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Once Upon a Time

"The Apprentice" (Aired October 19, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

So, I must say that as a child, Fantasia was one of my least favorite Disney movies. For some reason, it freaked me out, and realizing that this episode was based on it, I wasn’t too happy about it. I knew the episode wasn’t going to scare me, but I just didn’t want an entire hour of references to a movie I didn’t like. And yes, the “Once Upon a Time” writers should cater exclusively to me.



The episode opens with an older, magical looking dude sweeping. We find out he’s the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The Apprentice takes a swing at Rumple, but misses. Rumple goes for that box that was on his desk. The Dark One lifts his mask and we find it isn’t Rumple at all, but rather his predecessor, Zoso. As Zoso goes go grab the box, he’s thrown back by some spell. The Apprentice tells Zoso that no one who has ever succumbed to the darkness in his heart will succeed in taking the box.


Anna pays a visit to Rumple and asks for information on why her parents came to see him. He promises to tell her what her parents asked if she pours a potion in the tea of a man who lives at the foot of the mountains. Rumple has Anna sign a contract, which she apparently does as we see her next at the house of the Apprentice. After meeting him, she decides not to pour the potion in his tea, as she’s fearful of killing him.


Anna reports back to Rumple, telling him she poured the potion in. It turns out, the potion was an antidote to the poison Rumple gave the Apprentice the day before. Anna wants to go save him, but Rumple shows Anna that it is too late. Through his crystal ball, we see the Apprentice transform into a mouse. (I hope this is the only Mickey Mouse reference we have to deal with on this show).


It turns out Rumple didn’t want Anna to poison the Apprentice. He wanted Anna to face her inner darkness and defeat it. He needs her in order to retrieve the box his predecessor tried to get his hands on. When he threatens to put Anna in prison, she puts a sword to his chest and considers killing him. But it’s Anna, and she can’t follow through. When she cries, Rumple catches her tear on his dagger, which he needs to break the spell and get the box containing the sorcerer’s hat.


After he retrieves the box, Rumple heads back upstairs, and Anna demands to know what her parents wanted to know. Rumple tells Anna that her parents wanted to take away Elsa’s power. He also tells her the sorcerer’s hat collects power, and once it has all the power, he will be unstoppable. Anna tells Rumple the Apprentice worked too hard and too long to protect the box, and right then the mouse bites Rumple’s hand and Rumple drops the dagger. Anna picks up the dagger, and uses her ability to control Rumple to have him send her back to Arendelle with the box, and promise that he can never hurt Anna or Elsa.


When Anna returns to Arendelle, she tells Kristoff that her parents were trying to change Elsa, and she doesn’t know how break this information to her.



Emma goes into Granny’s to ask Hook on a date, with Henry’s giving his blessing, though a little reluctantly. Hook says he’ll go out with her if he gets to plan the date. She won’t pillage and plunder on the first date but she hasn’t been out with Hoko yet. HEY OH. As Emma goes back to her car, she finds it surrounded by a pool of water.


After arranging his date with Emma, Hook goes off to Rumple’s shop in order to get his hand back. He uses his knowledge that Belle has a fake dagger as leverage. Be careful Hook – Rumple doesn’t take being threatened lightly. Rumple tells Hook that the hand may make Hook the selfish and cunning man he was before he lost his hand. But Hook thinks that Rumple is lying to him and that nothing can change him back. Once again, Hook threatens to tell Belle about the fake dagger, and Gold reassembles Hook, both hands and all.


At Chez Snow White, Snow and Elsa are digging through town records to see if Anna may have ben brought over in the curse. I’m curious how big this town is. It seems small, and yet, there are often citizens that seem to not know one another. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.


Anyway, I digress…Emma comes out dressed up for her date with Hook, and Snow and David are in totally parent mode, and it is kind of adorable to see them gushing over Emma as she’s about to go out. Emma offers to see if Hook may be interested in staying in and helping them through the town records, but Elsa declines. When Hook shows up, he’s FINALLY in some modern clothes… and he looks good. He’s also brought Emma a rose, which he hands her with his newly added old hand. Before David can get too lecturery, they leave, with Emma reminding everyone that she can bloody well take care of herself. WHY CAN NO ONE BELIEVE THIS?!?!


Hook and Emma arrive at a nice Italian restaurant. Emma, being Emma, can’t help but talk about the problems happening in the town. When Hook waves to the bartender to bring them a drink, we see Will Scarlett, allegedly on of Robin Hood’s former merrymen, and the thief who stole the money from the ice cream shop. Will spots Emma and starts to run out, but ends up spilling wine on Emma’s dress. Hook grabs Will and tells him to apologize to Emma. Emma assures Hook it is fine, so Hook releases Will, concerned his reattached Hand caused the violent reaction.


Query – 1) I doubt his reattached hand is causing him to be a violent dude. 2) Doesn’t Storybrooke have a hospital? Why can’t they get Hook a prosthetic?


At the end of the date, Hook apologizes again for attacking Will at dinner. Emma invites Hook in for coffee with her parents, her baby brother, and Elsa. She really does need her own place. They talk about a second date, and then share a kiss. However, as they’re kissing, Hook looks at his hand and seems pretty concerned.


Emma walks in, and Snow and David are waiting for her, wanting to know all about the date. Snow is so excited for her, wanting to know all the details, but David doesn’t need to know everything. Snow says Emma seems happy, and David comments that Hook really has changed, and Emma can hear everything.


Meanwhile, Will Scarlett is trying to break into the library, but Hook catches him, and his reattached hand starts beating the crap out of him. He tells Will if he tells anyone about it, he’s a dead man. Hook looks over and sees Rumple’s shop and decides to talk to him. As Rumple is getting in his car, Hook gets in and tells Rumple that he wants the hand gone, or he’ll tell Belle about the dagger. Rumple tells Hook that he switched the real dagger back after he gave Hook his hand back, he was tired of the leverage. Rumple agrees to give Hook back his hook if he makes a deal, When Rumple explains to Hook that only his magic can give him his hook back, Hook reluctantly agrees.


The next morning, Hook is sleeping at the docks, waiting for Rumple’s arrival. Rumple summons a broom, which then starts walking toward “an old friend’s house,” (in case you were unclear of the Fantasia references). The broom leads them to a farmhouse where the Apprentice lives. Rumple brings the box that contains the Sorcerer’s hat, and waves his dagger above the box to make the hat appear. The Apprentice is surprised that the dark one has the hat, but Rumple tells the Apprentice that he will never collect enough power to do what Rumple wants. Rumple then turns the hat over, and the hat sucks the Apprentice into the hat, helping to collect the power.


After this, Rumple and Hook return to Rumple’s shop where he replaces Hook’s hook. Hook tells Rumple he just saw him use the real dagger so he knows Belle doesn’t have the real dagger. Rumple shows Hook a videotape of the footage where he helped Rumple kill the apprentice. Rumple tells Hook that the hand isn’t cursed because DUH. The hand gave Hook permission the man to be who he was. They’re now a reluctant team.


After being interrupted from pursuing the Ice Queen, Emma is at the sheriff’s office where she has arrested Will Scarlett. Emma asks Will why he fell asleep holding the Alice in Wonderland book, with a page torn out. Hook comes back and he tells Emma that Gold’s magic isn’t all it appeared to be. Meanwhile, David and Elsa have been searching the Storybrooke logs, and find out that Sarah Fisher, the name the Ice Queen has been using (THANK GOD WE HAVE A NAME NOW), doesn’t appear in the records anywhere. This means that the Ice Queen didn’t get to Storybrooke by chance.


Meanwhile, there are a few unimportant scenes with Regina and Henry trying to figure out how to unfreeze Marian, and Henry saying he’s going to help Regina get a happy ending by finding the author of the storybook. So basically, what they talked about 3 episodes ago. The episode ends with Henry getting a job at grandpa Rumple’s shop.