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The Flash

"Flash vs. Arrow" (Aired December 2, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

This episode reinforced has now made it my goal to watch “Arrow” during the winter hiatus. Look, I get that the CW is looking to make their crossover audience happy, BUT “The Flash” is a new show, and if you’re going to have Oliver Queen and Arrow character development, keep it out of “The Flash,” and save it for “Arrow” cause it leaves those of us who don’t watch “Arrow” feeling lost and frustrated. That being said, I will totally watch “Arrow.” Ok, now on to it.


Barry begins the episode by explaining that there are chemical explanations for the emotions everyone feels. He then gets a call from Cisco alerting him to a bank robbery. Before he gets to the robbery, the robber flashes his eyes red, causing the hostages to get mad at one another. This allows everyone to be distracted while the robber steals half a million dollars. Barry arrives to find one of the hostages about to shoot another, but he’s of course able to deflect the bullet in time.


At the crime scene, in forensic scientist mode, Barry tells Joe how the hostages were mad at one another. He thinks that the hostages were “whammied.” They overhear one of the hostages telling Eddie she got really angry, which she never does. At the police station, Eddie attempts to convince Captain Singh to form a task force to investigate The Flash. Eddie knows The Flash was seen at the robbery, and is suspicious as to the Flash’s intentions and motivations. Iris arrives to see Eddie talking to the Captain, and Barry tells Iris what Eddie is trying to do. Singh denies the task force, and Iris is pissed at Eddie. She tells Barry that Eddie is jealous of the Flash, much to Barry’s delight.


At Star Labs, Barry fills the gang in on everyone’s anger. Caitlin looks at the cat scans of the hostages and notices the emotional parts of their brains are still messed up. She also warns Barry not to be the cause of Iris and Eddie’s relationship problems. Barry pays another visit to Iris as the Flash and tries to sow a few more seeds of discontent between Iris and Eddie. But Caitlin comes on the comm to let him know he needs to go to the storage unit where the robber was spotted.


Joe and Eddie are at the storage unit site. The robber flashes his eyes at one of the SWAT Team members who then turns his gun on his fellow officers. Barry arrives, saving the officers. Before the affected officer can get back up, he’s pinned down by two arrows. Barry turns around to see Arrow, AKA Oliver Queen. Barry is absolutely delighted.


Barry goes to meet Oliver, Felicity, and Digg. Digg cannot get over Barry’s speed. Barry thanks Oliver for showing up, but assures Oliver he didn’t need his help. Felicity shows Barry a boomerang with high iron oxide on it. This is why they came to Central City. Barry suggests he and Oliver team up to handle their mutual issues, but Oliver declines. Felicity still wants to go to Star Labs, so Barry runs her into Star Labs causing her shirt to catch on fire. That’s a neat trick to get the ladies to take of their shirts I suppose.


At Star Labs, Caitlin and Felicity hypothesize what caused the hostages to get upset. Caitlin believes that the red that the robber flashed caused feelings of rage through the ocular nerve. Yikes. Meanwhile, Joe and Wells tell Barry they are concerned about the Arrow’s presence in Central City. They think that his methods are a little too vigilante for their city, and tell Barry to ask the Arrow to leave.

Elsewhere, Oliver, despite telling Barry he didn’t want to help him, pays a visit to the storage location to find out the name of the robber. He’s successful, and the next day at the coffee shop, tells Barry the man he is looking for is Roy G. Bivolo. While Iris gushes to Barry about Oliver, Felicity convinces Oliver that he should work with Barry to catch Bivolo. Oliver consents and tells Barry to meet him for training. During this training, Oliver tells Barry that he needs to spend time investigating his environments, rather than rushing in and out. Oliver tells Barry there’s a difference between having powers and precision, and that Barry needs discipline. He then shoots Barry with two arrows in the back to prove his point that Barry is unfamiliar with his surroundings. I enjoy this Oliver. Keeping Barry on his toes.


At Star Labs, Caitlin tells Felicity she things to reverse the psychosis caused by Bivolo, they need to use the right combination of light and color. Wells then shows up to ask Felicity for the Arrow’s true identity, claiming he can’t trust a man he doesn’t know. Felicity refuses to convey this information, explaining it isn’t her secret to tell. Wells resolves to find out the true identity, and then Barry shows up. Cisco tells Barry they were able to use facial recognition software to detect Bivolo, so Barry goes to confront him. When he does so, Bivolo flashes his eyes red at Barry and tells him to have some real anger.


Though it initially seems Bivolo’s eyes of fury had no impact on Barry, it quickly becomes apparent it did. Caitlin determines because Barry’s cells tried to fight it, the feelings just became further repressed and will result in a bigger explosion. Barry pays another visit to Oliver, accusing Oliver of jealousy. (Umm…yeah right. I don’t watch “Arrow” and I KNOW that would never be the case.) He then rips Eddie out of a moving car (one that Iris is driving) and starts fighting Eddie in the middle of the street. Arrow arrives and the two begin fighting in the middle of the street. Though Barry isn’t himself, this rage is clearly coming from somewhere. After taking a bit of a beating, Oliver is able to get a hold of Barry, and Joe and Wells arrive with the van-o-light, and shine it in Barry’s eyes. This reverses the impact of Bivolo’s rage eyes, and resets Barry. Together, Barry and Oliver catch Bivolo and lock him in the Star Labs Cells of Shame.


Oliver asks the Star Labs team not to reveal his identity to anyone, and Felicity asks for Caitlin’s help to determine the DNA from Canary’s murder. Wells also tells Oliver that Oliver’s father would be proud of the man he’s become. Before Oliver and Felicity leave town, they go by the coffee shop one last time. There, Oliver tells Barry to let Iris go for both of their sakes, since guys like them don’t get the girl. Before he leaves, Oliver bumps into a woman he recognizes (was she one of the bank hostages?). It looks like they may have dated, but again, I don’t watch “Arrow,” so I don’t know. The woman tells Oliver she’s sorry to hear about his mother (is his mother Canary?) The woman then calls her kid, and by the look on her face, it may be Oliver’s kid too.


At the coffee shop, Eddie shows up to tell Iris that Captain Singh approved the task force for the Flash. Now she’s ok with it because the Flash attacked Eddie. When the Flash visits her the night, she tells him to stay away from her, even when he tries to explain he wasn’t himself.


Epilogue: Caitlin is at the office and we see a picture of her and Ronnie. Under a bridge, we see an apparent homeless person shaking when two guys approach him. As the guys approach the shaking guy, he stands up and fire comes out of his hands and face. Though we can’t entirely make out his face, we are definitely led to believe that this is Ronnie. Oh shit! What’s Caitlin going to do when she finds out her beloved Ronnie is a maybe not so good meta-human?