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The Originals

"The Brothers That Care Forgot" (Aired November 24, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

So something that I haven’t really talked about but that has always bothered me on this show is Cami. I’ve never understood Klaus and Marcel’s fascination with her, as she seems kind of plain to me. Plus, Klaus’s interest in her always seemed kind of creepy to me because Cami reminds me so much of Rebekah (and totally explains Marcel’s attraction to her). This episode addressed my concerns head on. It left me wondering if they had this story line planned and cast Cami to look so similar to Rebekah. AAANNYYWAYYY, let’s get into it…


Over lunch with Kol and Finn, Klaus and Elijah try to convince them to turn against Esther. Finn reminds Klaus that the Mikaelson siblings’ loyalty to Klaus never really worked out for them. Finn also tells Klaus that Rebekah will jump at the chance to have a new body. When Finn threatens Rebekah’s safety, Elijah bites Finn’s neck. Meanwhile, Rebekah is at a playground with baby Hope when she realizes that the other children have disappeared and instead starling birds, Esther’s favorite birds, have shown up.


Klaus pulls Elijah off Finn, saying they need Finn and Kol alive. Rebekah then calls to tell Elijah and Klaus that Esther has found them. Klaus sends Elijah to meet up with Rebekah, insisting that he’ll take care of Kol and Finn, and that he’s waited months to see Hope, he can wait one more day.


Meanwhile, Aiden is concerned that Esther will soon come for him for helping Oliver escape. Jackson tells Aiden to call a pack meeting. Hayley then confronts Jackson about the unification ceremony. Apparently, each pack of wolves was imbued with its own special powers, and if two alphas marry, the whole pack will adopt the special skills. Hayley suggests if she marries Jackson, the whole pack will take on her ability to control whether or not they turn. Jackson tells her that for the unification ceremony to work, they have to be married in every way for the rest of their lives. NO! I OBJECT! ELIJAH AND HAYLEY!


Davina apologizes to Marcel because she thinks Kol has the white oak stake. Marcel tells Davina that Klaus has both the white oak stake and Kol. She wants to free Kol, but Marcel tries to tell her it is best that he is with Kol.


Kol and Finn try to plot an escape, but Marcel and Klaus enter to begin torturing the Kol and Finn in order to convince them to join Klaus. Marcel takes on Kol, threatening to torture Kol or kill him and turn him into a vampire. Klaus comes in and tells Marcel to stop. Klaus realizes that Kol just wants to be a part of the family, and this is enough to get Kol to join Klaus.


Meanwhile, Finn holds on strong refusing to give in. He tells Klaus about Esther seeking Dalia’s assistance to have kids. Finn tells Klaus Freya was given as sacrifice. Klaus says that if what Finn is saying is true, then Esther deserves to die. Finn tells Klaus that Dalia has to take the first born of each generation, and if anyone is protecting the baby, then Dalia will destroy them all. (I just realized, Hope would only be the second child taken by Dalia, since none of the Mikaelson children had kids due to the whole vampire curse thing.)


After talking to Jackson, Hayley asks to meet Cami at her family’s archive to see if she can find any other information about the unification ritual. It looks like it’s true, and Hayley doesn’t know what to do because Elijah is under her skin. Hayley then notices marks up and down Cami’s back that Cami didn’t have the night before.


At the pack meeting, Jackson tries to get the pack to leave Esther, but one of the pack members objects. Aiden steps up and says Jackson should speak, and Hayley also shows up and starts to turn. She tells them she’s the alpha of Labonair line, and she and Jackson are going to get married. Whoever is at the ceremony will be able to change without the rings. It’s her move to try and do what is best for the pack.


After the meeting, Hayley apologizes for springing the “proposal” on Jackson. He then gets down on one knee and officially proposes. First off Jackson, I don’t know if you’re wearing a wig but I don’t care for your hairstyle. Second, Elijah is NOT going to be pleased, and you’re standing in the way of Elijah and Hayley which means you’re going to die. Sorry ‘bout it.


Elijah is waiting at a diner for Rebekah, and compels a waitress to find out if anyone else unusual there. His paranoia is out of control Elijah then has a flashback to when Esther was in his brain. Rebekah shows up to the diner with baby Hope. Elijah is so happy to see Hope, and Rebekah tells him that taking care of Hope makes her feel human. Elijah tells Rebekah that Esther tortured him for days with memories he thought he’d buried. He also tells Rebekah that Esther made an offer to be mortal again and start families. Elijah tells Rebekah that the invitation had some kind of appeal. Rebekah notices blood on Elijah’s sleeve, but he tells her that they’re safe. Rebekah goes to take hope to change her diaper. Rebekah goes to the kitchen and notices a bunch of dead people.


Davina shows up at Chez Mikaelson saying she’s there to save Kol. She raises her hand and casts a spell on Marcel, causing his neck to snap.  Davina then casts Klaus away, but he’s back and throws her down on the ground. When Davina calls Klaus out on his inability to kill Mikael, Klaus bites Davina, but some potion she drank before she came over knocks him out. When Davina spots Kol she asks how he got free, and she is not pleased to find out he has agreed to help Klaus. Davina says she doesn’t care about Esther, but then Cami shows up telling Davina about the puncture wounds on her back.


Kol tells Cami that the puncture wounds are preparations for Cami becoming a vessel. When Cami asks Finn about it, Finn tells Cami she’s the intended vessel for Rebekah. ANNNNDDD there it is, the maybe answer to why Cami and Rebekah look alike. Kol then tells the group now that Esther knows where Rebekah is, the transfer will be done soon. Cami begs Davina to wake Klaus and Davina reluctantly complies.


After snapping Elijah’s neck, Rebekah calls Klaus to tell him that Elijah killed a dozen people, and that kind of act will draw Esther’s attention. Klaus realizes Esther’s torture affected Elijah more than he realized. Klaus tells Rebekah to meet him, and he’s about to leave, Hayley shows up telling Klaus she needs to talk to him and Elijah. Klaus tells Hayley they are going to go see their daughter, and it’s an oddly touching and sweet moment between Klaus and Hayley.

"Chasing the Devil's Tail" (November 17, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

This show is really great at having characters commit unthinkable acts for people they love. The fact that Klaus “sacrificed” his relationship with his father to protect his daughter can be seen as either abhorrent or noble. Of course, it had the added benefit of upsetting Esther, always a plus in Klaus’s book. What does seem kind of silly though is the fact that the show is called “The Originals,” thus making the life and death stakes feel not so, well, life and death.


The Takedown of Finn

Jackson sends Oliver off in a Viking style funeral. I guess that’s a tradition that stuck around amongst the werewolves. Hayley arrives and tells Jackson she knows he’s mad about Oliver’s death, but that their pack needs their alpha.


Hayley and Aiden go to see Marcel, asking Marcel to help the take down Finn Mikaelson. Marcel suggests that Cami may be able to help as Finn has a thing for her. Why are the Mikaelson boys so drawn to Cami? She seems kind of dull to me, but maybe I’m missing something.


To help move the plan along, Cami tells Vincent/Finn that she doesn’t want to be around Klaus anymore. She also tells Vincent/Finn she wants a new advisor because she wants to get to know Vincent/Finn better. This makes him happy and he asks her on a date to a jazz club.


Aiden, Josh, Marcel, and Hayley are planning on how to find Finn. (Side note: Josh and Aiden seem to still be in to each other! Yay!) Cami shows with some dark objects that can be used against witches, including manacles that restrict power. Hayley asks Cami if she’s ok being the bait to lure Finn in, and she agrees.


After a faked attack on Cami, Vincent/Finn calls Aiden to try and figure out what happened.  Finn doesn’t entirely trust Aiden, and throws Aiden through the church doors. Just as Finn is about to attack Aiden, Hayley tackles him. Finn begins to rip Hayley’s heart out of her chest, but Jackson shows up and hits Finn with two arrows. Cami is then able to slap the manacles on Finn, thus keeping him from doing his magic.



Davina & Kaleb: The New Power Couple

Davina is in a hotel with Kol. She’s only working with him because he can help her, but they have to be able to trust one another. Esther then casts a spell, demanding that Kol return back to her. I really love these two together. They’re both beautiful and hilarious. It’s kind of great.


Davina and Kol are riding in the car, on the way to Esther. Kol tells Davina he was a witch before he became a vampire, but when he was turned he lost his powers. He used to spend time with witches, learning from them and teaching them.


Esther expresses her displeasure that Kol has been unable to retrieve the white oak stake. She tells him to get the white oak stake, whatever the costs. After this conversation with his mother, Kol shows Davina a crypt he used to hang out in with some of Davina’s ancestors. He tells Davina that he taught the witches how to make dark objects (likely the dark objects Cami now has). He shows Davina that he has a dagger that with enough practice and trust, it will stop Klaus without killing him, therefore keeping her friends alive.


Kol tells Davina use the magical art of chemia, which allows witches to change objects. Together, they work to change a rope into a bracelet. He tells Davina that they’re going to change everything. Kol tells Davina that a witch needs a coven, even if it’s only two. He tells Davina that she’s going to like him, and he’s going to let her pretend a while that she doesn’t already.


Kol carries Davina to the bed with her bag and the white oak stake. Marcel is in the hallway, witnessing all of this. When Davina wakes up, she finds both the white oak stake and Kol are missing.



Klaus realizes that Esther has used a particular orchid to place Elijah in a deep sleep. Esther would use this orchid to put Mikael to sleep when he came back from war angry, and the orchid can be used to awaken someone from the sleep as well. So Klaus heads out to the bayou to track down the orchid. In the woods, he runs in to Ansel who has been following Klaus. Ansel tells Klaus he used to find the orchid for Esther, and offers to help Klaus find the orchid this time. (Also side note: crazy how a thousand years on the other side means that Ansel has an American accent.)


While looking for the orchid, Ansel tells Klaus that he was forbidden from having a relationship with Klaus, so he stayed away knowing that Klaus would need him when his curse was activated. Ansel tells Klaus that for years Ansel has watched Klaus from the other side, and insisting Klaus is a good man.


Ansel and Klaus come upon the tree that has the orchid, but the tree is surrounded by vervain. Ansel tells Klaus that he’ll retrieve the flower for him, but Klaus asks what the price is. This is the final straw for Ansel. He tells Klaus to search his brain but that Ansel is not an ally of Esther’s.


After Ansel retrieves the orchid, Klaus and Ansel discuss if Klaus should sacrifice his life as a vampire. Ansel tells Klaus he’ll still be king of the wolves and that he’ll be a better father if he gives up being a vampire, but Klaus tells Ansel he’s no longer a father. But Ansel tells Klaus he knows the call of his own blood, and he knows that Hope is still alive. He tells Ansel that Esther will use Ansel’s intentions to get to Hope. Ansel tries to tell Klaus that he knows him and he isn’t capable of killing him. Klaus says it is the first lie Ansel has told him, and Klaus KILLS HIM.


Klaus returns to the house and uses the orchid to wake Elijah up. He insists that the two of them must be the knights in shining armor in Hope’s life. Once Elijah is up and moving around, Klaus tells Elijah how he killed Ansel. He tells Elijah he would never forgive himself if something happened to Hope because of his selfish need for a father, and thus he killed him. Elijah tells Klaus that he killed him for Hope and that Klaus must protect her at any cost.


Hayley then gets back to the house to tell Klaus and Elijah that she and Marcel have brought them gifts. They walk in to the stairwell to find Finn and Kol handcuffed to the stairs. 

"Wheel Inside the Wheel" (November 10, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

So this episode answered my question about Esther: what is so bad about her wanting to give her sons new bodies? Well it turns out, she is trying to protect them from her sister. This episode also shows that Klaus and the other Mikaelson siblings didn’t stand a chance of not being mass murderers since their father, mother, and aunt were all crazies.


Norway 972 A.D.

Esther visits her sister Dalia to ask for Dalia’s help so that Esther may have children. It becomes clear that Esther, at this point, has abandoned her powers. When Dalia tells Esther that Dalia’s assistance comes with a heavy sacrifice, Esther tells Dalia she will do whatever it takes.


After Esther has had children, Dalia shows up to take Freya, Esther and Mikael’s oldest daughter. It turns out, the deal Esther made with Dalia was that the first born from each generation was given as long as Esther’s line lasts. Esther tells Dalia that she will turn back to the black arts and she will make Dalia pay. Dalia says Esther’s power is nothing compared to hers. Dalia says if Esther defies her, then Dalia will take every kid.


Hayley, Marcel & Gia

After Klaus keeps Hayley from helping with Elijah’s rescue, Hayley decides to start her own rescue mission. (Which, I must say, still puts her in Esther’s way. I love Hayley and how much she does not listen to Klaus.) Hayley seeks the assistance of Marcel and Gia, but they decide they also need to find Oliver’s pack’s alpha.


After a meeting with Vincent/Finn, Cami’s suspicions are provoked. She discovers that Vincent is actually Finn and Klaus’s brother. Marcel arrives and Cami tells him she wants to help take down Finn and Esther.  Klaus’s brother out that


Meanwhile, Hayley is in the bayou looking for Jackson, her pack’s alpha. As she’s getting close, two arrows are shot at her. Jackson tells his protector it is ok, and introduces Hayley to Ansel, Jackson’s new BFF. Jackson tells Hayley that Francesca offered him a moonlight ring if he called her alpha, but he refused, so Francesca’s people drug him out to the woods for dead. He stayed there to avoid the war. Hayley tries to convince Jackson that the pack needs their alpha, and that she needs his help to save Oliver. Jackson says that Oliver betrayed him as well, and refuses to help. However, Ansel decides to help Hayley, telling her he doesn’t want any more wolves to die.


Cami meets with Finn to distract him while Hayley and the others try to save Oliver. As Marcel and Gia are keeping watch, a wolf shows up to attack Marcel. Gia gets there and tries to save Marcel, but the wolf bites her.


Meanwhile, Hayley frees Oliver and tries to escape when Aiden finds them. Oliver manages to get Aiden and the other wolves to back down by telling them they need to fight together and that they shouldn’t turn on their own people. Hayley then takes Oliver back to Jackson in the bayou. Oliver tries to convince Jackson to release the pack from the witch’s command, which he can do as alpha. Just then, Oliver begins coughing up blood, and Hayley realizes that the witches said he only had until midnight.


Back at his place, Marcel gives Gia some of Klaus’s blood to cure the wolf bite. Marcel tells Gia that when she left, he thought she was gone. There seems to be a mild flirtation between the two. Can they be a couple rather than Elijah and Gia? Cause I’m done with that shit



Mommy Issues Starring Klaus Mikaelson

At the Mikaelson house, Klaus tortures a witch to find out where Esther has Elijah held captive. Klaus tells Hayley they need to draw Esther out. Hayley tells Klaus she wants to help find Elijah, but Klaus tells Hayley she needs to stay safe, or Esther will kidnap Hayley to get to Klaus.


As Klaus digs up Esther’s grave, a vision of Elijah comes to Klaus. The vision tells Klaus that Esther is trying to help them, and they should listen. However, Klaus knows it’s all bullshit, and Esther appears to Klaus. She tells Klaus that she is in the process of making Elijah in to the man he was meant to be, and she intends to do the same for Klaus. Klaus insists he doesn’t need her help, and tells Esther she’s not better than Mikael: basically the worst thing he could say to her When Klaus mentions to Esther that Mikael has returned, she is shocked that Kol did not tell her. Esther promises Klaus that if Mikael comes back with the intention to harm Klaus, Esther will strike Mikael down. Klaus tells Esther he never needed help when it comes to killing parents.


In response, Esther decides to tell Klaus more about his real father. Esther says she never regretted the love she has for Klaus’s real father. After her and Mikael’s oldest daughter, Freya, died, they moved over seas and grief drove she and Mikael apart. Klaus asks why his father never claimed him, and Esther says that she forbid it because Mikael would have killed them all in his anger. When Klaus was born, it renewed Mikael’s spirits and they had more children. Esther said to protect her secret she denied Klaus his father, and now she wishes to make up for it. She will place Klaus in a new body, where he is a werewolf only, so he can have a family, peace, and happiness. Klaus is not interested and tells Esther he will keep killing every body that she jumps in to.


Klaus awakens from a spell Esther cast on him, Esther tells Klaus he is free to take Elijah home. Esther insists it will be up to Elijah to make the choice of whether or not to accept a new body.


After Ansel helps free Oliver, he comes across Klaus. It turns out Ansel is Klaus’s real father. Ansel tells Klaus he watched Klaus from the other side for years. Klaus is highly suspicious of Ansel’s intentions, thinking he must be working for Esther, but Ansel insists he knows nothing of Esther and her plans. Klaus knows that Esther will use Ansel against him, so he does the thing he knows best: pretends to not care about someone in order to protect them. This is what I love about Klaus. HE comes across as the coldest, meanest vampire that ever lived, but he actually cares so much and he’s constantly afraid of putting people’s lives at risk.


Klaus goes to the crypt to save Elijah, and Esther says Elijah won’t wake just yet, giving them another opportunity to discuss her offer. Esther tells Elijah that she pulled Ansel from the other side before it collapsed. She used the killing of Oliver to draw Ansel to the cemetery so that Klaus and Ansel would have the opportunity to meet. She thinks Klaus will want a relationship with Ansel, and thus accept her offer for a new body.  Klaus tells Esther he hates her because she came for his daughter. But Esther insists she had to. Klaus tells Esther declared war when she came after his family, and for that, he’ll make her suffer as only he can. After all, he is Esther’s son. He then picks Elijah up. Vincent/Finn shows up and Esther tells him that Klaus refused her offer. But what Esther didn’t tell Klaus is that if Hope lived, then Dalia would return and come for them all.

"Red Door" (November 3, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

So this doesn’t have anything to do with this episode, but has anyone else noticed that the vampires on “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries” are really great about registering their vehicles in the state they’re living in. I mean, I guess it’s to draw as little attention to them as possible, but it must mean that one of the first things vampires do is hit up the DMV. What a tedious thing to think about vampires doing.


This episode, on the other hand, wasn’t tedious. We get another spectacular Mikael/Klaus confrontation, and see the hidden depths of Elijah’s pains, something we’re not normally privy to. With that, let’s do this thing.


Esther and Elijah

Lenore/Esther still has Elijah chained up and is causing him to have visions of chasing Hayley down a hallway toward a red door while covered in blood.  Lenore/Esther tells Elijah she’s going to help him remember that he has destroyed the lives of the women he loves. She begins by recounting the story of Tatia, the first woman Elijah ever loved.


There’s a flashback to Tatia (the original Petrova doppelgänger) and Elijah’s love affair. It turns out, both Klaus and Elijah loved Tatia, but she chose Elijah. After Esther used Tatia’s blood to create the vampire curse. After Klaus goes on a killing spree as a werewolf, Tatia sees the murders and runs from Klaus and Elijah in fear. Elijah chases after her, and in the process Tatia falls and cuts her hand. Elijah, new to being a vampire, can’t resist and feeds off Tatia and kills her. He takes Tatia’s body backs to Esther who uses her blood to repress Klaus’s werewolf gene, and Elijah believes he compelled Tatia to forget what she saw and that Esther killed Tatia while using her blood to protect Klaus.


After this flashback, Lenore/Esther tells Elijah that he has created a room in his head that he keeps every sin behind. But she tells him it is about to overflow. She then lets him dream about Hayley saving him, in hopes of Elijah awakening and begging for a new body so that he and Hayley can have a life and children together.


Everyone Else

 At Davina’s cabin, Davina is still out cold, and Kaleb/Kol starts talking shit to Klaus. Klaus is about to go after him, but Cami tells him not to. She then steps outside, and Klaus tells Kaleb/Kol that he knows he is really Kol. The two have a word-sparing match, and Klaus yells to Cami that he’s going to kill Kaleb/Kol after all. But Cami doesn’t respond, and Klaus realizes that Mikael took her. EVERYONE FEIGN SURPRISE! You know, sometimes I wonder how Klaus has lived so long when he allows stupid shit like this to happen.


Vincent/Finn calls Kaleb/Kol to see how things are going. At first, Kaleb/Kol ignores the call, so Vincent/Finn does a spell to cause Kaleb/Kol’s nose to bleed. He doesn’t like voicemail. Vincent/Finn tells Kaleb/Kol to kill Davina’s spell or Esther will kill Davina.


Meanwhile, Mikael and Cami are walking through the woods. Mikael is looking for someone to feed on. He doesn’t want to feed off of Cami since she is his leverage. Cami tries to talk Mikael out of killing Klaus, but little does she know, that’s not going to work. He then hears music, and where there is music, there is food for Mikael. They come across a party in the bayou and Mikael is thrilled.


Elsewhere, Hayley once again thanks Marcel for his help in saving the children. She also tells Marcel that she hasn’t been able to get in touch with either Elijah or Oliver, and for some reason, she’s just now piecing together the facts that this is a bad sign. So Marcel and Hayley are off to track them down.


Klaus comes across the party that Mikael fed on. It turns out, Mikael compelled the party-goers to try and stop Klaus, but he’s Klaus so it’s only a mild bump in the road. As he’s finishing up killing everyone, Hayley calls Klaus to let him know Elijah is missing, and Klaus tells Hayley he’s got bigger concerns like Mikael with a white oak stake.


Davina and Kaleb/Kol attempt to unlink Marcela and Josh from Klaus, but Kaleb/Kol ruins the spell. Davina is also able to see that Kaleb is actually Kol and a member of the Mikaelson family. She’s furious with him, but Kol tells her he had to kill either her spell or her, and he likes her. She then tells Kol that she wants him to show her how to drain the magic of a dark object like the white oak stake to keep Mikael from being able to use it against Klaus.


Klaus arrives at the barn where Mikael brought Cami. He walks in to find that Mikael has been feeding on Cami. The two start to fight, and Cami awakens and Davina and Kol arrive. Mikael throws the dagger at Cami, and Klaus stops it. But in this moment of weakness, Mikael stabs Klaus with the white oak stake. Luckily, Davina and Kol are chanting their spell which is starting to drain the power of the white oak stake. Mikael goes to find Davina and Kol, and Cami is able to pull the white oak stake out of Klaus before it kills him. Mikael then attacks Davina biting her, and heads back fro Klaus. Luckily, Marcel and Hayley have showed up. Mikael decides to leave, telling Klaus to find him when he doesn’t need fools and children to help him.


After the confrontation with Mikael, Davina and Kol are outside talking when Marcel shows up and yells at Davina fro ringing Mikael back. He’s worried about her, and he begs her to stay at the barn until he gets back. However, Davina tells Kol she’s not afraid of Klaus and shows Kol that she has the white oak stake.


Inside the barn, Cami and Klaus are assessing each other for damage. Klaus thanks her for pulling the stake out. He also tells Cami now that Mikael hurt her so he will kill him. Klaus it’s the first time he’s seen Mikael run. Hayley tells Klaus they have another problem: the missing Elijah.

"Live and Let Die" (Aired October 27, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

So after last week’s episode, I fail to see why Esther is the big-bad for this season. I mean, I know that we’re supposed to want Elijah and Klaus to stay vampires, and trust me, I do. But as far as evil plans go, I’ve heard of worse. Also, the show is called “The Originals,” so unless the show runners plan on changing the very premise of the show, there’s not much risk in Esther’s plan actually succeeding. Also, this whole mess with Mikael is silly; he’s certainly not going to kill Klaus.


Marcel is hosting a vampire party. Josh, who appears to now be one of Marcel’s top guys, tells Marcel he’s interested in a guy he’s been talking to online. However, their conversation is interrupted when a body is thrown the window. A pack of wolves jump in and tell Marcel that the rules have changed and that the vampires now have to leave.


Cami is talking to Vincent/Finn. It turns out, she’s been seeing him as her therapist, and he’s been trying to glean information from her about Klaus and Marcel’s plans. Cami does open up to Vincent/Finn about her brief affair with Marcel, but explains that they weren’t compatible. She also mentions Klaus, saying she knows he’s a good guy underneath, but that some people don’t want to be saved. Essentially, this scene is to show that Cami has some suppressed feelings for Klaus.


Following her therapy session, Cami makes a call to Davina. It turns out, Davina is hiding out at a family cabin in the woods with Mikael. When Cami hangs up, she finds Klaus was eavesdropping on the conversation. Klaus tells Cami that Davina brought back Mikael, and Mikael is trying to kill Klaus. He then tells Cami she can either go with him to talk to Davina, or he will kill Davina.


At the mausoleum, Esther and Kol are attempting a locator spell to try and track Davina. Esther tells Kol to picture Davina in his mind. The spell fails because Davina is blocking magic. Finn enters and chastises Kol for not using his connection with Davina to find her.


Meanwhile at the cabin, Davina tells Mikael she plans to stay at the cabin until she can unlink her friends from Klaus and Elijah’s bloodline. She also tells Mikael she spelled the bracelet so it won’t come off again. Mikael tells Davina that magic will only fight half of her battle, so Davina asks Mikael to train her. Cause you know, she’s so outdoorsy. So, Mikael starts training Davina. They spar using his large stick, but because Davina doesn’t know the first thing about fighting, she hurts her ankle. Of course. That night, she calls Kaleb/Kol and tells him that she needs some supplies and agrees to text him the address of her cabin.


Following the confrontation with the werewolves, Marcel tells his vampire crew that they should leave. He tries to explain to them that there is a difference between giving up and knowing how to win. Right as Gia tells Marcel he should teach them how to win, Elijah rushes in and twists a couple vampire necks, and tells the others that the first lesson is to always be on guard.


In the cemetery, Oliver and the werewolf who told Marcel to leave, Aiden, tells Finn that Marcel received the message. Finn then brings forward a bunch of kids and tells Aiden and Oliver it is time for the blood moon. The kids are all wolves who are supposed to kill someone to activate their werewolf curse.


 On the way to Davina’s cabin, Cami and Klaus stop at a bar. Cami tells Klaus she wants to hear his side of the story, and why he wants to kill his father. So he begins to tell Cami everything, including the fact that Mikael has the white oak stake that can kill him. He tells Cami he’s got the dagger of pain that he was stabbed with last season. Cami tells Klaus he needs to figure out what he’s fighting for and not against. The two begin to dance, and Klaus spins Cami, and then he’s gone.


Back at Marcel’s place, Elijah is training Gia. It’s clear that Gia is in to Elijah. I am already over the Gia/Elijah/Hayley love triangle. Gia can go ahead a die – I am so not invested in her as a character. Elijah and Gia are fighting, and Gia pushes Elijah up against the wall, and has her hand through his chest and on his heart. Real subtle metaphor, you guys. And of course, OF COURSE, that’s when Hayley shows up with Oliver and Aiden to tell Elijah and Marcel about the Finn’s plan for the blood moon. Aiden acknowledges that they’ve previously been enemies, but now he needs the vampires help. And because it is Elijah and Marcel, they agree to help. There’s also a look exchanged between Josh and Aiden, which means Aiden was totally the dude Josh was talking to.


So, the plan is put in to action, and Marcel, Elijah, Hayley and the others are able to succeed in saving the kids from the blood moon. After the kids are saved, Josh and Aiden meet up at a bar. They’re both surprised that the other one showed up. They decide to pretend for one night they aren’t members of opposing factions. I kind of love that the Romeo & Juliet story of “The Originals” has the potential to be Aiden and Josh.


Following the kids being escorted through the city, Oliver and Elijah confront some wolves at a warehouse. The main wolf tells Elijah that the witch wants him. Elijah and Oliver try to get the wolves to back down, considering Elijah promised Hayley he would try not to kill wolves. But the wolves refuse to back down, and Elijah and Oliver kill them all. Then, Vincent/Finn shows up. Before Elijah can kill him, Esther shows up and stakes Elijah. Of course it isn’t the white oak stake, so he’s not dead, but he’s still captured. Great.


At Davina’s family cabin, Kol/Kaleb arrives with a salve to help Davina’s ankle. It’s some kind of magical ointment that relieves her pain but doesn’t heal it instantly. He tries to pry in to Davina’s life, but realizes she’s hesitant. He tells Davina that she can tell him what she needs to whenever she is ready.


Later that night, Davina is asleep at the cabin, so Kaleb/Kol begins to snoop through the cabin. He spots a room full of candles and goes to investigate. As he opens a drawer to reveal the white oak stake, Mikael grabs Kaleb/Kol. Kaleb/Kol tells Mikael that he knows the spell to release him from the control of Davina's bracelet. So Kaleb/Kol tries to sneak in to Davina’s room to remove the bracelet, but as he does she wakes up. She looks at her phone and notices several missed texts from Cami alerting her that Klaus is on his way.


Right as Klaus arrives, Davina and Kaleb/Kol are working together to make the cabin appear empty. For a second Klaus buys it, but then he finds Mikael’s sparing stick outside, and realizes what is happening. He heaves the stick through the window, which startles Davina and causes her to hit her head. Mikael tells Kaleb/Kol to release him from the bracelet’s control, and he does so.


Mikael and Klaus then have their big fight. The two tousle for a while, and Mikael is even able to get the white oak stake in a bit. But before he can fully kill Klaus (because duh), Klaus is able to dagger Mikael with the dagger of immense pain. Cami then shows up, and she makes Klaus swear he won’t kill Davina. He tells Cami he didn’t kill Mikael because of what she said to him. Instead, he just puts him in the trunk of a car, where Mikael wakes up and takes out the dagger. Cool – so all that was for NOTHING.

"Every Mother's Son" (Aired October 20, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

My nerves are beginning to become a little plucked with “The Originals,” which isn’t great since we’re only three episodes in. I am glad that Klaus and Elijah are aware that Esther is in another witch, but I’m tired of Hayley being melodramatic about her daughter. Now, granted I’m not a mother, but I mean for goodness sakes, the baby is alive and out of harm’s way. Hayley could also leave New Orleans and go take care of baby Hope (though no she couldn’t because then we wouldn’t have this weird, fucked up love triangle between Klaus, Hayley, and Elijah). Anyway, on to this week’s episode…



At dinner, Esther notices that Klaus is missing. It turns out, he’s hiding in the woods because Mikael is supposed to take Klaus hunting, but he’s afraid to go. Esther tells Klaus to listen for the starling bird’s call; whenever he hears it, she’s with him always and forever. Meanwhile, Finn overhears this conversation between Esther and Klaus.


Following this conversation, Esther makes a necklace for Klaus which she dips into some kind of potion. She tells Klaus that if he ever needs her, to clasp the necklace and she’ll be there. When he asks if Esther will give the other siblings a necklace. Ester tells Klaus that he is the most special, and she asks him to promise to always wear the necklace. Later on, at a village party, Esther notices Klaus is not wearing the necklace and yells at him. However, Finn has found the necklace and returns it to Klaus.


Many years later, Esther finds Klaus in the woods with a sword through his shoulder. Klaus explains to Esther that he and Mikael got in a fight, and Mikael cut the necklace off as a prize. When he did so, Klaus struck Mikael. Mikael then stabbed Klaus with the sword.


Present Day

The episode begins with Esther mixing a bunch of potions and what not. She then sends the food over to Mikaelson Mansion, along with an invite, telling Elijah and Klaus she will be joining them for dinner that evening. Hayley welcomes the invitation, as she blames Esther for baby Hope having been taken away. However, Klaus is more cautious as he knows his mother’s dinner parties tend to lead to her attempts to murder her children.


Oliver is drinking at Rousseau’s when Vincent/Finn shows up. Vincent/Finn offers Oliver a moonlight ring, telling Oliver that he must help Cassie/Esther in order to earn the ring. When Oliver asks what happens if he refuse to help, Vincent/Finn does a little magical hand motion that causes Oliver a lot of pain. These witches aren’t effing around.


Meanwhile, Klaus begins making preparations for the dinner from hell. He tells Hayley that originally, there were 7 children. It turns out, one son, Henrik, was killed by the werewolf pack Klaus’s father belonged to. After Henrik was killed, Esther turned her children in to immortals so she wouldn’t lose them. However, this triggered a series of events that led to the revelation that the leader of the pack was Klaus’s real father, and then Mikael killed him. Esther then turned her hatred toward everyone. Hayley tells Klaus she understands Esther’s pain in losing a child (except not really cause Hayley’s kid is still alive, but whatever.)


Elijah and the newly turned vampire Gia are off to find a witch named Lenore who may be able to help Elijah and Klaus. When they arrive at her store, Lenore can immediately tell Elijah is an original, and tells him to go away. However, Elijah promises to help remove the obstacles that are preventing her from running her business, and Lenore agrees to help. She tells Elijah that in order to help track Esther’s movements, she needs an object that Esther has cast on, as well as a snake. Elijah tells Gia to get the snake by compelling someone, but he doesn’t instruct her how to do so. After Elijah and Gia leave, Vincent/Finn arrives and takes Lenore hostage.


At the mausoleum, Cassie/Esther instructs Vincent/Finn to have Oliver torture Lenore in order to figure out Elijah and Klaus’s plans. Vincent/Finn flips over an hourglass, and tells Oliver to have the plans figured out before time runs out.


Klaus retrieves the bird necklace Esther made him many years ago from Marcel. Apparently, he asked Marcel to hold on to it for safekeeping. Back at Chez Mikaelson, Hayley informs Klaus and Elijah that Cassie/Esther as Lenore hostage. However, Hayley plans on going over there to save Lenore to help her cast the spell. When Elijah goes to object, Hayley tells Elijah he can’t ignore her for days, then express concern.


It turns out, Gia was successful in retrieving the snake, but only because she stole it. She tells Marcel she is frustrated that Elijah won’t teach her. However, Marcel assures her that Elijah can’t help but fix what is broken, and he will eventually warm up to the idea of guiding Gia.


That evening, Elijah and Klaus are in fancy suits (even fancier than usual for Elijah). As Klaus is discussing how he will tear Esther to pieces, Vincent/Finn shows up. When Elijah expresses confusion as to his identity, Klaus tells Elijah that they are talking to their brother. He also tells his brothers that they are celebrating his return to life after spending 900 years daggered. He also tells Elijah and Klaus that Kol is also back in human form, and that Esther appreciates Finn and Kol. However, Elijah objects to Finn, telling Finn that Finn has always hated their existence as supernatural beings. As Elijah and Finn are about to go at it, Esther appears.  


Klaus begins to question Esther, asking her what she wants. Esther tells Klaus and Elijah that everything she has done, she has done to protect her children. When Esther asks Klaus to remember the day he fought with Mikael, Klaus realizes that the bird necklace wasn’t created to protect him, but rather to weaken him. Esther was afraid of Klaus triggering his werewolf curse, so she suppressed his strength. Klaus is furious, telling Esther that the reason Mikael hated Klaus was because of the weakness that the necklace created. As Klaus is yelling at Cassie/Esther, Cassie’s body goes limp, and it is apparent that Esther has jumped to a different body.



Meanwhile, Hayley is at the mausoleum, to save Lenore. Hayley tells Oliver that he should tell Vincent/Finn and Cassie/Esther that Leonore’s people jumped him, so as not to blow Oliver’s cover. As they are talking, Lenore realizes that Hayley is the werewolf mother of Klaus’s baby. After Hayley rescues her, they are back in Lenore’s shop where she is able to conduct the spell. She tells Hayley that next time Esther jumps to a new body, there will be a distinct mark on the new body’s hand. Hayley also asks why Esther is acting the way that she is, and Lenore tells Hayley that Esther is acting out of pure love for her children. As they are talking, Lenore is overtaken, and Hayley notices the mark on her hand. Esther now inhabits Lenore’s body.


Lenore/Esther allows Hayley to call Klaus and Elijah to let them know Esther is now in Lenore’s body. As soon as she tells them, Lenore/Esther uses magic to end the phone call. She then tells Hayley that she is happy to meet her, and offers her the freedom of a new body and not being a hybrid. This means she can have more children and a family of her own. Right then, Elijah and Klaus show up, and Klaus tells Hayley to leave. Lenore/Esther then offers the same deal to Elijah and Klaus: new bodies and a chance to live without the vampire curse. Klaus tells Esther she is a fool if she thinks he and Elijah will accept a deal from her. In response, Lenore/Ester summons her birds which take her away.


After the confrontation with Esther, Hayley tells Klaus and Elijah the deal Esther offered her. When Klaus asks if Hayley is actually thinking about it, Hayley confesses that the offer is tempting, though she doesn’t say if she will take it or not. Hayley then tanks Elijah for saving her, though she’s sorry it takes her being in danger for Elijah to speak to her.


There’s then a nice moment between Klaus and Elijah, and it’s one that shows how much Klaus has changed since his first arrival on “The Vampire Diaries.” Klaus is still furious with the fact that Esther made him weak for so long. Elijah assures Klaus that he is not weak. He reminds Klaus that no one has ever succeeded in defeating him, and that Klaus will protect his family as he has always done.


Later that evening, Gia is sitting at a bar when Elijah arrives. The two then have a conversation about how being a vampire changes things and abilities. Basically, the scene is meant to show that Elijah is agreeing to teach Gia how to be a vampire and to set up an Elijah/Hayley/Gia love triangle. Dislike.


Following the dinner with Klaus and Elijah, Lenore/Esther tells Vincent/Finn that the dinner was an invitation and not a proclamation of war. She tells Vincent/Finn that she will destroy everything that Klaus and Elijah hold dear until they give in and agree to have Esther release them from their vampire curse. Seems healthy.

"Alive and Kicking" (Aired October 13, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Cadiz, Spain 1702

The episode opens with a flashback to Cadiz, Spain in 1702. Klaus and Elijah arrive to try and retrieve Kol in order to leave the city. Mikael is about to find them, but Kol seems unconcerned. Kol tells Klaus that Mikael really only wants him dead, so he wants Klaus to leave so that he’ll be safe from Mikael. When Kol refuses to leave, Klaus daggers him.


 New Orleans, 1821

There’s a flashback to New Orleans in 1821. A young Marcel practices the piano with encouragement from Elijah. Klaus walks in to see them bonding. He’s jealous and mad that Elijah is monopolizing Marcel with school. Klaus wants someone to share his “roguery” with, so he has removed the dagger from Kol, much to Elijah’s disdain


After removing the dagger from Kol, Klaus and Kol engage in a mass murder of 60 people. Elijah is concerned such acts will draw attention to the family, and threatens to leave New Orleans with Marcel. Klaus says that he’ll dagger Kol again before he lets Marcel leave the house.


Later, Marcel and Kol are watching a production of Shakespeare. Kol becomes bored, and starts killing the cast in front of Marcel. Elijah runs in and stops Kol. Kol tells Elijah that Marcel has to learn somehow to become a vampire. Kol tells Elijah he’s already fed Marcel his blood, all he has to do is kill him to turn him. Elijah is pissed, but Klaus stops Elijah from killing Kol, but then Klaus daggers Kol.


After this, Elijah realizes that Marcel may be Klaus’s only shot at redemption. To restore the relationship between Marcel and Klaus, Elijah begins acting cold toward Marcel. It was the only way to save Klaus. Later, this pattern is repeated, but with Hayley subbing in for Marcel.



Present Day

At Chez Mikaelson, Elijah spots some bloody paw prints and follows them to see some dead bodies. It turns out Hayley and Klaus went hunting for some witches. Hayley feels Elijah is judging her ne found murderous streak. Elijah tells tells her that she should be better than Klaus, but she’s still pissed about the baby.


Elijah tries to express his concern to Klaus about Hayley’s new savagery.  Klaus reminds him Elijah that being a vampire only accentuates what was already there before, and wolves are already savage. Klaus tells Elijah that his judgment only hurts her more.


Marcel tells Elijah that the moonlight bracelets and the abundance of werewolves destroyed the amount of vampires to help him stock his army. Marcel tries to play on Elijah’s ego, telling him he is the last true (read Original) vampire left, and that he should join forces with Marcel. Elijah says he only wants the white oak stake, and if Marcel helps him find it, he’ll allow Marcel to keep converting new vampires.  He tells Marcel to ask Davina to help find it, or he’ll ask her himself.


Davina is in the attic with Mikael, still trying to eliminate the sire link between Klaus and Josh. She’s using Esther’s grimoire for assistance. Mikael offers to help, but Davina doesn’t trust him not to set himself free. She gets a text from Kaleb asking her to meet him. As she’s walking out, we see Kaleb in the church.


Kaleb then meets up with Cassie/Esther and Vincent/Finn. Kaleb tells them Davina is locking the attic door with a powerful spell. Cassie tells Kaleb to take her on a date. Just then, a group of werewolves arrive for their moonlight rings. Cassie/Esther’s coven has been hard at working making them new rings. Cassie says soon there will be enough for an army, and when there are, she plans to take out Elijah and Klaus.  


Klaus and Hayley visit the bayou to see if any of Hayley’s family is still around. He hopes to use Hayley’s status to convince them to join his side in the continued battle for New Orleans. Klaus believes Hayley needs to lead her people, that she is their queen. Hayley says she’s a mess, and that she misses her daughter. Klaus tells Hayley he misses her everyday, and to comfort himself, he imagines what he’ll do to those that harmed her. This is enough encouragement for Hayley, and she’s off to find her people.


Once Hayley finds her family, she and Klaus discover that Oliver is serving as the Alpha of the pack. Hayley doesn’t think her people will listen to her, but Klaus encourages her to go talk to them anyway. Hayley tells her pack that they need to be united and they need a leader that will fight for their pack. When Oliver challenges her status as a member of the pack, Klaus threatens to kill Oliver.  However, Hayley steps in, telling Klaus release Oliver. Klaus’s move allowed Hayley to demonstrate she is the leader that her pack needs.


At a meeting with Davina, Marcel asks for her help to locate the white oak stake. When Davina asks if Klaus or Elijah put Marcel up to asking her, Elijah appears. Elijah tells Davina that he wants to work with her, but Davina refuses. She tells Elijah that his family’s time for power is over, and it’s his turn to be afraid. When Marcel asks why Elijah showed up to the meeting, Elijah explains he wanted to see Davina’s face. Her lack of concern for Marcel proved to Elijah that she has the white oak stake.


Klaus pays a visit to Cassie in the cemetery. He confronts the pack of wolves present, but he does not feel threatened by them. When Cassie arrives, she refers to Klaus as “Niklaus” and says she’s sorry to learn of his daughter’s death. She makes him some tea and tells him that an alliance between the wolves and the witches will restore balance. She tells him the vampires ruined everything, and expresses her interest in destroying them. Klaus notices the kind of tea Cassie is serving him is the kind his mother liked. Klaus asks if Esther speaks to Cassie. He’s on to her. He looks in Cassie’s eyes and the pack walks in. He threatens to kill them all, but Cassie says then he’ll have killed the pack he promises to save. She tells him they’ll talk again soon.



Kaleb takes Davina on the dinner date, as instructed by Cassie/Esther. He tells Davina he is also a witch. During the date, she gets a call from Marcel telling her she’s in danger as long as she has the stake. Davina refuses to listen, and when she returns to her table, she finds the restaurant being taken over by wolves that start to attack. She uses her bracelet connection with Mikael to summon him to the bar. Because he’s under her command, he kills the wolves. Kaleb, who had been thrown over the bar during the fight, spots Mikael. During the fight, Davina’s bracelet falls off. Mikael then goes to kill Davina, but Elijah arrives in time to see Davina. Mikael has the white oak stake, and is about to use it on Davina, but she’s able to get the bracelet back and regain control of Mikael before he can kill Elijah.



Hayley returns to the Mikaelson house with a few werewolves in tow. She was able to convince Oliver to feign loyalty to Cassie, and report his findings back to her. Elijah, realizing that he needs to step out of the way, tells Hayley he is going to leave the house.


After the incident with Mikael, Kaleb/Kol is furious with Vincent/Finn for sicking the werewolves on him and Davina. Cassie/Esther tells Kaleb/Kol she ordered the attack so it would look real. Vincent/Finn tells Cassie/Esther that he checked Davina’s attic during the fight, and it was empty. Cassie/Esther assumes Davina had the weapon with her during the attack. When she asks what it was, Kaleb/Kol says that he was knocked out during the attack and didn’t see anything.


Elijah and Marcel once again meet up, with Marcel encouraging Elijah to join him. Elijah refuses to pick sides at first, but Marcel forces his hand by killing Gia, the vampire prospect, and designating Elijah as her mentor.

"Rebirth" (Aired October 6, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

I really, really love “The Originals.” People who hate on the “The Originals” or “The Vampire Diaries” haven’t seen it. Granted, it’s not “Breaking Bad” material, but it explores family dynamics, concepts of good and evil, and other themes in a way that is interesting and fun. Plus the man candy is super fun to look at. So I was super excited when “The Originals” got picked up for a second season.


Season 1 ended with the vampires, werewolves, and witches all battling one another for control of New Orleans. The werewolves, headed by Francesca Guerrera had won the war, at least for the time being. Hayley gave birth to her and Klaus’s daughter. In order to protect her, Klaus sent her off with Rebekah. Hayley died during the childbirth and was saved by Klaus’s vampire blood, thus turning her into a hybrid. And Klaus and Elijah’s mother inhabited the body of a sixteen-year-old witch. Phew. I think that pretty much sums it up. Ok, here we go into Season 2….


The episode opens with Rebekah telling Baby Mikaelson that her dad is working to restore his rule in New Orleans in order to bring her back safely. It serves as a nice way to recap season 1, while letting the viewer know where everyone stands.


Elijah is off to meet with some New Orleans officials on an abandoned property. Elijah tells the officials that despite the Guerrera’s family wishes, the property should not be destroyed, but rather, made a protected landmark. Seems like an odd place to begin, but it can’t be for nothing.


Meanwhile, Klaus is frustrated that nothing is happening. He’s been waiting to fight back, but has had to wait for the appropriate time to make his move. The Guerra’s hold the power over the rings that render him defenseless during a full moon. Elijah tells him he has been able to track down the rings, and so they begin building a plan to destroy them. Elijah also expresses concern for Hayley, telling Klaus that it is time he and Hayley talk.


Checking in with Marcel, we see that he and Camille have had a bit of a fling. Marcel and Camille are banging. She’s serving as the spy in the French Quarter since vampires aren’t allowed to go there anymore. When Marcel asks about Klaus, Camille says she doesn’t know how he is doing. Marcel is confused: the wolves attacked, killed Klaus’s baby, and Klaus hasn’t struck back. Camille says Klaus is in mourning, but Marcel knows Klaus can mourn and murder at the same time.


In the French Quarter, Davina is at a record store purchasing some ancient Icelandic folk music. You know – what all the kids are listening to. There’s a cute boy in the store who attracts Davina’s attention, but he leaves right as Oliver, one of Hayley’s werewolf pack, walks in. Oliver tells Davina that Cassie, the witch inhabited by Klaus and Elijah’s mother Esther, has been helpful making moonlight rings for the wolves. Oliver then tells Davina that things are about to get ugly in the record store. It turns out the owner, Joe Dalton, is a vampire who shouldn’t be in the quarter. As Oliver and some other wolves go to attack him, Davina casts a spell paralyzing the wolves and allowing Joe to escape.


After the failure to catch Joe, Oliver reports back to Francesca. Francesca is pissed that Davina attacked one of her wolves considering that the witches are supposed to protect the wolves and harm vampires in the Quarter. Cassie tells Francesca that Davina isn’t in her coven anymore.


When Cassie/Esther leaves the house she meet up with Vincent, who is inhabited by her son Finn. Cassie/Ester tells Vincent/Finn that Francesca is getting nervous about Klaus’s failure to retaliate. She knows this was probably Elijah and Klaus’s plan all along, but she’s got a plan for her sons.


Camille pays a visit to the Mikaelson house. She feels Klaus behind, but when she turns, he’s gone. Elijah appears, telling Camille that Klaus does not want to see her. She’s there to remind Klaus and Elijah that Marcel took out the Guerrera’s 100 years ago with no help, and that he’d be willing to help them out again.


Josh, one of Marcel’s vampire lackeys, has gathered a bunch of prospective vampire converts for Marcel. Marcel starts compelling them, offering to turn them into vampires. He’s trying to build a vampire army to help fight the werewolves and other dangers.  When they leave, they’ll forget the meeting, but they’ll have something in them telling them the offer exists. After the meeting, Josh thinks one girl will come back, but Marcel thinks that the group Josh brought him is weak.


Klaus then arrives as a way of reaching out to Marcel for them to join forces. Klaus tells Marcel that the white oak stake, the one thing that can kill an original vampire, is missing. When Klaus asks if Marcel has the stake, he doesn’t. Even if he did, he wouldn’t use it on Klaus since killing Klaus means Marcel would die. Then Joe, the vampire that owned the record store in the Quarter shows up. Joe offers to help Marcel and Klaus take down the Guerrera’s. Marcel then ponders why the Guerreras haven’t yet attacked Klaus, but then realizes that the Guerreras don’t have the white oak stake either.



Later that night at the Mikaelson house, Elijah is going about cleaning up Hayley’s room. When she gets back, she’s pissed to see Elijah messing with her things. Hayley tells Elijah knowing Francesca is alive is difficult for her. Elijah promises her she’ll have vengeance, but Hayley says until then it is her room, and she’ll let him know when to clean it out.


In the attic of the church, where she was kept most of Season 1, Davina now holds Mikael Mikaelson under a spell. Back As long as she’s wearing a particular bracelet, she controls Mikael’s moves. She tells him that once she figures out how to release her friend Josh from Klaus’s sire bond, she will release Mikael to kill Elijah and Klaus.


Cassie/Esther performs a locator spell for Francesca, trying to find the white oak stake, but she’s unable to do so. She tells Francesca it must be cloaked. Francesca tells Joe, who has begun Klaus and Marcel’s plan of attack, she needs to know more or she will kill him. Joe tells Francesca that the priest ended up with the stake. Francesca’s men destroy Camille’s apartment, and she gives them an address and her uncle’s key. She leads them to believe it’s the address of the stake.


Francesca rallies her wolves, telling them Klaus will be weak that night, making it an opportune time to attack. She orders them to weaken Elijah and kill Hayley as well. Her wolves are off to the warehouse from the first scene, but Marcel is already there. He sets off the sprinklers, which apparently have vervaine in them, and starts to chop off the hands with rings, giving Klaus more power.


The battle begins in earnest, with wolves attacking the Mikaleson mansion, and Hayley taking them out one-by-one. Elijah is also fighting wolves, and as the wolves with the moonlight rings are found, the ring-wearers are killed, helping to restore Klaus’s strength.


Elijah arrives at Francesca’s house, prepared to fight. Francesca, knowing Elijah cannot enter unless invited in, remains unafraid. However, in his efforts to landmark locations throughout New Orleans, Elijah had Francesca’s home made a landmark meaning the property is now public, and he can enter without an invitation. (I’ll try to ignore the fact hat Francesca probably would have received notice of this, and been asked her opinion on the landmarking of her house, but ok). Elijah then takes Francesca, and as promised, lets Hayley kill her as vengeance for Hayley having to be separated from her daughter.


Following the victory over the Guerrera family, Hayley is upset. She thinks she’s turned into a monster, and that no amount of vengeance will bring her daughter back. She used to just be a werewolf, but now she’s a vampire, which she finds repulsive.


After some encouragement from Elijah, Klaus finally reaches out to Hayley. He tries to tell her that her pain will fade over time, but she insists she won’t feel better until she’s able to have her baby back. Klaus promises this will happen, but first they need to gain back control of the city. Hayley must do her part and step in to her role as the leader of the wolves. He believes that if they work together, as a family, they’ll be able to defeat their enemies.