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Part Time Superhero Podcast

Episode 13 - The Big Lebowski

Samantha Wessel

In this week’s episode, return guest Truman Capps (co-host of the “Grunt Work” podcast) does his best to convince Sam her opinions on “The Big Lebowski” are wrong. Along the way, they get distracted talking about Matthew McCounaghey, Mark Wahlberg, and the inconsistencies of Peter Dinklage’s accent. 

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Jim Goza

Episode 12 - Black Mirror

Samantha Wessel

This week, Sam is joined by her friend Meghan Wescombe, to talk about the latest season of Black Mirror. They recap the season and get very invested in the shortcomings of “Arkangel” and fall hard for “Hang the DJ”


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Meghan Wescombe: 




Jim Goza

Episode 11 - Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Special

Samantha Wessel

In the return of the Part-Time Superhero, Sam and her guest, Landen Celano (co-host of the Grunt Work Podcast) exchange belated holiday gifts, discuss the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas special, Sam's excitement for Jodie Whittaker as the new Doctor, and Sam's intense feelings about Steven Moffat

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Jim Goza

Episode 7 - The "1989" Episode!

Samantha Wessel

Sam and her roommate Meghan sit down and talk about Taylor Swift's newest album "1989!" They go through track by track while Sam discovers the secret messages in Taylor's songs and they try to figure out who the heck the songs are about! There's also some The Walking Dead spoilerage and Meghan and Sam brag about their awesome Thanksgiving kick-assery!


Links to articles mentioned in intro:

Misheard Lyric Article :

Buzzfeed 18 Times Taylor Was Right:

2AM References (pre "1989" & "Red"):

"Bood Blood" meaning:


Episode 4 - Subliminal Farts

Samantha Wessel

Sam is joined by her friends Ryan (and later her friend Rob) to talk about late night tv, Sarah Silverman, Paul Thomas Anderson, Dunkin’ Donuts advertising, fart noises, and plenty of other random things! Things get weird!

Episode 3 - Girl Talk

Samantha Wessel

Episode 3 of the Part Time Superhero Podcast is FINALLY here! Sam and her friend Emily sit down to discuss "Sherlock," the celeb nude photo leak, women in TV and movies, how rom coms and nerd culture may be poisonous, and why it's important to keep talking about this stuff!


As a follow up to this podcast, check out the "Time" piece on Jennifer Lawrence's decision to pose for Vanity Fair: