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The Originals

"Live and Let Die" (Aired October 27, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

So after last week’s episode, I fail to see why Esther is the big-bad for this season. I mean, I know that we’re supposed to want Elijah and Klaus to stay vampires, and trust me, I do. But as far as evil plans go, I’ve heard of worse. Also, the show is called “The Originals,” so unless the show runners plan on changing the very premise of the show, there’s not much risk in Esther’s plan actually succeeding. Also, this whole mess with Mikael is silly; he’s certainly not going to kill Klaus.


Marcel is hosting a vampire party. Josh, who appears to now be one of Marcel’s top guys, tells Marcel he’s interested in a guy he’s been talking to online. However, their conversation is interrupted when a body is thrown the window. A pack of wolves jump in and tell Marcel that the rules have changed and that the vampires now have to leave.


Cami is talking to Vincent/Finn. It turns out, she’s been seeing him as her therapist, and he’s been trying to glean information from her about Klaus and Marcel’s plans. Cami does open up to Vincent/Finn about her brief affair with Marcel, but explains that they weren’t compatible. She also mentions Klaus, saying she knows he’s a good guy underneath, but that some people don’t want to be saved. Essentially, this scene is to show that Cami has some suppressed feelings for Klaus.


Following her therapy session, Cami makes a call to Davina. It turns out, Davina is hiding out at a family cabin in the woods with Mikael. When Cami hangs up, she finds Klaus was eavesdropping on the conversation. Klaus tells Cami that Davina brought back Mikael, and Mikael is trying to kill Klaus. He then tells Cami she can either go with him to talk to Davina, or he will kill Davina.


At the mausoleum, Esther and Kol are attempting a locator spell to try and track Davina. Esther tells Kol to picture Davina in his mind. The spell fails because Davina is blocking magic. Finn enters and chastises Kol for not using his connection with Davina to find her.


Meanwhile at the cabin, Davina tells Mikael she plans to stay at the cabin until she can unlink her friends from Klaus and Elijah’s bloodline. She also tells Mikael she spelled the bracelet so it won’t come off again. Mikael tells Davina that magic will only fight half of her battle, so Davina asks Mikael to train her. Cause you know, she’s so outdoorsy. So, Mikael starts training Davina. They spar using his large stick, but because Davina doesn’t know the first thing about fighting, she hurts her ankle. Of course. That night, she calls Kaleb/Kol and tells him that she needs some supplies and agrees to text him the address of her cabin.


Following the confrontation with the werewolves, Marcel tells his vampire crew that they should leave. He tries to explain to them that there is a difference between giving up and knowing how to win. Right as Gia tells Marcel he should teach them how to win, Elijah rushes in and twists a couple vampire necks, and tells the others that the first lesson is to always be on guard.


In the cemetery, Oliver and the werewolf who told Marcel to leave, Aiden, tells Finn that Marcel received the message. Finn then brings forward a bunch of kids and tells Aiden and Oliver it is time for the blood moon. The kids are all wolves who are supposed to kill someone to activate their werewolf curse.


 On the way to Davina’s cabin, Cami and Klaus stop at a bar. Cami tells Klaus she wants to hear his side of the story, and why he wants to kill his father. So he begins to tell Cami everything, including the fact that Mikael has the white oak stake that can kill him. He tells Cami he’s got the dagger of pain that he was stabbed with last season. Cami tells Klaus he needs to figure out what he’s fighting for and not against. The two begin to dance, and Klaus spins Cami, and then he’s gone.


Back at Marcel’s place, Elijah is training Gia. It’s clear that Gia is in to Elijah. I am already over the Gia/Elijah/Hayley love triangle. Gia can go ahead a die – I am so not invested in her as a character. Elijah and Gia are fighting, and Gia pushes Elijah up against the wall, and has her hand through his chest and on his heart. Real subtle metaphor, you guys. And of course, OF COURSE, that’s when Hayley shows up with Oliver and Aiden to tell Elijah and Marcel about the Finn’s plan for the blood moon. Aiden acknowledges that they’ve previously been enemies, but now he needs the vampires help. And because it is Elijah and Marcel, they agree to help. There’s also a look exchanged between Josh and Aiden, which means Aiden was totally the dude Josh was talking to.


So, the plan is put in to action, and Marcel, Elijah, Hayley and the others are able to succeed in saving the kids from the blood moon. After the kids are saved, Josh and Aiden meet up at a bar. They’re both surprised that the other one showed up. They decide to pretend for one night they aren’t members of opposing factions. I kind of love that the Romeo & Juliet story of “The Originals” has the potential to be Aiden and Josh.


Following the kids being escorted through the city, Oliver and Elijah confront some wolves at a warehouse. The main wolf tells Elijah that the witch wants him. Elijah and Oliver try to get the wolves to back down, considering Elijah promised Hayley he would try not to kill wolves. But the wolves refuse to back down, and Elijah and Oliver kill them all. Then, Vincent/Finn shows up. Before Elijah can kill him, Esther shows up and stakes Elijah. Of course it isn’t the white oak stake, so he’s not dead, but he’s still captured. Great.


At Davina’s family cabin, Kol/Kaleb arrives with a salve to help Davina’s ankle. It’s some kind of magical ointment that relieves her pain but doesn’t heal it instantly. He tries to pry in to Davina’s life, but realizes she’s hesitant. He tells Davina that she can tell him what she needs to whenever she is ready.


Later that night, Davina is asleep at the cabin, so Kaleb/Kol begins to snoop through the cabin. He spots a room full of candles and goes to investigate. As he opens a drawer to reveal the white oak stake, Mikael grabs Kaleb/Kol. Kaleb/Kol tells Mikael that he knows the spell to release him from the control of Davina's bracelet. So Kaleb/Kol tries to sneak in to Davina’s room to remove the bracelet, but as he does she wakes up. She looks at her phone and notices several missed texts from Cami alerting her that Klaus is on his way.


Right as Klaus arrives, Davina and Kaleb/Kol are working together to make the cabin appear empty. For a second Klaus buys it, but then he finds Mikael’s sparing stick outside, and realizes what is happening. He heaves the stick through the window, which startles Davina and causes her to hit her head. Mikael tells Kaleb/Kol to release him from the bracelet’s control, and he does so.


Mikael and Klaus then have their big fight. The two tousle for a while, and Mikael is even able to get the white oak stake in a bit. But before he can fully kill Klaus (because duh), Klaus is able to dagger Mikael with the dagger of immense pain. Cami then shows up, and she makes Klaus swear he won’t kill Davina. He tells Cami he didn’t kill Mikael because of what she said to him. Instead, he just puts him in the trunk of a car, where Mikael wakes up and takes out the dagger. Cool – so all that was for NOTHING.