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"Lovecraft" (Aired November 24, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

This episode shows yet another perspective of how to deal with the corrupt government in Gotham. Bullock and Jim both want a better Gotham, but approach it in different ways (though we’re slowly seeing Bullock return to his early ideals and become more aligned with Jim.) But Harvey Dent shows us another way. Like Jim, Dent wants the best for Gotham. And Dent doesn’t tolerate the corrupt behavior like Bullock does, at least not in the same way. Dent walks up to the line, then backs down. To me, it seems like an unworthy way to conduct business. After this episode, I don’t much trust Dent. I’m interested to see how he and Jim grow further and further apart.


Cat and Bruce are hanging out, and Cat is teaching Bruce how to balance on a bannister. She asks Bruce why he’s so intent on investigating his parent’s murder, explaining there’s no reason behind what happened. She once again offers for Bruce to kiss her, but he tells her no, thinking she wants something in return. When Cat says she’s trying to be nice, Bruce tells her she isn’t nice. He thinks she’s a good person, but that she doesn’t particularly care for other people and isn’t necessarily nice.


Just then, the doorbell rings and it’s the lady who killed the Wayne’s gardener. She tells Alfred her car went off the road, but she and Cat recognize each other and Alfred tells Bruce and Cat to run. Alfred is able to fight of the lady and her two henchmen. Who knew Alfred was such a bad ass? Bruce and Cat make it outside and Bruce stops because he doesn’t want to leave Alfred. Cat takes off running, but then the lady shows up and Bruce runs after Cat. One of the guys shoots and hits Alfred but he keeps going and runs into the woods and shouts for Bruce.


Jim and the police arrive at Wayne Manor and Alfred tells Jim that they were trained killers after Cat. Bullock shows up with a picture of Cat that was on the one guy Alfred was able to take out. Jim tells Bullock that Cat saw the Waynes’ killer and explains Dent’s plan to make Lovecraft nervous. Alfred is angry because this was his fear in allowing Cat to stay at the house in the first place, while Bullock is furious that Jim has been investigating the Wayne case without telling him. Jim thinks Cat took herself and Bruce to Gotham as she feels safe there. Bullock and Alfred head to the streets to find Bruce and Selina. Jim decides to try and find Lovecraft and convince him to call off the hit.


Falcone brings Cobblepot in to question him about his stolen money from the armory. Cobblepot denies Maroni had any involvement, and insists it was Fish who stole the money. Cobblepot promises to bring proof that it was someone working for Fish, and he also suggests that Falcone has a mole. On the way back, Cobblepot’s driver, Gabriel, asks why Cobblepot didn’t tell Falcone it was Liza. Cobblepot tells Gabriel timing is everything.


Jim goes to see Dent to find Lovecraft’s location. Dent, despite everything, sees this as win because he thinks it means that Lovecraft is nervous. Dent admits to leaking Jim’s name to a few sources in order to gain credibility. Jim is furious because that is how they found Cat. Dent takes the blame (I don’t trust him) and they split up looking for Lovecraft at his mistress’s houses.


At a dinner with Falcone, Falcone kills Benny, who was supposed to guard the armory. Falcone tells the others there, including Fish, to tell the others they will regret helping Benny if they did. He tells them that they’re tariffs will increase to 25% again until the reserves are built up again. Falcone asks Fish what she thinks, and she says they are all family and they sick or swim together.


Once in the city, Bruce spots a phone and wants to call Alfred. When Selina asks why Alfred matters so much to him, Bruce tells Cat that Alfred is his family. She tells Bruce that the bad guys were there for her and that he has nothing to worry about. Bruce tries to convince Cat to come home with him so she can testify, but she tells Bruce that Jim finding his parents was never going to happen. She takes off running and jumps to another rooftop. After a moment’s hesitation, Bruce makes the same jump and she tells him he’s crazy. Bruce asks her to not run off again because he’s out of breath and she agrees to hang out with him as long as he follows her rules.


So Cat takes Bruce to the Flea where the street kids hang out. Bruce changes clothes and Ivy comes over to talk to Cat. Bruce recognizes Ivy as Mario Pepper’s daughter. Ivy tells Cat she’s not mad at Bruce since he’s not the reason her dad was killed or her mother killed herself. She still makes Cat nervous, and she takes Bruce away from Ivy, telling Bruce that Ivy is scary.


Bullock and Alfred show up to Fish’s and ask Butch about Cat. Butch refuses to tell Bullock anything, so Alfred steps in, flipping Butch onto the ground and holding a knife to his throat, demanding to speak to Fish. Fish arrives and asks Bullock if Cat is the Lovecraft witness. When Bullock confirms, Fish asks why she would help Bullock, and Alfred tells Fish that Cat has Bruce Wayne with her and that he is Bruce’s legal guardian. Fish asks why she work against her own interest. Alfred tells Fish she wouldn’t let petty self-interest outweigh honor and compassion and she offers to make calls and tells Alfred to remember the kindness.


Jim finds Lovecraft in one of the homes he is looking in to. There, he finds that Lovecraft is hiding from the same assassins that are after Cat. He tells  Jim that Jim has no idea what is really going on, and that the people who really run the city are laughing at Jim. Lovecraft gets his briefcase out from under the bed and tells Jim that right before the Waynes were killed there was a run on Wayne Enterprises stock. Before he can saw more, the assassins show up choking Jim out, and using Jim’s gun to kill Lovecraft, making it look like suicide.


Cat and Bruce go to see her fence, Clyde (was it me, or did that guy sound A LOT like Jack Black). When she tries to sell him stuff she stole from Wayne Manor, he offers her a shitty price. Cat tries to leave, but Clyde has Cat and Bruce locked up until the assassins arrive. However, when the assassin goes after Cat, she is able to fight him off and she and Bruce take off running. The kids are able to avoid the assassins until Bullock, Alfred, and Jim show up. Jim kills one of the assassins and another one is arrested. However, the lady assassin is able to get away, but not before she tells Bruce that there’s a difference between bravery and good sense.


Alfred enters to find Bruce. The two make sure that the other is ok, and then they hug. It’s a really sweet moment to show how far Bruce and Alfred have come and to further lay the foundation that there’s no Batman without Alfred.


Afterward, the Mayor tells Jim that he thinks he believes Jim didn’t kill Lovecraft. Jim suggests telling the public that Lovecraft was a crook and that he was about to sell out the people who were after him if he hadn’t been shot. The Mayor doesn’t want to tell this story, so he says he’s going to tell the public that Lovecraft killed himself with Jim’s gun after relentless questioning. When the Mayor asks if Dent will support this story, Dent consents, much to Jim’s disdain. The Mayor tells Dent and Jim that he wishes he could kill them both, but only one of them is going down. Dent “protests,” but the Mayor says Dent knows where the edge is, but Jim doesn’t. Jim stands up and tells the Mayor to kiss his ass.


So Jim’s punishment is to be reassigned to Arkham Asylum. Bullock tells Jim to quit, but Jim refuses because that’s what they want him to do. Ed shows up and tells Jim he’s going to write a letter to the boss, but Jim says it is ok. Ed hugs Jim and it’s kind of nice. Bullock tells Jim that he wants to buy him a drink sometime.


At Wayne Manor, Bruce is back at investigating his parents murder when Cat shows back up. She tells him she didn’t say goodbye and gives him back his stuff. She says they need to keep things honest between them, then kisses him before she leaves.