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The Originals

"Chasing the Devil's Tail" (November 17, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

This show is really great at having characters commit unthinkable acts for people they love. The fact that Klaus “sacrificed” his relationship with his father to protect his daughter can be seen as either abhorrent or noble. Of course, it had the added benefit of upsetting Esther, always a plus in Klaus’s book. What does seem kind of silly though is the fact that the show is called “The Originals,” thus making the life and death stakes feel not so, well, life and death.


The Takedown of Finn

Jackson sends Oliver off in a Viking style funeral. I guess that’s a tradition that stuck around amongst the werewolves. Hayley arrives and tells Jackson she knows he’s mad about Oliver’s death, but that their pack needs their alpha.


Hayley and Aiden go to see Marcel, asking Marcel to help the take down Finn Mikaelson. Marcel suggests that Cami may be able to help as Finn has a thing for her. Why are the Mikaelson boys so drawn to Cami? She seems kind of dull to me, but maybe I’m missing something.


To help move the plan along, Cami tells Vincent/Finn that she doesn’t want to be around Klaus anymore. She also tells Vincent/Finn she wants a new advisor because she wants to get to know Vincent/Finn better. This makes him happy and he asks her on a date to a jazz club.


Aiden, Josh, Marcel, and Hayley are planning on how to find Finn. (Side note: Josh and Aiden seem to still be in to each other! Yay!) Cami shows with some dark objects that can be used against witches, including manacles that restrict power. Hayley asks Cami if she’s ok being the bait to lure Finn in, and she agrees.


After a faked attack on Cami, Vincent/Finn calls Aiden to try and figure out what happened.  Finn doesn’t entirely trust Aiden, and throws Aiden through the church doors. Just as Finn is about to attack Aiden, Hayley tackles him. Finn begins to rip Hayley’s heart out of her chest, but Jackson shows up and hits Finn with two arrows. Cami is then able to slap the manacles on Finn, thus keeping him from doing his magic.



Davina & Kaleb: The New Power Couple

Davina is in a hotel with Kol. She’s only working with him because he can help her, but they have to be able to trust one another. Esther then casts a spell, demanding that Kol return back to her. I really love these two together. They’re both beautiful and hilarious. It’s kind of great.


Davina and Kol are riding in the car, on the way to Esther. Kol tells Davina he was a witch before he became a vampire, but when he was turned he lost his powers. He used to spend time with witches, learning from them and teaching them.


Esther expresses her displeasure that Kol has been unable to retrieve the white oak stake. She tells him to get the white oak stake, whatever the costs. After this conversation with his mother, Kol shows Davina a crypt he used to hang out in with some of Davina’s ancestors. He tells Davina that he taught the witches how to make dark objects (likely the dark objects Cami now has). He shows Davina that he has a dagger that with enough practice and trust, it will stop Klaus without killing him, therefore keeping her friends alive.


Kol tells Davina use the magical art of chemia, which allows witches to change objects. Together, they work to change a rope into a bracelet. He tells Davina that they’re going to change everything. Kol tells Davina that a witch needs a coven, even if it’s only two. He tells Davina that she’s going to like him, and he’s going to let her pretend a while that she doesn’t already.


Kol carries Davina to the bed with her bag and the white oak stake. Marcel is in the hallway, witnessing all of this. When Davina wakes up, she finds both the white oak stake and Kol are missing.



Klaus realizes that Esther has used a particular orchid to place Elijah in a deep sleep. Esther would use this orchid to put Mikael to sleep when he came back from war angry, and the orchid can be used to awaken someone from the sleep as well. So Klaus heads out to the bayou to track down the orchid. In the woods, he runs in to Ansel who has been following Klaus. Ansel tells Klaus he used to find the orchid for Esther, and offers to help Klaus find the orchid this time. (Also side note: crazy how a thousand years on the other side means that Ansel has an American accent.)


While looking for the orchid, Ansel tells Klaus that he was forbidden from having a relationship with Klaus, so he stayed away knowing that Klaus would need him when his curse was activated. Ansel tells Klaus that for years Ansel has watched Klaus from the other side, and insisting Klaus is a good man.


Ansel and Klaus come upon the tree that has the orchid, but the tree is surrounded by vervain. Ansel tells Klaus that he’ll retrieve the flower for him, but Klaus asks what the price is. This is the final straw for Ansel. He tells Klaus to search his brain but that Ansel is not an ally of Esther’s.


After Ansel retrieves the orchid, Klaus and Ansel discuss if Klaus should sacrifice his life as a vampire. Ansel tells Klaus he’ll still be king of the wolves and that he’ll be a better father if he gives up being a vampire, but Klaus tells Ansel he’s no longer a father. But Ansel tells Klaus he knows the call of his own blood, and he knows that Hope is still alive. He tells Ansel that Esther will use Ansel’s intentions to get to Hope. Ansel tries to tell Klaus that he knows him and he isn’t capable of killing him. Klaus says it is the first lie Ansel has told him, and Klaus KILLS HIM.


Klaus returns to the house and uses the orchid to wake Elijah up. He insists that the two of them must be the knights in shining armor in Hope’s life. Once Elijah is up and moving around, Klaus tells Elijah how he killed Ansel. He tells Elijah he would never forgive himself if something happened to Hope because of his selfish need for a father, and thus he killed him. Elijah tells Klaus that he killed him for Hope and that Klaus must protect her at any cost.


Hayley then gets back to the house to tell Klaus and Elijah that she and Marcel have brought them gifts. They walk in to the stairwell to find Finn and Kol handcuffed to the stairs.