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Once Upon a Time

"Fall" (Aired November 30, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

I hesitate to write this recap in my current state, as I’m even more frustrated with OUAT than normal. Once again, Hook is keeping a secret from Emma that if he just told her THEY WOULD FIND A SOLUTION! And there’s ANOTHER. STUPID. SPELL. I GET IT! Magic destroys Storybrooke. Again. And again. And again. But-but-but it’s different this time you see cause now the good guys are gonna be bad. WHO THE HELL CARES I ASK?!? The shtick is getting old because we all know that they’re going to solve the problem and everyone is going to end up happily ever after. My suggestion: end the show. It’s too repetitive. I can’t tell if I’m watching this point out of obligation, frustration, or just so I can be a sarcastic dick in these recaps. Whatever the case may be, I suppose we should get into it.


So the episode opens with the Spell of Shattered Sight headed toward the Storybrooke. After our main group of heroes realize they won’t be able to outrun the spell (despite Charming’s GENIUS idea to hide underground. Right, cause hiding from magic works so well. Good thinking there, Charming), everyone begins running around trying to prepare themselves for the arrival of the spell. And, really, if I wanted to I could my end recap there. But I guess I’ll keep going.


After Charming tries to leave via the ice wall, Emma and Elsa are off to visit Belle, with Anna’s newly rediscovered necklace. (When Charming failed miserably to scale the wall, it caused a crack in the ice allowing Elsa to retrieve her once assumed lost necklace.) Belle tells Emma and Elsa that they may be able to reverse the Shattered Sight spell if they can get a piece of someone who has been affected by the spell. No, OUAT didn’t get “The Walking Dead,” on us. Belle suggests something like a piece of hair. So Elsa and Emma use a locator spell and Anna’s necklace to try and track down Anna. They follow the necklace to the tunnels below the library, only to find their path blocked by some rumble. Rather than using their now controllable magic, Emma decides to go form a plan that won’t work with everyone else.


Rumple, who will apparently be unaffected by the spell, tells Ingrid that he won’t kill her if she allows him to leave Storybrooke with Belle and Henry. Naturally she agrees, so Rumple is off to force Hook to continue to do his bidding, since he’s got his heart and all. Ingrid agrees, so Rumple is off to get Hook in on the plan as well.


Meanwhile at Granny’s, Belle and the fairies are doing their best to counteract the Shattered Sight spell without Anna’s hair. However, Rumple does not want this to happen as he’s going to need the fairy’s magic in the hat to free himself of the dagger and leave Storybrooke. Query: why can’t he let the fairies do their magic, then capture them and leave Storybrooke? Oh right, cause this show makes no sense and Rumple is evil.  Rumple tells Hook that while he removes Belle from Granny’s, Hook will need to go in with the hat and absorb all of the fairies. Unhappy with this solution, Hook goes to tell Emma and the Charmings the situation he’s in. KIDDING! He agrees to do it cause he forgot honesty is the best policy.


At the library, Emma, Elsa, the Charmings, Grumpy, and Regina are trying to figure out how to unblock the path. Regina insists they have no time and that magic needs to be used. Charming, after a phone call with Belle, tells the group that the Fairies need Anna’s necklace to stop the Shattered Site spell, which means they won’t be able to locate Anna. When Emma tells Elsa this, Elsa hands Emma the bag. Emma checks the bag to make sure the necklace is inside and goes to Granny’s because even though Elsa has been looking for Anna for a long time, she decided to sacrifice her search for people she didn’t know. OH NO WAIT- Emma went on good faith that the necklace was in the bag and went to Granny’s even though Elsa kept the necklace and went back to the blocked path to continue to find Anna.


Meanwhile in Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff suddenly unfreeze. As they’re forming a plan to find Rumple and the urn, Hans and his brothers show up as they are no also unfrozen. They try to take Anna and Kristoff hostage, but the couple manages to escape. Anna tells Kristoff she read in her mother’s journal about a pirate named Black Beard who has a wishing star that he may be willing to sell to Anna. This Wishing Star may be able to help Anna and Elsa reunite.


Down at the docks, Anna and Kristoff quickly find Black Bear, who is now somehow captaining the Jolly Roger. When Anna tries to make an offer to buy the Wishing Star, Hans and his brothers once again show up. This time, they take Anna and Kristoff out to the spot where her parents died. Now tell me, how does he know it is the same spot? They were lost in a storm and it’s not like Arendelle has GPS to let everyone know where the ship went down. While at sea, Hans tells Anna and Kristoff that they have all been frozen for 30 years. (How does Hans know this? Who the heck knows.) So now, we, the audience, know that these events are happening concurrently with the events unfolding in Storybrooke. Anyway, as Hans and Black Beard load Kristoff and Anna in a box that they’re going to throw overboard, Black Beard tells Anna that he sold her parents the Wishing Star, much to Anna’s shock.


Back in Storybrooke, Regina takes Henry to the Mayor’s office. She seals Henry in the office so that no one can get to him when the Shattered Sight arrives. As she leaves the office, she runs in to Robin. They share a romantic moment, and he tells her that he doesn’t fear her. Regina assures Robin that he should fear her, and she tells him she’s going to seal herself in her vault to protect the town from her. Ummm….if she’s sealing herself in, won’t she just be able to use her own magic and unseal herself? NOTHING MAKES SENSE.


Emma finds Elsa as Elsa blasts through the blocked tunnel. The two find themselves on the beach in Storybrooke, and the locator spell on the necklace goes away. Elsa is devastated and grasps the necklace tightly, apologizing to Anna and wishing they were together. AND THEN I REALIZED I AM A DUMMY AND THAT THE NECKLACE IS THE STUPID WISHING STAR. This wish, because it was pure, causes the box that Anna and Kristoff were about to drown in to come to the shore. And then it’s the happiest reunion ever. Anna and Elsa are overjoyed to find one another. The bottle that their mother put a note in also pops up, though no one seems to notice. (Also side note, go me for mentioning in the first recap that that stupid bottle wouldn’t make it to shore in a bloody storm.)


Emma, the Frozen sisters, and Kristoff head toward Granny’s, only to find that the Fairies are all gone. Emma assumes it is the work of Ingrid, though Hook is hiding behind the counter feeling shitty about what he has done. Hook goes to talk to Rumple, asking if he’s done with doing Rumple’s evil bidding, but Rumple tells him not yet. What else does Rumple need? Rumple also tells Hook to enjoy his last day alive.


Emma and the Frozen gang head to the Sheriff’s Office to tell Snow and Charming that the Shattered Sight spell is going to happen. Snow and Charming have Emma lock them up in the cells so they don’t turn on her. Snow and Charming assure Emma they trust her and believe in her. They also give Emma the responsibility of watching Baby Neil. However, Kristoff and Anna aren’t chained up. Is this because the spell can’t affect Anna again? I’m confused. Hook shows up to tell Emma he wanted to see her one more time and they share a sweet kiss. And then, the Shatters Sight falls on Storybrooke. One quick question: is the wishing star a “one and done” type of deal? Or could they make another wish to reverse the spell? Or is that too advanced thinking for the OUAT characters? Perhaps I’m too harsh.