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The Originals

"Wheel Inside the Wheel" (November 10, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

So this episode answered my question about Esther: what is so bad about her wanting to give her sons new bodies? Well it turns out, she is trying to protect them from her sister. This episode also shows that Klaus and the other Mikaelson siblings didn’t stand a chance of not being mass murderers since their father, mother, and aunt were all crazies.


Norway 972 A.D.

Esther visits her sister Dalia to ask for Dalia’s help so that Esther may have children. It becomes clear that Esther, at this point, has abandoned her powers. When Dalia tells Esther that Dalia’s assistance comes with a heavy sacrifice, Esther tells Dalia she will do whatever it takes.


After Esther has had children, Dalia shows up to take Freya, Esther and Mikael’s oldest daughter. It turns out, the deal Esther made with Dalia was that the first born from each generation was given as long as Esther’s line lasts. Esther tells Dalia that she will turn back to the black arts and she will make Dalia pay. Dalia says Esther’s power is nothing compared to hers. Dalia says if Esther defies her, then Dalia will take every kid.


Hayley, Marcel & Gia

After Klaus keeps Hayley from helping with Elijah’s rescue, Hayley decides to start her own rescue mission. (Which, I must say, still puts her in Esther’s way. I love Hayley and how much she does not listen to Klaus.) Hayley seeks the assistance of Marcel and Gia, but they decide they also need to find Oliver’s pack’s alpha.


After a meeting with Vincent/Finn, Cami’s suspicions are provoked. She discovers that Vincent is actually Finn and Klaus’s brother. Marcel arrives and Cami tells him she wants to help take down Finn and Esther.  Klaus’s brother out that


Meanwhile, Hayley is in the bayou looking for Jackson, her pack’s alpha. As she’s getting close, two arrows are shot at her. Jackson tells his protector it is ok, and introduces Hayley to Ansel, Jackson’s new BFF. Jackson tells Hayley that Francesca offered him a moonlight ring if he called her alpha, but he refused, so Francesca’s people drug him out to the woods for dead. He stayed there to avoid the war. Hayley tries to convince Jackson that the pack needs their alpha, and that she needs his help to save Oliver. Jackson says that Oliver betrayed him as well, and refuses to help. However, Ansel decides to help Hayley, telling her he doesn’t want any more wolves to die.


Cami meets with Finn to distract him while Hayley and the others try to save Oliver. As Marcel and Gia are keeping watch, a wolf shows up to attack Marcel. Gia gets there and tries to save Marcel, but the wolf bites her.


Meanwhile, Hayley frees Oliver and tries to escape when Aiden finds them. Oliver manages to get Aiden and the other wolves to back down by telling them they need to fight together and that they shouldn’t turn on their own people. Hayley then takes Oliver back to Jackson in the bayou. Oliver tries to convince Jackson to release the pack from the witch’s command, which he can do as alpha. Just then, Oliver begins coughing up blood, and Hayley realizes that the witches said he only had until midnight.


Back at his place, Marcel gives Gia some of Klaus’s blood to cure the wolf bite. Marcel tells Gia that when she left, he thought she was gone. There seems to be a mild flirtation between the two. Can they be a couple rather than Elijah and Gia? Cause I’m done with that shit



Mommy Issues Starring Klaus Mikaelson

At the Mikaelson house, Klaus tortures a witch to find out where Esther has Elijah held captive. Klaus tells Hayley they need to draw Esther out. Hayley tells Klaus she wants to help find Elijah, but Klaus tells Hayley she needs to stay safe, or Esther will kidnap Hayley to get to Klaus.


As Klaus digs up Esther’s grave, a vision of Elijah comes to Klaus. The vision tells Klaus that Esther is trying to help them, and they should listen. However, Klaus knows it’s all bullshit, and Esther appears to Klaus. She tells Klaus that she is in the process of making Elijah in to the man he was meant to be, and she intends to do the same for Klaus. Klaus insists he doesn’t need her help, and tells Esther she’s not better than Mikael: basically the worst thing he could say to her When Klaus mentions to Esther that Mikael has returned, she is shocked that Kol did not tell her. Esther promises Klaus that if Mikael comes back with the intention to harm Klaus, Esther will strike Mikael down. Klaus tells Esther he never needed help when it comes to killing parents.


In response, Esther decides to tell Klaus more about his real father. Esther says she never regretted the love she has for Klaus’s real father. After her and Mikael’s oldest daughter, Freya, died, they moved over seas and grief drove she and Mikael apart. Klaus asks why his father never claimed him, and Esther says that she forbid it because Mikael would have killed them all in his anger. When Klaus was born, it renewed Mikael’s spirits and they had more children. Esther said to protect her secret she denied Klaus his father, and now she wishes to make up for it. She will place Klaus in a new body, where he is a werewolf only, so he can have a family, peace, and happiness. Klaus is not interested and tells Esther he will keep killing every body that she jumps in to.


Klaus awakens from a spell Esther cast on him, Esther tells Klaus he is free to take Elijah home. Esther insists it will be up to Elijah to make the choice of whether or not to accept a new body.


After Ansel helps free Oliver, he comes across Klaus. It turns out Ansel is Klaus’s real father. Ansel tells Klaus he watched Klaus from the other side for years. Klaus is highly suspicious of Ansel’s intentions, thinking he must be working for Esther, but Ansel insists he knows nothing of Esther and her plans. Klaus knows that Esther will use Ansel against him, so he does the thing he knows best: pretends to not care about someone in order to protect them. This is what I love about Klaus. HE comes across as the coldest, meanest vampire that ever lived, but he actually cares so much and he’s constantly afraid of putting people’s lives at risk.


Klaus goes to the crypt to save Elijah, and Esther says Elijah won’t wake just yet, giving them another opportunity to discuss her offer. Esther tells Elijah that she pulled Ansel from the other side before it collapsed. She used the killing of Oliver to draw Ansel to the cemetery so that Klaus and Ansel would have the opportunity to meet. She thinks Klaus will want a relationship with Ansel, and thus accept her offer for a new body.  Klaus tells Esther he hates her because she came for his daughter. But Esther insists she had to. Klaus tells Esther declared war when she came after his family, and for that, he’ll make her suffer as only he can. After all, he is Esther’s son. He then picks Elijah up. Vincent/Finn shows up and Esther tells him that Klaus refused her offer. But what Esther didn’t tell Klaus is that if Hope lived, then Dalia would return and come for them all.