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The Originals

"Every Mother's Son" (Aired October 20, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

My nerves are beginning to become a little plucked with “The Originals,” which isn’t great since we’re only three episodes in. I am glad that Klaus and Elijah are aware that Esther is in another witch, but I’m tired of Hayley being melodramatic about her daughter. Now, granted I’m not a mother, but I mean for goodness sakes, the baby is alive and out of harm’s way. Hayley could also leave New Orleans and go take care of baby Hope (though no she couldn’t because then we wouldn’t have this weird, fucked up love triangle between Klaus, Hayley, and Elijah). Anyway, on to this week’s episode…



At dinner, Esther notices that Klaus is missing. It turns out, he’s hiding in the woods because Mikael is supposed to take Klaus hunting, but he’s afraid to go. Esther tells Klaus to listen for the starling bird’s call; whenever he hears it, she’s with him always and forever. Meanwhile, Finn overhears this conversation between Esther and Klaus.


Following this conversation, Esther makes a necklace for Klaus which she dips into some kind of potion. She tells Klaus that if he ever needs her, to clasp the necklace and she’ll be there. When he asks if Esther will give the other siblings a necklace. Ester tells Klaus that he is the most special, and she asks him to promise to always wear the necklace. Later on, at a village party, Esther notices Klaus is not wearing the necklace and yells at him. However, Finn has found the necklace and returns it to Klaus.


Many years later, Esther finds Klaus in the woods with a sword through his shoulder. Klaus explains to Esther that he and Mikael got in a fight, and Mikael cut the necklace off as a prize. When he did so, Klaus struck Mikael. Mikael then stabbed Klaus with the sword.


Present Day

The episode begins with Esther mixing a bunch of potions and what not. She then sends the food over to Mikaelson Mansion, along with an invite, telling Elijah and Klaus she will be joining them for dinner that evening. Hayley welcomes the invitation, as she blames Esther for baby Hope having been taken away. However, Klaus is more cautious as he knows his mother’s dinner parties tend to lead to her attempts to murder her children.


Oliver is drinking at Rousseau’s when Vincent/Finn shows up. Vincent/Finn offers Oliver a moonlight ring, telling Oliver that he must help Cassie/Esther in order to earn the ring. When Oliver asks what happens if he refuse to help, Vincent/Finn does a little magical hand motion that causes Oliver a lot of pain. These witches aren’t effing around.


Meanwhile, Klaus begins making preparations for the dinner from hell. He tells Hayley that originally, there were 7 children. It turns out, one son, Henrik, was killed by the werewolf pack Klaus’s father belonged to. After Henrik was killed, Esther turned her children in to immortals so she wouldn’t lose them. However, this triggered a series of events that led to the revelation that the leader of the pack was Klaus’s real father, and then Mikael killed him. Esther then turned her hatred toward everyone. Hayley tells Klaus she understands Esther’s pain in losing a child (except not really cause Hayley’s kid is still alive, but whatever.)


Elijah and the newly turned vampire Gia are off to find a witch named Lenore who may be able to help Elijah and Klaus. When they arrive at her store, Lenore can immediately tell Elijah is an original, and tells him to go away. However, Elijah promises to help remove the obstacles that are preventing her from running her business, and Lenore agrees to help. She tells Elijah that in order to help track Esther’s movements, she needs an object that Esther has cast on, as well as a snake. Elijah tells Gia to get the snake by compelling someone, but he doesn’t instruct her how to do so. After Elijah and Gia leave, Vincent/Finn arrives and takes Lenore hostage.


At the mausoleum, Cassie/Esther instructs Vincent/Finn to have Oliver torture Lenore in order to figure out Elijah and Klaus’s plans. Vincent/Finn flips over an hourglass, and tells Oliver to have the plans figured out before time runs out.


Klaus retrieves the bird necklace Esther made him many years ago from Marcel. Apparently, he asked Marcel to hold on to it for safekeeping. Back at Chez Mikaelson, Hayley informs Klaus and Elijah that Cassie/Esther as Lenore hostage. However, Hayley plans on going over there to save Lenore to help her cast the spell. When Elijah goes to object, Hayley tells Elijah he can’t ignore her for days, then express concern.


It turns out, Gia was successful in retrieving the snake, but only because she stole it. She tells Marcel she is frustrated that Elijah won’t teach her. However, Marcel assures her that Elijah can’t help but fix what is broken, and he will eventually warm up to the idea of guiding Gia.


That evening, Elijah and Klaus are in fancy suits (even fancier than usual for Elijah). As Klaus is discussing how he will tear Esther to pieces, Vincent/Finn shows up. When Elijah expresses confusion as to his identity, Klaus tells Elijah that they are talking to their brother. He also tells his brothers that they are celebrating his return to life after spending 900 years daggered. He also tells Elijah and Klaus that Kol is also back in human form, and that Esther appreciates Finn and Kol. However, Elijah objects to Finn, telling Finn that Finn has always hated their existence as supernatural beings. As Elijah and Finn are about to go at it, Esther appears.  


Klaus begins to question Esther, asking her what she wants. Esther tells Klaus and Elijah that everything she has done, she has done to protect her children. When Esther asks Klaus to remember the day he fought with Mikael, Klaus realizes that the bird necklace wasn’t created to protect him, but rather to weaken him. Esther was afraid of Klaus triggering his werewolf curse, so she suppressed his strength. Klaus is furious, telling Esther that the reason Mikael hated Klaus was because of the weakness that the necklace created. As Klaus is yelling at Cassie/Esther, Cassie’s body goes limp, and it is apparent that Esther has jumped to a different body.



Meanwhile, Hayley is at the mausoleum, to save Lenore. Hayley tells Oliver that he should tell Vincent/Finn and Cassie/Esther that Leonore’s people jumped him, so as not to blow Oliver’s cover. As they are talking, Lenore realizes that Hayley is the werewolf mother of Klaus’s baby. After Hayley rescues her, they are back in Lenore’s shop where she is able to conduct the spell. She tells Hayley that next time Esther jumps to a new body, there will be a distinct mark on the new body’s hand. Hayley also asks why Esther is acting the way that she is, and Lenore tells Hayley that Esther is acting out of pure love for her children. As they are talking, Lenore is overtaken, and Hayley notices the mark on her hand. Esther now inhabits Lenore’s body.


Lenore/Esther allows Hayley to call Klaus and Elijah to let them know Esther is now in Lenore’s body. As soon as she tells them, Lenore/Esther uses magic to end the phone call. She then tells Hayley that she is happy to meet her, and offers her the freedom of a new body and not being a hybrid. This means she can have more children and a family of her own. Right then, Elijah and Klaus show up, and Klaus tells Hayley to leave. Lenore/Esther then offers the same deal to Elijah and Klaus: new bodies and a chance to live without the vampire curse. Klaus tells Esther she is a fool if she thinks he and Elijah will accept a deal from her. In response, Lenore/Ester summons her birds which take her away.


After the confrontation with Esther, Hayley tells Klaus and Elijah the deal Esther offered her. When Klaus asks if Hayley is actually thinking about it, Hayley confesses that the offer is tempting, though she doesn’t say if she will take it or not. Hayley then tanks Elijah for saving her, though she’s sorry it takes her being in danger for Elijah to speak to her.


There’s then a nice moment between Klaus and Elijah, and it’s one that shows how much Klaus has changed since his first arrival on “The Vampire Diaries.” Klaus is still furious with the fact that Esther made him weak for so long. Elijah assures Klaus that he is not weak. He reminds Klaus that no one has ever succeeded in defeating him, and that Klaus will protect his family as he has always done.


Later that evening, Gia is sitting at a bar when Elijah arrives. The two then have a conversation about how being a vampire changes things and abilities. Basically, the scene is meant to show that Elijah is agreeing to teach Gia how to be a vampire and to set up an Elijah/Hayley/Gia love triangle. Dislike.


Following the dinner with Klaus and Elijah, Lenore/Esther tells Vincent/Finn that the dinner was an invitation and not a proclamation of war. She tells Vincent/Finn that she will destroy everything that Klaus and Elijah hold dear until they give in and agree to have Esther release them from their vampire curse. Seems healthy.