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The Flash

"Fastest Man Alive" (Aired October 14, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

After saving people from a burning building, Barry returns to Star Labs where Caitlin yells at Barry for using his power to save people. Right, cause what else should he be doing? When she turns to Wells for support, he merely tells Barry to use caution. Then Barry receives a call from Joe, and Barry is off to solve his crime of the week.


At the crime scene, Eddie shows Joe and Captain Singh footage of one guy robbing the gun store, but Barry notices that there were 6 perps, all wearing the same size shoe. Back in his lab, Barry is manually performing tests (thanks to his new abilities), when he has a dizzy spell like he did after saving people from the fire. Iris then shows up and reminds Barry that they are supposed to be attending an award ceremony for Simon Stagg so that Barry can explain the science to Iris for her article.


At the award ceremony, Barry tells Irish that Stagg’s work in cloning allows for advancements in organ transplants. Iris says she misses hanging out with Barry, and Barry assures her it isn’t because of Eddie. Iris asks Stagg for a quote, but Stagg says no. Just then, six men walk in and begin shooting. Barry realizes it’s the same guys who robbed the gun store. When the security guard shows up, Barry turns on Flash mode, saves the security guard and tries to chase after the perps, but faints.


Barry comes to with Iris over him. He tells Iris that he went after them to try and get the license plates but he fainted. Back inside, Eddie and Joe are at the scene. Barry tells Joe he chased the gunmen because they were the same guys from before. Joe is not pleased and asks Barry to promise him not to go after any more perps.


At Star Labs, Caitlin is furious that Barry didn’t tell them about the dizzy spells. Barry starts running on the treadmill and they realize his glucose levels are messed up because he’s burning all of his energy. Cisco tells Barry he needs to consume more calories to keep up with his new metabolism.


Joe arrives at Star Labs and is not pleased that Barry has been helping people out around Central City. He’s worried for Barry’ safety, and that Barry shouldn’t be chasing criminals.  Barry reminds Joe that the police were helpless against the man who could control the weather, and they’ll be useless against other meta-humans as well. Joe doesn’t want to hear it and tells Barry is just a kid, his kid. Barry tells Joe that he’s not his kid and Joe is his father.


The gunman, Black, meets up with Stagg’s head of security because he’s mad that he wasn’t able to get to Stagg. The head of security refuses to allow Black closer to Stagg, and hits him. When he does so, the clones of Black pop out of his body and kills the head of security.


The next morning, Joe brings Barry skin samples from the head of security’s murder. As Joe is off to talk to Stagg, Iris shows up to remind Barry he was supposed to meet her to give her scientific background for her article. She wants to know what is going on with Barry, and he zooms around her so she can’t hear, saying he wants to tell her how he feels. Just then, the results come back showing that the cells from the murder scene are stem cells.


Meanwhile at Stagg Industries, Eddie and Joe tell Stagg that they believe he is in danger. Joe shows Stagg a picture of Danton Black. Stagg tells Joe and Eddie that Black was a researcher and not the killer. But Black and his clones show up just then. Joe tells Eddie to take Stagg out, and he’ll cover him. Joe sees Black clone himself. Barry shows up as the Flash and tells Joe to leave. When he refuses, Barry takes Joe outside. Barry then tries to fight Black, but isn’t able to.


After the altercation with Black, Wells fills everyone in on who they’re dealing with. Wells says that Black specialized in cloning, but Stagg stole his research. Wells says that if Black was working on the cloning when the dark matter hit, it would make sense that he can duplicate himself. Barry leaves, believing he can’t defeat one meta-human. Wells tries to tell him every enterprise has setbacks, but Barry thinks it was a mistake.


Joe once again asks Stagg if they can give him police protection, but Stagg says he increased his security. Wells is there and tells Stagg he’s pretending to be a humanitarian or philanthropist, and Stagg leaves. It turns out Wells is there to see Joe. Joe asks Wells if he knew what Barry could do, and Wells tells Joe he had his suspicions. Wells tells Joe that the next time Barry suits up he will run into danger, and as long as Joe continues to doubt Barry, Barry will doubt himself, and doubt is Barry’s biggest enemy. Wells, before he leaves, tells Joe he cares about Barry too.


Later that evening at the coffee shop, Barry tells Iris he’s sorry he’s been distant and a jerk. He tells Iris that he thought he had to do something important, but he was wrong and offers to help her with another article. But she tells him she wants to start writing about the streak. Iris says what if Barry was right about the night his mom died. Just then Caitlin calls to tell him to come to Star Labs.


Caitlin grew one of Black’s duplicates. The duplicates act as receivers. To shut down the duplicates, Barry needs to shut down Black. Caitlin says that Black will have weaknesses like Barry, so the one showing slow down will be Black. Joe shows up and tells Barry that Black is on his way to Stagg Industries and Barry is the only one who can stop him.


At Stagg Industries, Black and his duplicates show up and take out Stagg’s security detail. As Black goes to kill Stagg, Barry arrives and saves him. After a few minutes of fighting, Barry locates the real Black and takes him out, therefore stopping all the other clones. The real Black tries to attack Barry one more time, but ends up flying out the window. Barry tries to save him, but Black lets go killing himself.


In Barry’s lab, Joe brings him three pizzas. Joe tells Barry that he was wrong about not being able to help his dad, and that they are going to figure out who or what killed Barry’s mother and free his father from prison. Barry then tells Joe that he’s not his father, he’s just the man who kept him fed and in clothes, who sat beside his bed cause he was afraid of the dark, helped him with his homework, and taught him how to drive and shave, and dropped him off at college. It sounds a lot like a dad to Barry.


Epilogue: Wells pays a visit to see Stagg and they talk about the Flash. Stagg is fascinated by the Flash and what it would be like to harness the Flash’s power. Stagg says he wants to get the Flash. Wells tells Stagg he’s called the Flash, and stands up, and stabs Stagg. He tells Stagg that the Flash must be kept safe.