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The Vampire Diaries

"The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" (Aired October 30, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

This episode left me with so many emotions. I love that the writers focused on reuniting the Salvatore brothers first. I think truly this show is about the relationship between Stefan and Damon, though it tends to focus on Elena’s relationship with the Salvatore brothers. Before I get too introspective and sentimental, we might as well get into it.


Weirdo 1994 Mystic Falls

Kai fills Damon and Bonnie in on what their location needs to be for the spell to work. Damon gets to work on digging to the cavern. Kai shows up with a backpack filled with 1994 goodies. Bonnie insists that Kai show her the spell. When he refuses, Bonnie tells Kai to take her magic, and he accuses her of being brave. Kai touches Bonnie and causes her pain, but Bonnie insists that Kai won’t kill her. Damon yells at Kai to stop, and Bonnie realizes that Kai doesn’t know the spell. Bonnie then throws a pick axe into Kai killing him. Damon is unhappy.


Bonnie realizes that Kai needed a Bennett witch to use the ascendant, and so she drops blood on the ascendant as the eclipse starts and tells Damon they’re going home. However, Bonnie is hit by an arrow. It turns out, Kai isn’t dead. Kai tells Bonnie and Damon that he has tried to kill himself before, but it isn’t possible. Damon rushes over to Bonnie, tries to feed her his blood, and the goes after Kai, but Kai stabs Damon with an arrow.


A fight ensues between Damon and Kai. Damon tells Bonnie to leave, but she tells Bonnie she’s not going to make it. She throws Damon the ascendant and sends him home. The ascendant drops back down, and Bonnie and Kai are left there in weirdo 1994. I don’t know if I care anymore about Bonnie. The writers have over done the “Is Bonnie dead storyline” so much that it makes her possible death so unemotional.


Normal Mystic Falls

Tripp calls Stefan to let him know that Enzo has been extremely helpful. He’s doing it as a courtesy as Tripp thinks that he and Stefan are on the same side as members of founding families. Tripp tells Stefan his men are on their way to Savannah to try and track the vampire problem.  Stefan heads downstairs to find that Ivy has destroyed the downstairs. She also tells Stefan she killed his boss while he was burying her in the woods. Ivy is blames Stefan for her being a vampire. OH MY GOD I DO NOT CARE. I’m ready for Ivy to die. Again. She tries to attack Stefan, but he snaps her neck. OVER. IT.


Stefan shows up at Caroline and Elena’s dorm room and asks Caroline to watch Ivy while Luke makes Ivy a daylight ring. Caroline tries to tell Stefan this is his mess. Stefan promises that after he gets Ivy’s daylight ring, Caroline won’t have to see Stefan again. So Caroline does her best to deal with Ivy. She refuses to take Ivy to the party as Caroline doesn’t trust Ivy not to feed on the partygoers. Ivy calls Caroline out on having feelings for Stefan. Ivy suggests playing a game, and as Caroline is looking at the games, Ivy snaps Caroline’s neck and leaves the dorm room. OH MY GOD JUST DIE ALREADY, IVY! Seriously, no one liked you before you were turned in to a vampire, and no one likes you now that you’re running around snapping necks. Seriously?! Who the eff do you think you are Ivy?


Stefan pays a visit to Alaric. Alaric is pissed at Stefan for lying about searching for clues to help Damon and Bonnie. Stefan asks Alaric to compel Ivy to forget Stefan and give her a new start, but Alaric says this would really only give Stefan a new start. When Stefan says Alaric helped Elena forget Damon, Alaric says Stefan forgot Damon first. Alaric tells Stefan to leave before he compels him to be the man he knew.


Meanwhile, Ivy is on the loose and biting people. Too bad she doesn’t know how to compel people BECAUSE SHE’S THE WORST. And she sets the guy free. Dumbass.


In the corn maze, Elena and Liam are enjoying their date night at the corn maze. Liam asks if he’s Elena’s type, and she says no, but Elena says she hopes she can change. Elena tells Liam that her ex, Damon, died, and she tells Liam that tonight isn’t about him, it’s about her and him.


In another part of the maze, Jo and Alaric meet up and realize that Elena has set them up on a date. Jo tells Alaric that she wants to leave and get a drink, but he pulls out his flask and hands it to Jo.


Tyler is driving down the street when he checks a text message, then runs over the guy Ivy bit. He veers into the corn maze, and causes mass chaos, hitting people. He heads right for Alaric and Jo, and Alaric tries to move Jo out of the way. Tyler crawls out of the truck. It turns out even accidentally hitting someone with a car can trigger the curse. Tyler finds the guy that he hit and he is still alive.


In the corn maze, there are lots of people hurt. Elena gets up and is summoned b Liam to help an injured girl. Elena tells him to go help someone else, and Elena feeds the girl her blood to heal her. Elena then compels the girl to think she jumped out of the way in time. Right then, Tyler calls Elena to tell her that he was driving the truck, and he begs her to come heal the guy so his curse isn’t activated. Elena tells Tyler to keep the guy awake, and she will go find Jo and Alaric.


Jo is tending to the wounded and needs Alaric’s help. He has to hold his fingers on the blood, and he has to fight really hard not to drink the blood. Jo tells Alaric that she enlisted in the army right out of school. Elena shows up and puts Tyler on speakerphone for Jo to try and help the kid Tyler hit. Jo tells Tyler and Liv there’s nothing they can do to save the guy. Tyler realizes he’s going to become a werewolf.

Tyler tries  to resuscitate the guy he hit, but Liv stops him. Tyler says that he tried so hard to not kill someone, and Liv suffocates the guy to death so that Tyler wasn’t the one that killed him. It’s an amazing sacrifice that makes me really like Liv. Out of nowhere, too.


Elena finds Liam with a girl who can’t breathe. He’s able to open up her windpipe to get the girl breathing. Elena is glad she didn’t have to use her blood again. After the paramedics arrive and everyone is out of harms way, Liam and Elena are getting ready to go. Liam spots the girl that Elena fed her blood to and is shocked that she is up and walking around.


At the hospital afterward, Alaric finds Jo. Jo is hopped up on pain meds and tells Alaric that she likes him and says she thinks she was meant to know him. Alaric tells Jo he thinks she’s amazing, brilliant, and sexy. He then compels Jo to believe that Alaric was boring and alcoholic, and to think she doesn’t want to know him. Jo tells Alaric that it was a literal disaster and that he is an alcoholic, but he isn’t boring. She then kisses him. Compulsion doesn’t work on her! What is she?!


Caroline is roaming the streets looking for Caroline. Stefan shows up and yells at Caroline for “losing” Ivy. Stefan tells Caroline he was about to leave town after sliding Ivy’s ring under her door. Caroline is furious with Stefan. Stefan says he was trying to start over and now he has hunters looking for him and a new vampire looking to kill him and everyone else. Caroline says a month ago she wishes that Damon would come back because then she would get Stefan back to, but now she wants Stefan to leave.


Ivy is on the phone asking where Caroline is. Caroline tells Ivy she’s almost there, when Ivy sees a van coming. It turns out it is Tripp. She then turns to walk away from him, but he won’t leave. She then starts to bite him, but he shoots her with some bullets. Caroline sees everything happen.


At the end of the night, Liam is walking Elena back to her dorm and asks about the girl that Elena saved. She tries to say it is beginner’s luck. She says there are some things science can’t explain. She then goes to kiss him and tells Liam that he was a hero and that is her type.


Liv is at the bar and Tyler shows up to tell her everyone else lived. He wants to check on Liv to see how she’s doing. She doesn’t want to talk about it. Tyler says that there was nothing to be done to save the guy, so instead she saved Tyler. He can’t repay her for that, he can only promise that he won’t waste it.


Stefan is at the Salvatore family crypt, and he’s been drinking. Stefan admits that he’s not doing well without Damon. He’s trying to start over, but he can’t get anywhere because he’s lost without Damon. He throws his bottle and Damon catches it. Damon then chastises Stefan for wasting bourbon. Stefan is in total shock and doesn’t believe that Damon is real. Damon tells Stefan that it’s a long story, but he’s back. Stefan reaches out to touch Damon and the hug. I AM SO GLAD THE BROTHERS WERE REUNITED FIRST.