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"Selina Kyle" (Aired September 28, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

With the episode being titled “Selina Kyle,” I was really hoping the episode would focus on the titular character.  Alas, young Catwoman actually plays a very small role in this episode. Instead, the episode continues to develop the opposing dichotomies in Gotham city: the Waynes versus the Falcones, Jim versus Bullock, good versus bad, light versus dark, and Bruce versus the development of Batman.


Young Bruce is at Wayne Manor, running his hand over an open flame, trying to strengthen himself. We can already see the part of Bruce developing that will result in becoming Batman. He’s upset with himself for not doing more when his parents were murdered, so he’s trying to overcome that guilt.  When Alfred sees that Bruce has been doing this, he is very upset. I’m really interested to see this relationship continue to grow and develop.


Now to the episode’s namesake: Selina (who we find out likes to be called Cat) is hanging out with some other street kids when a creepy couple approaches the kids offering them food: Patty and Doug. Cat declines the food. This ends up being a good call because as the other kids are eating the food, Patty and Doug inject them with some kind of serum knocking them out. Cat takes off running, managing to escape creepy Patty and Doug.


The next morning, Jim and Bullock are on the scene of the crime. During the commotion a homeless man was shot and killed by Patty and Doug. Cat watches Jim and Bullock at work. Jim and Bullock are informed by another officer that a group of homeless kids were abducted. Bullock and Jim talk to the homeless kid who ran away who informs them that homeless kids have been abducted for weeks.


When Jim and Bullock take the case to Captain Sarah Essen, Edward Nygma shows up to tell them the kids were taken drugged with a chemical called ATP. This drug was used at  the now closed Arkham Asylum (oh hey!) to control troublesome patients. Jim suggests that the paper should know about the abductions, but Captain Essen tells him to keep it quiet.


Carmine Falcone pays a visit to Fish Mooney to tell her about the conversation he had with Oswald Cobblepot before his “death.” Oswald told Falcone that the death of the Waynes would bring trouble to Gotham. Falcone explains that his family and the Waynes were pillars of the same house, and with the Waynes gone, they need to secure Falcone’s position. Falcone knows that Fish made comments about taking Falcone out, but Fish denies this. To prove that he’s still in control, he has Fish’s “exercise” partner beaten up in front of her.  She tells her henchman, Butch, that one day she will kill Falcone with her bare hands.


Because the abductions have been happening on Fish’s turf, Bullock and Jim are off to pay her visit to see if she has any information. Fish tells Jim that there is a market overseas for the kids, though no one knows why. At home that night, Jim is sharing the case with Barbara and expresses his frustration with the system. Barbara can tell that something is bothering Jim, but he’s not yet willing to tell her about Oswald. Barbara, in an attempt to help, makes an anonymous call to the paper to tell them about the kids being abducted.


The next morning when Captain Essen sees the headlines, she’s furious. Both Bullock and Jim both deny making the call to the paper. Bullock deduces that Barbara made the call on behalf of Jim. Jim tells Captain Essen only three companies stock ATP, so he and Bullock are off to investigate the companies.


Patty and Doug are visiting their ATP supplier who is frustrated about the news story. He demands more money, but Patty and Doug tell him that the Dollmaker needs the children. During their dispute, Bullock and Jim show up.  The pharmacist tries to throw Bullock and Jim off by telling them he hasn’t sold ATP since Arkham Asylum closed, thought he Wayne foundation was making plans to open it again. I’m guessing this won’t be the last we hear about that. Patty ends up cutting the lights off, and a gunfight ensues between Patty, Doug, Jim, and Bullock. Doug and Patty are able to escape. Jim heads back in to find the kids that are being held prisoner.


After saving the kids, the Mayor of Gotham makes a promise to protect the kids of Gotham. He’s initiated a program to get the kids into juvenile services. As the Mayor is giving his speech, we see the kids being picked up, including Cat.  After the press conference, the Mayor tells Jim that the “cute, undamaged” kids will go to foster homes, and the others will go to a juvenile prison upstate. Jim expresses his displeasure of this plan, telling the Mayor it’s a way to lock up the kids and not deal with the problem.


The street kids are being loaded on to buses. Cat tells the officer she needs to speak with Jim Gordon, but the officer checking the kids in tells Cat it isn’t going to happen. Sitting on the bus, Cat pulls out a locket, presumably of her mother. As she’s telling a fellow kid how to fight back (go for their eyes!), she hears the voice of Patty. Cat tries to escape, but Patty pulls a gun on her and tells her to sit down. Cat thought she was safe heading up to juvie, but it turns out, she’s in just as much danger as before.


Jim and Bullock go to visit the pharmacist from before who is now locked up in Gotham City jail. He tells them he saw a delivery truck with a silver plate and a fork. Jim has him draw the logo. It’s the last chance for them to save the kids before they’re shipped off.  They make calls to different companies, but aren’t able to come up with any leads.  Jim realizes that the fork is actually a trident and they’ve been contacting the wrong companies.


When the bus arrives at its destination, Patty and Doug realize a kid is missing. Patty goes back to the bus to try and find the missing kid, but Cat is able to avoid her. She starts to run out and ends up attacking and clawing the eyes out of one of Patty and Doug’s compatriots. Before Patty is able to harm Cat, Jim and Bullock show up to save the day. They’re able to save the kids and get them back to Gotham.


The next day, Jim has stopped by Wayne Manor to see Bruce. Alfred tells Jim that Bruce is causing harm to himself. When Jim suggests a psychiatrist, Alfred says that Thomas Wayne said no psychiatrist. He told Alfred how he wanted Bruce to be raised in case something happened to him and Martha. Did Thomas Wayne know that he and his wife were in danger and that their murder was a possibility? Bruce tells Jim that he’s fine and doesn’t need help. He offers to give the kids who have been abducted money, but Jim says they need someone to care for them. Bruce still wants to help, so he offers to buy them clothes.


At the Gotham Police Station, another officer is talking to Cat. She’s upset they’re sending the kids upstate even after everything they’ve been through. She tells the officer she wants to speak with Jim Gordon, and threatens to tell people that the officer touched her if he refuses to get Jim.


When Jim comes to talk to Cat, she asks if he can keep her from getting sent upstate. She tells him he has something he really wants. She knows that Jim is a friend of Bruce’s and wants to help him. She tells Jim she knows who killed the Waynes and she’ll tell him if he tries to keep her in Gotham.


Montoya and Allen of the Major Crimes Unit go pay a visit to Oswald’s mother to see if they can find out information about Oswald’s disappearance. If it gets on MCU’s radar that Jim and Bullock had something to do with Oswald’s death, it will increase their suspicions of Jim and Bullock framing Pepper.


Meanwhile, Oswald is trying to hitchhike his way out of Gotham. Two guys in a truck stop to give him a ride. At first they seem friendly and jovial enough, even offering Oswald a beer. But eventually the passenger makes a joke about Oswald walking like a penguin. Unfortunately for that passenger, that is Oswald’s least favorite comparison, so he does the only sensible thing: kill the guy.


Oswald then finds a trailer for rent, and pays the landlord in cash. Once inside the trailer, we see that Oswald has the driver hostage and is trying to get a ransom for him. He’s got some sort of long-term plan; we’ve already seen he’s super smart and ambitious.  And now, we see that he’s crazy – something we got hints of before, but was kept in check by Fish.