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The Flash

"Plastique" (Aired November 11, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, Iris, and Eddie are all hanging out at a bar. Barry tells Caitlin and Cisco he can’t get drunk, and this excites Cisco and Caitlin immensely. Cisco buys more hosts, but Barry doesn’t feel anything


Meanwhile, there’s a break-in in an office building. A woman is going through some files. The security guard tries to stop her, but she sends a bag his way, causing an explosion.


Eddie gets the call about the bombing, and he’s off to investigate. Iris pretends she has an early shift, but she’s going to see the flash. Barry gets suited up and goes to save the window washer who was affected by the bomb. Barry runs up the side of the building, saves the guy, and gets back down. Iris arrives in time to see the Flash, but Barry moves his head quickly so she can’t make out his face.


At the crime scene, Barry tells Joe he can’t find an oxidizing agent to start the bomb explosion. Eddie tells them that there was a woman bomber, and they discover that the woman was there to steal a file. Barry is able to quickly figure out which file is missing.


Joe and Eddie arrive at the police station to find that the army is there to take over the investigation. It turns out the bomber was a member of the army. Barry arrives there and Joe tells Barry to give General everything that was relevant. Barry uses the flash skills to take something essential. Joe tells Barry he should look in to it.


After a head’s up from another officer, Joe talks to Iris about going to crime scenes. She tells him that she’s been blogging about the streak sightings. Joe tries to tell her that there is no streak, but she tells Joe she looked right at him the night before.


Barry goes to STAR labs to let them know that General Wade Eiling showed up to take the case off the police departments’ hands. Wells says Eiling wanted mind reading technology, but Wells shut it down. Cisco was able to pull the information form the VA file. The bomber was a Bette Sans Souci, and they have the person’s contact info. Barry is off to talk to Beth. She tells Barry to get whatever he’s wearing off of him after she touches it.


Grant goes back to STAR labs, and tells Cisco and Caitlin that Bette is a meta-human that can cause things to blow up. Cisco is upset about the suit blowing up. Barry tells the group that he doesn’t think Bette meant to hurt him. Wells realizes that Eiling wants Bette because she’s a meta-human. There’s a “must be Tuesday” joke, which is reminiscent of Buffy Once More with Feeling.


Joe is there to talk to Barry about Iris seeing the Streak. Joe is upset, and he tells Barry to talk to her about it again and to be more convincing. He wants Barry to talk to her about it now. So Barry is off, and he tries to tell her he doesn’t exist. Barry tells Iris that if he’s wearing a mask, hen the Streak doesn’t want his identity out. Iris says the point is for people to know he’s out there, and that he should want it to exist because of his whole life.


Cisco calls Barry to let him that Bette is off to see a doctor who performed surgeries on her. Cisco tells Barry to get to Bette before Eiling does. At the doctor’s place, Bette tells the doctor she remembers the doctor operating on her, and she blames him and Eiling for her condition.  Barry arrives just in time for the military to take a shot at Bette. Barry says he can help her if she agrees, he says the same thing happened to him. As the soldiers through in a flash grenade, Barry picks Bette up and runs out with her before the grenade can affect them.


Wells explains to Bette how she became a meta-human. Caitlin gives her clothes to protect the bomb magic, as she explains she had shrapnel in her body when the event happened. Caitlin and Bette are talking and Caitlin tells Bette she’s the second meta-human they’ve tested. Caitlin notices that Bette was shot, and there’s something in there. There was a tracker, and they realize that Eiling is on his way.


Once Eiling arrives, Eiling and Wells have a bit of a pissing match. Eiling says to hand Bette over before everything else is destroyed. Eiling says that he and Wells could have changed the world.


Cisco, Caitlin, Barry, and Bette are out testing Bette. Cisco says that she’s as strong as an plastique, and thus her new nickname. Bette asks if STAR Labs has helped Barry, and Barry says they’ve helped him control his abilities. He says his abilities allow him to help people, but he wouldn’t give up the powers. Just then Joe calls to tell Barry that Iris posted about the Streak again, but this time with her name. He realizes that if it gets out, a bad meta-human may target Iris thinking she knows something.


So, Barry suits up and pays a visit to Iris to talk to her about her blog. He distorts his voice and tells Iris he needs her to stop writing about him. She has questions, but he tells her he can’t tell her too much information. He tells Iris there’s more than she can understand, but she asks if he can stop. He says he doesn’t do it for the glory. Iris says that her friend had something happen to him as a kid and his whole life people have been laughing at him and he’s been searching for an explanation, and suddenly he’s lost his face, but the Streak is proof he wasn’t crazy. Iris asks for help to save his friend. Barry makes his face hard to see and tells Irish her friend is a lucky guy.


Barry goes back to STAR Labs, just in time for Caitlin to tell Bette that the shrapnel has merged with Bette on a cellular level. The tech to separate it hasn’t been invented yet. Bette is devastated and Cisco asks what’s next. Barry says that Bette should join them, but Caitlin and Wells say its too much of a risk. Wells says Eiling is dangerous and they don’t want him as an enemy. Barry reminds the group that they saved him, and Caitlin says she wants to save Bette as well.


Barry goes back to his office to find Joe reviewing the evidence in his mom’s case. Barry tells Joe that Iris is investigating the streak for him. Barry tells Joe the only real way to keep Iris safe is to tell her the truth. Joe realizes that Barry has feelings for Iris, and Barry panics. Joe tells Barry that he knows he’s been in love with Iris since he was old enough to know what love is. Joe tells Barry that when the universe wants to make something happen, there’s a way of figuring those things out.


Wells tells Bette that the accident that changed her put Wells in the chair. They both agree that they would do anything to get back what they lost, but Bette doesn’t know how. Wells tells her that every good person that was hurt that night is now part of Bette’s flock, and Eiling will not stop. Wells tries to convince Bette to stop Eiling by using her powers. It’s her last mission before she goes home. It’s a way to take care of two issues: not being able to “cure” Bette, and stopping Eiling.


Bette is waiting for Eiling and his soldiers to show up. She tells Eiling she’s ready to give herself up, but Eiling doesn’t believe her. Cisco tells Barry that Bette is turning herself in, but Barry realizes that isn’t true and is off to try and save her. Eiling tells Bette that she could help save the world. She throws some bombs at Eiling and his men. Barry arrives to try and stop her. He tells her being a solider doesn’t mean being a murdered. Eiling shoots her, and as Bette goes to tell Barry something about Wells, she dies. Barry then sees the purple in her veins, and Caitlin realizes she’s going to explode and the have to get her out of the city. Cisco tells Barry that he has to outrun the blast, or he’ll die too. So Barry lifts Bette and begins to run on water, taking her out to the ocean. He drops her, then speeds back toward Central City, managing to arrive before the blast can reach him.


Barry stops by Iris’s place to talk to her. He says he has something to tell her. He tells Iris he was working a case, and he though he could help a friend, but she died. He tells her as bad as he feels, losing her would be worse. He asks her one last time to please stop, and she asks him one last time what the truth is and why she’s the only one interested. Barry tells Iris that the stuff with his family, he’s put it behind him, and wants her to now too. She says it’s about something more than that now, and she’s not stopping until the rest of the world believes in him. Barry then tells Iris that maybe they shouldn’t see each other for a while then. I mean really, just tell her. She’s gonna be PISSED when she finds out.


Barry is at the bar when Caitlin and Cisco show up. Caitlin brewed a 500 proof alcohol so Barry could feel something. He almost immediately feels buzzed, but only for a few seconds. The voiceover says he can’t figure out why some people come in to our lives and why some friendships feel like they’ll last forever, and others end far too soon. Not every friendship is meant to last a lifetime, but what does last is the pain when that person is gone.

The epilogue shows Wells watching a human body on the screen. There’s a beeping happening and Wells spots Eiling in the elevator. Eiling tells Wells that he’s a step ahead. Eiling tells Wells he knows about Barry moving fast too. Eiling thinks they should start working together again. Wells says he will testify to Eiling’s activities that were less than human. Eiling tells Wells he figured out his secret and soon the public will as well.


There’s a flashback to 5 years before, and Eiling says they have the same goals, but not means. Wells tells Eiling he won’t have someone subjected to the same cruelty as before, and tells Eiling they’re done. Wells goes to a cage named “Grodd” and Wells tells Grodd that Eiling is gone and he has a whole different future in mind for Grodd.