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The Vampire Diaries

"Fade Into You" (Aired November 20, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

The episode begins on May 9, 1994 with Kai going nutso and murdering his siblings. He’s looking for Jo who is hiding under the bed with two of the younger siblings. She’s leaving a blood trail for Kai to follow, and when he goes to lift up the bed, the two blond kids are gone, and it’s just Jo left.

Weirdo 1994

Kai brings Bonnie to his Portland home to cook her Thanksgiving dinner. It’s kind of weird, and Bonnie doesn’t entirely trust him. Good call, Bonnie. It’s one of the only smart things you’ve done so far.

As Kai makes Bonnie dinner, she messes with his pager, which he gets upset about, meaning at some point, this pager is going to be important. Bonnie tells Kai her magic is gone and they should go their separate ways. He agrees that after dinner, the two of them can peacefully go their separate ways.

While they are eating, Kai explains the twin merging ceremony to Bonnie, and that he needed an eclipse in order to merge. After he murdered his siblings, he tried to merge with Jo, but when he arrived, he couldn’t feel Jo’s magic. It was a trap set by his father, Josh, to send him to the prison world. But before he went, Jo told Kai she stored her magic in a knife. He then goes outside, grabs the knife, and absorbs the magic. He’s got the ascendant, he’s got the power, and he’s seen Bonnie do the spell now twice, so he doesn’t need her anymore. So he stabs her and leaves. CAN WE STOP WITH THE BONNIE IS GOING TO DIE BULLSHIT?! YOU’VE DONE THIS LIKE 20 TIMES AND I NO. LONGER. CARE.

 Present Day

Caroline and Elena are getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, and Elena is deciding whether or not she should tell Liam she is a vampire. Liam has seen some shit now, and Elena doesn’t want to compel him and keep lying.  Caroline is concerned that Elena is hiding her feelings for Damon by dating Liam.

After Jo tells Elena that Stefan, Damon, and Alaric decided to take a road trip rather than come to Thanksgiving, Elena calls Alaric only to have him tell her that Bonnie is still trapped in the prison world. Damon lied because he didn’t want to get everyone hopes up. Alaric tells Elena that they are in Portland to try and talk to members of the Gemini cult.

As the three men are getting ready to go meet the Gemini cult, Damon tries to convince Stefan to date Caroline, but Stefan insists he only sees Caroline as a friend. They arrive at an open, empty field, and Stefan explains he wasn’t able to find anything during the summer when he tried to find the Gemini cult. Damon continues to tease Stefan about Caroline, and in response, Stefan kicks Bonnie’s stuffed teddy bear, which crosses a barrier, and causes Kai’s family’s house to appear. Stefan realizes that Bonnie put her magic in the bear, and Alaric goes inside the house to check it out since Stefan and Damon need invites.

After investigating the house, Alaric shows Stefan and Damon pictures of Jo as a kid. Damon recognizes Kai as Jo’s sister.  Just then, Joshua Parker, Kai and Jo’s dad shows up and shakes Damon’s hand. He casts a cloaking spell so Alaric and Stefan can’t see Damon anymore. When Josh asks how Damon got out of Kai’s prison, Damon assures Josh that Kai is still safely imprisoned.

Meanwhile at Thanksgiving, Jo and Liv are introduced, and Jo thinks she recognizes Liv. REAL TIME REACTION: HOLY SHIT! LIV AND LUKE ARE THE YOUNG SIBILNGS OF JO!!!!! When Liam arrives, he apologizes to Elena for questioning her, saying he went back and checked the injured girl’s records, and everything was fine. Jo went in and altered the records to cover Elena’s ass. Awww! She’s gonna be a good substitute aunt/step-mommy for Elena!

Once Tyler arrives, he tries to talk to Liv, but she’s her normal, moody self. Luke shows baby videos of Liv and Jo recognizes them as her younger brother and sister. Jo explains that Bonnie’s grandmother was a friend of the Gemini cult, and she helped to ensure that all the Parker siblings ended up at Whitmore College. Kai is not just Jo’s brother, but her twin. Kai tried to kill Luke and Liv because in the Gemini coven, twins are leaders. On the twin’s 22nd birthday, there’s a merging ceremony with the two twins, and then the living twin is the leader. With Luke and Liv alive, Kai wouldn’t be able to lead. Liv then has another emo moment and leaves because, you guessed it, her 22nd birthday is coming up.

Stefan calls Elena to fill her in on the information Josh told Damon (really, Elena already knew everything). While they’re on the phone, Elena asks Stefan how he knew she could be trusted with his vampire secret when they were dating. He tells her he was in love with her and wanted her to know everything.

While Stefan and Elena are talking, Jo is on the phone with Alaric and tells him that Josh will do everything he can to stop them from getting into Kai’s prison. She also tells Alaric she has the ascendant. Josh then does some witchy magic, and tries to kill Jo so Kai won’t be able to merge with her. Over the phone, Jo invites Stefan in to the house to try and get Josh to stop hurting her, but he can’t see the house. She then guides them to the tree stump in the front yard. Inside is a knife that Jo placed her magic in. Stefan throws the knife in the direction of the house, causing it to appear. He makes it inside in time to stop Josh from staking Damon and to end his spell on Jo.

During Jo’s attack, Liam had tried to call 911, but Elena says there’s not enough time and she feeds Jo her blood. When she wakes up, Liam demands to know what is going on and Elena explains that she is a vampire. She goes on to tell Liam that her life is too complicated, so she compels him to forget everything she told him, as well as the fact that they dated at all. And thus ended the superfluous romance.

After the encounter with Josh, Alaric tells Damon and Stefan that the ascendant is off the table for fear of Kai returning and killing Jo. Damon, ignoring this threat, compels Alaric to retrieve the ascendant from Jo. Great, I’m sure that will go over SPLENDIDLY.

 After a night of Liv getting drunk, Tyler brings her home. She’s upset that her coven will come after her, but he’s hiding her in Mystic Falls. (Side note: is anyone working on making the magic restrictions there not a thing?) Tyler promises Liv they’ll find another way other than the merge to stop Kai.

 As Caroline leaves her dorm, she finds Stefan outside. Stefan tries to explain to Caroline that when Damon died, he pushed her away the most because she was the one person who would sit with him and let him cry and he didn’t want to cry anymore. She thanks him for telling her that and tells him to enjoy the leftovers.

Elena meets Damon at the bar and yells at Damon for not bringing her to Portland. She wants to know about his last 4 months with Bonnie. He tells Elena that they talked a lot, and that Bonnie sacrificed herself so Damon could get back to Elena. Elena confesses to Damon she ended things with Liam. Elena tells Damon she’s at a crossroads and she could go live her life in a way that would make her happy, or she could go with the glimmer of something she has. She then asks Damon for his help to bring Bonnie back.