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Once Upon a Time

"Family Business" (Aired November 2, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

This episode just further cemented my stance on OUAT: EVERYONE IS DUMB! The Snow Queen's mission is kind of silly. Regina is being silly. And no one can think for more than two seconds. GAH!

Enchanted Forest & Arendelle

The episode begins with Belle and her mother (who is never named, though IMDB tells me her name is Collette) trying to save the library before the ogres attack. Because you know…priorities. Right as the ogre is about to attack Belle and her mother, everything goes to black and then Belle wakes up as if from a horrible nightmare. When she wakes up, she finds that her mother s in fact dead. When she asks her father what happened, he tells her she doesn’t need to know. So she starts to read about creatures that can restore her memories, but her father tells her she can’t leave her room until she’s better. Better from what you ask? Who the hell knows. But Belle is stubborn, and she decides to head to Arendelle to see the rock trolls to get answers.


Meanwhile, Anna herself is off to see the rock trolls, as she doesn’t believe that the Snow Queen, Ingrid, is really her mother’s sister. Belle and Anna meet and become fast friends, and Anna agrees to help Belle get to the rock trolls.


Once there, the horrible CGI rock troll gives Belle a rock which he promises will restore her memories. Pretty easy. Anna then asks about Ingrid, and GranPappy rock roll tells Anna that her mother had two sisters, Ingrid and Helga. However, the entire realm was given a memory potion to forget about Ingrid and Helga after they disappeared without a trace and explanation.  Anna fears Ingrid may try to harm Elsa, so she tries to race back to the castle.


However, on the way back, a storm starts, and Anna knows it is Ingrid. Just then, a huge rumble sends Belle and Anna flying in different directions. Belle’s memory rock lies out of her pocket and on the edge of the cliff. She tries to retrieve the memory rock before coming to Anna’s rescue, but the rock slips off and shatters. Before Belle can help Anna, Anna falls from the ledge. Just then, Snow Queen Ingrid arrives, having overheard Anna’s suspicions. Anna takes the box that captures magic from Anna, and tells Belle that it is family business and she and Anna disappear.


Upon returning home, Belle’s father tells her that Collette died protecting Belle. He then tells Belle that the ogres are advancing. Belle decides she needs to summon a powerful wizard who may be able to help them. She knows magic always comes with a price, but sometimes to be the hero you have to sacrifice everything to save the people you love


Anna awakens up to find herself in prison and Snow Queen Ingrid shows Anna she now has the box to strip away her magic. Ingrid tells Anna that she’s going to show Elsa the box and tell Elsa that Anna planned to use the box to take away Elsa’s magic. When Anna tells Ingrid she knows about Helga, Ingrid says some secrets are better left buried. She then tells Anna she wants a family to embrace her for who she is, and that she and Elsa are going to form a new family and find someone to replace her: Emma.



Emma shows Snow, Regina, Belle, Henry, Rumple, and Charming the video of Snow Queen Ingrid as Emma’s foster mother. Emma wonders if Rumple knows how Ingrid made Emma forget about Ingrid, but Rumple claims to not know. They decide to break in to smaller groups to try and track down Ingrid and dig up information. Elsa asks Belle if she can go with her to the library to research, and Belle, because of her guilt, reluctantly agrees.


Elsa is digging through the books but grows increasingly frustrated when she’s not able to find even a mention of Arendelle. Belle tries to assure Elsa, and insist that the thing that separated them was beyond Elsa’s control. Elsa seems like she’s about to give up on searching for Anna, Belle promise Elsa she will see Anna again, and tells Elsa she’ll be back after she takes care of something.


In the woods, the search party finds Ingrid’s ice cream truck. Inside, Emma finds a file full of things from when she was a child such as report cards, thank you cards, etc. It is apparent Emma and Ingrid were mutually fond of one another and had quite the relationship. Emma also finds some kind of scroll with hieroglyphs she can’t read.


Robin tries to talk to Regina about his remaining feelings for her. But once again, Regina tells Robin that he needs to fall back in love with Marian if he wants to try and save her. Regina insists that Robin forget about her. Or, you know, they could get Marian’s son to try to kiss her, but NO ONE EVER LISTENS TO ME!


Meanwhile, Rumple finds Ingrid walking through the woods. He tells Ingrid Emma knows Ingrid used to be her foster mother, but Ingrid says she wanted Emma to find out. Rumple once again offers to make a deal with Ingrid, but she refuses. Rumple wants something from the Snow Queen, but the Snow Queen knows that to get what he wants, he needs her power. Until he has leverage, she warns him to stay out of her way.


Belle is about to leave to try and find the Ingrid, with a pickaxe, when Rumple returns to his store. She tells Rumple she needs to head to the north woods to fix a mistake she made. When Rumple refuses to go with her, Belle pulls out the dagger to command Rumple to go. He tells her that he gave Belle the dagger because he trusted that she would never control him. She says if he won’t go willingly, then she has no choice.


Begrudgingly, Rumple takes Belle to Snow Queen Ingrid’s hideout.  Belle tells Rumple to stay as look out. Belle thinks Ingrid has the hat that can suck the magical power out of people. She thinks if she finds that, she’ll be able to help find Anna.  When Rumple asks why Belle wants to help, she tells him that a hero always helps out strangers.


Inside the Snow Queen’s cave, Belle hears someone talking to her, and finds a mirror. Belle’s reflection starts talking to Belle, reflecting her deepest fears. The reflection tells Belle that the dagger she has does not actually control Rumple. When Rumple comes in to tell Belle the Snow Queen is returning, Belle takes a swipe at Rumple, and he magics them back to his shop. When Belle tries to get Rumple to admit he didn’t listen to her command, he reminds her that she told him to keep watch, which is what he did. When Belle realizes she cut Rumple, she’s devastate and tells him that something came over her when she looked in the mirror.  Rumple assures Bell the mirror lied to her. Belle then comes clean to Rumple, telling him she met Anna and it’s her fault Ingrid took Anna. She says that she should have never kept a secret from him since he would never keep one from her. I’m sorry, but does Belle not know who she is married to?


Rumple pays another visit to the Snow Queen to discuss about her mirror. Rumple tells the Snow Queen that she won’t be allowed to hurt the people he cares about. She won’t promise who may or may not survive. Rumple shows the Snow Queen that he has the hat of power. He tells the Snow Queen that she may want to reconsider her position so she doesn’t become part of the hat.


Meanwhile, Elsa’s research has finally paid off when she finds that Ingrid is her aunt. Elsa finds that her mother, Gerda, had two sisters. Hook points out that one sister, Helga, looked just like Emma. Elsa then reads the scroll Emma found, and finds it says the Savior shall become Ingrid’s sister. Elsa thinks Ingrid is trying to replace her sisters with herself and Emma. Just then, Belle shows up to apologize to Elsa and tell her she had in fact met Anna. Belle says she doesn’t know where she is now, but they have a more pressing concern. She tells them about the mirror that can do terrible things such as cast the spell of shattered sight. This spell will make everyone in Storybrooke turn on one another, with no one left except Ingrid, Elsa, and Emma as the perfect family.