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"Harvey Dent" (Aired November 17, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

The writers of “Gotham” need to decide once and for all if Selina Kyle/Cat is going to play a major role in this show. This periodic popping up of her character does not endear her to the viewers, and in fact at this point, I find her quite obnoxious. I thought that Cat would serve as the viewers’ way into the criminal element of Gotham, but instead, we have the spectacular Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin for that.


Bruce & Alfred and… Cat

After some officers caught her stealing in last week’s episode, Jim has Cat describe the Wayne’s murderer to a sketch artist, then Jim takes her to Wayne Manor.  At Wayne Manor, Jim shows Bruce the sketch of the man Cat described. Though Alfred objects to Cat staying at Wayne Manor (for fear of Bruce’s safety which makes no sense since no one knows Cat saw the murders), Bruce insists that Cat be permitted to stay.


Alfred is training Bruce when Cat comes outside to watch. When Cats asks why Bruce is training, Bruce tells her it is so he will be prepared. Cat tells Bruce that in Gotham people don’t fight with gloves on. She tells Alfred she’s hungry, and Alfred says she slept through breakfast and Cat said she’ll figure it out. Bruce tells Alfred to be nicer as Cat is their guest, and Alfred tells Bruce he fancies her.


After a conversation where Bruce upsets Cat when asking about her parents, Bruce catches Cat trying to leave. He asks Cat about the night she saw his parents killed and tells her he is embarrassed by the fact that he didn’t do anything. Cat insists there was nothing he could have done. Cat then tells Bruce that her mom is a dancer and singer but that it’s a cover because she’s a secret agent, and when she’s back she’ll get Cat.


Bruce and Cat are sitting in the room and Cat says if Bruce can hit her, she’ll let him kiss her. They start a food fight in the study and it’s kind of nice to see Bruce acting like a child. Alfred comes in and sees it and instead of stopping it, he lets it continue knowing it’s good for Bruce to actually be a kid for once.


 Jim & Bullock

Montoya and Allen introduce Jim to ADA Harvey Dent. Dent is just as set on helping safe Gotham as Jim is, though Dent may not have the same pure heart a Jim. Jim shows Dent the sketch of the man Cat described as killing the Waynes. Dent believes that Richard Lovecraft, a billionaire who used to work the Waynes, has a hand in all of the Gotham’s dirty dealings. Dent is going to let it leak that he has a witness linking Lovecraft to the Waynes murder. Dent believes even if Lovecraft isn’t connected, the actual murderer will be worried and make a move. Jim makes Dent promise that no names will be released, and Dent agrees.


Dent meets with Lovecraft while flipping his double-sided coin. Dent tells Lovecraft he’s bringing charges against him, including fraud and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and mentions an eyewitness tying Lovecraft to the murder. When Lovecraft fights back, Dent gets in Lovecraft’s face, showing his other face, and tells Lovecraft he will rip him open. After his meeting with Lovecraft, Dent tells Jim he’s convinced that Lovecraft had a hand in the murders, and that Lovecraft is getting nervous.


Back at GCPD, Bullock fills Jim in on their case of the week. A prisoner transport was interrupted by a group of men, who left with Hargrove. Bullock tells Jim that Hargrove didn’t use associates. So the two question Hargrove’s brother who claims to not know anything about his brother’s escape. His brother says that Hargrove is not a killer and the fact that the bomb killed people was an accident. Hargrove’s brother also mentions that Hargrove has had mental problems since childhood.


In Captain Essen’s weekly check-in, Jim, Bullock, and Essen talk about the most recent bomb explosion at the Gotham Munitions Factory. They used the bomb to steal explosives from the munitions factory. Nygma tells Bullock and Jim he found the name plate in the bomb that went off at the munitions factory with the name of abandoned metal factory.


Bullock and Jim arrive at the metal factory, where Hargrove is working on a new bomb. Hargrove begs Jim and Bullock for help. Hargrove tells them he was forced to help the group of men he’s working for, as the threatened to kill his brother and his brother’s family.  He tells Jim and Bullock it is a group of Russian men who are planning a move against Falcone. Just then, the men show up and take shots at Jim and Bullock. During the chaos, the Russians are able to grab Hargrove and get away.


Jim meets with the Mayor and Captain Essen and tells Mayor it is his fault that Hargrove was taken. Hargrove was being transported out of Blackgate to his mental treatment facility. Jim tells the Mayor that housing the mentally ill in Blackgate is insufficient. Essen tells Jim and Bullock she put Hargrove’s brother and his family in protective custody.


Nygma reports back to Bullock and Jim, telling them that the explosives taken from the munitions factory are highly volatile and difficult to manufacture. The explosives are used to penetrate iron. Bullock realizes the Gotham Armory has iron and that Falcone’s investment group bought the property a few years back.

At the Armory, Hargrove sets off he explosion to let the Russians in to the vault. When Jim and Bullock arrive, Jim tells Hargrove that his family is safe. As Hargrove starts to make his way to Jim and Bullock, a ringtone of “The Final Countdown” starts playing, and it turns out GOB Bluth Fish’s henchman Butch is there and causes the truck to blow up.


After Jim’s meeting with the Mayor, the Mayor hold a press conference announcing that he is moving the criminally inside out of Blackgate and in to Arkham Asylum. This isn’t going to end well.


Oswald Cobblepot

Cobblepot pays a visit to Liza’s apartment in an attempt to figure out Fish’s plan. He starts going through Liza’s stuff and sniffs her perfume, commenting on the lilac smell. He manages to leave right as Liza returns. She enters to find that her apartment has been messed with, but Cobblepot escapes just in time.


Cobblepot goes to visit Fish and sniffs her because he’s so wonderfully crazy. She smells like lilacs, and he realizes that Fish has sent Liza to Falcone.


Later, Liza arrives home to find Cobblepot sitting in her apartment. Cobblepot tells Liza that he knows she’s working for Fish, and that suspicion is a funny thing. All it takes is one word from Cobblepot and Falcone would start to wonder if Liza was really spying on him for Fish. Cobblepot tells Liza he won’t tell her secret because Liza is going to keep working for Fish, and she’s not going to tell anyone or he’ll kill her.