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The Flash

"The Flash is Born" (Aired November 18, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

You know what’s starting to drive me a little bonkers about “The Flash?” The fact that Joe and Barry are keeping The Flash’s real identity a secret from Iris. First off, they’re treating her like she’s not smart enough to figure it out. Second, they’re doing it to “protect” her when she’s proven that she can protect herself. Third, I know it’s a tried and true element of comics to have secret identities and what not, but sometimes it just gets plain annoying. Ok, ok, I’ll get off my high horse…. for now….


Iris is hard at work on her blog about “The Streak” when he shows up and takes her to the rooftop of the coffee shop. (Be creepier about it Barry!) He asks her to stop writing her blog, but instead of answering, Iris begins asking questions. She insists that the fact that The Streak is out there gives hope to the people of Central City and she’s not going to stop writing about him. There are sirens going, so he takes Iris back to the coffee shop and is off to help with whatever is happening.


Joe and Eddie are on the scene of a car chase. A kid walks right in the middle of the road that the car is barreling down (cause the kid was never taught to look both ways). Barry arrives in time to save the kid. However, the car keeps speeding right toward Eddie and Joe. Eddie takes a shot at the perp, but the perp turns himself to metal and deflects the bullets. The perp stops the car and removes the door and tries to throw it, but Barry stops it. Barry goes to hit the guy, but the perp grabs Barry’s wrist and breaks it.


At Star Labs, Caitlin tells Barry he’s got 13 fractures in his hand, as well as a concussion, 3 cracked ribs, and a bruised spleen. Barry tells them that the guy he fought turned into metal. Barry tells the team he feels like he knew him because the guy told him that he was born to have his ass kicked.


When Barry arrives at the police station, Joe tells Barry to talk to Eddie about the man of steel. Eddie saw the guy turn and has a lot of questions, and Joe wants Barry to come up with some scientific mumbo-jumbo to throw Eddie of the scent. They also find out the perp’s name is Tony Woodward, a former classmate and bully of Barry’s. When Eddie tries to talk to Barry about what he saw, Barry suggests some kind of body armor.


Meanwhile, Joe seeks out Wells ‘s assistance to help find who killed Barry’s mother. He tells Wells what Barry saw that night, and that Nora dies from a single stab wound to the heart. Joe says the night of the car chase, he saw Barry create a similar kind of lightening that Barry described seeing the night his mom was killed. Joe wants to know if it’s possible that someone with Barry’s abilities could have existed before the superstorm, but Wells tells him no.


After some training at Star Labs, Barry goes to meet Eddie at the location of the car from the night before. As Barry tries to investigate the car, Eddie asks Barry what is going on with him and Iris, as he knows they’re not speaking. Eddie tells Barry he wants Iris to be happy and that good friends are hard to find. Inside the car, they find some empty bottles of beer as well as some gravel which Barry bags to take back to Star Labs for further investigation.


Barry and Eddie pay a visit to the brewery where the beer was stolen from. As they’re asking about Tony, one of the guys takes off running with Eddie in pursuit. Barry uses his Flash speed to catch up to the guy, and as he takes a swing at Barry, Eddie is able to tackle the guy. Apparently, all that running was for show because the guy almost immediately starts talking, saying about 10 months ago Tony got his pink slip and he started beating up the guy who gave it to him. Then the storm happened and Tony went over the edge to a vat of molten scrap.


At the coffee shop, Tony drops in to pay a little visit to Iris. He remembers her from their school days. He also knows about the blog she writes, and he tells Iris that the Streak took a beating the night before and took off. When Tony asks her on a date, Iris realizes that he is wanted by the police, but before she can call Tony takes her phone and crushes it. But hey, at least he left her some money to buy a new one. Really nice guy.


Cisco tells Barry that he analyzes the gravel and that it is from an old quarry where Tony must be hanging out. Just then, Caitlin shows Barry a new post from Iris saying she has information for The Streak. So Barry goes to see Irish as The Streak. Iris tells him that Toney came to see her and she tells him that she saw his fist turn to metal. The Streak tells Iris that her writing about him caused him to visit, and she still refuses to give up.


Barry, furious that Tony went to see Iris, is off to pay him a visit. However, Tony is able to kick Barry’s ass and knocks some shelves on to him. Cisco and Caitlin show up to get him out from the shelves and take him back to Star Labs. Wells tells Barry that any material, if struck at a high enough velocity, can be damaged. Barry would have to run at Tony from 5.3 miles away and hit him perfectly. A mistake could cause him to shatter every bone in his body.


At the police station, Barry fills Joe in on Tony’s visit to Iris. Eddie then invites Barry to box up in Barry’s office. Eddie is able to teach Barry how to through a good punch. Though Barry isn’t great at first Eddie keeps encouraging him to hit harder. Finally Barry lands a good hit, causing the bag to split and foreshadowing his defeat over Tony.


Wells and Joe meet for a drink and Joe asks Wells if there was another particle accelerator 14 years ago. Wells tells Joe it is unlikely and there were dark matter storms before Wells moved to town. Joe then asks Wells when he moved to town, and Wells realizes Joe didn’t need his help, but wanted to question him. Wells tells Joe he moved to Central City to start over, and he should talk to Tess Morgan if he wants more answers.


While Iris is at home working on her blog, Tony shows up, attacking her police detail and kidnapping her. He takes her back to their elementary school and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t write about him. Iris, proving she’s smarter than anyone gives her credit for, pulls the fire alarm to trigger a signal she knows will be sent to the police.


Barry and Eddie are still boxing when an officer comes in to tell them Iris is missing. Barry goes to tell Joe that Iris has been taken, then suits up to head to the school. He tells Tony to let Iris go.

Tony takes a swing at Barry, but he dives between his legs and moves Iris out of the way. Barry tries to get in Tony’s head by telling him he peaked in high school. This only serves to upset Tony more, who takes a flagpole and hits Barry with it. Barry, knowing he can’t win, and remembering Joe told him when he was a kid that it’s ok to leave a fight you can’t win, runs out. Tony thinks this means he gave up, but it turns out he ran 5.3 miles away. He gathers up his speed and runs back into the school, punching Tony in the face even though he’s in full Blue Steel mode. Tony stands up, but he’s weak and Iris is able to knock him out with one final punch.


Tony awakens to find himself in a cell in Star Labs. Barry shows his face to Tony, and tells him they were both affected by the storm. It made them more of who they already were: Tony got strong and Barry got fast enough to beat Tony.  And then Barry get’s every nerd’s revenge fantasy: to walk away from the bully and he’s locked up forever.


Joe goes back to Star Labs to apologize to Wells. He looked in to Tess Morgan and it turns out she was Well’s research partner and wife. She was killed in a car accident. Wells, devastated, couldn’t go back to work, so he moved to Central City where no one knew him. Wells tells Joe that when Nora Allen was killed, the particle accelerator was a figment of Wells imagination. Joe apologizes for doubting him, but hopes Wells will still help him find Nora’s real killer.


Barry shows up, as himself, to the coffee shop to check on Iris. They apologize to one another and say they’ve missed one another. Barry tells Iris he doesn’t know what he would do if anything happened to her, but she tells him that her guardian angel is looking out for her. Iris tells Barry she’s hearing about other meta-humans. She’s so fascinated by The Streak, that he comes and goes in the blink of an eye, and Barry says “Flash.” Iris likes this and decides to name him The Flash.


Epilogue: Joe is scouring through the evidence of Nora Allen’s murder. The lights are suddenly turned off, and there’s some streaking through the room. Joe is able to make out a man in the middle of the streaking, and when the lights come back on, all of the evidence is gone. There’s a picture of Iris on the wall with a knife through it and a carving on the wall that says “Stop or Else.”