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The Vampire Diaries

"Do You Remember the First Time?" (Aired November 13, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Uh-oh. After years of objecting and fighting it, I think I may be fully on board for Damon and Elena as a couple However, I still do not support Caroline and Stefan. Mainly, it is because I think that Caroline and Tyler should be together because I don’t really care that much about Liv. As for who Stefan should end up with, I don’t know. I’m so conflicted. Me? The writers can write me in on the show and I’d be ok with that. Though Enzo would probably kill me in some of fit of rage or proving a point, but I digress….


Weirdo 1994 Mystic Falls

Bonnie awakes to find that Kai has taken her back to Salvatore Mansion. Kai then tries to setal her magic, but she stabs him and takes off running toward the hospital. After bandaging her wound and taking some pain killers, Bonnie tries to reassemble the ascendant, but realizes a piece is missing. She then hears a loud bang, and finds that Kai has followed her blood trail to the hospital. And it turns out, he’s got the missing piece to the ascendant. She runs out of the hospital and tries to start Damon’s car, but Kai is in the backseat. Kai tells her they have an hour until the eclipse and that it is time to go home.


Down in the cavern where they need to be to go home, Kai shows Bonnie that he’s brought along her favorite teddy bear. He tells Bonnie he knows she thinks she’s a monster, and he realizes he could handle his anger better. He tells Bonnie he would like to get his family back together, and he’s scared about living in the real world. He tells Bonnie she’s helped change him, but she’s skeptical


As the eclipse begins, Bonnie puts her blood on the ascendant. Kai grabs Bonnie’s hand, and she touches her teddy bear with her foot. The eclipse passes with nothing happening. Bonnie tells Kai she hid her magic from him. He looks around and realizes that the teddy bear is gone. You sneaky, sneaky witch.


Stefan, Caroline, and Enzo

Stefan stops by Caroline’s dorm to let her know that he, Enzo, and Matt found out from Tripp that she is still in danger from the vampire hunters. Caroline, seeming rather ungrateful for the head’s up, tells Stefan she doesn’t want to see him anymore. She then gets a call from her mother who tells her that Tripp’s men are going to kill her if they don’t get Tripp back.


Caroline and Stefan arrive at the hut where Enzo is holding Tripp hostage. Caroline once again starts yelling at Stefan, and Enzo realizes that Caroline has feelings for Stefan, and tells Stefan. Caroline is mortified and tells Stefan not to bring it up again. 


Matt and one of Tripp’s henchmen bring Sheriff Forbes to Caroline, while Caroline and Stefan bring Tripp to his henchmen. Sheriff Forbes says to release Tripp first. When Tripp crosses the line, Tripp’s neck slices open. It turns out Enzo turned Tripp into a vampire before Stefan and Elena got there, and Matt is none too happy about it.


At the hospital, Sheriff Forbes is being checked out, and it’s time for the big talk between Caroline and Stefan. Stefan asks why Caroline has a thing for him. He wants to know how he missed it. Caroline responds by telling Stefan she liked him because she thought he was worth it and he helped her when she became a vampire. She also tells him she couldn’t imagine why Elena would let him go. She then tells Stefan that he didn’t feel the same way about he because if he had he wouldn’t have left Mystic Falls. Caroline tells Stefan she doesn’t hate him, and she accepts his apology, but she hates him for ruining their friendship. If she doesn’t, then she has to hate herself and she deserves better than that.  It’s a really great moment, and I’m really proud of Caroline. Stefan did mess up when left Mystic Falls. He gave up on everyone and he can’t expect his friends to accept him back with open arms.


Damon, Elena, Alaric & Jo

Damon and Elena are having their first encounter since his return.. Damon thinks that when Elena sees him, their love will prove stronger than the compulsion and all her memories will come flooding back. However, Elena tells Damon she doesn’t feel anything. All Elena knows is the pain that he caused her. She knows she loved him, but she doesn’t feel anything for him.


Later, Whitmore College is sponsoring some kind of fundraiser for the medical school. Jo and Alaric attend. Jo tells Alaric that she won an award and so the college trots her out when they want to raise money. Damon shows up and tells Jo and Alaric he’s there to spend time with Alaric. Then, Elena walks in with Liam. Jo rubs it in Damon’s face that Liam is Elena’s date.


As Elena and Liam are flirting and kissing, Damon is observing like Mr. Creep. Damon, being the completely rational ex, decides to introduce himself to Liam. Liam remembers Elena told him Damon died. Damon and Elena try to skirt the topic, and Damon compels Liam to find out how threatened Liam feels, and then he compels Liam to get Elena a chardonnay, giving Elena and Damon the opportunity to dance and talk.


As they’re dancing, Damon is able to make Elena smile a little bit. He tries to trigger her memories by talking about the first time they danced at Miss Mystic Falls. Elena objects, telling Damon he can’t just show up and do this to her.  He reminds Elena he travelled through time and space to be with her. Elena tells him she feels guilty and that she doesn’t remember him. Damon then tells Elena that he would never erase the memory of her. He would rather hold on to the memories and be in agony then erase the memory of Elena. He starts to touch her face, and Elena tells him she needs some air.


At the bar, Elena tells Damon that she wants to try to remember. She doesn’t like missing a whole piece of her life. She suggests unwinding the memories backward and maybe they’ll come back. Damon agrees and asks what he wants her to do. Elena says to take her to the last place she told him she loved him.


Damon takes Elena to the border of Mystic Falls, but Elena doesn’t recall any of it. She tells Damon she remembers they needed to stop the travelers, and that Damon drove his car into the Mystic Grill to stop the explosion and died. Damon tells Elena that she got in the car with him, but Elena doesn’t believe this. She wants to hear another memory, so he starts to tell her about a summer night before she went to college when they were watching a meteor shower and it begin to rain. Before he can finish the story though, Elena grows frustrated and crosses the border of Mystic Falls in hopes of reversing the compulsion. She starts to spit up water like she was when she died. Damon pulls her back over the border, telling her that he doesn’t want to risk her life.


Damon walks Elena back to her dorm, and Elena tells him she remembered something when she crossed the border, but she wants him to finish the story about the night of the meteor shower. . Instead of doing so, Damon tells Elena when she became a vampire he was thrilled because they would be together forever, but he was also sad because she lost the life she wanted. He decides that Elena is happy now, and that she’s better off without him. He died and she did what she had to do to keep living. He tells her that he loves her enough to let her go. She tries to get him to continue telling the meteor shower story, but instead Damon simply says it got cold and muddy so they got in the car and they drove home. He’s lying and Elena knows it.


Liam stops by Elena’s dorm room, slamming a file in to her hand. He tells Elena that the girl she saved after the corn maze accident no longer needs a surgery she’s need for over a year because the problem is healed. Liam knows something is up. Damon showed up after Elena told Liam he was dead, and this girl is perfectly healed after Elena treated her. Liam gives Elena an option: she can tell him the truth or he is going to figure it out on his own.


Then we finally get to see the whole meteor shower story. Elena and Damon are watching the meteor shower when it begins to rain. Elena insists the rain will clear up, and the two begin to kiss and it’s a really sweet moment. Elena then has Damon promise her that it is forever, and he does.


After his conversation with Elena, Damon heads to the Salvatore family crypt with a bottle of bourbon. He then spots Bonnie’s bear and realizes that she’s still alive and there’s a way to save her.


Meanwhile, Alaric tells Jo that he feels bad about Elena not having her memories of Damon. Jo reminds Alaric that Elena made that decision on her own and she needs to live with it. She also tells Alaric that she is a witch who has relinquished her magic and put it away for safe keeping. She left a dysfunctional family, and hasn’t regretted it. And that’s when I realized: SHE IS PART OF THE GEMINI COVEN LIKE KAI. SHE’S THE SISTER HE DIDN’T KILL!


After the party, Jo and Alaric get back to her place. He watches her undress and notices a giant scar on her stomach. Sure enough, she confirms my suspicions by telling Alaric that her brother tried to kill her with a hunting knife when she was younger. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.


So how much is Kai’s arrival to Mystic Falls going to mess up Jo and Alaric’s life? Is Jo the sister Kai liked? Or is she another one?! How is Damon gong to get Bonnie back? How long before Elena gets annoyed with Liam? Does anyone care about Jeremy anymore?