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The Flash

"Going Rogue" (Aired October 28, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Barry is running around Star Labs, playing multiple games with Cisco, Caitlin, and Wells when he gets a call about a robbery taking place. Some robbers on motorcycles and an eighteen-wheeler are overtaking an armored vehicle. One of the robbers shoots one of the guards, forcing Barry to abandon pursuit and take the guard to the hospital.


At the crime scene later, Joe informs Eddie that the truck was carrying a diamond that was on the way to the Central City Museum. Barry arrives to the scene and tells Chief Singh there were four perps, and that they used liquid nitrogen to try and break into the armored truck. Privately, he tells Joe he saw the face of Leonard Snart, whose dad was a Central City police officer.


Iris then shows up, because she heard reports of the Streak near the crime scene. Iris tells Barry she’s starting a blog about “The Streak,” but Barry warns her that blogging about The Streak is not safe. As he’s telling her about this, Felicity Smoke is in Barry’s office. Now, like I’ve said, I don’t watch “Arrow,” so a lot of Barry and Felicity’s interactions and knowing looks are lost on me.


Felicity and Barry talk a walk around the park, and Felicity assumes that Iris is Barry’s girlfriend. Apparently when Barry when to Starling City, Felicity and Barry had a talk about Iris. However, Barry informs Felicity that he and Iris are just friends. He asks why she’s visiting, and she tells him she knows that he is The Flash. She heard Oliver and Barry talking that night Barry went to Starling City to talk to Oliver. She wants to see his capabilities. He runs to the top of a building, takes a picture of Felicity and comes back. She notices his shoes are smoking, and he tells her about the suit that Cisco made for her and offers to take her to STAR labs.


At STAR labs, Felicity tells Cisco and Caitlin she knows Arrow. Caitlin is apprehensive about Felicity seeing all of their equipment, but Barry insists Felicity can be trusted. Felicity asks the team a bunch of questions, but before they can really answer, Barry tries to show off by running backward and ends up flying off the treadmill.


Felicity and Barry are off to the coffee shop to see Iris. Iris, thinking she sees a spark between Barry and Felicity, insists that they go on a double date to trivia night. Barry tries to tell Iris they are just friends, but Iris insists that Felicity likes him and Barry agrees to go to trivia.


At Snart’s super-villain hideaway, one of Snart’s cohorts shows Snart a weapon that is intended to slow down something. The guy tells Snart it was stolen from Star Labs. Snart tests the weapon out on the guy who stole it for him, ensuring that he won’t tell anyone else that he stole the weapon.


At the Central City Museum, Snart is on a tour when he gets to the diamond he tried to steal earlier. However, one of the museum employees notices that Snart took the tour twice and calls Joe to let him know that it may be the suspect they’re looking for.


On their trivia night “date,” Felicity shows up wearing an amazing dress and looking beautiful. Iris is so sure that Felicity likes Barry, and the two do seem to have an awesome chemistry. But Barry insists he’s not interested in Felicity. Eddie then gets the call from Joe requesting back up at the Central City Museum. Barry goes to leave too, and Felicity promises to cover for him with Iris.


At the museum, Joe catches up to Snart, but Snart shoots his weapon, creating ice. He’s about to shoot Joe when Barry shows up, taking the hit instead of Joe Barry tells Joe that it burns, but he’s still off and running. Barry runs through the museum moving people out of the way as Snart tries to shoot them. Snart is able to aim and kill one man before Barry can save him, fulfilling the warning Joe gave about Barry not being able to save everyone.


Back at Star Labs, Cisco tells Barry that he built the gun to achieve absolute zero in case they ever needed to stop someone like him. However, Cisco insists that he built the weapon before he knew Barry. Barry is upset that Cisco didn’t tell him about the weapon because he at least then could have had a head’s up, and now someone is dead. Query: What would a head’s up have done exactly? Barry was going as fast as he could. A little extra notice would not have saved that guy’s life, and while it sucks that he’s dead, getting mad at Cisco isn’t really a reasonable reaction.


That night when Joe gets home, Iris asks Joe how long he is going to give her the cold shoulder. Apparently he did the same thing when she applied to be a police officer. Joe tells Iris that now he can’t be 100% focused on his job because now he’s going to worry about something happening to Eddie for fear of it upsetting Iris.


Barry is on the treadmill running when Felicity comes to pay him a visit. Barry tells Felicity he can’t sleep because he watched that man die. Felicity tells Barry that it wasn’t Cisco’s fault. She tells him that Oliver’s team took a long time to come together and trust each other, and suggests not making his path any lonelier than it has to be.


Cisco shows up and has a way to stop Snart. Felicity is able to hack into Central City’s system and quickly track Snart using the signal from the weapon. Snart is about to leave the city on the train, so Barry suits up, but before he leaves he turns his earpiece off since he’s still pissy with Cisco.


Joe and Eddie arrive at the train station, and Joe tells Eddie to wait for back up. Eddie runs in anyway, telling Joe he’s his partner, not his assistant. Good thing Eddie is stubborn, because a few seconds later he saves Joe from being taken out by Snart. Barry arrives right as Snart gets on the train. Snart tells Barry that his weakness is to save other people. While Barry saves other people, Snart will save himself. Snart then causes the train to derail, and takes off. As the train is running off the tracks, Barry removes the passengers.


After saving the passengers, Barry goes after Snart again. He geos to shoot Barry, but Cisco and Caitlin show up with a larger gun saying he will shoot him. Snart decides not to shoot Barry. Cisco tries to get Snart to leave the diamond, but Snart says not to push his luck. It turns out, Cisco was using the vacuum cleaner.


Back at Star Labs, Cisco realizes that Snart must have deactivated the tracking signal on the weapon. Wells then tells Cisco not to create anything without his permission again, especially something that could harm Barry. It’s the first time Cisco has seen the darker side of Wells, and it shows that Wells’s façade does have a breaking point. I wonder how long until the rest of the team sees it as well...


At the police station, Iris visits Joe to apologize, but Joe confesses that Eddie saved him from being killed that night. He realizes he doesn’t need to worry about Eddie, that Eddie can handle himself. They agree to not keep anymore secrets from one another. You know, except for the HUGE one about Barry being The Flash.


On the train back to Starling City, Felicity is reading about “The Streak” when Barry shows up in the seat across from her. They lament over having feelings for people who don’t see them the same way. Barry and Felicity know they’re perfect for one another, but they just don’t feel that way about each other. Before he leaves, Barry kisses Felicity and it’s a sweet moment.