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Once Upon a Time

"The Snow Queen" (Aired November 9, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Ok, so this episode gets a little personal for me. The Duke of Wesseleton is introduced, and like in Frozen, he is referred to as Weasleton. As someone who has the last name of Wessel I would like to say WESSEL DOES NOT HAVE AN A IN IT! It’s not close to being weasel, and it’s an easy joke that isn’t even that funny. Now, I don’t like the character of the Duke of Wesselton, but calling him a Weasel isn’t funny.  Ok, enough about that. Let’s just go back to the ridiculousness of this show.

 Arendelle Flashback

A young Ingrid (apparently Brighton Sharbino can only play little crazy children ala Lizze in "The Walking Dead",) Helga, and Gerda are all playing with a kite when a man comes up and tries to kidnap Helga and Gerda. When Ingrid tries to stop him, she shoots out her ice magic, causing a branch to fall off a tree and kill the man. Completely undisturbed by the fact that their sister just killed a man, Gerda and Helga promise Ingrid they will help her control her powers. They take ribbons from the kite and tie them around their wrists, promising to always be there for one another.


Years later, Gerda, and Helga are all getting dressed for their father’s 70th birthday, but Ingrid doesn’t trust herself or her powers to attend. Helga mentions that her new suitor, the Duke of Wesselton, will be attending. At the party, Wesselton and Helga dance, and Gerda dances with another guy. Ingrid watches from afar, jealous of the freedom her sisters have, and she begins to cause snowflakes to form around her.  After the party, Gerda and Helga find Ingrid packing, preparing to leave them. Helga reminds Ingrid of the promise they made to never abandon one another. Gerda suggests that they pay a visit to Rumpelstiltskin to figure out a way to control Ingrid’s powers.


So, the three sisters are off to find Rumple. Rumple offers to give Ingrid lessons to control her magic, and she accepts because it’s the rational thing to do. Oh wait, that’s what a thinking person would do. I forgot we’re dealing with characters on “One Upon a Time.” Instead, Ingrid refuses, and instead takes gloves which will restrain her magic, and the urn which will capture her if she gets a little out of control. In return, Rumple asks for the sisters’ ribbons that symbolize their bond. Rumple tells them that with enough love, ordinary objects can possess their own special kind of magic. Though Gerda and Helga resist, Ingrid insists she needs the gloves and the urn, and so they reluctantly hand their ribbons over to Rumple.


Following their visit to Rumple, Ingrid is sitting in a gazebo when the Duke of Wesselton approaches. He begins to hit on Ingrid, but she resists because Helga loves him. Helga comes upon the scene and the Duke lies to her, telling Helga Ingrid tried to make a move on him. Helga sees right through his lies and tells him to go away. When he tries to grab Helga, Ingrid shoots her freezing magic, but it hits Helga instead of Wesselton. Wesselton promises about 30 times that he’ll tell everyone that she’s a witch and runs away. When Ingrid goes to touch Helga, she crumbles and falls apart. Just then, Gerda approaches and somehow is able to make out the shape of Helga in the pile of ice. Gerda, apparently refusing to believe it was a mistake, uses the urn to capture Ingrid. Gerda then pays a visit to the rock trolls, asking them to cast a spell through the realm to remove the memory of Helga and Ingrid. Seems reasonable. I mean, in a land with rock trolls, how could there possibly also be someone with magic? Rock trolls, fine. But a witch, Heaven forbid.



Ingrid shows up in town in her Snow Queen dress. I’m not sure why Ingrid and Elsa insist on wearing the least practical wardrobe of all time, but alas, they do. Anyway, Ingrid heads to the top of the clock tower and makes a mirror appear.


In the sheriff’s department, Emma shows Elsa the scroll she found with a spell. It turns out, the spell will take away some of Ingrid’s power. I don’t know if they’ve seen Ingrid, but she’s kind of difficult to take power away from, so I don’t buy it. The two try to experiment, but it doesn’t go well. And even though the spell took about 10 seconds to try, this is too time consuming as Emma tells Elsa they’ll have to attempt it again later because Emma is off to go baby sit Baby Neil.


When Emma goes to pick up Neil from Snow, she finds Snow at a first-time mother’s class. OUCH. Emma tries to tell Snow it is ok as Snow didn’t really get any baby time with Emma. As Snow and Emma are talking to two other new moms, Emma is holding Neil’s bottle. Her jealousy causes the bottle to boil. Luckily, David calls Emma to tell her he needs her assistance.


Elsa and Emma run to the top of the clock tower and cast their spell on Ingrid, which results in Ingrid being handcuffed. Ummm…. that’s a little too easy. Ingrid has a plan, and I’m guessing being “caught” by Elsa and Emma is part of the plan. Emma and Elsa take Ingrid to the sheriff’s office and begin to ask her questions about Anna. Ingrid tries to tell Elsa to forget about Anna since Anna is the reason Elsa was in the urn, but Elsa refuses to believe this. When Elsa starts to get upset, Emma sends Elsa to help David and Hook figure out Ingrid’s mirror. Then Emma tells Ingrid she knows about her plan to have she, Elsa, and Ingrid become a family. Emma tells Ingrid that what Ingrid wants isn’t going to happen, but Ingrid insists that it will. Ingrid tells Emma that she’s going to let her go.


At the clock tower, Hook, David, and Elsa are trying to figure out Ingrid’s mirror. It’s like they’re looking for some switch to turn it off cause that’s how magic works. When Belle gets there, she tells the group that it isn’t the same mirror she away in Ingrid’s ice cave. They then rush to the sheriff’s office, realizing Emma may be in danger, but find that Ingrid has frozen the doors shut with her magic.


Inside, Ingrid tries to convince Emma that Snow and Charming could have kept Emma if they wanted to. Ingrid asks how often she’s felt more like a savior than a daughter. She’s playing on Emma’s deepest fears and concerns, tells Emma that her family cannot love what they don’t understand. Emma becomes so angry, she slams her hands on the desk, causing part of the sheriff’s department wall to blow apart. Ingrid stands up and removes the chains, showing that she did in fact WANT to be captured to provoke this reaction from Emma.


After the explosion, the rest of the group runs over to check on Emma. She tells them that she caused the explosion and warns them to stay away as she’s not sure how to control her magic. As she goes to leave, Hook tries to stop her. In response, Emma accidentally shoots out her magic, causing an electrical pole to fall and hit Charming. Snow, caught up in the moment, says Emma’s name with shock and horror. This is the fear Ingrid spoke of, and it is Emma’s fear. Emma leaves, while Ingrid watches the events unfold with a satisfied smile on her face.


After the incident with Emma, Hook, Charming, Snow, and Elsa all regroup at Charming and Snow’s apartment. Elsa tells them that Emma saw fear on their faces, and Elsa knows what it’s like to feel as if you’re family doesn’t trust you. Snow is upset with herself, telling Charming that they failed as parents that day.


Meanwhile, Ingrid pays a visit to Rumple who is impressed by Ingrid’s ability to mess with Emma’s head. Ingrid tells Rumple she’s finally ready to make a deal. She wants her the ribbons she and her sisters shared. In exchange, she’ll give Rumple the information he needs to free himself from the power of the dagger and to travel outside of Storybrooke and keep his powers. She wants Rumple gone because she wants Storybrooke. She tells Rumple what he needs by whispering it in his hear, and he seems a little too eager to do it. My guess is it has something to do with harming Hook since Rumple hates him so much.


Regina and Robin have their own, repetitive storyline. Regina once again tells Robin that he needs to forget about her to try and save Marian. After this conversation, Regina reads through the storybook. Henry stops by to check on Regina, and she tells him that her full concentration will be on Operation Mongoose.


After meeting with Regina, Robin has a conversation with Will Scarlett at Granny’s. There, Will tells Robin that true love is worth fighting for, giving Robin the motivation he needs to go tell Regina he loves her. He pays another visit to her crypt where he tells Regina he’s tired of living by his self imposed code and he kisses her. Great. Maybe now they’ll have Marian’s son try to save Marian? I’m kidding, that would be too practical.