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The Originals

"The Brothers That Care Forgot" (Aired November 24, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

So something that I haven’t really talked about but that has always bothered me on this show is Cami. I’ve never understood Klaus and Marcel’s fascination with her, as she seems kind of plain to me. Plus, Klaus’s interest in her always seemed kind of creepy to me because Cami reminds me so much of Rebekah (and totally explains Marcel’s attraction to her). This episode addressed my concerns head on. It left me wondering if they had this story line planned and cast Cami to look so similar to Rebekah. AAANNYYWAYYY, let’s get into it…


Over lunch with Kol and Finn, Klaus and Elijah try to convince them to turn against Esther. Finn reminds Klaus that the Mikaelson siblings’ loyalty to Klaus never really worked out for them. Finn also tells Klaus that Rebekah will jump at the chance to have a new body. When Finn threatens Rebekah’s safety, Elijah bites Finn’s neck. Meanwhile, Rebekah is at a playground with baby Hope when she realizes that the other children have disappeared and instead starling birds, Esther’s favorite birds, have shown up.


Klaus pulls Elijah off Finn, saying they need Finn and Kol alive. Rebekah then calls to tell Elijah and Klaus that Esther has found them. Klaus sends Elijah to meet up with Rebekah, insisting that he’ll take care of Kol and Finn, and that he’s waited months to see Hope, he can wait one more day.


Meanwhile, Aiden is concerned that Esther will soon come for him for helping Oliver escape. Jackson tells Aiden to call a pack meeting. Hayley then confronts Jackson about the unification ceremony. Apparently, each pack of wolves was imbued with its own special powers, and if two alphas marry, the whole pack will adopt the special skills. Hayley suggests if she marries Jackson, the whole pack will take on her ability to control whether or not they turn. Jackson tells her that for the unification ceremony to work, they have to be married in every way for the rest of their lives. NO! I OBJECT! ELIJAH AND HAYLEY!


Davina apologizes to Marcel because she thinks Kol has the white oak stake. Marcel tells Davina that Klaus has both the white oak stake and Kol. She wants to free Kol, but Marcel tries to tell her it is best that he is with Kol.


Kol and Finn try to plot an escape, but Marcel and Klaus enter to begin torturing the Kol and Finn in order to convince them to join Klaus. Marcel takes on Kol, threatening to torture Kol or kill him and turn him into a vampire. Klaus comes in and tells Marcel to stop. Klaus realizes that Kol just wants to be a part of the family, and this is enough to get Kol to join Klaus.


Meanwhile, Finn holds on strong refusing to give in. He tells Klaus about Esther seeking Dalia’s assistance to have kids. Finn tells Klaus Freya was given as sacrifice. Klaus says that if what Finn is saying is true, then Esther deserves to die. Finn tells Klaus that Dalia has to take the first born of each generation, and if anyone is protecting the baby, then Dalia will destroy them all. (I just realized, Hope would only be the second child taken by Dalia, since none of the Mikaelson children had kids due to the whole vampire curse thing.)


After talking to Jackson, Hayley asks to meet Cami at her family’s archive to see if she can find any other information about the unification ritual. It looks like it’s true, and Hayley doesn’t know what to do because Elijah is under her skin. Hayley then notices marks up and down Cami’s back that Cami didn’t have the night before.


At the pack meeting, Jackson tries to get the pack to leave Esther, but one of the pack members objects. Aiden steps up and says Jackson should speak, and Hayley also shows up and starts to turn. She tells them she’s the alpha of Labonair line, and she and Jackson are going to get married. Whoever is at the ceremony will be able to change without the rings. It’s her move to try and do what is best for the pack.


After the meeting, Hayley apologizes for springing the “proposal” on Jackson. He then gets down on one knee and officially proposes. First off Jackson, I don’t know if you’re wearing a wig but I don’t care for your hairstyle. Second, Elijah is NOT going to be pleased, and you’re standing in the way of Elijah and Hayley which means you’re going to die. Sorry ‘bout it.


Elijah is waiting at a diner for Rebekah, and compels a waitress to find out if anyone else unusual there. His paranoia is out of control Elijah then has a flashback to when Esther was in his brain. Rebekah shows up to the diner with baby Hope. Elijah is so happy to see Hope, and Rebekah tells him that taking care of Hope makes her feel human. Elijah tells Rebekah that Esther tortured him for days with memories he thought he’d buried. He also tells Rebekah that Esther made an offer to be mortal again and start families. Elijah tells Rebekah that the invitation had some kind of appeal. Rebekah notices blood on Elijah’s sleeve, but he tells her that they’re safe. Rebekah goes to take hope to change her diaper. Rebekah goes to the kitchen and notices a bunch of dead people.


Davina shows up at Chez Mikaelson saying she’s there to save Kol. She raises her hand and casts a spell on Marcel, causing his neck to snap.  Davina then casts Klaus away, but he’s back and throws her down on the ground. When Davina calls Klaus out on his inability to kill Mikael, Klaus bites Davina, but some potion she drank before she came over knocks him out. When Davina spots Kol she asks how he got free, and she is not pleased to find out he has agreed to help Klaus. Davina says she doesn’t care about Esther, but then Cami shows up telling Davina about the puncture wounds on her back.


Kol tells Cami that the puncture wounds are preparations for Cami becoming a vessel. When Cami asks Finn about it, Finn tells Cami she’s the intended vessel for Rebekah. ANNNNDDD there it is, the maybe answer to why Cami and Rebekah look alike. Kol then tells the group now that Esther knows where Rebekah is, the transfer will be done soon. Cami begs Davina to wake Klaus and Davina reluctantly complies.


After snapping Elijah’s neck, Rebekah calls Klaus to tell him that Elijah killed a dozen people, and that kind of act will draw Esther’s attention. Klaus realizes Esther’s torture affected Elijah more than he realized. Klaus tells Rebekah to meet him, and he’s about to leave, Hayley shows up telling Klaus she needs to talk to him and Elijah. Klaus tells Hayley they are going to go see their daughter, and it’s an oddly touching and sweet moment between Klaus and Hayley.