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The Flash

"Flash vs. Arrow" (Aired December 2, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

This episode reinforced has now made it my goal to watch “Arrow” during the winter hiatus. Look, I get that the CW is looking to make their crossover audience happy, BUT “The Flash” is a new show, and if you’re going to have Oliver Queen and Arrow character development, keep it out of “The Flash,” and save it for “Arrow” cause it leaves those of us who don’t watch “Arrow” feeling lost and frustrated. That being said, I will totally watch “Arrow.” Ok, now on to it.


Barry begins the episode by explaining that there are chemical explanations for the emotions everyone feels. He then gets a call from Cisco alerting him to a bank robbery. Before he gets to the robbery, the robber flashes his eyes red, causing the hostages to get mad at one another. This allows everyone to be distracted while the robber steals half a million dollars. Barry arrives to find one of the hostages about to shoot another, but he’s of course able to deflect the bullet in time.


At the crime scene, in forensic scientist mode, Barry tells Joe how the hostages were mad at one another. He thinks that the hostages were “whammied.” They overhear one of the hostages telling Eddie she got really angry, which she never does. At the police station, Eddie attempts to convince Captain Singh to form a task force to investigate The Flash. Eddie knows The Flash was seen at the robbery, and is suspicious as to the Flash’s intentions and motivations. Iris arrives to see Eddie talking to the Captain, and Barry tells Iris what Eddie is trying to do. Singh denies the task force, and Iris is pissed at Eddie. She tells Barry that Eddie is jealous of the Flash, much to Barry’s delight.


At Star Labs, Barry fills the gang in on everyone’s anger. Caitlin looks at the cat scans of the hostages and notices the emotional parts of their brains are still messed up. She also warns Barry not to be the cause of Iris and Eddie’s relationship problems. Barry pays another visit to Iris as the Flash and tries to sow a few more seeds of discontent between Iris and Eddie. But Caitlin comes on the comm to let him know he needs to go to the storage unit where the robber was spotted.


Joe and Eddie are at the storage unit site. The robber flashes his eyes at one of the SWAT Team members who then turns his gun on his fellow officers. Barry arrives, saving the officers. Before the affected officer can get back up, he’s pinned down by two arrows. Barry turns around to see Arrow, AKA Oliver Queen. Barry is absolutely delighted.


Barry goes to meet Oliver, Felicity, and Digg. Digg cannot get over Barry’s speed. Barry thanks Oliver for showing up, but assures Oliver he didn’t need his help. Felicity shows Barry a boomerang with high iron oxide on it. This is why they came to Central City. Barry suggests he and Oliver team up to handle their mutual issues, but Oliver declines. Felicity still wants to go to Star Labs, so Barry runs her into Star Labs causing her shirt to catch on fire. That’s a neat trick to get the ladies to take of their shirts I suppose.


At Star Labs, Caitlin and Felicity hypothesize what caused the hostages to get upset. Caitlin believes that the red that the robber flashed caused feelings of rage through the ocular nerve. Yikes. Meanwhile, Joe and Wells tell Barry they are concerned about the Arrow’s presence in Central City. They think that his methods are a little too vigilante for their city, and tell Barry to ask the Arrow to leave.

Elsewhere, Oliver, despite telling Barry he didn’t want to help him, pays a visit to the storage location to find out the name of the robber. He’s successful, and the next day at the coffee shop, tells Barry the man he is looking for is Roy G. Bivolo. While Iris gushes to Barry about Oliver, Felicity convinces Oliver that he should work with Barry to catch Bivolo. Oliver consents and tells Barry to meet him for training. During this training, Oliver tells Barry that he needs to spend time investigating his environments, rather than rushing in and out. Oliver tells Barry there’s a difference between having powers and precision, and that Barry needs discipline. He then shoots Barry with two arrows in the back to prove his point that Barry is unfamiliar with his surroundings. I enjoy this Oliver. Keeping Barry on his toes.


At Star Labs, Caitlin tells Felicity she things to reverse the psychosis caused by Bivolo, they need to use the right combination of light and color. Wells then shows up to ask Felicity for the Arrow’s true identity, claiming he can’t trust a man he doesn’t know. Felicity refuses to convey this information, explaining it isn’t her secret to tell. Wells resolves to find out the true identity, and then Barry shows up. Cisco tells Barry they were able to use facial recognition software to detect Bivolo, so Barry goes to confront him. When he does so, Bivolo flashes his eyes red at Barry and tells him to have some real anger.


Though it initially seems Bivolo’s eyes of fury had no impact on Barry, it quickly becomes apparent it did. Caitlin determines because Barry’s cells tried to fight it, the feelings just became further repressed and will result in a bigger explosion. Barry pays another visit to Oliver, accusing Oliver of jealousy. (Umm…yeah right. I don’t watch “Arrow” and I KNOW that would never be the case.) He then rips Eddie out of a moving car (one that Iris is driving) and starts fighting Eddie in the middle of the street. Arrow arrives and the two begin fighting in the middle of the street. Though Barry isn’t himself, this rage is clearly coming from somewhere. After taking a bit of a beating, Oliver is able to get a hold of Barry, and Joe and Wells arrive with the van-o-light, and shine it in Barry’s eyes. This reverses the impact of Bivolo’s rage eyes, and resets Barry. Together, Barry and Oliver catch Bivolo and lock him in the Star Labs Cells of Shame.


Oliver asks the Star Labs team not to reveal his identity to anyone, and Felicity asks for Caitlin’s help to determine the DNA from Canary’s murder. Wells also tells Oliver that Oliver’s father would be proud of the man he’s become. Before Oliver and Felicity leave town, they go by the coffee shop one last time. There, Oliver tells Barry to let Iris go for both of their sakes, since guys like them don’t get the girl. Before he leaves, Oliver bumps into a woman he recognizes (was she one of the bank hostages?). It looks like they may have dated, but again, I don’t watch “Arrow,” so I don’t know. The woman tells Oliver she’s sorry to hear about his mother (is his mother Canary?) The woman then calls her kid, and by the look on her face, it may be Oliver’s kid too.


At the coffee shop, Eddie shows up to tell Iris that Captain Singh approved the task force for the Flash. Now she’s ok with it because the Flash attacked Eddie. When the Flash visits her the night, she tells him to stay away from her, even when he tries to explain he wasn’t himself.


Epilogue: Caitlin is at the office and we see a picture of her and Ronnie. Under a bridge, we see an apparent homeless person shaking when two guys approach him. As the guys approach the shaking guy, he stands up and fire comes out of his hands and face. Though we can’t entirely make out his face, we are definitely led to believe that this is Ronnie. Oh shit! What’s Caitlin going to do when she finds out her beloved Ronnie is a maybe not so good meta-human? 

"Power Outage" (Aired November 25, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

I was hoping that this episode was going to get more in to the inevitable distrust that will grow between Barry and Wells. However, I think the seed was planted and it will only continue to develop from here. I was left wondering though, is Wells evil? We’ve been lead to believe that his plan for Barry, whatever it is, is not good. But maybe, just maybe, the long-term plan isn’t that malicious. Maybe he’s really acting in the best interest of Barry and the world at large and maybe he sees the killing of Barry’s mother as part of what it will take Barry to become the hero.


Wells in his secret hidey-room, asks his version of Siri, who he calls Gideon to start a new log about Barry. Wells is concerned that Barry’s attachment to people is holding him back, and that using his powers for heroic task is keeping Barry from using the full scope of his abilities, but Wells says there’s still time.


Back in the main lab, Barry shows up late. (This silly joke about the fastest man alive running late is getting silly, but it still makes me giggle.) Speaking to Barry alone, Wells tells Barry they made a deal: the Star Labs team would help Barry take on other meta-humans if Barry helped them with their research. Wells tells Barry that he needs more speed from him. Just then, Barry gets a message that there was a homicide and he has to go. Before he leaves, Wells reminds Barry it’s not just about him.


At the crime scene, Barry tells Joe and Eddie that the body has been electrocuted though it’s not clear by what since there are no surrounding towers or wires. Barry takes a picture of the victims face to take it back to Star Labs to recreate what the victim may have looked like. Barry notices that Joe doesn’t seem like himself, but Joe insists he’s alright, though he’s clearly still very shaken by the threat to Iris.


At Star Labs Cisco runs some software to reconstruct the face of the victim and runs it against the DMV records. They’re victim, Casey Donahue, worked at the Petersburg Substation. Just then, Caitlin notices that the Petersburg Substation is experiencing an electrical drain. Before Wells can tell Barry to be careful, Barry is off. Barry gets to the substation to find Faroq draining the substation. Faroq turns to Barry and tells Barry he has to feed. He hits Barry with his electricity and drains Barry of his powers. Faroq stops because it was too much. When Barry tries to run away, he isn’t able to.


Back at Star Labs, Barry asks if he’ll be able to get his powers back, but Wells says they’ll have to run tests before promising they’ll get his speed back. Wells then goes to his secret room to ask Gideon to search the future, but there’s no reference to Barry or the Flash.


Barry goes to visit Joe to let him know what happened, and Joe tells Barry he has to get his powers back. Barry warns Joe that Faroq is extremely dangerous and to tell the other cops not to go near him. As Barry leaves, he has an encounter with a criminal being arrested by two officers. The criminal compliments Barry’s watch and says that the cops took his.


Back at Star Labs, Cisco identifies the guy the stole Barry’s abilities as Faroq. He was electrocuted the night of the storm (which we saw at the beginning of the episode) and his two friends were killed. As they’re talking, Faroq shows up outside Star Labs, demanding to speak to Wells. When no one answers, Faroq grabs the power lines and causes a citywide blackout. He then uses that energy to blast through the walls.


At the police station, one of the other officers tells Joe that he needs him to cover the prison transfer of William Tockman, the guy Barry talked to earlier. When the blackout happens, Tockman manages to free himself, shoot an officer, and hold the others hostage.


Barry calls Captain Singh to see if everyone at the police station is ok, but Singh tells Barry that Tockman is holding Joe and Iris hostage. Wells (who’s hidey hole apparently doesn’t require electricity to open and close since he was in there when Faroq caused the blackout) says he has a theory to help get Barry’s abilities back. Wells suggest that Barry’s cells are already primed, and all they need is a jump-start of electricity to get them going again. However, Barry wants to go talk to Faroq because he feels bad for him. Barry says Faroq may need help like Barry did, and he’s going to try.


Captain Singh radios inside the police station to Tockman, and Tockman makes demands before he will release the hostages. Meanwhile, Eddie pops up from behind a desk, ready to shoot, but Joe shakes his head no. When Captain Singh tells Tockman there is a citywide blackout, Tockman doesn’t give a fuck.


Tockman and Joe are talking, and Tockman tells Joe that the DA denied his furlough so he could visit his sick sister as she was dying. As he’s talking, Eddie takes two shots at Tockman, and Tockman shoots back hitting Eddie. It turns out, Tockman was wearing a bulletproof vest, so the shots did nothing.


Tockman is waiting for his demands to be filled, and Joe is worried about Tockman killing time. Tockman throws a quote out, which Joe recognizes as Henry David Thoreau. As a “reward,” Tockman applies a tourniquet to Eddie.


Tockman decides to take Iris to the helicopter, but Joe asks Tockman to let Iris say goodbye to Eddie. As she leans in, Eddie whispers to her and she kisses him. Tockman and Iris go upstairs, but Iris pulls the gun she got from Eddie and goes to shoot Tockman.


Inside Star Labs, Barry attempts to talk telling Faroq the accelerator changed him too. Barry tells Faroq he wants to help him. Faroq believes that Wells did this to him, and when Barry tries to talk to him more, he sends a volt to Barry. Cisco pulls the door down and Wells tells him to bring the generator online to make sure Barry gets the charge. While Cisco is off to do this, Wells goes to see Tony Woodward, the man who can turn himself to metal. He lets him go on the condition that Woodward kills Faroq. Umm… won’t metal just conduct electricity? Also, Wells isn’t in a wheelchair when he talks to Woodward, isn’t he concerned Woodward will rat him out?


Caitlin readies the treadmill for the electric charge, and Barry notices he’s not healing fast anymore. They then hear Faroq enter the lab and they are able to hide from him. When the lights come back on, Faroq goes to try and find Wells, and Barry tells Caitlin to turn on the treadmill. Caitlin is worried it will kill Barry, and she doesn’t want to lose another person she cares about in that building (but if it’s outside the building it’s ok?). Barry tells Caitlin that someone told him that that he was struck by the lightening for a reason, he’s not sure what he believes, but right now all that matters is what she believes. She turns on the treadmill and Barry absorbs the electricity. He’s thrown from the treadmill and his hand starts shaking, but he tells Caitlin it didn’t work.


Barry and Caitlin go into the hall to find Tony fighting Faroq. Tony tells Barry to run and then dies. Barry and Caitlin go down to the room where Cisco is and tell him Tony is free. Cisco says the cells were built to withstand power outages, and Wells shows up to tell them he let Tony out. Barry is upset that Wells would sacrifice Tony. Wells says he chose their lives over Tony’s. (Guess he knew Tony wouldn’t survive and thus no risk in him seeing Wells upright.) Barry accuses Wells of being careless with people’s lives. However, Faroq is still storming around Star Labs, and Cisco suggests they leave via one of the vans. Before they leave, Caitlin tells Barry that his cells are regenerating, but Barry says he can’t feel the difference. Wells tells Barry it must be a mental block. Caitlin tells Barry that she believes Barry was struck by lightening or a reason, and that he should too.


As the gang gets to the van, Faroq arrives and drains the battery of its power.  Faroq throws a power burst at the van and Barry flies out. As Faroq is about to hit Barry and the others, Wells yells behind him. Wells tells Faroq he knows he hurt a lot of people that night. He then begins to recite the names of every person who died that night, and he has to live with the fact that the world is deprived of them. He tells Faroq to let the others live. When Faroq goes to kill Wells, Barry’s mental state is overcome and he’s able to save Wells. Faroq then throws all his powers at Barry, but it appears Barry is able to absorb the powers. In the end, Barry is left and Faroq dies.


Caitlin tells Barry he was able to defeat Faroq because he stopped thinking about his powers and just connected with them. Essentially, Faroq choked on the amount of power coming from Barry. Barry then apologizes to Wells for saying he didn’t care about people. Wells says he doesn’t care much for people because he finds hem short sighted. HE tells Barry he cares about the future, and Barry is apart of it, and that he cares about Barry


After his fight with Faroq, Barry geos to the police station to find that Iris and Joe are both safe and that Tockman is in custody. He then goes to visit Eddie in the hospital, and Eddie is hopped up on painkillers. Then, as the Flash, Barry goes to talk to Iris. He apologizes for not being there to help her, but Iris sometimes a girl has to save herself. He tells Iris he won’t be late again, and Iris says her best friend always says that and he’s always late. He tells Iris that she’s worth being on time for.


Back in his secret room, Wells is pleased to see the future is back on track. He now sees Barry’s attachment to people, the people he cares about, is the key to getting him up to speed (get it!).



Epilogue: Wells unzips the body bag with Faroq in it. He realizes that the Mist can see him and holds a hand up to his nose telling him to be quiet. He takes blood from Faroq because he wants to know how he was able to steal Barry’s powers.

"The Flash is Born" (Aired November 18, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

You know what’s starting to drive me a little bonkers about “The Flash?” The fact that Joe and Barry are keeping The Flash’s real identity a secret from Iris. First off, they’re treating her like she’s not smart enough to figure it out. Second, they’re doing it to “protect” her when she’s proven that she can protect herself. Third, I know it’s a tried and true element of comics to have secret identities and what not, but sometimes it just gets plain annoying. Ok, ok, I’ll get off my high horse…. for now….


Iris is hard at work on her blog about “The Streak” when he shows up and takes her to the rooftop of the coffee shop. (Be creepier about it Barry!) He asks her to stop writing her blog, but instead of answering, Iris begins asking questions. She insists that the fact that The Streak is out there gives hope to the people of Central City and she’s not going to stop writing about him. There are sirens going, so he takes Iris back to the coffee shop and is off to help with whatever is happening.


Joe and Eddie are on the scene of a car chase. A kid walks right in the middle of the road that the car is barreling down (cause the kid was never taught to look both ways). Barry arrives in time to save the kid. However, the car keeps speeding right toward Eddie and Joe. Eddie takes a shot at the perp, but the perp turns himself to metal and deflects the bullets. The perp stops the car and removes the door and tries to throw it, but Barry stops it. Barry goes to hit the guy, but the perp grabs Barry’s wrist and breaks it.


At Star Labs, Caitlin tells Barry he’s got 13 fractures in his hand, as well as a concussion, 3 cracked ribs, and a bruised spleen. Barry tells them that the guy he fought turned into metal. Barry tells the team he feels like he knew him because the guy told him that he was born to have his ass kicked.


When Barry arrives at the police station, Joe tells Barry to talk to Eddie about the man of steel. Eddie saw the guy turn and has a lot of questions, and Joe wants Barry to come up with some scientific mumbo-jumbo to throw Eddie of the scent. They also find out the perp’s name is Tony Woodward, a former classmate and bully of Barry’s. When Eddie tries to talk to Barry about what he saw, Barry suggests some kind of body armor.


Meanwhile, Joe seeks out Wells ‘s assistance to help find who killed Barry’s mother. He tells Wells what Barry saw that night, and that Nora dies from a single stab wound to the heart. Joe says the night of the car chase, he saw Barry create a similar kind of lightening that Barry described seeing the night his mom was killed. Joe wants to know if it’s possible that someone with Barry’s abilities could have existed before the superstorm, but Wells tells him no.


After some training at Star Labs, Barry goes to meet Eddie at the location of the car from the night before. As Barry tries to investigate the car, Eddie asks Barry what is going on with him and Iris, as he knows they’re not speaking. Eddie tells Barry he wants Iris to be happy and that good friends are hard to find. Inside the car, they find some empty bottles of beer as well as some gravel which Barry bags to take back to Star Labs for further investigation.


Barry and Eddie pay a visit to the brewery where the beer was stolen from. As they’re asking about Tony, one of the guys takes off running with Eddie in pursuit. Barry uses his Flash speed to catch up to the guy, and as he takes a swing at Barry, Eddie is able to tackle the guy. Apparently, all that running was for show because the guy almost immediately starts talking, saying about 10 months ago Tony got his pink slip and he started beating up the guy who gave it to him. Then the storm happened and Tony went over the edge to a vat of molten scrap.


At the coffee shop, Tony drops in to pay a little visit to Iris. He remembers her from their school days. He also knows about the blog she writes, and he tells Iris that the Streak took a beating the night before and took off. When Tony asks her on a date, Iris realizes that he is wanted by the police, but before she can call Tony takes her phone and crushes it. But hey, at least he left her some money to buy a new one. Really nice guy.


Cisco tells Barry that he analyzes the gravel and that it is from an old quarry where Tony must be hanging out. Just then, Caitlin shows Barry a new post from Iris saying she has information for The Streak. So Barry goes to see Irish as The Streak. Iris tells him that Toney came to see her and she tells him that she saw his fist turn to metal. The Streak tells Iris that her writing about him caused him to visit, and she still refuses to give up.


Barry, furious that Tony went to see Iris, is off to pay him a visit. However, Tony is able to kick Barry’s ass and knocks some shelves on to him. Cisco and Caitlin show up to get him out from the shelves and take him back to Star Labs. Wells tells Barry that any material, if struck at a high enough velocity, can be damaged. Barry would have to run at Tony from 5.3 miles away and hit him perfectly. A mistake could cause him to shatter every bone in his body.


At the police station, Barry fills Joe in on Tony’s visit to Iris. Eddie then invites Barry to box up in Barry’s office. Eddie is able to teach Barry how to through a good punch. Though Barry isn’t great at first Eddie keeps encouraging him to hit harder. Finally Barry lands a good hit, causing the bag to split and foreshadowing his defeat over Tony.


Wells and Joe meet for a drink and Joe asks Wells if there was another particle accelerator 14 years ago. Wells tells Joe it is unlikely and there were dark matter storms before Wells moved to town. Joe then asks Wells when he moved to town, and Wells realizes Joe didn’t need his help, but wanted to question him. Wells tells Joe he moved to Central City to start over, and he should talk to Tess Morgan if he wants more answers.


While Iris is at home working on her blog, Tony shows up, attacking her police detail and kidnapping her. He takes her back to their elementary school and threatens to kill her if she doesn’t write about him. Iris, proving she’s smarter than anyone gives her credit for, pulls the fire alarm to trigger a signal she knows will be sent to the police.


Barry and Eddie are still boxing when an officer comes in to tell them Iris is missing. Barry goes to tell Joe that Iris has been taken, then suits up to head to the school. He tells Tony to let Iris go.

Tony takes a swing at Barry, but he dives between his legs and moves Iris out of the way. Barry tries to get in Tony’s head by telling him he peaked in high school. This only serves to upset Tony more, who takes a flagpole and hits Barry with it. Barry, knowing he can’t win, and remembering Joe told him when he was a kid that it’s ok to leave a fight you can’t win, runs out. Tony thinks this means he gave up, but it turns out he ran 5.3 miles away. He gathers up his speed and runs back into the school, punching Tony in the face even though he’s in full Blue Steel mode. Tony stands up, but he’s weak and Iris is able to knock him out with one final punch.


Tony awakens to find himself in a cell in Star Labs. Barry shows his face to Tony, and tells him they were both affected by the storm. It made them more of who they already were: Tony got strong and Barry got fast enough to beat Tony.  And then Barry get’s every nerd’s revenge fantasy: to walk away from the bully and he’s locked up forever.


Joe goes back to Star Labs to apologize to Wells. He looked in to Tess Morgan and it turns out she was Well’s research partner and wife. She was killed in a car accident. Wells, devastated, couldn’t go back to work, so he moved to Central City where no one knew him. Wells tells Joe that when Nora Allen was killed, the particle accelerator was a figment of Wells imagination. Joe apologizes for doubting him, but hopes Wells will still help him find Nora’s real killer.


Barry shows up, as himself, to the coffee shop to check on Iris. They apologize to one another and say they’ve missed one another. Barry tells Iris he doesn’t know what he would do if anything happened to her, but she tells him that her guardian angel is looking out for her. Iris tells Barry she’s hearing about other meta-humans. She’s so fascinated by The Streak, that he comes and goes in the blink of an eye, and Barry says “Flash.” Iris likes this and decides to name him The Flash.


Epilogue: Joe is scouring through the evidence of Nora Allen’s murder. The lights are suddenly turned off, and there’s some streaking through the room. Joe is able to make out a man in the middle of the streaking, and when the lights come back on, all of the evidence is gone. There’s a picture of Iris on the wall with a knife through it and a carving on the wall that says “Stop or Else.”

"Plastique" (Aired November 11, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, Iris, and Eddie are all hanging out at a bar. Barry tells Caitlin and Cisco he can’t get drunk, and this excites Cisco and Caitlin immensely. Cisco buys more hosts, but Barry doesn’t feel anything


Meanwhile, there’s a break-in in an office building. A woman is going through some files. The security guard tries to stop her, but she sends a bag his way, causing an explosion.


Eddie gets the call about the bombing, and he’s off to investigate. Iris pretends she has an early shift, but she’s going to see the flash. Barry gets suited up and goes to save the window washer who was affected by the bomb. Barry runs up the side of the building, saves the guy, and gets back down. Iris arrives in time to see the Flash, but Barry moves his head quickly so she can’t make out his face.


At the crime scene, Barry tells Joe he can’t find an oxidizing agent to start the bomb explosion. Eddie tells them that there was a woman bomber, and they discover that the woman was there to steal a file. Barry is able to quickly figure out which file is missing.


Joe and Eddie arrive at the police station to find that the army is there to take over the investigation. It turns out the bomber was a member of the army. Barry arrives there and Joe tells Barry to give General everything that was relevant. Barry uses the flash skills to take something essential. Joe tells Barry he should look in to it.


After a head’s up from another officer, Joe talks to Iris about going to crime scenes. She tells him that she’s been blogging about the streak sightings. Joe tries to tell her that there is no streak, but she tells Joe she looked right at him the night before.


Barry goes to STAR labs to let them know that General Wade Eiling showed up to take the case off the police departments’ hands. Wells says Eiling wanted mind reading technology, but Wells shut it down. Cisco was able to pull the information form the VA file. The bomber was a Bette Sans Souci, and they have the person’s contact info. Barry is off to talk to Beth. She tells Barry to get whatever he’s wearing off of him after she touches it.


Grant goes back to STAR labs, and tells Cisco and Caitlin that Bette is a meta-human that can cause things to blow up. Cisco is upset about the suit blowing up. Barry tells the group that he doesn’t think Bette meant to hurt him. Wells realizes that Eiling wants Bette because she’s a meta-human. There’s a “must be Tuesday” joke, which is reminiscent of Buffy Once More with Feeling.


Joe is there to talk to Barry about Iris seeing the Streak. Joe is upset, and he tells Barry to talk to her about it again and to be more convincing. He wants Barry to talk to her about it now. So Barry is off, and he tries to tell her he doesn’t exist. Barry tells Iris that if he’s wearing a mask, hen the Streak doesn’t want his identity out. Iris says the point is for people to know he’s out there, and that he should want it to exist because of his whole life.


Cisco calls Barry to let him that Bette is off to see a doctor who performed surgeries on her. Cisco tells Barry to get to Bette before Eiling does. At the doctor’s place, Bette tells the doctor she remembers the doctor operating on her, and she blames him and Eiling for her condition.  Barry arrives just in time for the military to take a shot at Bette. Barry says he can help her if she agrees, he says the same thing happened to him. As the soldiers through in a flash grenade, Barry picks Bette up and runs out with her before the grenade can affect them.


Wells explains to Bette how she became a meta-human. Caitlin gives her clothes to protect the bomb magic, as she explains she had shrapnel in her body when the event happened. Caitlin and Bette are talking and Caitlin tells Bette she’s the second meta-human they’ve tested. Caitlin notices that Bette was shot, and there’s something in there. There was a tracker, and they realize that Eiling is on his way.


Once Eiling arrives, Eiling and Wells have a bit of a pissing match. Eiling says to hand Bette over before everything else is destroyed. Eiling says that he and Wells could have changed the world.


Cisco, Caitlin, Barry, and Bette are out testing Bette. Cisco says that she’s as strong as an plastique, and thus her new nickname. Bette asks if STAR Labs has helped Barry, and Barry says they’ve helped him control his abilities. He says his abilities allow him to help people, but he wouldn’t give up the powers. Just then Joe calls to tell Barry that Iris posted about the Streak again, but this time with her name. He realizes that if it gets out, a bad meta-human may target Iris thinking she knows something.


So, Barry suits up and pays a visit to Iris to talk to her about her blog. He distorts his voice and tells Iris he needs her to stop writing about him. She has questions, but he tells her he can’t tell her too much information. He tells Iris there’s more than she can understand, but she asks if he can stop. He says he doesn’t do it for the glory. Iris says that her friend had something happen to him as a kid and his whole life people have been laughing at him and he’s been searching for an explanation, and suddenly he’s lost his face, but the Streak is proof he wasn’t crazy. Iris asks for help to save his friend. Barry makes his face hard to see and tells Irish her friend is a lucky guy.


Barry goes back to STAR Labs, just in time for Caitlin to tell Bette that the shrapnel has merged with Bette on a cellular level. The tech to separate it hasn’t been invented yet. Bette is devastated and Cisco asks what’s next. Barry says that Bette should join them, but Caitlin and Wells say its too much of a risk. Wells says Eiling is dangerous and they don’t want him as an enemy. Barry reminds the group that they saved him, and Caitlin says she wants to save Bette as well.


Barry goes back to his office to find Joe reviewing the evidence in his mom’s case. Barry tells Joe that Iris is investigating the streak for him. Barry tells Joe the only real way to keep Iris safe is to tell her the truth. Joe realizes that Barry has feelings for Iris, and Barry panics. Joe tells Barry that he knows he’s been in love with Iris since he was old enough to know what love is. Joe tells Barry that when the universe wants to make something happen, there’s a way of figuring those things out.


Wells tells Bette that the accident that changed her put Wells in the chair. They both agree that they would do anything to get back what they lost, but Bette doesn’t know how. Wells tells her that every good person that was hurt that night is now part of Bette’s flock, and Eiling will not stop. Wells tries to convince Bette to stop Eiling by using her powers. It’s her last mission before she goes home. It’s a way to take care of two issues: not being able to “cure” Bette, and stopping Eiling.


Bette is waiting for Eiling and his soldiers to show up. She tells Eiling she’s ready to give herself up, but Eiling doesn’t believe her. Cisco tells Barry that Bette is turning herself in, but Barry realizes that isn’t true and is off to try and save her. Eiling tells Bette that she could help save the world. She throws some bombs at Eiling and his men. Barry arrives to try and stop her. He tells her being a solider doesn’t mean being a murdered. Eiling shoots her, and as Bette goes to tell Barry something about Wells, she dies. Barry then sees the purple in her veins, and Caitlin realizes she’s going to explode and the have to get her out of the city. Cisco tells Barry that he has to outrun the blast, or he’ll die too. So Barry lifts Bette and begins to run on water, taking her out to the ocean. He drops her, then speeds back toward Central City, managing to arrive before the blast can reach him.


Barry stops by Iris’s place to talk to her. He says he has something to tell her. He tells Iris he was working a case, and he though he could help a friend, but she died. He tells her as bad as he feels, losing her would be worse. He asks her one last time to please stop, and she asks him one last time what the truth is and why she’s the only one interested. Barry tells Iris that the stuff with his family, he’s put it behind him, and wants her to now too. She says it’s about something more than that now, and she’s not stopping until the rest of the world believes in him. Barry then tells Iris that maybe they shouldn’t see each other for a while then. I mean really, just tell her. She’s gonna be PISSED when she finds out.


Barry is at the bar when Caitlin and Cisco show up. Caitlin brewed a 500 proof alcohol so Barry could feel something. He almost immediately feels buzzed, but only for a few seconds. The voiceover says he can’t figure out why some people come in to our lives and why some friendships feel like they’ll last forever, and others end far too soon. Not every friendship is meant to last a lifetime, but what does last is the pain when that person is gone.

The epilogue shows Wells watching a human body on the screen. There’s a beeping happening and Wells spots Eiling in the elevator. Eiling tells Wells that he’s a step ahead. Eiling tells Wells he knows about Barry moving fast too. Eiling thinks they should start working together again. Wells says he will testify to Eiling’s activities that were less than human. Eiling tells Wells he figured out his secret and soon the public will as well.


There’s a flashback to 5 years before, and Eiling says they have the same goals, but not means. Wells tells Eiling he won’t have someone subjected to the same cruelty as before, and tells Eiling they’re done. Wells goes to a cage named “Grodd” and Wells tells Grodd that Eiling is gone and he has a whole different future in mind for Grodd. 

"Going Rogue" (Aired October 28, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Barry is running around Star Labs, playing multiple games with Cisco, Caitlin, and Wells when he gets a call about a robbery taking place. Some robbers on motorcycles and an eighteen-wheeler are overtaking an armored vehicle. One of the robbers shoots one of the guards, forcing Barry to abandon pursuit and take the guard to the hospital.


At the crime scene later, Joe informs Eddie that the truck was carrying a diamond that was on the way to the Central City Museum. Barry arrives to the scene and tells Chief Singh there were four perps, and that they used liquid nitrogen to try and break into the armored truck. Privately, he tells Joe he saw the face of Leonard Snart, whose dad was a Central City police officer.


Iris then shows up, because she heard reports of the Streak near the crime scene. Iris tells Barry she’s starting a blog about “The Streak,” but Barry warns her that blogging about The Streak is not safe. As he’s telling her about this, Felicity Smoke is in Barry’s office. Now, like I’ve said, I don’t watch “Arrow,” so a lot of Barry and Felicity’s interactions and knowing looks are lost on me.


Felicity and Barry talk a walk around the park, and Felicity assumes that Iris is Barry’s girlfriend. Apparently when Barry when to Starling City, Felicity and Barry had a talk about Iris. However, Barry informs Felicity that he and Iris are just friends. He asks why she’s visiting, and she tells him she knows that he is The Flash. She heard Oliver and Barry talking that night Barry went to Starling City to talk to Oliver. She wants to see his capabilities. He runs to the top of a building, takes a picture of Felicity and comes back. She notices his shoes are smoking, and he tells her about the suit that Cisco made for her and offers to take her to STAR labs.


At STAR labs, Felicity tells Cisco and Caitlin she knows Arrow. Caitlin is apprehensive about Felicity seeing all of their equipment, but Barry insists Felicity can be trusted. Felicity asks the team a bunch of questions, but before they can really answer, Barry tries to show off by running backward and ends up flying off the treadmill.


Felicity and Barry are off to the coffee shop to see Iris. Iris, thinking she sees a spark between Barry and Felicity, insists that they go on a double date to trivia night. Barry tries to tell Iris they are just friends, but Iris insists that Felicity likes him and Barry agrees to go to trivia.


At Snart’s super-villain hideaway, one of Snart’s cohorts shows Snart a weapon that is intended to slow down something. The guy tells Snart it was stolen from Star Labs. Snart tests the weapon out on the guy who stole it for him, ensuring that he won’t tell anyone else that he stole the weapon.


At the Central City Museum, Snart is on a tour when he gets to the diamond he tried to steal earlier. However, one of the museum employees notices that Snart took the tour twice and calls Joe to let him know that it may be the suspect they’re looking for.


On their trivia night “date,” Felicity shows up wearing an amazing dress and looking beautiful. Iris is so sure that Felicity likes Barry, and the two do seem to have an awesome chemistry. But Barry insists he’s not interested in Felicity. Eddie then gets the call from Joe requesting back up at the Central City Museum. Barry goes to leave too, and Felicity promises to cover for him with Iris.


At the museum, Joe catches up to Snart, but Snart shoots his weapon, creating ice. He’s about to shoot Joe when Barry shows up, taking the hit instead of Joe Barry tells Joe that it burns, but he’s still off and running. Barry runs through the museum moving people out of the way as Snart tries to shoot them. Snart is able to aim and kill one man before Barry can save him, fulfilling the warning Joe gave about Barry not being able to save everyone.


Back at Star Labs, Cisco tells Barry that he built the gun to achieve absolute zero in case they ever needed to stop someone like him. However, Cisco insists that he built the weapon before he knew Barry. Barry is upset that Cisco didn’t tell him about the weapon because he at least then could have had a head’s up, and now someone is dead. Query: What would a head’s up have done exactly? Barry was going as fast as he could. A little extra notice would not have saved that guy’s life, and while it sucks that he’s dead, getting mad at Cisco isn’t really a reasonable reaction.


That night when Joe gets home, Iris asks Joe how long he is going to give her the cold shoulder. Apparently he did the same thing when she applied to be a police officer. Joe tells Iris that now he can’t be 100% focused on his job because now he’s going to worry about something happening to Eddie for fear of it upsetting Iris.


Barry is on the treadmill running when Felicity comes to pay him a visit. Barry tells Felicity he can’t sleep because he watched that man die. Felicity tells Barry that it wasn’t Cisco’s fault. She tells him that Oliver’s team took a long time to come together and trust each other, and suggests not making his path any lonelier than it has to be.


Cisco shows up and has a way to stop Snart. Felicity is able to hack into Central City’s system and quickly track Snart using the signal from the weapon. Snart is about to leave the city on the train, so Barry suits up, but before he leaves he turns his earpiece off since he’s still pissy with Cisco.


Joe and Eddie arrive at the train station, and Joe tells Eddie to wait for back up. Eddie runs in anyway, telling Joe he’s his partner, not his assistant. Good thing Eddie is stubborn, because a few seconds later he saves Joe from being taken out by Snart. Barry arrives right as Snart gets on the train. Snart tells Barry that his weakness is to save other people. While Barry saves other people, Snart will save himself. Snart then causes the train to derail, and takes off. As the train is running off the tracks, Barry removes the passengers.


After saving the passengers, Barry goes after Snart again. He geos to shoot Barry, but Cisco and Caitlin show up with a larger gun saying he will shoot him. Snart decides not to shoot Barry. Cisco tries to get Snart to leave the diamond, but Snart says not to push his luck. It turns out, Cisco was using the vacuum cleaner.


Back at Star Labs, Cisco realizes that Snart must have deactivated the tracking signal on the weapon. Wells then tells Cisco not to create anything without his permission again, especially something that could harm Barry. It’s the first time Cisco has seen the darker side of Wells, and it shows that Wells’s façade does have a breaking point. I wonder how long until the rest of the team sees it as well...


At the police station, Iris visits Joe to apologize, but Joe confesses that Eddie saved him from being killed that night. He realizes he doesn’t need to worry about Eddie, that Eddie can handle himself. They agree to not keep anymore secrets from one another. You know, except for the HUGE one about Barry being The Flash.


On the train back to Starling City, Felicity is reading about “The Streak” when Barry shows up in the seat across from her. They lament over having feelings for people who don’t see them the same way. Barry and Felicity know they’re perfect for one another, but they just don’t feel that way about each other. Before he leaves, Barry kisses Felicity and it’s a sweet moment.

"The Thing You Can't Outrun" (Aired October 21, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Flashback: The Night of the Storm

The night the particle accelerator is set to start, Caitlin and her fiancé Ronnie are debating where to go on their honeymoon. Cisco warns Dr. Wells that a thunderstorm is coming in, but Wells seems unconcerned. Wells starts the particle accelerator, which it turns out Ronnie helped design and build. As Wells opens the champagne to celebrate, the champagne rises up out of the bottle before falling to the ground. Alarms begin to sound and it is clear that something has gone awry.


Cisco, Caitlin, and Wells realize the accelerator has to be manually shut down. Ronnie offers to do it since he is the lead engineer. Ronnie and Cisco get down to the accelerator and Ronnie tells Cisco that if he’s not back in 2 minutes to initiate shut down. Cisco refuses at first as there won’t be a way for Ronnie to get back, but Ronnie insists if Cisco doesn’t do it, everyone will die. After 2 minutes, Cisco shuts down the doors.


Caitlin runs down to the accelerator where Cisco tells Caitlin he had to lockdown the accelerator. Ronnie gets on the radio and tells Cisco he adjusted the accelerator so the energy would go up, not out. Caitlin tells Ronnie he needs to find another way out. He says the doors have to stay shut to protect her from the chain reaction. He then tells her that whatever happens, then there’s a flash and he’s gone.


Present Day

After seeing a movie with Barry, Iris shares with Barry her continued fascination with “The Streak.” Barry tries to dissuade her from writing about The Streak, but she gets a call from Eddie. Right then, Cisco calls Barry to let him know about a car chase. Barry is off to stop the perp, handcuff him, and place him in the police cruiser, returning before Iris is off the phone with Eddie.


Elsewhere, there’s a crime family meeting taking place in a restaurant. As the head of the family is talking, a green smoke begins to fill the room. As each person inhales the smoke they die, and eventually the entire family is dead.


The next morning, Barry tells Joe that he helped the cops with the arrest. Barry confesses that keeping his secret is harder than he thought. They go to Barry’s office, and Joe shows him the box of evidence from his mother’s murder, promising to go through the evidence again. Eddie shows up to tell them that the Darbinyan family has been murdered.


At the crime scene, Barry realizes the family was poisoned with gas. Eddie says the door was locked from the inside. Joe says that there should be a canister, but Barry explains to Joe they all started in the same spot and should have been affected at the same time, which means the gas attacked them.


At Star Labs, the team is on it and they’re excited. Joe says that they’re going to need to come up with a place to hold meta-humans because they can’t keep murdering the people. Cisco suggests that the particle accelerator be modified to make it a prison.


Joe is watching the interview of Barry’s father following the death of his wife. Henry Allen explains that there was lightening in the house, and when it went away, his wife was dead. Eddie knocks on the door, clearly to see Iris, but Joe is home so he comes up with a shitty lie. Fools! Joe is a detective and he’s going to see right through your bullshit! Eddie suggests that they revisit the crime scene, and when Joe goes to get his jacket, Eddie tells Iris he’s tired of hiding from Joe.


At STAR labs, Wells tells Cisco they can use the copper cavities to contain meta-humans. They’ll have to counteract meta-human abilities, but he thinks it could work. Wells can tell that it’s hard for Cisco to be back in the particle accelerator, but Cisco attempts to play it off.


In Barry’s lab, Barry asks Caitlin about Ronnie and why she never talks about him. She says Ronnie wasn’t even supposed to be there that night; he was only at the party to support Caitlin. Before she can say anymore, the test results come back and it turns out there was no residual gas in the victims. However, there were two strands of DNA and Caitlin and Barry realize that the meta-human is the gas.


Just then, there’s a call that a woman is dead after a gas attack at the mall. Caitlin begs Barry not to go, but Barry is off.  Barry arrives and finds the man in the hallway, and asks why he killed the woman. He responds that she deserved to die, and that he has one more name on the list. When Barry goes to hit the guy, he turns into smoke and gets into Barry’s lungs. Barry runs back to Star Labs, though he can barely breathe. He still has the poison in him and he tells them to extract it.


After he wakes up, Barry goes to see Joe to let him know about The Mist (so named by Cisco). It turns out the woman was a judge, so they are going through old cases to see who may have a motive.  Joe and Barry begin to talk about Barry’s dead, and Barry suggests that he can break his father out of jail. Joe tells Barry that breaking his dad out of jail means that his dad would be on the run the rest of his life. Joe tells Barry that the suit means he can save some people, but he can’t save everyone. There will be guilt when he can’t save someone or when he makes a mistake. Joe tells Barry there are some things you can’t fight, that you just have to live with.  


Barry goes back to Star Labs to talk to Caitlin. He tells her about his mother dying and how some days the pain he feels is the worse than the day she died. Caitlin tells Barry she’s been scared of going down to the particle accelerator, and he offers to go with her. Caitlin says that Ronnie saved lives that day and no one will ever know what he did. Barry says he knows and that Ronnie was a hero. Caitlin says she didn’t want Ronnie to be a hero, she wanted him to be her husband. I can’t tell if Caitlin and Barry are being set up to be a romantic thing or just really great friends.


Cisco comes down to the particle accelerator to tell Barry and Caitlin he figured out the gas is hydrogen cyanide mixed with a sedative. Barry recognizes that the sedative is one given to someone on death row. They do a search and find out that Nimbus was being executed the night of the storm. The reason his DNA wasn’t in the system is because he is supposed to be dead. Joe was the arresting officer on Nimbus’s case, and Barry realizes that Joe is the last person on Nimbus’s list. Before he leaves, Caitlin gives Barry an antidote she was able to develop in case the Mist got to him again.


Joe had decided to pay a visit to Iron Heights, the prison, to see Henry Allen. Henry wants to know why Joe is visiting him and Joe tells Henry he now knows he didn’t kill his wife. Joe tells Henry he is reopening his case and they will figure out who killed Nora. Joe apologizes for not believing him, but Henry says it’s ok because he always believed in Barry. Right then, the Mist shows up and kills the prison guard. He forms, and shows his identity to Joe. Henry watches the Mist infect Joe. Barry arrives, but he shakes his head so fast that his father can’t make out his face, though Henry recognizes the lightening from the night his wife was murdered. Barry uses the antidote and Joe tells him to go get Nimbus.


Barry confronts Nimbus in the street, and as he does so, Nimbus turns in to mist form. Wells tells Barry to keep the Mist coming at him as gas is the least stable type of matter, so keeping him in mist form will weaken him. Barry is sprinting, with the gas following him. After a few minutes of this, Nimbus reforms into human form. When Barry hits him, it knocks Nimbus out.


At the hospital, Barry tells Joe he could have gotten his dad out of prison that night, but he knows that wasn’t the right thing. Iris shows up with Eddie, and Barry leaves to let them talk to Joe. Iris begins to tell Joe that she and Eddie are dating, but he already knows (duh). Joe is pissed, but he tells Iris that it is going to be complicated. Iris tells Joe she likes him, and Joe says he’ll do his best not to shoot him.


At STAR labs, the Mist is in confinement. They’ve got a heavy-duty magnet containing him. Caitlin says they have to get used to working above a make shift prison filled with evil people with super powers.


Before they head back upstairs, Cisco wants to talk to Caitlin about the night Ronnie died. He wants to apologize. Caitlin tells Cisco she’s ok, and thinking about what Ronnie did to protect everyone made her love him more.


Epilogue: Wells is staring at the Flash suit when he flashes back to the night of the storm. Cisco radios upstairs to let him know that Ronnie saved the building by re-routing the system. Wells then goes into his super top-secret no-girls allowed room and watches the lightening strike Barry and says, “See you soon, Barry.” So did Wells plan for everything to go awry that night just to create The Flash?

"Fastest Man Alive" (Aired October 14, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

After saving people from a burning building, Barry returns to Star Labs where Caitlin yells at Barry for using his power to save people. Right, cause what else should he be doing? When she turns to Wells for support, he merely tells Barry to use caution. Then Barry receives a call from Joe, and Barry is off to solve his crime of the week.


At the crime scene, Eddie shows Joe and Captain Singh footage of one guy robbing the gun store, but Barry notices that there were 6 perps, all wearing the same size shoe. Back in his lab, Barry is manually performing tests (thanks to his new abilities), when he has a dizzy spell like he did after saving people from the fire. Iris then shows up and reminds Barry that they are supposed to be attending an award ceremony for Simon Stagg so that Barry can explain the science to Iris for her article.


At the award ceremony, Barry tells Irish that Stagg’s work in cloning allows for advancements in organ transplants. Iris says she misses hanging out with Barry, and Barry assures her it isn’t because of Eddie. Iris asks Stagg for a quote, but Stagg says no. Just then, six men walk in and begin shooting. Barry realizes it’s the same guys who robbed the gun store. When the security guard shows up, Barry turns on Flash mode, saves the security guard and tries to chase after the perps, but faints.


Barry comes to with Iris over him. He tells Iris that he went after them to try and get the license plates but he fainted. Back inside, Eddie and Joe are at the scene. Barry tells Joe he chased the gunmen because they were the same guys from before. Joe is not pleased and asks Barry to promise him not to go after any more perps.


At Star Labs, Caitlin is furious that Barry didn’t tell them about the dizzy spells. Barry starts running on the treadmill and they realize his glucose levels are messed up because he’s burning all of his energy. Cisco tells Barry he needs to consume more calories to keep up with his new metabolism.


Joe arrives at Star Labs and is not pleased that Barry has been helping people out around Central City. He’s worried for Barry’ safety, and that Barry shouldn’t be chasing criminals.  Barry reminds Joe that the police were helpless against the man who could control the weather, and they’ll be useless against other meta-humans as well. Joe doesn’t want to hear it and tells Barry is just a kid, his kid. Barry tells Joe that he’s not his kid and Joe is his father.


The gunman, Black, meets up with Stagg’s head of security because he’s mad that he wasn’t able to get to Stagg. The head of security refuses to allow Black closer to Stagg, and hits him. When he does so, the clones of Black pop out of his body and kills the head of security.


The next morning, Joe brings Barry skin samples from the head of security’s murder. As Joe is off to talk to Stagg, Iris shows up to remind Barry he was supposed to meet her to give her scientific background for her article. She wants to know what is going on with Barry, and he zooms around her so she can’t hear, saying he wants to tell her how he feels. Just then, the results come back showing that the cells from the murder scene are stem cells.


Meanwhile at Stagg Industries, Eddie and Joe tell Stagg that they believe he is in danger. Joe shows Stagg a picture of Danton Black. Stagg tells Joe and Eddie that Black was a researcher and not the killer. But Black and his clones show up just then. Joe tells Eddie to take Stagg out, and he’ll cover him. Joe sees Black clone himself. Barry shows up as the Flash and tells Joe to leave. When he refuses, Barry takes Joe outside. Barry then tries to fight Black, but isn’t able to.


After the altercation with Black, Wells fills everyone in on who they’re dealing with. Wells says that Black specialized in cloning, but Stagg stole his research. Wells says that if Black was working on the cloning when the dark matter hit, it would make sense that he can duplicate himself. Barry leaves, believing he can’t defeat one meta-human. Wells tries to tell him every enterprise has setbacks, but Barry thinks it was a mistake.


Joe once again asks Stagg if they can give him police protection, but Stagg says he increased his security. Wells is there and tells Stagg he’s pretending to be a humanitarian or philanthropist, and Stagg leaves. It turns out Wells is there to see Joe. Joe asks Wells if he knew what Barry could do, and Wells tells Joe he had his suspicions. Wells tells Joe that the next time Barry suits up he will run into danger, and as long as Joe continues to doubt Barry, Barry will doubt himself, and doubt is Barry’s biggest enemy. Wells, before he leaves, tells Joe he cares about Barry too.


Later that evening at the coffee shop, Barry tells Iris he’s sorry he’s been distant and a jerk. He tells Iris that he thought he had to do something important, but he was wrong and offers to help her with another article. But she tells him she wants to start writing about the streak. Iris says what if Barry was right about the night his mom died. Just then Caitlin calls to tell him to come to Star Labs.


Caitlin grew one of Black’s duplicates. The duplicates act as receivers. To shut down the duplicates, Barry needs to shut down Black. Caitlin says that Black will have weaknesses like Barry, so the one showing slow down will be Black. Joe shows up and tells Barry that Black is on his way to Stagg Industries and Barry is the only one who can stop him.


At Stagg Industries, Black and his duplicates show up and take out Stagg’s security detail. As Black goes to kill Stagg, Barry arrives and saves him. After a few minutes of fighting, Barry locates the real Black and takes him out, therefore stopping all the other clones. The real Black tries to attack Barry one more time, but ends up flying out the window. Barry tries to save him, but Black lets go killing himself.


In Barry’s lab, Joe brings him three pizzas. Joe tells Barry that he was wrong about not being able to help his dad, and that they are going to figure out who or what killed Barry’s mother and free his father from prison. Barry then tells Joe that he’s not his father, he’s just the man who kept him fed and in clothes, who sat beside his bed cause he was afraid of the dark, helped him with his homework, and taught him how to drive and shave, and dropped him off at college. It sounds a lot like a dad to Barry.


Epilogue: Wells pays a visit to see Stagg and they talk about the Flash. Stagg is fascinated by the Flash and what it would be like to harness the Flash’s power. Stagg says he wants to get the Flash. Wells tells Stagg he’s called the Flash, and stands up, and stabs Stagg. He tells Stagg that the Flash must be kept safe. 

"Pilot" (Aired October 7, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

The episode opens with a voice over from our hero Barry Allen, the fastest man alive. I hope this device isn’t used too frequently as it can be kind of annoying. There’s an immediate flashback to 14 years before, the night Barry’s mother was killed. Barry wakes up in the middle of the night and heads downstairs to find his mother caught in what appears to be some kind of electrical/lightening storm. In the chaos, Barry is able to make out a figure he thinks looks like a man. As Barry’s father is yelling at him to leave, Barry is transported out of the house and onto the street, with no explanation.


In present day, Barry is a forensic tech who is frequently late to crime scenes. On this particular day, the crime is a bank robbery, and the investigation is lead by Detective Joe West, the man who raised Barry after his mother was killed and his dad was sent to prison. Barry gets all Sherlock on the crime scene, and is able to deduce the make and model of the getaway car.


Back at the police station, Barry tells Joe that the feces found at the crime scene, along with the car, narrows the potential suspects down to three possible farms. After providing this information to Joe, Barry and Joe’s daughter and Barry’s love interest, Iris, are off to the ceremony celebrating the opening of the particle accelerator at Star Labs.


During the party, Barry almost tells Iris that he has feelings for her, but of course, it’s the first episode and this can’t happen too quickly. Instead, to demonstrate his affection, Barry runs after the thief that steals Iris’s bag. However, he is unable to stop the man, and instead, the thief is caught by a new, young, handsome police officer Eddie Thawne.


Following this incident, Barry is back in his office at Central City police department. He’s staring at the board he has with articles involving his mother’s death and his father’s subsequent arrest. He notices from the window that there is an electrical cloud rising from Star Labs. The cloud continues to rise, sending a lightening cloud through the city. A lightening bolt strikes right through Barry’s office, hitting Barry.


Elsewhere, Joe and his partner are investigating a farm where the bank robbery suspects may be hiding out. After finding the getaway car, the two suspects shoot at Joe and his partner, managing to hit and kill Joe’s partner. As they’re in their getaway plane, the lightening storm comes and takes out their plane.


Nine months after the electrical storm, Barry awakes from a comma to find himself in Star Labs. He’s been taken care of by Dr. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramone, two Star Labs employees. Somehow, Barry is able to immediately get out of bed and start walking around. Dr. Caitlin informs us this is because Barry’s cells are in a constant state of regeneration. Harrison Wells, the owner of Star Labs then arrives to introduce himself to Barry. The incident with the particle accelerator left Wells in a wheelchair, 17 people dead, more injured, and Star Labs condemned.


Wells tells Barry that after 45 minutes, there was an anomaly with the accelerator creating a storm cloud of energy that went through the city. When Wells found out that Barry had been struck by a lightening bolt, he offered to take care of him. Wells also informs Barry that every time he went into cardiac arrest, the hospital experienced power outages. Barry is in a bit of shock, and decides to leave Star Labs to go let Iris and Joe know he is alright.


Barry goes to the local coffee shop and finds Iris working there. This is either an extremely lucky guess, or Iris was working there before Barry went into his coma. She’s thrilled to see Barry awake. As they’re reuniting, another waitress drops a tray, and everything slows down for Barry. This disturbs him and he tells Iris he’ll catch up with her later.


Barry is off to see Joe at the police station. They’re only able to catch up for a few minutes before Joe receives notice another bank robbery has taken place. Like with previous robberies that month, a storm proceeded the robbery. (We actually see the robbery, and see that the robber was able to create this storm.) Joe and his new partner, the attractive Eddie Thawne, are off to investigate the robbery. When Joe and Eddie leave, Barry is left at the station. He notices a couple of other officers with a wild suspect who reaches for one of the officer’s guns. Again, time slows down for Barry and he runs over and is able to keep the suspect from getting the gun, without attracting attention from anyone else. After this, Barry goes outside and his arm and hand are shaking, but he’s kind of jazzed. He then takes off running at high speeds, only coming to a stop when he runs straight into a laundry van.


Barry, having reported these newfound skills to the Star Labs crew, meets up with Cisco, Dr. Caitlin and Harrison at an empty airport runway. They want to perform tests on his capabilities. As Dr. Caitlin is doing some pre-test check ups, we find out that her fiancé was killed the night of the electrical storm. After a bit more conversation, Barry is off and running. Cisco clocks Barry at over 300 MPH. As he’s running though, Barry has a flashback to the night his mother was killed. These visions cause him to lose his concentration, and he crashes into some barrels of water.


Back at Star Labs, Caitlin tells Barry that he broke his wrist in the crash, but that due to his ability to regenerate, his wrist has already healed. Harrison could tell that something caused Barry to lose focus, and he tells the Star Labs clue about the night his mother died, and the man he saw in the electrical storm.


Barry heads back to the coffee shop to visit Iris. He gets there just in time to see Iris and Eddie kiss. On a walk, Iris asks Barry not to tell her father that she and Eddie are dating. Barry tells Iris he doesn’t like to lie to Joe. As they’re talking, Barry notices that there’s a car headed their way, being chased by a police car. The police car spins out, but Barry with his newfound skills, is able to save himself and Iris from harm’s way. As the other car drives by, Barry get a glimpse of the driver, and it’s the storm-creating bank robber. Barry takes off after the car, and the bank robber gets into an accident. He exits the car, and then creates a storm, trapping Barry in the clouds. The storm allows the suspect to get away.


Joe and Eddie show up at the scene, and Barry tries to tell Joe that the bank robber is Clyde Martin, one of the brothers who robbed the bank 9 months before, the same day of the electrical storm. Joe tells Barry that the Martin brother died. Barry tries to convince Joe of what he saw, and that Clyde Marin is capable of creating a weather storm. Joe refuses to believe him, and says that Barry is creating stories like he did when he was a kid about his mother’s death. Barry leaves, unhappy that Joe doesn’t believe him. Right then, Eddie walks up with the sketch of the suspect from a witness to the robber, and it turns out, it is Clyde Martin. Bet Joe feels like an ass now, huh?


After finding that he was not the only one affected by the storm, Barry returns to Star Labs infuriated. Harrison tells Barry they don’t know for sure if others were affected by the storm or how, thought they think it’s likely. The Star Labs team calls these people “meta-humans.” Barry insists that he needs to use his capabilities to stop Clyde Martin, but Harrison tells Barry that it isn’t his job to stop Clyde Martin or others. Instead, Harrison wants to use Barry as a potential wealth of genetic material to help solve other medical problems.


None too happy with this information, Barry takes off running toward Starling City. There, he meets with his friend Oliver Queen, and thus begins a scene that I don’t fully understand as I don’t watch “Arrow.”  Queen encourages Barry by telling him he can make a difference. This sends Barry back to Star Labs, where he tells Caitlin and Cisco there have an increase in attacks caused by meta humans. He says he has to stop Martin and other meta-humans who are using their capabilities for bad. Caitlin and Cisco are on board, and in fact, Cisco even has a suit ready for Barry.


At the Martin brother’s Farm, Eddie and Joe are searching for Clyde. As Joe goes to arrest Clyde, Clyde tells Joe and Eddie he is God. Clyde then creates a giant tornado, headed to the center of Central City. To stop him, Barry suggest he run in the opposite direction. Cisco tells Barry he’ll have to run over 700 MPH, but Barry is up to the challenge. While Barry is able to do some damage, Clyde ends up throwing some weather at Barry, knocking him down. Just as Barry thinks he won’t be able to stop Clyde, Harrison gets on the comm and tells Barry that he is right and they need to stop the meta-humans. This is the motivation Barry needs, and he’s able to bring Clyde to a stop. Just as Clyde is about to come after Barry, Joe shoots and kills him.


The next morning, Joe apologizes to Barry for not believing him about Clyde Martin or his mother’s death. Joe is also able to deduce that Barry’s new found powers are a result of the lightening bolt. Joe is accepting, but makes promise he won’t tell Iris about what he can do as a means of protecting her. I don’t understand this logic, but there has to be mystery somewhere.


Barry goes to see his dad in prison. He tells his dad he knows he didn’t kills his mom, and now he thinks he has the ability to prove it to everyone else. Barry makes a promise to his dad that he will clear his name.


At Star Labs, Wells heads into his secret/hidden lair.  Once inside, he stands up out of his wheelchair and walks. He then uses his hand to bring up a headline from April 25, 2024 that says “Flash Missing Vanishes in Crisis.” I think we now know there was some time traveling going on when Barry’s mother was murdered: either Barry himself or Wells.