Jo catches on to her, and Jo tells Elena she knows she’s a vampire and knows that Alaric is one as well. Elena asks Jo how she knew that she and Alaric were vampires. Jo tells Elena the fact that Elena healed the girl who was critically hurt at the Corn Maze was a big hing. She also saw Elena test her coffee for vervain. Elena realizes that Jo is a witch, and Jo tells Elena to tell Alaric he can avoid a complicated relationship without compulsion.



Damon is in Elena’s room and upset that all of the pictures of him are gone. He starts to draw stick figures in to the pictures where he should be. Jeremy shows up and asks why Bonnie didn’t come back with Damon. Damon tells Jeremy that Bonnie wasn’t there. Jeremy tells Damon that he kept calling Bonnie’s voicemail. Damon tells Jeremy that Bonnie is in a better place and at peace.


Matt is in Tripp’s office looking up information on vampires to see what Tripp knows. Sarah sneaks into the office as well and she tells Matt that she’s looking for information on her parent’s death. So, the two begin to scour Tripp’s office. They find a locked drawer, and in it they find Ivy’s phone with Caroline’s number as the most recent. This means Tripp knows what Caroline is, and is looking for her.

Damon calls Bonnie’s phone to thank her for sacrificing herself so he could see Elena. He apologizes and says he doesn’t know what to say or what he’s supposed to say and that he misses her. As he’s leaving the message, Elena calls and tells Damon she wants to see him and talk to him. He’s looking in the mirror when Tripp enters the room. He draws his vervain gun, and when Damon shows he’s a vampire he shoots. Damon stops the dart, then goes to attack Tripp. However, two other hunters are with Damon and shoot him with the vervain darts.


Elena arrives to her dorm room and realizes that Damon has been taken. She calls Alaric to let him know, and he tells her to find Caroline and they’ll go save Damon. As he’s leaving his office, Jo shows up and says they need to talk. Alaric tells Jo that his best friend is back from the dead but is about to be killed again, and suggest staying as far away as possible.


Caroline and Elena are at the border of Mystic Falls to try and prevent Tripp from driving Damon and Enzo over the Mystic Falls line. As they’re waiting, Elena tells Caroline she wants her memories back. She can’t ignore the parts of her life she doesn’t like. She can’t make decisions if she only knows half the story.


Stefan and Alaric block another route into Mystic Falls. Alaric tries to tell Stefan it isn’t his fault about Damon. He’s been thinking about blood, when he’s going to hurt someone, and how he can live as a vampire. Searching for Damon was a respite for his mind. He acknowledges that he had given up on Damon as well. Then, Tripp’s van shows up. Alaric tells Stefan to let Elena know he’s there.


Alaric approaches the van, and Damon recognizes Alaric’s voice and knows that Alaric is there to save him. Alaric punches through the window, and Tripp steps on the gas, sending the van slamming into the Jeep Stefan is in, flipping it over and over the border into Mystic Falls. Stefan runs across the border to free Damon and Enzo. He then walks them back over the border where they’re able to heal. During the chaos, Tripp is able to escape.


Meanwhile, Alaric is still on the wrong side of the Mystic Falls line. Jo shows up, telling Alaric she followed him. He’s bleeding from the wound he suffered when he died and became a vampire. Jo is able to stop the bleeding and save his life, BUT it means that Alaric didn’t die in the first place which means he’s no longer a vampire. WHICH MEANS HE CAN’T REVERSE THE COMPULSION ON ELENA. GRRRRRRRR


Elena calls Alaric after everything to see how he’s doing. She tells him that Jo is a keeper. Alaric tells Elena he’s sorry, but she tells him she’s glad he’s ok. She tells him up until an hour ago she didn’t want her memories back, and now she has to live with the fact that she can’t have them back. She’s happy he’s no longer a vampire. She tells Elena that she wants to look Damon in the eye, knowing all she knows, and all she doesn’t, and see how she feels about him. Alaric wishes her good luck.


At the bar, Damon tells Stefan he was so close to having Elena back. Stefan says he’s sorry, but Damon is frustrated that everyone is sorry. Damon says it was hard for him to be away from Elena. But Stefan reminds Damon that Damon knew he had a home to return to, but as far as Elena knew, Damon was gone.  Stefan tells Damon to go see Elena, but Damon is worried their love won’t break the compulsion. Stefan sees Caroline walking and chases after her. He asks Caroline what she wants him to do, but Caroline tells him she’s not sure they can be friends after everything.


Damon goes to Elena’s dorm. She’s unpacking her box of Damon things when he gets there. He knocks on the door and Elena takes a deep breath. She opens the door, and you can see the love in Damon’s eyes and the fear in Elena’s. AND THAT IS HOW IT EFFING ENDS. Are you kidding me? I have to wait a week for this shit? Ugh. 

"The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" (Aired October 30, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

This episode left me with so many emotions. I love that the writers focused on reuniting the Salvatore brothers first. I think truly this show is about the relationship between Stefan and Damon, though it tends to focus on Elena’s relationship with the Salvatore brothers. Before I get too introspective and sentimental, we might as well get into it.


Weirdo 1994 Mystic Falls

Kai fills Damon and Bonnie in on what their location needs to be for the spell to work. Damon gets to work on digging to the cavern. Kai shows up with a backpack filled with 1994 goodies. Bonnie insists that Kai show her the spell. When he refuses, Bonnie tells Kai to take her magic, and he accuses her of being brave. Kai touches Bonnie and causes her pain, but Bonnie insists that Kai won’t kill her. Damon yells at Kai to stop, and Bonnie realizes that Kai doesn’t know the spell. Bonnie then throws a pick axe into Kai killing him. Damon is unhappy.


Bonnie realizes that Kai needed a Bennett witch to use the ascendant, and so she drops blood on the ascendant as the eclipse starts and tells Damon they’re going home. However, Bonnie is hit by an arrow. It turns out, Kai isn’t dead. Kai tells Bonnie and Damon that he has tried to kill himself before, but it isn’t possible. Damon rushes over to Bonnie, tries to feed her his blood, and the goes after Kai, but Kai stabs Damon with an arrow.


A fight ensues between Damon and Kai. Damon tells Bonnie to leave, but she tells Bonnie she’s not going to make it. She throws Damon the ascendant and sends him home. The ascendant drops back down, and Bonnie and Kai are left there in weirdo 1994. I don’t know if I care anymore about Bonnie. The writers have over done the “Is Bonnie dead storyline” so much that it makes her possible death so unemotional.


Normal Mystic Falls

Tripp calls Stefan to let him know that Enzo has been extremely helpful. He’s doing it as a courtesy as Tripp thinks that he and Stefan are on the same side as members of founding families. Tripp tells Stefan his men are on their way to Savannah to try and track the vampire problem.  Stefan heads downstairs to find that Ivy has destroyed the downstairs. She also tells Stefan she killed his boss while he was burying her in the woods. Ivy is blames Stefan for her being a vampire. OH MY GOD I DO NOT CARE. I’m ready for Ivy to die. Again. She tries to attack Stefan, but he snaps her neck. OVER. IT.


Stefan shows up at Caroline and Elena’s dorm room and asks Caroline to watch Ivy while Luke makes Ivy a daylight ring. Caroline tries to tell Stefan this is his mess. Stefan promises that after he gets Ivy’s daylight ring, Caroline won’t have to see Stefan again. So Caroline does her best to deal with Ivy. She refuses to take Ivy to the party as Caroline doesn’t trust Ivy not to feed on the partygoers. Ivy calls Caroline out on having feelings for Stefan. Ivy suggests playing a game, and as Caroline is looking at the games, Ivy snaps Caroline’s neck and leaves the dorm room. OH MY GOD JUST DIE ALREADY, IVY! Seriously, no one liked you before you were turned in to a vampire, and no one likes you now that you’re running around snapping necks. Seriously?! Who the eff do you think you are Ivy?


Stefan pays a visit to Alaric. Alaric is pissed at Stefan for lying about searching for clues to help Damon and Bonnie. Stefan asks Alaric to compel Ivy to forget Stefan and give her a new start, but Alaric says this would really only give Stefan a new start. When Stefan says Alaric helped Elena forget Damon, Alaric says Stefan forgot Damon first. Alaric tells Stefan to leave before he compels him to be the man he knew.


Meanwhile, Ivy is on the loose and biting people. Too bad she doesn’t know how to compel people BECAUSE SHE’S THE WORST. And she sets the guy free. Dumbass.


In the corn maze, Elena and Liam are enjoying their date night at the corn maze. Liam asks if he’s Elena’s type, and she says no, but Elena says she hopes she can change. Elena tells Liam that her ex, Damon, died, and she tells Liam that tonight isn’t about him, it’s about her and him.


In another part of the maze, Jo and Alaric meet up and realize that Elena has set them up on a date. Jo tells Alaric that she wants to leave and get a drink, but he pulls out his flask and hands it to Jo.


Tyler is driving down the street when he checks a text message, then runs over the guy Ivy bit. He veers into the corn maze, and causes mass chaos, hitting people. He heads right for Alaric and Jo, and Alaric tries to move Jo out of the way. Tyler crawls out of the truck. It turns out even accidentally hitting someone with a car can trigger the curse. Tyler finds the guy that he hit and he is still alive.


In the corn maze, there are lots of people hurt. Elena gets up and is summoned b Liam to help an injured girl. Elena tells him to go help someone else, and Elena feeds the girl her blood to heal her. Elena then compels the girl to think she jumped out of the way in time. Right then, Tyler calls Elena to tell her that he was driving the truck, and he begs her to come heal the guy so his curse isn’t activated. Elena tells Tyler to keep the guy awake, and she will go find Jo and Alaric.


Jo is tending to the wounded and needs Alaric’s help. He has to hold his fingers on the blood, and he has to fight really hard not to drink the blood. Jo tells Alaric that she enlisted in the army right out of school. Elena shows up and puts Tyler on speakerphone for Jo to try and help the kid Tyler hit. Jo tells Tyler and Liv there’s nothing they can do to save the guy. Tyler realizes he’s going to become a werewolf.

Tyler tries  to resuscitate the guy he hit, but Liv stops him. Tyler says that he tried so hard to not kill someone, and Liv suffocates the guy to death so that Tyler wasn’t the one that killed him. It’s an amazing sacrifice that makes me really like Liv. Out of nowhere, too.


Elena finds Liam with a girl who can’t breathe. He’s able to open up her windpipe to get the girl breathing. Elena is glad she didn’t have to use her blood again. After the paramedics arrive and everyone is out of harms way, Liam and Elena are getting ready to go. Liam spots the girl that Elena fed her blood to and is shocked that she is up and walking around.


At the hospital afterward, Alaric finds Jo. Jo is hopped up on pain meds and tells Alaric that she likes him and says she thinks she was meant to know him. Alaric tells Jo he thinks she’s amazing, brilliant, and sexy. He then compels Jo to believe that Alaric was boring and alcoholic, and to think she doesn’t want to know him. Jo tells Alaric that it was a literal disaster and that he is an alcoholic, but he isn’t boring. She then kisses him. Compulsion doesn’t work on her! What is she?!


Caroline is roaming the streets looking for Caroline. Stefan shows up and yells at Caroline for “losing” Ivy. Stefan tells Caroline he was about to leave town after sliding Ivy’s ring under her door. Caroline is furious with Stefan. Stefan says he was trying to start over and now he has hunters looking for him and a new vampire looking to kill him and everyone else. Caroline says a month ago she wishes that Damon would come back because then she would get Stefan back to, but now she wants Stefan to leave.


Ivy is on the phone asking where Caroline is. Caroline tells Ivy she’s almost there, when Ivy sees a van coming. It turns out it is Tripp. She then turns to walk away from him, but he won’t leave. She then starts to bite him, but he shoots her with some bullets. Caroline sees everything happen.


At the end of the night, Liam is walking Elena back to her dorm and asks about the girl that Elena saved. She tries to say it is beginner’s luck. She says there are some things science can’t explain. She then goes to kiss him and tells Liam that he was a hero and that is her type.


Liv is at the bar and Tyler shows up to tell her everyone else lived. He wants to check on Liv to see how she’s doing. She doesn’t want to talk about it. Tyler says that there was nothing to be done to save the guy, so instead she saved Tyler. He can’t repay her for that, he can only promise that he won’t waste it.


Stefan is at the Salvatore family crypt, and he’s been drinking. Stefan admits that he’s not doing well without Damon. He’s trying to start over, but he can’t get anywhere because he’s lost without Damon. He throws his bottle and Damon catches it. Damon then chastises Stefan for wasting bourbon. Stefan is in total shock and doesn’t believe that Damon is real. Damon tells Stefan that it’s a long story, but he’s back. Stefan reaches out to touch Damon and the hug. I AM SO GLAD THE BROTHERS WERE REUNITED FIRST.

"Black Hole Sun" (Aired October 23, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Weirdo Mystic Falls, 1994

 After bumping in to Kai, Damon is determined to get out of Kai’s prison. Kai explains to Damon there is a reason they are Groundhog Daying May 10, 1994. Kai explains that Bonnie’s magic is part of the equation to get out, Kai’s knowledge is another part, and now Damon needs to explain what he did on May 10, 1994.


Damon confesses May 10, 1994 is the day he did the worst thing ever: he killed the attendees of an Eclipse Party at Salvatore Manor, including his descendant, Zach Salvatore’s pregnant girlfriend Gail. Kai tells Damon they’re going to use the power of the eclipse (BOOM CALLED IT!) to help them get home. They’re going to use an ascendant to harness the eclipse’s power, but Kai tells Bonnie she needs to perform a locator spell to find an ascendant.


Bonnie performs the locator spell to find that Kai has the ascendant on him already. He claims that he wanted to make sure Bonnie had the magical capabilities to be able to get them out of the repeating day.


Kai is outside using the ascendant, and Bonnie notices a headline in the paper reporting the massacre of a family in Portland, Oregon. Kai confesses that he committed the murder of his siblings. Kai tells them the people he killed were members of his coven, the Gemini coven. After these murders, the Gemini coven banished Kai to this prison. It isn’t Damon’s hell that they’re trapped in; it is Kai’s.


After learning this information, Bonnie does not want to let Kai out of the prison. Damon insists, saying he needs to go back not only for Elena, but for Stefan as well. Bonnie realizes that Gail must have had a thing for pancakes. Damon makes them everyday which means he has remorse and pain. Kai tells them he doesn’t have magic himself, but he can consume it from others. He grabs Bonnie and takes some of Damon’s magic. He’s straight up crazy pants. Kai tells them that if he consumes all of Bonnie’s magic, he can kill her. He’s going home with or without them.


Present Day

Jeremy is puking his guts out at the hospital in Mystic Falls, with Alaric with him. The cute doctor, Jo, shows up and tells Jeremy he’s going to get the full work-up. She and Alaric are so flirty, it’s cute. Alaric explains to Dr. Jo that Jeremy has had a rough couple of months. Jo tells Alaric that if Jeremy and Elena are similar, then Jeremy will be ok. As the two are talking, a patient walks in with blood on his face, distracting Alaric with the scent.


Following his visit to the hospital, Alaric tries to train with Jeremy to try and get Jeremy to pull himself together. Jeremy tells Alaric he’s mad that no one thinks he should have a problem. He’s mad that Bonnie told him she was dying over the phone to save everyone but herself. Really, Jeremy? You’re mad that your girlfriend sacrificed herself for your sister and other friends? Selfish, bro. Alaric says he has just as much resentment: Isabella died. Jenna died. Then Damon died and he was sad even though Damon turned Isabella. Alaric tells Jeremy he’s had resentment for years, but they have to find a way to keep going. 


Stefan, Elena, and Caroline are still looking for Sarah considering her compulsion is now gone. Stefan is getting ready to leave town, but Elena arrives to stop him. She tries to tell him that Georgia is not his home. Stefan says he’s going to start over again and he tells Elena it’s easy to forget the past. Stefan tells Elena he has a system to move on, and Elena says he needs to show her, then she will let him go. IT’S HAPPENING YOU GUYS! THEY’RE GONNA REUNITE


Turns out, Stefan brought Elena to Georgia. Elena points out that besides Stefan’s claims to start a new life, he brought along his old car, and that Damon loved to torture people with nick names, and just plain torture people. Stefan tells Elena all she has to do is pick what she wants to be for the next 30 years, and she’s it. They’re flirting, and I love it.


At a bar, Stefan asks if Elena is ready to see the “feel better” system in action. She hands over her daylight ring. Stefan then gets down on one knee and proposes. They’re so silly, making a scene for everyone in the bar. They’re having so much fun and it’s so adorable. At one point in the fake proposal, Stefan says that Elena brought him back from the edge, which is 100% true. Elena accepts the proposal, and the bar erupts in excitement.


After the excitement, Elena asks why Stefan came back to Mystic Falls after 15 years, ahead of his 30 year schedule. He tells her it’s because he met her. Awwww. Elena says it must have been hard without a constant presence in his life. Elena says they should talk about “your brother,” and Stefan comments it’s weird to hear Elena call Damon only his brother, but this doesn’t make sense to her.


Elena is headed home, and Stefan tells her he’s avoiding Mystic Falls, not her. They’re goodbye is kind of sad. Then, one of the bar patrons slides the bartender a slip of paper. Earlier, he was eyeing Stefan and Elena during their engagement. The Aaron Paul look alike is still pissed that Stefan apparently put his brothers in the hospital. The guy then starts kicking the shit out of Stefan. As fake Aaron Paul goes to hit Stefan again, Elena comes back in and compels the guy to go home.


Elena is furious that the next step of Stefan’s plan is to get in a fight in order to feel something. Stefan, tired of being lectured by someone who couldn’t cope either, tells Elena that she had her memories of Damon compelled away. Stefan then tells Elena that she was in love with Damon and that when Damon died, part of her died. Elena says she couldn’t have loved Damon, but Stefan says he couldn’t believe it at first either. But Damon inspired her, pushed her to own the darkest parts of herself. When she died, he was the only one who could make her feel alive again. Both Stefan and Elena loved Damon for the same reasons: in spite of everything they couldn’t live without him. Now Elena doesn’t have to, but Stefan does and he’s gong to do it his way  


After hearing this from Stefan, Elena pays a visit to Alaric to ask why she agreed to compel away her memories of Damon. He says he’s tired of acting like why he knows what is best for everyone. So he gives Elena her diary with pictures of her and Damon and the journal detailing her life with Damon. The journal tells Elena that she did love Damon and that she compelled him out because she couldn’t face an eternity without her soulmate. Alaric can restore the memories, but old Elena asks that she doesn’t because she cant see the end to the pain. Elena then has the decision to make. She asks Alaric to hold on to the diary in case she needs to read it again, and decides to keep the memories of Damon away.


After Elena leaves Georgia, Stefan is back at the car repair shop, restoring Damon’s old car. As he’s working, Ivy comes back. It turns out, Enzo fed her his blood before he killed her, and now she’s a vampire. And also, WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT YOU IVY?! Answer: NO. ONE.


Meanwhile, back at Salvatore Mansion, Sarah is back. She shows Jeremy a picture of her parents. It turns out, it is Zach Salvatore and his girlfriend Gail. It turns out, Damon didn’t kill the baby. Stefan took Gail to the hospital, and the doctor performed an emergency C-Section and saved her. Jeremy tells her that Zach is her daddy.


Elsewhere, Matt pays a visit to Tripp to explain that Jay got drunk at the swimming hole party and insisted on driving home by himself. Matt then expresses some faux concern to Tripp about how Jay died. Tripp agrees to show Matt something. Tripp takes Matt to a building. He tells Matt that when he came back to check on his grandmother after the gas leak, he remembered a bunch of things. His wife was murdered, she didn’t die in a car accident. The vampire made Tripp believe he killed her. Tripp takes Matt into the building, and he has Enzo chained up. Tripp wants to get Enzo to give up other vampires.

"Welcome to Paradise" (Aired October 16, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Here’s the thing about “The Vampire Diaries,” the writers really enjoy their love shapes. Triangles. Squares. Pentagons. Whatever the case may be. Me on the other hand, I don’t particularly care for it. Just as I was starting to come around a LITTLE bit on the Elena/Damon relationship, they bring Stefan and Elena back together for an episode, and my loyalties to them return. And now adding this Liam character into the mix. DIS. LIKE.


 Following her return from the worst dinner party of all time, Caroline spent the night in Elena’s dorm room and even toyed with the idea of reenrolling at college. The next morning though, Caroline has changed her mind. The newly compelled and oddly happy Elena convinces Caroline to attend a party with all of their friends at the swimming hole that afternoon.


Caroline, following her conversation with Elena, makes a call to Matt. The two lament over this new Elena, saying she doesn’t seem like herself. Matt then runs into Tripp who is washing out his van after killing all of those vampires at the end of last week’s episode. (Though he tells Matt it was red mulch). When Matt tells Tripp he’s going to a party, Tripp asks Matt to take his fellow fitness class buddy, Jay to the party as well.


Tyler pays a visit to Live and Luke, asking if Liv may be able to help stock the better with some beer. Liv is hesitant at first, but Tyler reassures her that he won’t be drinking so he can keep his anger in check. Luke also tells Liv that Tyler apologized for choking him, and Liv seems placated. After Tyler walks away, Luke tells Liv (AKA alternate Caroline) it is obvious she likes Tyler.


Elena catches up with Liam, her cute classmate from the first episode. She invites him to the party as well, telling him she has a friend she wants to introduce him too. After Liam agrees to go, Elena spots Stefan, fresh from Georgia. He’s there to kill Enzo, though he tells Elena he’s there to see her and to apologize to Caroline.


Stefan and Elena then catch up on the last four months. She tells Stefan that she enjoys volunteering at the hospital, and he comments on how happy she seems. Elena then asks about Stefan’s life and his new girlfriend, promising him it isn’t weird for her to hear about. Stefan knows Elena compelled Damon away, but it still seems to amaze him how effectively it was done. She mourns the loss of Bonnie, and then apologizes to Stefan since she knows he lost his brother. Elena then invites Stefan to the party, telling him that both Caroline and Enzo will be there. The words Stefan definitely wants to hear.


At breakfast, Caroline fills Enzo in on the fact that he is forbidden to talk about Damon around Elena. Caroline isn’t happy Elena got rid of her memories of Damon, but understands her logic, though now she feels as if Elena is a bit of a zombie. When Enzo goes to leave, Caroline notices blood on his shirt. Turns out, Enzo is still a wee bit murderous, which displeases Caroline greatly.


On the way to the party, Stefan and Elena fill Liam in on Caroline. Liam then asks about Stefan and Elena’s relationship, and the two realize they’ve been broken up for two years already. At the party, Elena impresses Liam by swinging off a rope and back flipping into the lake. Liam is totally crushing on Elena. On her way back to shore, Elena spots Jeremy making out with Sarah. This greatly displeases Elena, but Jeremy is so beyond giving a shit that their conversation leads nowhere.


Tyler arrives to the party right as Sarah walks by Jay, Matt’s training co-hort. Jay makes it clear he doesn’t believe a dog attacked her. For some reason that makes no sense, Jay tries to start a fight with Tyler, but Matt steps in before things can get too aggressive.


Elena, Caroline, Matt, and Tyler all meet in the woods. Elena is trying to keep them all from drifting apart, but they are. Caroline tells Elena she doesn’t want to pretend that it isn’t happening. She also tells Elena that she’s lonely. Bonnie is gone, Stefan is gone, and Enzo is a murderous friend. Elena reminds Caroline that she’s there, but it’s not the friend Caroline knows.


After this conversation, Elena escorts Liam from the party, apologizing saying Caroline is going through some stuff. He doesn’t seem to mind, since he likes Elena, and kisses her. Elena makes a comment about this being a red flag, since she was trying to set him up with Caroline, but Liam says he thinks that’s her type.


Enzo is walking through the woods with Caroline’s ice, when Stefan tries to stake him. Enzo takes the stake and throws it killing, Jay, who was coming after Stefan to kill him. Stefan then picks up Jay’s weapons to kill Enzo. Caroline arrives to stop Stefan from killing Enzo, and Stefan storms off telling Caroline to talk to Enzo.


Tyler and Matt are loading up the truck after the party when Enzo shows up with the body of Jay. Enzo informs Matt that his friend was a vampire hunter, which seems to greatly upset Matt. He’s known Jay since he was 10-years-old, and somehow became a vampire hunter. Matt fees like an idiot because he was training with a vampire hunter team. Liv shows up and Tyler loads up the kegs. Tyler is upset, but Liv starts using her magic to mess with him. She tells him that if he stays angry, then she doesn’t have to worry about falling for him. Ugh, how much do I NOT care about Liv.


Meanwhile, Caroline confronts Stefan about Enzo, telling Stefan that killing Enzo won’t fix things. Stefan tells Caroline if he kills Enzo, he can move on from Mystic Falls and start a new life. Caroline doesn’t believe him otherwise he wouldn’t have come to see her and Elena. She tells Stefan that they need him there in Mystic Falls. She says if even a small part of him came back to check on her, then he should stay. Stefan doesn’t respond, but just walks away. Elena overheard everything and she and Caroline hug.


Jeremy runs into a girl Caroline had compelled earlier to go get ice. The girl informs Jeremy that once she got into Mystic Falls, she realized Caroline was mean to her, and she decided not to listen to Caroline’s orders. Jeremy realizes that Sarah has been in to Mystic Falls, and her compelling has probably faded as well. He tells Elena and Caroline, and they realize Sarah knows Elena is a vampire.


Caroline tells Elena that she’s moving back in to their dorm. She also apologizes to Elena for being upset earlier, saying she seems like she has a secret way of moving on. Caroline then finds a shirt of Bonnie’s and Elena tells her that she doesn’t move on. Elena then asks Caroline if she has feelings for Stefan, and Caroline confesses that she thinks she may have.


Enzo enters the diner from earlier, where he killed the wait staff. Tripp is there and stabs Enzo with a vervain needle. Since he’s a super vampire, he is able to resist it. He attacks Tripp, but Stefan shows up and shoots Enzo. Tripp realizes that he and Stefan are both members of founding families, and Stefan hands over custody of Enzo to Tripp. Real cool, Stefan. Real. Cool.


Weirdo Mystic Falls, 1994

Damon and Bonnie are shopping in a grocery store, with Ace of Base playing. The store seems amazingly well stocked considering they’re the only people in town. Damon questions Bonnie’s ability to do magic, but Bonnie remains hopeful. She is excited that they’re not alone, but Damon tries to convince her she must have completed the crossword in her sleep. Bonnie thinks Damon doesn’t want to be hopeful in case things don’t work out and he never sees Elena again. As they’re walking through the store, Bonnie notices the pork rinds that are normally on the grocery store self are all gone. She then hears the Merry-go-Round going outside the store. She’s excited they aren’t alone. I think Bonnie forgets that they are in Mystic Falls, and just because someone else is there doesn’t mean it is a good thing.


Damon, refusing to believe someone else is there, begins to investigate the Merry-go-Round, seeing if a coin was placed in it. As they’re leaving the parking lot, Damon tells Bonnie he doesn’t believe in her magic, and then she points out his car. Bonnie gets Damon to admit that it is unlikely that he left his car at the grocery store, and Damon admits that someone may have put it there. He flashes back to when he and Elena died in the car.


They both then see some movement and go to check it out. But it turns out, it was only a tarp catching in the wind. The Merry-go-Round then turns back on, and Damon’s hope is once again gone. Bonnie, out of frustration, tries to take Damon’s daylight ring on, saying that if he thinks this is hell and he hates living in it, then to end his life once and for all.


Back in the grocery store, Damon is stocking up on whiskey when he hears someone. (Ummm…side note: As someone from Virginia, I can tell you that alcohol cannot be sold in grocery stores, but rather only in state-owned ABC stores. I’ll try not to let this bother me too much in a television show about vampires.) He walks over and meets someone named Kai, eating pork rinds. Kai tells Damon he has been following Bonnie and Damon since they’re arrival. Damon goes to take a sip of his bourbon, and he starts sputtering and coughing. Turns out, Kai laced Damon’s bourbon with vervain. Told you just because someone was there doesn’t mean it is good, Bonnie!


Kai breaks a wooden umbrella and stakes Damon’s hands. Kai hits the bourbon bottles and breaks them, causing Damon pain. Bonnie arrives and tells Kai to stay away from Damon, but Bonnie doesn’t threaten Kai. As Kai once again raises the large stake, her magic comes back. She tells Damon to run, and sets fire in the store. Damon shows up and knocks Kai out.


Kai awakens to find himself tied up in Salvatore Manor. Damon and Bonnie are pissed off, but Kai tells them that he did everything on purpose in order to have Bonnie access her magic. He says they need Bonnie’s magic to get out. 

"Yellow Ledbetter" (Aired October 9, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Following the premiere of Season 6, I was none too happy about Elena’s decision to erase Damon from her mind. I mean, it just seems lazy. We all go through grief, and I know that Elena has gone through a lot, but for goodness sakes, deal with it. It makes you stronger in the end. And though I’m an Elena/Stefan supporter, this episode brought me over a little more to the Elena/Damon team. Anyway, enough with my complaints. Let’s get into the episode.


Weird 1994 Universe

The episode opens seconds after the bright light encompasses Bonnie and Damon. After the bright light fades away, Bonnie and Damon are left standing in the woods, seemingly fine. They're in Mystic Falls, but no one is there. Creepy. It feels like some parallel universe where Bonnie and Damon are the only two inhabitants.


As Damon and Bonnie walk through Mystic Falls, Damon notices that all the cars are 20 years old, but they look brand new. They come across Elena's old house that is still standing which is interesting since humanity-less vampire Elena burned that sucker down. Damon finds a paper showing the date of May 10, 1994. Whaa? Did this just turn into an episode of "Doctor Who?" The paper announces a solar eclipse will happen that day, and right as Bonnie and Damon are realizing when they are, that very solar eclipse occurs. I have a feeling this eclipse is going to be very important to helping them escape whenever/wherever they are.


Bonnie rationalizes that her Gran helped them get to wherever they are as a way to protect them, so there may be a way out. After her failed attempts to do magic, the duo head to the Salvatore Mansion. Here, Damon begins the daily routine of dancing around to ‘90s music, drinking, and making pancakes for Bonnie. Aaaaa-dorable. Bonnie arrives to tell Damon she went to her old house and found her old teddy bear and her Gran’s grimoire. She hopes the grimoire may be able to teach her how to use magic again. Damon gives Bonnie pancakes and a crossword puzzle. Considering they’ve already focused on the newspaper twice in this episode, like the solar eclipse, it is going to help them escape this parallel world.  Bonnie gets to work on the crossword puzzle, and just as she does, another solar eclipse happens. Bonnie looks at the date of May 10, 1994. Damon concludes they're in hell, but I'm pretty sure it's just Groundhog Day.


Two months later, Damon is still making Bonnie pancakes (they must have stocked up on Bisquick in the Salvatore Mansion), and Bonnie is still hard at work on the crossword puzzle. Even after two months, she can’t figure out 27 across. Well damn – guess that’s going to be a clue to getting you two the fuck out of there. As they’re talking, Bonnie hears something, but Damon reminds her that they are the only two people in this freaky, empty Mystic Falls.


Later on (I’m not entirely sure when in the timeline), Bonnie and Damon sit down to dinner. Bonnie finally confesses to Damon that she also misses their family and friends. It’s a brief bonding moment for the two of them. But Damon being Damon can’t take the emotional sharing too much, and so he turns his attention to the crossword puzzle. He notices that 27 across has finally been completed. Bonnie tells Damon she didn’t do it, and neither did he. OH SHIT! Guess Bonnie was right when she heard something- they’re not alone!


“Normal” Mystic Falls-verse


Matt is on the hunt to try and get Jeremy out of the house. When he heads downstairs, he finds that Sarah, the girl Elena attacked last episode has been staying in his house. None to pleased with this information, he tells Sarah to leave. Jeremy, apparently deeply attached to Sarah already, is upset with Matt and doesn’t understand why it is a problem since Caroline compelled her to forget. Umm...maybe it’s a problem cause you’re the worst houseguest of all time Jeremy.


Meanwhile, Elena is busy packing up things that will remind her of Damon. She’s decided to go forward with erasing Damon from her memory. She tells Matt and Jeremy they are going to need to act like she and Damon weren’t a couple. Damn, Elena. You’re asking a lot of your friends and people who love you to pretend like a major event in your life never happened. She says if Damon somehow does come back, she’ll get Alaric to put the memories back (something tells me it won’t be that easy). But as always, Elena gets her way and Jeremy and Matt reluctantly agree.  They aren't happy about it, but they agree. 


Caroline meets up with Alaric and is furious that Stefan hasn’t been following up on the leads Alaric has been giving him. She thinks this means that no one has been pursuing the leads that may help Bonnie and Damon. But oh wait, there is someone on the case….


ENZO! He’s back and charming as ever. The first appearance of everyone’s psychotic vampire bestie is Enzo doing what he does best – seducing a hotel coat check woman for information about a coven in Oregon who may be able to help. When Caroline shows up, she and Enzo decide to work together on the lead, so it’s frenemy road trip time!


It’s time for Alaric to compel Damon out of Elena’s memory. Alaric is nervous because he has to go so deep into Elena’s brain. He tells her they will go through her memories and modify them so that Damon on longer plays a large role in them. He has to find the moment where Elena fell in love with Damon, and once he finds that, he’ll be able to completely change her memories of him. After modifying a few memories, Alaric isn’t able to find the moment where Elena realized she loved Damon.


They take a break and Elena calls Caroline to let her know what Alaric is doing. Though Caroline briefly objects, she seems to understand why Elena needs to do this (I certainly don’t!). Caroline tells Elena that she and Enzo are hunting down a lead. Enzo tells Caroline they aren’t actually going to visit the coven in Oregon, not just yet anyway. MYSTERIOUS.


Alaric and Elena are back it. Elena tells Alaric about a few more memories involving Damon, but none of them are the one that creates the domino effect needed to rid Damon from her memory. After a few more attempts, Elena becomes exasperated and says they should forget the whole thing. Elena then calls Luke to ask for more herbs because the whole compel-my-boyfriend-away thing isn’t working. Real good, Elena. You either need to forget him completely or take drugs to imagine he’s there. Seems completely healthy.


After a phone call with Caroline, Alaric tries again with Elena. Caroline told Alaric that Elena fell in love with Damon while she was still with Stefan, but that Elena doesn’t want to admit this to herself. Elena argues with Alaric at first, then concedes, telling him the story of when Stefan gave her the lost necklace from Stefan for her birthday. Even though Damon was in love with her, he gave her something that symbolized the love she shared with his brother, and in that moment she loved him. This is the memory Alaric needed. He changes the memory, and Elena then remembers Damon as Stefan’s monstrous brother who died. So. Freaking. Sad. But this leaves me with a question – does this mean that Elena will now once again love Stefan? Or is there going to be another love interest for Elena? Perhaps her cute fellow pre-med student we saw in the first episode?


Meanwhile, we get a brief check-in with Matt’s situation. While on a run, Sheriff Forbes informs Matt that the car Sarah came to town with was reported stolen. When Matt confronts Jeremy and Sarah with the information, Sarah says that she stole her boss’s car cause he was douche to her – you know, what everybody with a shitty boss does. She also explains that her father allegedly lives in Mystic Falls. Considering she hasn’t yet found him, could she by chance be a half-sister of a little witch we know trapped in 1994?


Matt calls Tripp to let him know what he’s found out about Sarah. Tripp tells Matt he’s actually a Fell, and thus a member of a founding family. This means he hates vampires. Sure enough, we see that he’s got a van full of vampires that he drives over the Mystic Falls line to kill them. Seems like a sane dude.




In Savannah, Stefan comes downstairs to find Ivy making him breakfast. After insulting her with his surprise to find her there, he offers to make dinner for her that night.  As he’s cooking dinner, Ivy arrives and tells Stefan that she ran into a couple of his friends.  It’s two of the people Stefan least wants to see: Caroline and Enzo. While he loves Caroline, it’s too painful for him to see her, and he just despises Enzo.


Caroline is not pleased with Stefan considering he’s been ignoring all of her calls. So the most rationale thing to do is for the four of them to have dinner together. After sharing some of Stefan’s past with Ivy, Enzo compliments her clavicle and questions her beliefs in the supernatural. Ivy isn’t quite sure how to handle all of this so she tries to laugh it off. Poor Ivy – you’re not long for this world.


Ivy ends up spilling the beans that Stefan has been living in the house for over tow months. This information pisses Caroline off because he was supposed to be helping Damon and Bonnie. Caroline yells at him, and after Enzo tells her to calm down, he stabs Stefan’s hand with a fork. Caroline takes Ivy out of the room, leaving Enzo and Stefan to have it out. Enzo calls Stefan a coward for giving up on Damon. After Stefan snaps Enzo’s neck, Caroline takes a call from Alaric who is trying to get some insight on the moment Elena fell in love with Damon. Caroline says Elena just doesn't want to admit that it happened when she was still with Stefan. And of course Stefan overhears – he’s a freaking vampire, dude! You could be outside and he’d still hear that shit. C’mon!


Caroline apologizes for Stefan overhearing what she said, but Stefan says he doesn't care. He doesn’t seem to care about anything. He tells Caroline that every lead was a dead end and that Bonnie and Damon are dead. He couldn’t go back to Mystic Falls and be near Elena. Caroline is hurt that Stefan couldn’t do it for her. She then realizes he never listened to any of the voicemails he left her and she leaves in tears. Way to go, Stefan.


Enzo is awake again and finds Caroline crying in the car. He realizes that Stefan has upset Caroline and heads back into the house. He grabs Ivy and kills her in front of Stefan. Sorry, Ivy – I tried to warn you! Enzo then tells Stefan he is hurting Caroline and that he’s not a true brother to Damon because he gave up looking for him. He leaves Stefan with a threat; every time Stefan tries to start his live over, Enzo will be there destroying it. I’d believe him, Stefan. Enzo loved Damon about as much as you did, and at this point, he’s definitely more committed to bringing Damon back than Stefan.