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The Originals

"Rebirth" (Aired October 6, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

I really, really love “The Originals.” People who hate on the “The Originals” or “The Vampire Diaries” haven’t seen it. Granted, it’s not “Breaking Bad” material, but it explores family dynamics, concepts of good and evil, and other themes in a way that is interesting and fun. Plus the man candy is super fun to look at. So I was super excited when “The Originals” got picked up for a second season.


Season 1 ended with the vampires, werewolves, and witches all battling one another for control of New Orleans. The werewolves, headed by Francesca Guerrera had won the war, at least for the time being. Hayley gave birth to her and Klaus’s daughter. In order to protect her, Klaus sent her off with Rebekah. Hayley died during the childbirth and was saved by Klaus’s vampire blood, thus turning her into a hybrid. And Klaus and Elijah’s mother inhabited the body of a sixteen-year-old witch. Phew. I think that pretty much sums it up. Ok, here we go into Season 2….


The episode opens with Rebekah telling Baby Mikaelson that her dad is working to restore his rule in New Orleans in order to bring her back safely. It serves as a nice way to recap season 1, while letting the viewer know where everyone stands.


Elijah is off to meet with some New Orleans officials on an abandoned property. Elijah tells the officials that despite the Guerrera’s family wishes, the property should not be destroyed, but rather, made a protected landmark. Seems like an odd place to begin, but it can’t be for nothing.


Meanwhile, Klaus is frustrated that nothing is happening. He’s been waiting to fight back, but has had to wait for the appropriate time to make his move. The Guerra’s hold the power over the rings that render him defenseless during a full moon. Elijah tells him he has been able to track down the rings, and so they begin building a plan to destroy them. Elijah also expresses concern for Hayley, telling Klaus that it is time he and Hayley talk.


Checking in with Marcel, we see that he and Camille have had a bit of a fling. Marcel and Camille are banging. She’s serving as the spy in the French Quarter since vampires aren’t allowed to go there anymore. When Marcel asks about Klaus, Camille says she doesn’t know how he is doing. Marcel is confused: the wolves attacked, killed Klaus’s baby, and Klaus hasn’t struck back. Camille says Klaus is in mourning, but Marcel knows Klaus can mourn and murder at the same time.


In the French Quarter, Davina is at a record store purchasing some ancient Icelandic folk music. You know – what all the kids are listening to. There’s a cute boy in the store who attracts Davina’s attention, but he leaves right as Oliver, one of Hayley’s werewolf pack, walks in. Oliver tells Davina that Cassie, the witch inhabited by Klaus and Elijah’s mother Esther, has been helpful making moonlight rings for the wolves. Oliver then tells Davina that things are about to get ugly in the record store. It turns out the owner, Joe Dalton, is a vampire who shouldn’t be in the quarter. As Oliver and some other wolves go to attack him, Davina casts a spell paralyzing the wolves and allowing Joe to escape.


After the failure to catch Joe, Oliver reports back to Francesca. Francesca is pissed that Davina attacked one of her wolves considering that the witches are supposed to protect the wolves and harm vampires in the Quarter. Cassie tells Francesca that Davina isn’t in her coven anymore.


When Cassie/Esther leaves the house she meet up with Vincent, who is inhabited by her son Finn. Cassie/Ester tells Vincent/Finn that Francesca is getting nervous about Klaus’s failure to retaliate. She knows this was probably Elijah and Klaus’s plan all along, but she’s got a plan for her sons.


Camille pays a visit to the Mikaelson house. She feels Klaus behind, but when she turns, he’s gone. Elijah appears, telling Camille that Klaus does not want to see her. She’s there to remind Klaus and Elijah that Marcel took out the Guerrera’s 100 years ago with no help, and that he’d be willing to help them out again.


Josh, one of Marcel’s vampire lackeys, has gathered a bunch of prospective vampire converts for Marcel. Marcel starts compelling them, offering to turn them into vampires. He’s trying to build a vampire army to help fight the werewolves and other dangers.  When they leave, they’ll forget the meeting, but they’ll have something in them telling them the offer exists. After the meeting, Josh thinks one girl will come back, but Marcel thinks that the group Josh brought him is weak.


Klaus then arrives as a way of reaching out to Marcel for them to join forces. Klaus tells Marcel that the white oak stake, the one thing that can kill an original vampire, is missing. When Klaus asks if Marcel has the stake, he doesn’t. Even if he did, he wouldn’t use it on Klaus since killing Klaus means Marcel would die. Then Joe, the vampire that owned the record store in the Quarter shows up. Joe offers to help Marcel and Klaus take down the Guerrera’s. Marcel then ponders why the Guerreras haven’t yet attacked Klaus, but then realizes that the Guerreras don’t have the white oak stake either.



Later that night at the Mikaelson house, Elijah is going about cleaning up Hayley’s room. When she gets back, she’s pissed to see Elijah messing with her things. Hayley tells Elijah knowing Francesca is alive is difficult for her. Elijah promises her she’ll have vengeance, but Hayley says until then it is her room, and she’ll let him know when to clean it out.


In the attic of the church, where she was kept most of Season 1, Davina now holds Mikael Mikaelson under a spell. Back As long as she’s wearing a particular bracelet, she controls Mikael’s moves. She tells him that once she figures out how to release her friend Josh from Klaus’s sire bond, she will release Mikael to kill Elijah and Klaus.


Cassie/Esther performs a locator spell for Francesca, trying to find the white oak stake, but she’s unable to do so. She tells Francesca it must be cloaked. Francesca tells Joe, who has begun Klaus and Marcel’s plan of attack, she needs to know more or she will kill him. Joe tells Francesca that the priest ended up with the stake. Francesca’s men destroy Camille’s apartment, and she gives them an address and her uncle’s key. She leads them to believe it’s the address of the stake.


Francesca rallies her wolves, telling them Klaus will be weak that night, making it an opportune time to attack. She orders them to weaken Elijah and kill Hayley as well. Her wolves are off to the warehouse from the first scene, but Marcel is already there. He sets off the sprinklers, which apparently have vervaine in them, and starts to chop off the hands with rings, giving Klaus more power.


The battle begins in earnest, with wolves attacking the Mikaleson mansion, and Hayley taking them out one-by-one. Elijah is also fighting wolves, and as the wolves with the moonlight rings are found, the ring-wearers are killed, helping to restore Klaus’s strength.


Elijah arrives at Francesca’s house, prepared to fight. Francesca, knowing Elijah cannot enter unless invited in, remains unafraid. However, in his efforts to landmark locations throughout New Orleans, Elijah had Francesca’s home made a landmark meaning the property is now public, and he can enter without an invitation. (I’ll try to ignore the fact hat Francesca probably would have received notice of this, and been asked her opinion on the landmarking of her house, but ok). Elijah then takes Francesca, and as promised, lets Hayley kill her as vengeance for Hayley having to be separated from her daughter.


Following the victory over the Guerrera family, Hayley is upset. She thinks she’s turned into a monster, and that no amount of vengeance will bring her daughter back. She used to just be a werewolf, but now she’s a vampire, which she finds repulsive.


After some encouragement from Elijah, Klaus finally reaches out to Hayley. He tries to tell her that her pain will fade over time, but she insists she won’t feel better until she’s able to have her baby back. Klaus promises this will happen, but first they need to gain back control of the city. Hayley must do her part and step in to her role as the leader of the wolves. He believes that if they work together, as a family, they’ll be able to defeat their enemies.