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The Originals

"Alive and Kicking" (Aired October 13, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Cadiz, Spain 1702

The episode opens with a flashback to Cadiz, Spain in 1702. Klaus and Elijah arrive to try and retrieve Kol in order to leave the city. Mikael is about to find them, but Kol seems unconcerned. Kol tells Klaus that Mikael really only wants him dead, so he wants Klaus to leave so that he’ll be safe from Mikael. When Kol refuses to leave, Klaus daggers him.


 New Orleans, 1821

There’s a flashback to New Orleans in 1821. A young Marcel practices the piano with encouragement from Elijah. Klaus walks in to see them bonding. He’s jealous and mad that Elijah is monopolizing Marcel with school. Klaus wants someone to share his “roguery” with, so he has removed the dagger from Kol, much to Elijah’s disdain


After removing the dagger from Kol, Klaus and Kol engage in a mass murder of 60 people. Elijah is concerned such acts will draw attention to the family, and threatens to leave New Orleans with Marcel. Klaus says that he’ll dagger Kol again before he lets Marcel leave the house.


Later, Marcel and Kol are watching a production of Shakespeare. Kol becomes bored, and starts killing the cast in front of Marcel. Elijah runs in and stops Kol. Kol tells Elijah that Marcel has to learn somehow to become a vampire. Kol tells Elijah he’s already fed Marcel his blood, all he has to do is kill him to turn him. Elijah is pissed, but Klaus stops Elijah from killing Kol, but then Klaus daggers Kol.


After this, Elijah realizes that Marcel may be Klaus’s only shot at redemption. To restore the relationship between Marcel and Klaus, Elijah begins acting cold toward Marcel. It was the only way to save Klaus. Later, this pattern is repeated, but with Hayley subbing in for Marcel.



Present Day

At Chez Mikaelson, Elijah spots some bloody paw prints and follows them to see some dead bodies. It turns out Hayley and Klaus went hunting for some witches. Hayley feels Elijah is judging her ne found murderous streak. Elijah tells tells her that she should be better than Klaus, but she’s still pissed about the baby.


Elijah tries to express his concern to Klaus about Hayley’s new savagery.  Klaus reminds him Elijah that being a vampire only accentuates what was already there before, and wolves are already savage. Klaus tells Elijah that his judgment only hurts her more.


Marcel tells Elijah that the moonlight bracelets and the abundance of werewolves destroyed the amount of vampires to help him stock his army. Marcel tries to play on Elijah’s ego, telling him he is the last true (read Original) vampire left, and that he should join forces with Marcel. Elijah says he only wants the white oak stake, and if Marcel helps him find it, he’ll allow Marcel to keep converting new vampires.  He tells Marcel to ask Davina to help find it, or he’ll ask her himself.


Davina is in the attic with Mikael, still trying to eliminate the sire link between Klaus and Josh. She’s using Esther’s grimoire for assistance. Mikael offers to help, but Davina doesn’t trust him not to set himself free. She gets a text from Kaleb asking her to meet him. As she’s walking out, we see Kaleb in the church.


Kaleb then meets up with Cassie/Esther and Vincent/Finn. Kaleb tells them Davina is locking the attic door with a powerful spell. Cassie tells Kaleb to take her on a date. Just then, a group of werewolves arrive for their moonlight rings. Cassie/Esther’s coven has been hard at working making them new rings. Cassie says soon there will be enough for an army, and when there are, she plans to take out Elijah and Klaus.  


Klaus and Hayley visit the bayou to see if any of Hayley’s family is still around. He hopes to use Hayley’s status to convince them to join his side in the continued battle for New Orleans. Klaus believes Hayley needs to lead her people, that she is their queen. Hayley says she’s a mess, and that she misses her daughter. Klaus tells Hayley he misses her everyday, and to comfort himself, he imagines what he’ll do to those that harmed her. This is enough encouragement for Hayley, and she’s off to find her people.


Once Hayley finds her family, she and Klaus discover that Oliver is serving as the Alpha of the pack. Hayley doesn’t think her people will listen to her, but Klaus encourages her to go talk to them anyway. Hayley tells her pack that they need to be united and they need a leader that will fight for their pack. When Oliver challenges her status as a member of the pack, Klaus threatens to kill Oliver.  However, Hayley steps in, telling Klaus release Oliver. Klaus’s move allowed Hayley to demonstrate she is the leader that her pack needs.


At a meeting with Davina, Marcel asks for her help to locate the white oak stake. When Davina asks if Klaus or Elijah put Marcel up to asking her, Elijah appears. Elijah tells Davina that he wants to work with her, but Davina refuses. She tells Elijah that his family’s time for power is over, and it’s his turn to be afraid. When Marcel asks why Elijah showed up to the meeting, Elijah explains he wanted to see Davina’s face. Her lack of concern for Marcel proved to Elijah that she has the white oak stake.


Klaus pays a visit to Cassie in the cemetery. He confronts the pack of wolves present, but he does not feel threatened by them. When Cassie arrives, she refers to Klaus as “Niklaus” and says she’s sorry to learn of his daughter’s death. She makes him some tea and tells him that an alliance between the wolves and the witches will restore balance. She tells him the vampires ruined everything, and expresses her interest in destroying them. Klaus notices the kind of tea Cassie is serving him is the kind his mother liked. Klaus asks if Esther speaks to Cassie. He’s on to her. He looks in Cassie’s eyes and the pack walks in. He threatens to kill them all, but Cassie says then he’ll have killed the pack he promises to save. She tells him they’ll talk again soon.



Kaleb takes Davina on the dinner date, as instructed by Cassie/Esther. He tells Davina he is also a witch. During the date, she gets a call from Marcel telling her she’s in danger as long as she has the stake. Davina refuses to listen, and when she returns to her table, she finds the restaurant being taken over by wolves that start to attack. She uses her bracelet connection with Mikael to summon him to the bar. Because he’s under her command, he kills the wolves. Kaleb, who had been thrown over the bar during the fight, spots Mikael. During the fight, Davina’s bracelet falls off. Mikael then goes to kill Davina, but Elijah arrives in time to see Davina. Mikael has the white oak stake, and is about to use it on Davina, but she’s able to get the bracelet back and regain control of Mikael before he can kill Elijah.



Hayley returns to the Mikaelson house with a few werewolves in tow. She was able to convince Oliver to feign loyalty to Cassie, and report his findings back to her. Elijah, realizing that he needs to step out of the way, tells Hayley he is going to leave the house.


After the incident with Mikael, Kaleb/Kol is furious with Vincent/Finn for sicking the werewolves on him and Davina. Cassie/Esther tells Kaleb/Kol she ordered the attack so it would look real. Vincent/Finn tells Cassie/Esther that he checked Davina’s attic during the fight, and it was empty. Cassie/Esther assumes Davina had the weapon with her during the attack. When she asks what it was, Kaleb/Kol says that he was knocked out during the attack and didn’t see anything.


Elijah and Marcel once again meet up, with Marcel encouraging Elijah to join him. Elijah refuses to pick sides at first, but Marcel forces his hand by killing Gia, the vampire prospect, and designating Elijah as her mentor.