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The Flash

"Power Outage" (Aired November 25, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

I was hoping that this episode was going to get more in to the inevitable distrust that will grow between Barry and Wells. However, I think the seed was planted and it will only continue to develop from here. I was left wondering though, is Wells evil? We’ve been lead to believe that his plan for Barry, whatever it is, is not good. But maybe, just maybe, the long-term plan isn’t that malicious. Maybe he’s really acting in the best interest of Barry and the world at large and maybe he sees the killing of Barry’s mother as part of what it will take Barry to become the hero.


Wells in his secret hidey-room, asks his version of Siri, who he calls Gideon to start a new log about Barry. Wells is concerned that Barry’s attachment to people is holding him back, and that using his powers for heroic task is keeping Barry from using the full scope of his abilities, but Wells says there’s still time.


Back in the main lab, Barry shows up late. (This silly joke about the fastest man alive running late is getting silly, but it still makes me giggle.) Speaking to Barry alone, Wells tells Barry they made a deal: the Star Labs team would help Barry take on other meta-humans if Barry helped them with their research. Wells tells Barry that he needs more speed from him. Just then, Barry gets a message that there was a homicide and he has to go. Before he leaves, Wells reminds Barry it’s not just about him.


At the crime scene, Barry tells Joe and Eddie that the body has been electrocuted though it’s not clear by what since there are no surrounding towers or wires. Barry takes a picture of the victims face to take it back to Star Labs to recreate what the victim may have looked like. Barry notices that Joe doesn’t seem like himself, but Joe insists he’s alright, though he’s clearly still very shaken by the threat to Iris.


At Star Labs Cisco runs some software to reconstruct the face of the victim and runs it against the DMV records. They’re victim, Casey Donahue, worked at the Petersburg Substation. Just then, Caitlin notices that the Petersburg Substation is experiencing an electrical drain. Before Wells can tell Barry to be careful, Barry is off. Barry gets to the substation to find Faroq draining the substation. Faroq turns to Barry and tells Barry he has to feed. He hits Barry with his electricity and drains Barry of his powers. Faroq stops because it was too much. When Barry tries to run away, he isn’t able to.


Back at Star Labs, Barry asks if he’ll be able to get his powers back, but Wells says they’ll have to run tests before promising they’ll get his speed back. Wells then goes to his secret room to ask Gideon to search the future, but there’s no reference to Barry or the Flash.


Barry goes to visit Joe to let him know what happened, and Joe tells Barry he has to get his powers back. Barry warns Joe that Faroq is extremely dangerous and to tell the other cops not to go near him. As Barry leaves, he has an encounter with a criminal being arrested by two officers. The criminal compliments Barry’s watch and says that the cops took his.


Back at Star Labs, Cisco identifies the guy the stole Barry’s abilities as Faroq. He was electrocuted the night of the storm (which we saw at the beginning of the episode) and his two friends were killed. As they’re talking, Faroq shows up outside Star Labs, demanding to speak to Wells. When no one answers, Faroq grabs the power lines and causes a citywide blackout. He then uses that energy to blast through the walls.


At the police station, one of the other officers tells Joe that he needs him to cover the prison transfer of William Tockman, the guy Barry talked to earlier. When the blackout happens, Tockman manages to free himself, shoot an officer, and hold the others hostage.


Barry calls Captain Singh to see if everyone at the police station is ok, but Singh tells Barry that Tockman is holding Joe and Iris hostage. Wells (who’s hidey hole apparently doesn’t require electricity to open and close since he was in there when Faroq caused the blackout) says he has a theory to help get Barry’s abilities back. Wells suggest that Barry’s cells are already primed, and all they need is a jump-start of electricity to get them going again. However, Barry wants to go talk to Faroq because he feels bad for him. Barry says Faroq may need help like Barry did, and he’s going to try.


Captain Singh radios inside the police station to Tockman, and Tockman makes demands before he will release the hostages. Meanwhile, Eddie pops up from behind a desk, ready to shoot, but Joe shakes his head no. When Captain Singh tells Tockman there is a citywide blackout, Tockman doesn’t give a fuck.


Tockman and Joe are talking, and Tockman tells Joe that the DA denied his furlough so he could visit his sick sister as she was dying. As he’s talking, Eddie takes two shots at Tockman, and Tockman shoots back hitting Eddie. It turns out, Tockman was wearing a bulletproof vest, so the shots did nothing.


Tockman is waiting for his demands to be filled, and Joe is worried about Tockman killing time. Tockman throws a quote out, which Joe recognizes as Henry David Thoreau. As a “reward,” Tockman applies a tourniquet to Eddie.


Tockman decides to take Iris to the helicopter, but Joe asks Tockman to let Iris say goodbye to Eddie. As she leans in, Eddie whispers to her and she kisses him. Tockman and Iris go upstairs, but Iris pulls the gun she got from Eddie and goes to shoot Tockman.


Inside Star Labs, Barry attempts to talk telling Faroq the accelerator changed him too. Barry tells Faroq he wants to help him. Faroq believes that Wells did this to him, and when Barry tries to talk to him more, he sends a volt to Barry. Cisco pulls the door down and Wells tells him to bring the generator online to make sure Barry gets the charge. While Cisco is off to do this, Wells goes to see Tony Woodward, the man who can turn himself to metal. He lets him go on the condition that Woodward kills Faroq. Umm… won’t metal just conduct electricity? Also, Wells isn’t in a wheelchair when he talks to Woodward, isn’t he concerned Woodward will rat him out?


Caitlin readies the treadmill for the electric charge, and Barry notices he’s not healing fast anymore. They then hear Faroq enter the lab and they are able to hide from him. When the lights come back on, Faroq goes to try and find Wells, and Barry tells Caitlin to turn on the treadmill. Caitlin is worried it will kill Barry, and she doesn’t want to lose another person she cares about in that building (but if it’s outside the building it’s ok?). Barry tells Caitlin that someone told him that that he was struck by the lightening for a reason, he’s not sure what he believes, but right now all that matters is what she believes. She turns on the treadmill and Barry absorbs the electricity. He’s thrown from the treadmill and his hand starts shaking, but he tells Caitlin it didn’t work.


Barry and Caitlin go into the hall to find Tony fighting Faroq. Tony tells Barry to run and then dies. Barry and Caitlin go down to the room where Cisco is and tell him Tony is free. Cisco says the cells were built to withstand power outages, and Wells shows up to tell them he let Tony out. Barry is upset that Wells would sacrifice Tony. Wells says he chose their lives over Tony’s. (Guess he knew Tony wouldn’t survive and thus no risk in him seeing Wells upright.) Barry accuses Wells of being careless with people’s lives. However, Faroq is still storming around Star Labs, and Cisco suggests they leave via one of the vans. Before they leave, Caitlin tells Barry that his cells are regenerating, but Barry says he can’t feel the difference. Wells tells Barry it must be a mental block. Caitlin tells Barry that she believes Barry was struck by lightening or a reason, and that he should too.


As the gang gets to the van, Faroq arrives and drains the battery of its power.  Faroq throws a power burst at the van and Barry flies out. As Faroq is about to hit Barry and the others, Wells yells behind him. Wells tells Faroq he knows he hurt a lot of people that night. He then begins to recite the names of every person who died that night, and he has to live with the fact that the world is deprived of them. He tells Faroq to let the others live. When Faroq goes to kill Wells, Barry’s mental state is overcome and he’s able to save Wells. Faroq then throws all his powers at Barry, but it appears Barry is able to absorb the powers. In the end, Barry is left and Faroq dies.


Caitlin tells Barry he was able to defeat Faroq because he stopped thinking about his powers and just connected with them. Essentially, Faroq choked on the amount of power coming from Barry. Barry then apologizes to Wells for saying he didn’t care about people. Wells says he doesn’t care much for people because he finds hem short sighted. HE tells Barry he cares about the future, and Barry is apart of it, and that he cares about Barry


After his fight with Faroq, Barry geos to the police station to find that Iris and Joe are both safe and that Tockman is in custody. He then goes to visit Eddie in the hospital, and Eddie is hopped up on painkillers. Then, as the Flash, Barry goes to talk to Iris. He apologizes for not being there to help her, but Iris sometimes a girl has to save herself. He tells Iris he won’t be late again, and Iris says her best friend always says that and he’s always late. He tells Iris that she’s worth being on time for.


Back in his secret room, Wells is pleased to see the future is back on track. He now sees Barry’s attachment to people, the people he cares about, is the key to getting him up to speed (get it!).



Epilogue: Wells unzips the body bag with Faroq in it. He realizes that the Mist can see him and holds a hand up to his nose telling him to be quiet. He takes blood from Faroq because he wants to know how he was able to steal Barry’s powers.