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The Originals

"Red Door" (November 3, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

So this doesn’t have anything to do with this episode, but has anyone else noticed that the vampires on “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries” are really great about registering their vehicles in the state they’re living in. I mean, I guess it’s to draw as little attention to them as possible, but it must mean that one of the first things vampires do is hit up the DMV. What a tedious thing to think about vampires doing.


This episode, on the other hand, wasn’t tedious. We get another spectacular Mikael/Klaus confrontation, and see the hidden depths of Elijah’s pains, something we’re not normally privy to. With that, let’s do this thing.


Esther and Elijah

Lenore/Esther still has Elijah chained up and is causing him to have visions of chasing Hayley down a hallway toward a red door while covered in blood.  Lenore/Esther tells Elijah she’s going to help him remember that he has destroyed the lives of the women he loves. She begins by recounting the story of Tatia, the first woman Elijah ever loved.


There’s a flashback to Tatia (the original Petrova doppelgänger) and Elijah’s love affair. It turns out, both Klaus and Elijah loved Tatia, but she chose Elijah. After Esther used Tatia’s blood to create the vampire curse. After Klaus goes on a killing spree as a werewolf, Tatia sees the murders and runs from Klaus and Elijah in fear. Elijah chases after her, and in the process Tatia falls and cuts her hand. Elijah, new to being a vampire, can’t resist and feeds off Tatia and kills her. He takes Tatia’s body backs to Esther who uses her blood to repress Klaus’s werewolf gene, and Elijah believes he compelled Tatia to forget what she saw and that Esther killed Tatia while using her blood to protect Klaus.


After this flashback, Lenore/Esther tells Elijah that he has created a room in his head that he keeps every sin behind. But she tells him it is about to overflow. She then lets him dream about Hayley saving him, in hopes of Elijah awakening and begging for a new body so that he and Hayley can have a life and children together.


Everyone Else

 At Davina’s cabin, Davina is still out cold, and Kaleb/Kol starts talking shit to Klaus. Klaus is about to go after him, but Cami tells him not to. She then steps outside, and Klaus tells Kaleb/Kol that he knows he is really Kol. The two have a word-sparing match, and Klaus yells to Cami that he’s going to kill Kaleb/Kol after all. But Cami doesn’t respond, and Klaus realizes that Mikael took her. EVERYONE FEIGN SURPRISE! You know, sometimes I wonder how Klaus has lived so long when he allows stupid shit like this to happen.


Vincent/Finn calls Kaleb/Kol to see how things are going. At first, Kaleb/Kol ignores the call, so Vincent/Finn does a spell to cause Kaleb/Kol’s nose to bleed. He doesn’t like voicemail. Vincent/Finn tells Kaleb/Kol to kill Davina’s spell or Esther will kill Davina.


Meanwhile, Mikael and Cami are walking through the woods. Mikael is looking for someone to feed on. He doesn’t want to feed off of Cami since she is his leverage. Cami tries to talk Mikael out of killing Klaus, but little does she know, that’s not going to work. He then hears music, and where there is music, there is food for Mikael. They come across a party in the bayou and Mikael is thrilled.


Elsewhere, Hayley once again thanks Marcel for his help in saving the children. She also tells Marcel that she hasn’t been able to get in touch with either Elijah or Oliver, and for some reason, she’s just now piecing together the facts that this is a bad sign. So Marcel and Hayley are off to track them down.


Klaus comes across the party that Mikael fed on. It turns out, Mikael compelled the party-goers to try and stop Klaus, but he’s Klaus so it’s only a mild bump in the road. As he’s finishing up killing everyone, Hayley calls Klaus to let him know Elijah is missing, and Klaus tells Hayley he’s got bigger concerns like Mikael with a white oak stake.


Davina and Kaleb/Kol attempt to unlink Marcela and Josh from Klaus, but Kaleb/Kol ruins the spell. Davina is also able to see that Kaleb is actually Kol and a member of the Mikaelson family. She’s furious with him, but Kol tells her he had to kill either her spell or her, and he likes her. She then tells Kol that she wants him to show her how to drain the magic of a dark object like the white oak stake to keep Mikael from being able to use it against Klaus.


Klaus arrives at the barn where Mikael brought Cami. He walks in to find that Mikael has been feeding on Cami. The two start to fight, and Cami awakens and Davina and Kol arrive. Mikael throws the dagger at Cami, and Klaus stops it. But in this moment of weakness, Mikael stabs Klaus with the white oak stake. Luckily, Davina and Kol are chanting their spell which is starting to drain the power of the white oak stake. Mikael goes to find Davina and Kol, and Cami is able to pull the white oak stake out of Klaus before it kills him. Mikael then attacks Davina biting her, and heads back fro Klaus. Luckily, Marcel and Hayley have showed up. Mikael decides to leave, telling Klaus to find him when he doesn’t need fools and children to help him.


After the confrontation with Mikael, Davina and Kol are outside talking when Marcel shows up and yells at Davina fro ringing Mikael back. He’s worried about her, and he begs her to stay at the barn until he gets back. However, Davina tells Kol she’s not afraid of Klaus and shows Kol that she has the white oak stake.


Inside the barn, Cami and Klaus are assessing each other for damage. Klaus thanks her for pulling the stake out. He also tells Cami now that Mikael hurt her so he will kill him. Klaus it’s the first time he’s seen Mikael run. Hayley tells Klaus they have another problem: the missing Elijah.