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The Vampire Diaries

"The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get" (Aired November 6, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Why can nothing on this show ever go to plan? I mean I get it, without problems there’s no show. But I mean really, could they not restore Elena’s memory and then still have her be uncertain about Damon? Instead, now we have to repeat Seasons 1-5 where she plays the will she or won’t se game with Damon, Stefan, and Liam? I don’t want to go through that emotional turmoil again.


After their joyful reunion, Damon and Stefan begin to fill each other in on the events of the past few months. Damon tells Stefan that Bonnie got stuck on the other side, but he’s going to tell everyone else she wasn’t with him. He knows the rest of the group won’t be able to deal with the fact that Bonnie died…again. Stefan then tells Damon that Elena had her memories compelled away by Alaric.


After Elena finds out about Damon’s return, she goes to see Alaric about reversing the compulsion. Elena tells Alaric not to give her back her memories until she’s ready. Alaric agrees, and before Elena leaves, he tells Elena he unsuccessfully tried to compel Jo, and he asks Elena to take a look in to it.


Despite what Stefan told him about Elena’s memories, Damon pays a visit to Elena’s dorm and begs her to open the door. He tries to tell her that on some level she knows the compulsion is just a way to cover the truth. At first she refuses to open the door, but finally she unlocks it. When Damon opens the door, Elena escaped through the window.


Elena calls Stefan and tells him that she panicked when Damon stopped by. She’s worried looking at Damon will break the compulsion and her happiness. She tells Stefan that she started over and made a smart decision for her future. She tells Stefan that she kissed Liam the night before, but Stefan suggests Elena not mention that to Damon.


Damon stops by Alaric’s office to pay him a visit. Damon is frustrated that he can’t go in to Mystic Falls and that Alaric, his best friend, compelled Elena to forget him. Alaric tells Damon that Elena loved Damon too much and it was killing her. Damon is ready to get the compulsion erased, but Alaric refuses to reverse it without Elena’s consent. Damon says he wants Elena to be happy, but to be happy with him.


Matt informs Caroline that Tripp is holding Enzo hostage. When Caroline finds out Stefan handed Enzo over to Tripp, she is pissed. Caroline also accuses Stefan of telling Tripp about Ivy, which resulted in Ivy being driven into Mystic Falls and killed. Caroline tells Stefan he needs to help save Enzo to make it up to Damon. So, they’re off to investigate the cabin when the door opens and two people leave. Caroline and Stefan go inside to find that Enzo is no longer inside.


At the hospital, Elena does her best to figure out what Jo knows. But Jo catches on to her, and Jo tells Elena she knows she’s a vampire and knows that Alaric is one as well. Elena asks Jo how she knew that she and Alaric were vampires. Jo tells Elena the fact that Elena healed the girl who was critically hurt at the Corn Maze was a big hing. She also saw Elena test her coffee for vervain. Elena realizes that Jo is a witch, and Jo tells Elena to tell Alaric he can avoid a complicated relationship without compulsion.



Damon is in Elena’s room and upset that all of the pictures of him are gone. He starts to draw stick figures in to the pictures where he should be. Jeremy shows up and asks why Bonnie didn’t come back with Damon. Damon tells Jeremy that Bonnie wasn’t there. Jeremy tells Damon that he kept calling Bonnie’s voicemail. Damon tells Jeremy that Bonnie is in a better place and at peace.


Matt is in Tripp’s office looking up information on vampires to see what Tripp knows. Sarah sneaks into the office as well and she tells Matt that she’s looking for information on her parent’s death. So, the two begin to scour Tripp’s office. They find a locked drawer, and in it they find Ivy’s phone with Caroline’s number as the most recent. This means Tripp knows what Caroline is, and is looking for her.

Damon calls Bonnie’s phone to thank her for sacrificing herself so he could see Elena. He apologizes and says he doesn’t know what to say or what he’s supposed to say and that he misses her. As he’s leaving the message, Elena calls and tells Damon she wants to see him and talk to him. He’s looking in the mirror when Tripp enters the room. He draws his vervain gun, and when Damon shows he’s a vampire he shoots. Damon stops the dart, then goes to attack Tripp. However, two other hunters are with Damon and shoot him with the vervain darts.


Elena arrives to her dorm room and realizes that Damon has been taken. She calls Alaric to let him know, and he tells her to find Caroline and they’ll go save Damon. As he’s leaving his office, Jo shows up and says they need to talk. Alaric tells Jo that his best friend is back from the dead but is about to be killed again, and suggest staying as far away as possible.


Caroline and Elena are at the border of Mystic Falls to try and prevent Tripp from driving Damon and Enzo over the Mystic Falls line. As they’re waiting, Elena tells Caroline she wants her memories back. She can’t ignore the parts of her life she doesn’t like. She can’t make decisions if she only knows half the story.


Stefan and Alaric block another route into Mystic Falls. Alaric tries to tell Stefan it isn’t his fault about Damon. He’s been thinking about blood, when he’s going to hurt someone, and how he can live as a vampire. Searching for Damon was a respite for his mind. He acknowledges that he had given up on Damon as well. Then, Tripp’s van shows up. Alaric tells Stefan to let Elena know he’s there.


Alaric approaches the van, and Damon recognizes Alaric’s voice and knows that Alaric is there to save him. Alaric punches through the window, and Tripp steps on the gas, sending the van slamming into the Jeep Stefan is in, flipping it over and over the border into Mystic Falls. Stefan runs across the border to free Damon and Enzo. He then walks them back over the border where they’re able to heal. During the chaos, Tripp is able to escape.


Meanwhile, Alaric is still on the wrong side of the Mystic Falls line. Jo shows up, telling Alaric she followed him. He’s bleeding from the wound he suffered when he died and became a vampire. Jo is able to stop the bleeding and save his life, BUT it means that Alaric didn’t die in the first place which means he’s no longer a vampire. WHICH MEANS HE CAN’T REVERSE THE COMPULSION ON ELENA. GRRRRRRRR


Elena calls Alaric after everything to see how he’s doing. She tells him that Jo is a keeper. Alaric tells Elena he’s sorry, but she tells him she’s glad he’s ok. She tells him up until an hour ago she didn’t want her memories back, and now she has to live with the fact that she can’t have them back. She’s happy he’s no longer a vampire. She tells Elena that she wants to look Damon in the eye, knowing all she knows, and all she doesn’t, and see how she feels about him. Alaric wishes her good luck.


At the bar, Damon tells Stefan he was so close to having Elena back. Stefan says he’s sorry, but Damon is frustrated that everyone is sorry. Damon says it was hard for him to be away from Elena. But Stefan reminds Damon that Damon knew he had a home to return to, but as far as Elena knew, Damon was gone.  Stefan tells Damon to go see Elena, but Damon is worried their love won’t break the compulsion. Stefan sees Caroline walking and chases after her. He asks Caroline what she wants him to do, but Caroline tells him she’s not sure they can be friends after everything.


Damon goes to Elena’s dorm. She’s unpacking her box of Damon things when he gets there. He knocks on the door and Elena takes a deep breath. She opens the door, and you can see the love in Damon’s eyes and the fear in Elena’s. AND THAT IS HOW IT EFFING ENDS. Are you kidding me? I have to wait a week for this shit? Ugh.