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"Penguin's Umbrella" (November 3, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

What I like about  “Gotham” so far is that the writers don’t let things sit for too long. Rather than letting frustration build over when other characters are going to find out critical pieces of information, it tends to happen quickly. I like that the truth about Cobblepot non-death already came out. I think it makes the show more interesting, and allows for the show to become less procedural (I hope!) and more intriguing. So let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?


Following the arrival of Cobblepot at the Gotham Police Department, Jim calls Barbara to tell her to leave. He knows that his life is not at risk. Bullock tells Jim he’s now going to have to kill Jim and take Jim’s body to Falcone. Jim thinks he and Bullock can work together. There’s a brief skirmish between the two, which ends with Bullock telling Jim he better hope he never sees Bullock again.


At Barbara’s apartment, Butch, Fish’s man muscle, and another one of Fish’s men are questioning Barbara about Jim. Fish has ordered that Jim be brought to her to explain why he didn’t kill Cobblepot. Right as Butch gets real creepo, Jim arrives with his gun drawn. Barbara is freaking out, but Jim is cool as a cucumber. Butch tells Jim that after they kill him, they’re also going to kill Barbara. They’re able to escape, and Jim takes Barbara to the bus station and tells her to leave. He promises he’ll join her in a couple of days, but when she asks what happens if he doesn’t, Jim simply tells her not to come back to Gotham


Fish goes to see Falcone to tell him that Harvey, Jim, and Cobblepot must all die. Falcone believes Fish is overacting, but he insists Cobblepot knows too much. Falcone tells Fish to ask Maroni to hand Cobblepot over. Nicolai says that they need to hit Maroni hard, but Falcone tells him to calm down. As Nicolai and Fish are walking out, Nicolai is getting handsy. Fish tells Nicolai that her girl, Liza, hasn’t slept with Falcone, and Fish is worried because she thinks Falcone knows something no one else does.


Back at the police station, Jim is filling out warrants with a plan to arrest the Mayor and Falcone for conspiracy. He tells Captain Essen that his testimony is attached to the warrants, but she tells Jim that no one will help him, not even her. She tells Jim to leave Gotham, but he says Gotham is home and it was his father’s home and that he’s not leaving.


As Jim and Essen are having their little chitchat, Victor Zsasz enters the station looking for Jim to bring him in to see Falcone. He has to bring Jim in alive Jim tells Zsasz that he’ll talk to Falcone, but not today. After Zsasz clears out the station, a gun shoot out commences between Gordon, Zsasz, and his two lady henchmen he brought along. Jim is able to run out, but once in the stairway, we see he’s been shot in the side. In the garage full of squad cars, Jim is crawling around, leaving a blood trail for Zsasz to follow. Luckily for Jim, a lady cop comes out and distracts Zsasz and the other two. One of them shoots Jim as he’s running out, but just then Montoya and Allen show up and get Jim in their car. Then Zsasz shoots and skills the lady officer, and he uses a razor blade to cut himself for a 28th time. Is he keeping track of cops he’s killed, or people?


Jim wakes up in a room filled with rats. The doctor tells Jim she took out the bullets. It turns out he’s in the dissection room of a university. He’s been out for a couple of hours. The Doctor tells Jim that he’s lost a lot of blood, but he insists on standing. Jim tells Allen he has to go, but Allen says he needs some clothes.


Fish pays a visit to Maroni, to ask him to hand Cobblepot over. Fish insists that Cobblepot disrespected herself and Falcone. Maroni tells Cobblepot to apologize for this, which he does, but very sarcastically. Fish tells Maroni that there will be bloodshed. Before she leaves, Fish threatens Cobblepot and slaps him across the face. She is not pleased that things are not going her way. At all.


Following this meeting, Butch finds a group of nuns and ties them up across the street to prevent Maroni’s gun truck from crossing to Falcone’s side of town. When Maroni’s men get there, Butch tells them that Maroni can’t sell until he hands Cobblepot over. When word reaches Maroni, he is furious. Cobblepot insists that this means Falcone is scared, and he suggests that they hit Falcone back hard.


Montoya and Jim are sitting in the car waiting for Allen to return. Montoya apologizes to Jim for not trusting him and says her feelings for Barbara got in the way. She tells him she’s glad they’re on the same side and Jim assures Montoya that Barbara is safe. It turns out, they are waiting outside Wayne Manor, and Jim sent Allen in first to make sure everything was safe.


Inside Wayne Manor, Jim introduces Bruce to Montoya and Allen. Jim tells Bruce he’s not sure if he can keep his promise to find his parents as he upset some powerful people. Bruce says if Jim expects to die he wants to know why. Jim tells Bruce that everything is connected and that if something happens to him, Allen and Montoya will take over his parent’s case. Bruce thanks him and hugs him.


To seek revenge for the gun truck, Cobblepot leads a group of Maroni’s men to a Falcone hideout. Maroni’s men storm the place, killing all of Falcone’s men inside. After the hit, Frankie, Maroni’s man guy, tells Cobblepot he is clever, but Frankie doesn’t trust Cobblepot. Cobblepot tells when you know what a man loves, you know what can kill him. It turns out, Frankie was underpaying his men, so Cobblepot gave them more money to help him kill Frankie. He turned Frankie’s greatest passion into his greatest weakness. Penguin tells Frankie that love conquers all, then kisses him on the head. He’s so crazy. So smart. I love it.


Maroni and Falcone meet up to call off the war. Falcone says that they’ll let Maroni have Cobblepot as a sign of respect. Falcone asks for a warehouse on the river as a sign of good faith. Cobblepot suggests to Maroni to offers Indian Hill to Falcone. It’s a toxic waste dump in Arkham. Falcone agrees to take it. Maroni then asks if Falcone has captured Jim Gordon, telling Falcone that there is nothing more dangerous than an honest man.


At Jim is at his apartment, Bullock shows up. He tells Jim that he’s going to join the good guys since they’ve got the moral high ground. Jim tells Bullock that he is planning on arresting Falcone and the Mayor for framing Mario Pepper


The next morning, Jim puts his plan into action, first arresting the Mayor, and then taking the Mayor to Falcone’s manor. Once inside, Falcone refuses arrest and warns Jim to walk away, but Jim tells Falcone it is a lawful arrest, and if he resists, he will be shot. Falcone tells Jim he has a knife to Barbara’s throat. Of course he does because Barbara can’t save her own life. On the one hand, I like that she doesn’t listen to Jim because no one can tell her what to do. On the other hand DON’T RISK YOUR LIFE AND JIM’S YOU CRAZY WOMAN!


Bullock thinks Falcone is bluffing, but Jim doesn’t want to risk it so he decides to release Falcone and the mayor. Sure enough, Falcone has Barbara escorted in to the room. Falcone says that both Jim and Bullock have to die which is a shame because Gotham needs strong men, not anarchy. Today, Jim believed Falcone, so there may still be hope for Jim. Falcone decides to spare their lives, but Jim wants to know the catch. Falcone says he wants Jim to think about what he said and to understand the truth. Someday soon, Jim will see Falcone is right.


After Jim and Bullock leave, Falcone pays a visit to his chickens. Cobblepot appears with his umbrella. There’s then a flashback to the night Falcone ordered Jim to kill Cobblepot. Cobblepot offers to be Falcone’s spy in Maroni’s ranks. Cobblepot tells Falcone he knows secrets, and tells Falcone about Nikolai and Fish. He tells Falcone that Fish and Nikolai are lovers and Fish is pushing Nikolai to take his place, but only so Fish can take over from Nikolai.  Cobblepot says that Jim Gordon needs to be the one ordered to kill him so he has a chance of living. Falcone agrees, and we’re back in present day. The episode ends with Cobblepot holding the umbrella over Falcone the way we saw him holding it over Fish.