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"Lovecraft" (Aired November 24, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

This episode shows yet another perspective of how to deal with the corrupt government in Gotham. Bullock and Jim both want a better Gotham, but approach it in different ways (though we’re slowly seeing Bullock return to his early ideals and become more aligned with Jim.) But Harvey Dent shows us another way. Like Jim, Dent wants the best for Gotham. And Dent doesn’t tolerate the corrupt behavior like Bullock does, at least not in the same way. Dent walks up to the line, then backs down. To me, it seems like an unworthy way to conduct business. After this episode, I don’t much trust Dent. I’m interested to see how he and Jim grow further and further apart.


Cat and Bruce are hanging out, and Cat is teaching Bruce how to balance on a bannister. She asks Bruce why he’s so intent on investigating his parent’s murder, explaining there’s no reason behind what happened. She once again offers for Bruce to kiss her, but he tells her no, thinking she wants something in return. When Cat says she’s trying to be nice, Bruce tells her she isn’t nice. He thinks she’s a good person, but that she doesn’t particularly care for other people and isn’t necessarily nice.


Just then, the doorbell rings and it’s the lady who killed the Wayne’s gardener. She tells Alfred her car went off the road, but she and Cat recognize each other and Alfred tells Bruce and Cat to run. Alfred is able to fight of the lady and her two henchmen. Who knew Alfred was such a bad ass? Bruce and Cat make it outside and Bruce stops because he doesn’t want to leave Alfred. Cat takes off running, but then the lady shows up and Bruce runs after Cat. One of the guys shoots and hits Alfred but he keeps going and runs into the woods and shouts for Bruce.


Jim and the police arrive at Wayne Manor and Alfred tells Jim that they were trained killers after Cat. Bullock shows up with a picture of Cat that was on the one guy Alfred was able to take out. Jim tells Bullock that Cat saw the Waynes’ killer and explains Dent’s plan to make Lovecraft nervous. Alfred is angry because this was his fear in allowing Cat to stay at the house in the first place, while Bullock is furious that Jim has been investigating the Wayne case without telling him. Jim thinks Cat took herself and Bruce to Gotham as she feels safe there. Bullock and Alfred head to the streets to find Bruce and Selina. Jim decides to try and find Lovecraft and convince him to call off the hit.


Falcone brings Cobblepot in to question him about his stolen money from the armory. Cobblepot denies Maroni had any involvement, and insists it was Fish who stole the money. Cobblepot promises to bring proof that it was someone working for Fish, and he also suggests that Falcone has a mole. On the way back, Cobblepot’s driver, Gabriel, asks why Cobblepot didn’t tell Falcone it was Liza. Cobblepot tells Gabriel timing is everything.


Jim goes to see Dent to find Lovecraft’s location. Dent, despite everything, sees this as win because he thinks it means that Lovecraft is nervous. Dent admits to leaking Jim’s name to a few sources in order to gain credibility. Jim is furious because that is how they found Cat. Dent takes the blame (I don’t trust him) and they split up looking for Lovecraft at his mistress’s houses.


At a dinner with Falcone, Falcone kills Benny, who was supposed to guard the armory. Falcone tells the others there, including Fish, to tell the others they will regret helping Benny if they did. He tells them that they’re tariffs will increase to 25% again until the reserves are built up again. Falcone asks Fish what she thinks, and she says they are all family and they sick or swim together.


Once in the city, Bruce spots a phone and wants to call Alfred. When Selina asks why Alfred matters so much to him, Bruce tells Cat that Alfred is his family. She tells Bruce that the bad guys were there for her and that he has nothing to worry about. Bruce tries to convince Cat to come home with him so she can testify, but she tells Bruce that Jim finding his parents was never going to happen. She takes off running and jumps to another rooftop. After a moment’s hesitation, Bruce makes the same jump and she tells him he’s crazy. Bruce asks her to not run off again because he’s out of breath and she agrees to hang out with him as long as he follows her rules.


So Cat takes Bruce to the Flea where the street kids hang out. Bruce changes clothes and Ivy comes over to talk to Cat. Bruce recognizes Ivy as Mario Pepper’s daughter. Ivy tells Cat she’s not mad at Bruce since he’s not the reason her dad was killed or her mother killed herself. She still makes Cat nervous, and she takes Bruce away from Ivy, telling Bruce that Ivy is scary.


Bullock and Alfred show up to Fish’s and ask Butch about Cat. Butch refuses to tell Bullock anything, so Alfred steps in, flipping Butch onto the ground and holding a knife to his throat, demanding to speak to Fish. Fish arrives and asks Bullock if Cat is the Lovecraft witness. When Bullock confirms, Fish asks why she would help Bullock, and Alfred tells Fish that Cat has Bruce Wayne with her and that he is Bruce’s legal guardian. Fish asks why she work against her own interest. Alfred tells Fish she wouldn’t let petty self-interest outweigh honor and compassion and she offers to make calls and tells Alfred to remember the kindness.


Jim finds Lovecraft in one of the homes he is looking in to. There, he finds that Lovecraft is hiding from the same assassins that are after Cat. He tells  Jim that Jim has no idea what is really going on, and that the people who really run the city are laughing at Jim. Lovecraft gets his briefcase out from under the bed and tells Jim that right before the Waynes were killed there was a run on Wayne Enterprises stock. Before he can saw more, the assassins show up choking Jim out, and using Jim’s gun to kill Lovecraft, making it look like suicide.


Cat and Bruce go to see her fence, Clyde (was it me, or did that guy sound A LOT like Jack Black). When she tries to sell him stuff she stole from Wayne Manor, he offers her a shitty price. Cat tries to leave, but Clyde has Cat and Bruce locked up until the assassins arrive. However, when the assassin goes after Cat, she is able to fight him off and she and Bruce take off running. The kids are able to avoid the assassins until Bullock, Alfred, and Jim show up. Jim kills one of the assassins and another one is arrested. However, the lady assassin is able to get away, but not before she tells Bruce that there’s a difference between bravery and good sense.


Alfred enters to find Bruce. The two make sure that the other is ok, and then they hug. It’s a really sweet moment to show how far Bruce and Alfred have come and to further lay the foundation that there’s no Batman without Alfred.


Afterward, the Mayor tells Jim that he thinks he believes Jim didn’t kill Lovecraft. Jim suggests telling the public that Lovecraft was a crook and that he was about to sell out the people who were after him if he hadn’t been shot. The Mayor doesn’t want to tell this story, so he says he’s going to tell the public that Lovecraft killed himself with Jim’s gun after relentless questioning. When the Mayor asks if Dent will support this story, Dent consents, much to Jim’s disdain. The Mayor tells Dent and Jim that he wishes he could kill them both, but only one of them is going down. Dent “protests,” but the Mayor says Dent knows where the edge is, but Jim doesn’t. Jim stands up and tells the Mayor to kiss his ass.


So Jim’s punishment is to be reassigned to Arkham Asylum. Bullock tells Jim to quit, but Jim refuses because that’s what they want him to do. Ed shows up and tells Jim he’s going to write a letter to the boss, but Jim says it is ok. Ed hugs Jim and it’s kind of nice. Bullock tells Jim that he wants to buy him a drink sometime.


At Wayne Manor, Bruce is back at investigating his parents murder when Cat shows back up. She tells him she didn’t say goodbye and gives him back his stuff. She says they need to keep things honest between them, then kisses him before she leaves.

"Harvey Dent" (Aired November 17, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

The writers of “Gotham” need to decide once and for all if Selina Kyle/Cat is going to play a major role in this show. This periodic popping up of her character does not endear her to the viewers, and in fact at this point, I find her quite obnoxious. I thought that Cat would serve as the viewers’ way into the criminal element of Gotham, but instead, we have the spectacular Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin for that.


Bruce & Alfred and… Cat

After some officers caught her stealing in last week’s episode, Jim has Cat describe the Wayne’s murderer to a sketch artist, then Jim takes her to Wayne Manor.  At Wayne Manor, Jim shows Bruce the sketch of the man Cat described. Though Alfred objects to Cat staying at Wayne Manor (for fear of Bruce’s safety which makes no sense since no one knows Cat saw the murders), Bruce insists that Cat be permitted to stay.


Alfred is training Bruce when Cat comes outside to watch. When Cats asks why Bruce is training, Bruce tells her it is so he will be prepared. Cat tells Bruce that in Gotham people don’t fight with gloves on. She tells Alfred she’s hungry, and Alfred says she slept through breakfast and Cat said she’ll figure it out. Bruce tells Alfred to be nicer as Cat is their guest, and Alfred tells Bruce he fancies her.


After a conversation where Bruce upsets Cat when asking about her parents, Bruce catches Cat trying to leave. He asks Cat about the night she saw his parents killed and tells her he is embarrassed by the fact that he didn’t do anything. Cat insists there was nothing he could have done. Cat then tells Bruce that her mom is a dancer and singer but that it’s a cover because she’s a secret agent, and when she’s back she’ll get Cat.


Bruce and Cat are sitting in the room and Cat says if Bruce can hit her, she’ll let him kiss her. They start a food fight in the study and it’s kind of nice to see Bruce acting like a child. Alfred comes in and sees it and instead of stopping it, he lets it continue knowing it’s good for Bruce to actually be a kid for once.


 Jim & Bullock

Montoya and Allen introduce Jim to ADA Harvey Dent. Dent is just as set on helping safe Gotham as Jim is, though Dent may not have the same pure heart a Jim. Jim shows Dent the sketch of the man Cat described as killing the Waynes. Dent believes that Richard Lovecraft, a billionaire who used to work the Waynes, has a hand in all of the Gotham’s dirty dealings. Dent is going to let it leak that he has a witness linking Lovecraft to the Waynes murder. Dent believes even if Lovecraft isn’t connected, the actual murderer will be worried and make a move. Jim makes Dent promise that no names will be released, and Dent agrees.


Dent meets with Lovecraft while flipping his double-sided coin. Dent tells Lovecraft he’s bringing charges against him, including fraud and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and mentions an eyewitness tying Lovecraft to the murder. When Lovecraft fights back, Dent gets in Lovecraft’s face, showing his other face, and tells Lovecraft he will rip him open. After his meeting with Lovecraft, Dent tells Jim he’s convinced that Lovecraft had a hand in the murders, and that Lovecraft is getting nervous.


Back at GCPD, Bullock fills Jim in on their case of the week. A prisoner transport was interrupted by a group of men, who left with Hargrove. Bullock tells Jim that Hargrove didn’t use associates. So the two question Hargrove’s brother who claims to not know anything about his brother’s escape. His brother says that Hargrove is not a killer and the fact that the bomb killed people was an accident. Hargrove’s brother also mentions that Hargrove has had mental problems since childhood.


In Captain Essen’s weekly check-in, Jim, Bullock, and Essen talk about the most recent bomb explosion at the Gotham Munitions Factory. They used the bomb to steal explosives from the munitions factory. Nygma tells Bullock and Jim he found the name plate in the bomb that went off at the munitions factory with the name of abandoned metal factory.


Bullock and Jim arrive at the metal factory, where Hargrove is working on a new bomb. Hargrove begs Jim and Bullock for help. Hargrove tells them he was forced to help the group of men he’s working for, as the threatened to kill his brother and his brother’s family.  He tells Jim and Bullock it is a group of Russian men who are planning a move against Falcone. Just then, the men show up and take shots at Jim and Bullock. During the chaos, the Russians are able to grab Hargrove and get away.


Jim meets with the Mayor and Captain Essen and tells Mayor it is his fault that Hargrove was taken. Hargrove was being transported out of Blackgate to his mental treatment facility. Jim tells the Mayor that housing the mentally ill in Blackgate is insufficient. Essen tells Jim and Bullock she put Hargrove’s brother and his family in protective custody.


Nygma reports back to Bullock and Jim, telling them that the explosives taken from the munitions factory are highly volatile and difficult to manufacture. The explosives are used to penetrate iron. Bullock realizes the Gotham Armory has iron and that Falcone’s investment group bought the property a few years back.

At the Armory, Hargrove sets off he explosion to let the Russians in to the vault. When Jim and Bullock arrive, Jim tells Hargrove that his family is safe. As Hargrove starts to make his way to Jim and Bullock, a ringtone of “The Final Countdown” starts playing, and it turns out GOB Bluth Fish’s henchman Butch is there and causes the truck to blow up.


After Jim’s meeting with the Mayor, the Mayor hold a press conference announcing that he is moving the criminally inside out of Blackgate and in to Arkham Asylum. This isn’t going to end well.


Oswald Cobblepot

Cobblepot pays a visit to Liza’s apartment in an attempt to figure out Fish’s plan. He starts going through Liza’s stuff and sniffs her perfume, commenting on the lilac smell. He manages to leave right as Liza returns. She enters to find that her apartment has been messed with, but Cobblepot escapes just in time.


Cobblepot goes to visit Fish and sniffs her because he’s so wonderfully crazy. She smells like lilacs, and he realizes that Fish has sent Liza to Falcone.


Later, Liza arrives home to find Cobblepot sitting in her apartment. Cobblepot tells Liza that he knows she’s working for Fish, and that suspicion is a funny thing. All it takes is one word from Cobblepot and Falcone would start to wonder if Liza was really spying on him for Fish. Cobblepot tells Liza he won’t tell her secret because Liza is going to keep working for Fish, and she’s not going to tell anyone or he’ll kill her.

"The Mask" (Aired November 10, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

So, eight episodes in, it is fair to say that I’m really enjoying “Gotham,” but I do have a mild complaint about the show’s procedural format. I know that everything is going to be linked together, but I don’t watch procedurals for a reason. I think I would like for the cases to feel more in-depth, and to have their weekly check-ins with Captain Essen (as she doesn’t really add a whole lot to the series). If you’re going to have Captain Essen, use her! Anyway, let’s get in to it.


Jim & Bullock

The episode opens with our murder of the week. Two men are beating the shit out of one another in an office building. After one man kills the other, we see the victor turn toward a camera. The next morning, Edward Nygma, Bullock, and Jim are investigating the body, which has been moved to a different location. Nygma finds part of a finger that the victim bit off of his murderer.  Jim, still rightfully annoyed at his fellow officers for abandoning him when Zsasz came to kill him, decides to go question the homeless to see if they saw anything.


While Jim questions the victim’s mother, Bullock tells Essen that Jim is still angry that every cop ran out on him when his life was in danger, and now the other officers are embarrassed because they’re chickenshits.


Bullock and Jim pay a visit to a black market doctor. Bullock tells the doctor that they will keep letting him practice in the black market if he gives them the information they need.  Even after the doctor gives Jim and Bullock a description, Jim arrests him. Back at the police station, Detective Alvarez questions why Jim did this, as the doctor is one of his sources. Jim tells Alvarez it’s payback. Bullock tells Jim that he proved he’s on Jim’s side, and begs Jim to release the doctor, and the next day they’ll go chase down the lead the doctor gave them, but Jim refuses


Jim heads home and finds a hyper-paranoid Barbara (which she really only has herself to blame. Had she left Gotham when Jim tried to help her, she wouldn’t have been taken hostage). She is convinced Zsasz is stalking her. When Jim promises not to let anyone hurt her, she doesn’t believe him. But less than 5 seconds later, she asks Jim to tell her everything will be ok. Alright lady, you’re getting to be a bit crazy and annoying. The next morning Barbara tells Jim that she freaked out because of nerves and that she had too much to drink. Jim tells Barbara he wishes his job wasn’t like this, but her response is “Do you really


Jim and Gordon are off to chase down a lead, arriving at the office of Richard Sionis. They find that many of Sionis’s employees have cuts and scrapes on them. When Bullock asks Sionis about all his warrior gear, Sionis tells Bullock it inspires him. Sionis also tells Jim that masks speak the truth. Then, Sionis turns the tables on Jim, asking Jim if he misses the battlefield, realizing there’s a fight in Jim. As Jim is leaving, he notices a blood trail in to the bathroom and begins to follow it. Inside he finds a gentleman missing a finger, and therefore, the murderer.


Jim and Bullock question the murderer, and he tells them the fighting is part of the hiring process. Sionis tells the top 3 candidates to fight it out. They aren’t supposed to fight to the death, but this one went wrong. Nygma comes in and tells Bullock and Essen that the victim was killed in an office. Nygma tells Essen that four other bodies were killed in the past three years with office supplies. Just then, a lawyer sent in by Sionis shows up and stops the murder from talking any more.


Jim goes to investigate an abandoned office building, and once there, he finds three guys in cages. Sionis shows up behind him and tasers him. When Jim wakes up, he finds himself surrounded by the three applicants. Sionis tells the three applicants that whomever kills Jim not only gets the job, but a $1 million signing bonus.


Meanwhile, Bullock tries get help to check addresses and track down Jim. When everyone refuses, Bullock yells at his fellow officers. They owe him that after they abandoned him before. Essen is the first one to volunteer, and then others begin as well.


Jim does his best to fight off the applicants. It looks like his soldier training is helping him win. As he takes out the last applicant, Sionis shows up in a mask and he and Jim begin fighting. Jim gets the upper hand, and is about to drive a weapon in to Sionis, but stops himself just as Essen and another officer arrive. Sionis gets off the table and is about to attack Jim, but Jim turns and punches him out. Jim thanks Essen for showing up, and then leaves.


Back at the station, Jim thanks Bullock for having his back, and Bullock tells Jim not to be a pain in the neck. Jim tells Bullock he doesn’t love fighting, but he’s not afraid to either. He tells Bullock they have to fight for the city and he’s not going to stop.


After all the madness, Jim calls Barbara, but she doesn’t answer. She walks out of their shared (it seemed like hers, but we haven’t seen if Jim lives anywhere else) and there’s a note on the table. He laves a message telling her he’s coming home soon.


Oswald Cobblepot

Elsewhere, Cobblepot continues his crazy game of duplicity and intrigue. He meets Fish on her turf to discuss the terms between the Falcone and Maroni families. Cobblepot suggests there should be no bloodshed. Cobblepot then gives Fish the broach he stole off a woman on the street. Fish takes the pin and stabs it in Cobbelpot’s hand, and then tastes his blood like a crazy.


Cobblepot’s henchmen bring in Timothy, the guy Fish hired to take Cobblepot’s position. Cobblepot starts questioning Timothy while hanging him upside down. In an attempt to save his own life, Timothy tells Cobblepot he overheard Fish mention that she has someone close to Falcone. Cobblepot thanks Timothy for his help, then has his men kill Timothy. He may be crazy enough to win this war.


Bruce & Alfred

Alfred drops Bruce off at school, much to Bruce’s chagrin. He tries to convince Alfred that homeschooling is fine, but Alfred insists Bruce needs friends his own age. But as he goes in to school, two fellow students eye Bruce, and it is clear that his return to school isn’t going to go well.


Sure enough, the two boys come to talk to Bruce and start asking him about his parents’ murder. When Bruce tries to tell them he wasn’t to talk about it, it seems like the boys aren’t going to give up. Later in the day, the boys confront Bruce about his parents again. Bruce tries to reason with but when the kids bring up Bruce’s mother, Bruce smacks him.


At the end of the school day, Alfred notices the bruises on Bruce’s face. When Bruce tells Alfred that kids were giving him a hard time about his parents, Alfred takes Bruce to the bully’s house.

Bruce begins to hit Thomas for talking about his mother. He gets in a couple of hits when Alfred walks up. When Thomas complains, Alfred points out that he doesn’t have any broken bones, and that Bruce tried to kill him and it would do Thomas well to remember that.


Later t Wayne manor, Bruce tells Alfred he enjoyed hurting Thomas. Bruce asks Alfred he’ll always be angry all the time, to which Alfred doesn’t have a particularly satisfying answer. (Hint: the answer is hell yes.) He also asks Alfred to teach him how to fight, and Alfred agrees to do so.

"Penguin's Umbrella" (November 3, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

What I like about  “Gotham” so far is that the writers don’t let things sit for too long. Rather than letting frustration build over when other characters are going to find out critical pieces of information, it tends to happen quickly. I like that the truth about Cobblepot non-death already came out. I think it makes the show more interesting, and allows for the show to become less procedural (I hope!) and more intriguing. So let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?


Following the arrival of Cobblepot at the Gotham Police Department, Jim calls Barbara to tell her to leave. He knows that his life is not at risk. Bullock tells Jim he’s now going to have to kill Jim and take Jim’s body to Falcone. Jim thinks he and Bullock can work together. There’s a brief skirmish between the two, which ends with Bullock telling Jim he better hope he never sees Bullock again.


At Barbara’s apartment, Butch, Fish’s man muscle, and another one of Fish’s men are questioning Barbara about Jim. Fish has ordered that Jim be brought to her to explain why he didn’t kill Cobblepot. Right as Butch gets real creepo, Jim arrives with his gun drawn. Barbara is freaking out, but Jim is cool as a cucumber. Butch tells Jim that after they kill him, they’re also going to kill Barbara. They’re able to escape, and Jim takes Barbara to the bus station and tells her to leave. He promises he’ll join her in a couple of days, but when she asks what happens if he doesn’t, Jim simply tells her not to come back to Gotham


Fish goes to see Falcone to tell him that Harvey, Jim, and Cobblepot must all die. Falcone believes Fish is overacting, but he insists Cobblepot knows too much. Falcone tells Fish to ask Maroni to hand Cobblepot over. Nicolai says that they need to hit Maroni hard, but Falcone tells him to calm down. As Nicolai and Fish are walking out, Nicolai is getting handsy. Fish tells Nicolai that her girl, Liza, hasn’t slept with Falcone, and Fish is worried because she thinks Falcone knows something no one else does.


Back at the police station, Jim is filling out warrants with a plan to arrest the Mayor and Falcone for conspiracy. He tells Captain Essen that his testimony is attached to the warrants, but she tells Jim that no one will help him, not even her. She tells Jim to leave Gotham, but he says Gotham is home and it was his father’s home and that he’s not leaving.


As Jim and Essen are having their little chitchat, Victor Zsasz enters the station looking for Jim to bring him in to see Falcone. He has to bring Jim in alive Jim tells Zsasz that he’ll talk to Falcone, but not today. After Zsasz clears out the station, a gun shoot out commences between Gordon, Zsasz, and his two lady henchmen he brought along. Jim is able to run out, but once in the stairway, we see he’s been shot in the side. In the garage full of squad cars, Jim is crawling around, leaving a blood trail for Zsasz to follow. Luckily for Jim, a lady cop comes out and distracts Zsasz and the other two. One of them shoots Jim as he’s running out, but just then Montoya and Allen show up and get Jim in their car. Then Zsasz shoots and skills the lady officer, and he uses a razor blade to cut himself for a 28th time. Is he keeping track of cops he’s killed, or people?


Jim wakes up in a room filled with rats. The doctor tells Jim she took out the bullets. It turns out he’s in the dissection room of a university. He’s been out for a couple of hours. The Doctor tells Jim that he’s lost a lot of blood, but he insists on standing. Jim tells Allen he has to go, but Allen says he needs some clothes.


Fish pays a visit to Maroni, to ask him to hand Cobblepot over. Fish insists that Cobblepot disrespected herself and Falcone. Maroni tells Cobblepot to apologize for this, which he does, but very sarcastically. Fish tells Maroni that there will be bloodshed. Before she leaves, Fish threatens Cobblepot and slaps him across the face. She is not pleased that things are not going her way. At all.


Following this meeting, Butch finds a group of nuns and ties them up across the street to prevent Maroni’s gun truck from crossing to Falcone’s side of town. When Maroni’s men get there, Butch tells them that Maroni can’t sell until he hands Cobblepot over. When word reaches Maroni, he is furious. Cobblepot insists that this means Falcone is scared, and he suggests that they hit Falcone back hard.


Montoya and Jim are sitting in the car waiting for Allen to return. Montoya apologizes to Jim for not trusting him and says her feelings for Barbara got in the way. She tells him she’s glad they’re on the same side and Jim assures Montoya that Barbara is safe. It turns out, they are waiting outside Wayne Manor, and Jim sent Allen in first to make sure everything was safe.


Inside Wayne Manor, Jim introduces Bruce to Montoya and Allen. Jim tells Bruce he’s not sure if he can keep his promise to find his parents as he upset some powerful people. Bruce says if Jim expects to die he wants to know why. Jim tells Bruce that everything is connected and that if something happens to him, Allen and Montoya will take over his parent’s case. Bruce thanks him and hugs him.


To seek revenge for the gun truck, Cobblepot leads a group of Maroni’s men to a Falcone hideout. Maroni’s men storm the place, killing all of Falcone’s men inside. After the hit, Frankie, Maroni’s man guy, tells Cobblepot he is clever, but Frankie doesn’t trust Cobblepot. Cobblepot tells when you know what a man loves, you know what can kill him. It turns out, Frankie was underpaying his men, so Cobblepot gave them more money to help him kill Frankie. He turned Frankie’s greatest passion into his greatest weakness. Penguin tells Frankie that love conquers all, then kisses him on the head. He’s so crazy. So smart. I love it.


Maroni and Falcone meet up to call off the war. Falcone says that they’ll let Maroni have Cobblepot as a sign of respect. Falcone asks for a warehouse on the river as a sign of good faith. Cobblepot suggests to Maroni to offers Indian Hill to Falcone. It’s a toxic waste dump in Arkham. Falcone agrees to take it. Maroni then asks if Falcone has captured Jim Gordon, telling Falcone that there is nothing more dangerous than an honest man.


At Jim is at his apartment, Bullock shows up. He tells Jim that he’s going to join the good guys since they’ve got the moral high ground. Jim tells Bullock that he is planning on arresting Falcone and the Mayor for framing Mario Pepper


The next morning, Jim puts his plan into action, first arresting the Mayor, and then taking the Mayor to Falcone’s manor. Once inside, Falcone refuses arrest and warns Jim to walk away, but Jim tells Falcone it is a lawful arrest, and if he resists, he will be shot. Falcone tells Jim he has a knife to Barbara’s throat. Of course he does because Barbara can’t save her own life. On the one hand, I like that she doesn’t listen to Jim because no one can tell her what to do. On the other hand DON’T RISK YOUR LIFE AND JIM’S YOU CRAZY WOMAN!


Bullock thinks Falcone is bluffing, but Jim doesn’t want to risk it so he decides to release Falcone and the mayor. Sure enough, Falcone has Barbara escorted in to the room. Falcone says that both Jim and Bullock have to die which is a shame because Gotham needs strong men, not anarchy. Today, Jim believed Falcone, so there may still be hope for Jim. Falcone decides to spare their lives, but Jim wants to know the catch. Falcone says he wants Jim to think about what he said and to understand the truth. Someday soon, Jim will see Falcone is right.


After Jim and Bullock leave, Falcone pays a visit to his chickens. Cobblepot appears with his umbrella. There’s then a flashback to the night Falcone ordered Jim to kill Cobblepot. Cobblepot offers to be Falcone’s spy in Maroni’s ranks. Cobblepot tells Falcone he knows secrets, and tells Falcone about Nikolai and Fish. He tells Falcone that Fish and Nikolai are lovers and Fish is pushing Nikolai to take his place, but only so Fish can take over from Nikolai.  Cobblepot says that Jim Gordon needs to be the one ordered to kill him so he has a chance of living. Falcone agrees, and we’re back in present day. The episode ends with Cobblepot holding the umbrella over Falcone the way we saw him holding it over Fish. 

"Spirit of the Goat" (Aired October 27, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

The episode opens with a flashback to Gotham 10 years earlier. We see a killer, who calls himself the Spirit of the Goat, kidnapping a young girl. While this is happening, news footage plays in the background stating that the Spirit of the Goat is out killing the oldest children of Gotham’s elite families.


We then see Bullock and his old partner, Detective Dicks, searching for the Spirit of the Goat. This version of Bullock is reminiscent of Jim; he’s optimistic and still thinks that people can be saved. His partner on the other hand feels defeated and doesn’t have the same hope as young Bullock. Bullock shoots and kills the murderer, Randal Milkey.


In present day Gotham, Bullock is on the scene of the murder of a girl, displayed in a similar way as Milkey displayed his victims. He has a look of sadness and disbelief on his face. He’s shaken from his thoughts by Ed Nygma and one of his riddles. Bullock is not interested and tells Nygma that the killer is a Spirit of the Goat copycat.


At Barbara’s place, Jim and Barbara are arguing. Barbara tells Jim that she wants half of what he has to carry. Why does she want to know so bad what’s happening? Does she for real not understand the danger she’s in if he tells her? Who is she working for? Jim tells Barbara he’ll tell her everything that he can, and he leaves, and Barbara has a guilty look on her face.


Montoya and Allen of MCU are at the docks trying to get some information on Jim’s alleged murder of Oswald. One of the guys sitting on the docks tells Montoya and Allen he saw Jim kill Oswald, and Montoya is thrilled that they have the evidence to nail Jim to the wall. 


Back at the crime scene, Bullock is freaking out on Jim. He’s pissed about their being a copycat, knowing that the press will come down on them hard.  Bullock believes that the victim knew her murderer. When Jim and Bullock go to see the victim’s parents, Mr. Hastings, the victim’s father, says he’s been having a feeling of darkness lately. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hastings appear rather drugged up, and as Mr. Hasting is talking to them, his hand begins to twitch in an odd manner. The family therapist, Dr. Marks, tells Bullock and Jim that Mr. Hastings is in a delicate state and may not be able to process the information right now. She seems oddly protective of the Hastings, and something about her bothers me.


Jim and Bullock go to see the body. The coroner tells them that the victim was chloroformed. Bullock tells the M.E. that there should be an incision at the base of the head, stitched closed. The M.E., being the best M.E. there is, missed this in his prior assessment of the body, but finds it now. There’s a penny in the wound, which was Randal Milkey, the original killer’s M.O. Bullock is convinced it can’t be a copycat, as this information was not made public during the original murders.


After the obligatory check-in scene with Captain Essen, she tells Jim and Bullock to go see Bullock’s old partner to see if he told anyone about the coin in the incisions. Dicks is in a rehab facility. Dicks refers to Bullock as the “Golden Boy,” further proving that Bullock was once like a young Jim Gordon. Dicks has a messed up liver, which Bullock blames on Dicks’s constant drinking, a foreshadowing of Bullock’s inevitable future as we pretty consistently see him drinking or with a flask. Dicks tells Bullock and Jim he never said anything about the Liberty Head pennies being stitched up in the victims’ bodies. Dicks says that they were wrong, that Milkey wasn’t acting alone, that it was a conspiracy. Bullock refuses to believe this and leaves Dicks and Jim. To really drive home the point that Bullock used to be like Jim, Dicks tells Jim that Bullock thinks he’s a white knight. And Jim is in disbelief. We see Bullock talking to the hospital administrator. He’s settling the bill for Dicks’s care. It’s a moment meant to show that Bullock isn’t the hard-ass, uncaring cop that we may have previously believed.


After the second victim, Ember Copley, is taken, Bullock tells Jim that there was no sign of breaking and entering, to it seems he would have had keys. Jim tells Bullock that he’s looking into employees that worked in both Amanda Hastings and Ember Copley’s buildings. Bullock suggests Nygma take a look at the list.


Outside the Gotham Police Station, Barbara is waiting for Montoya. She promises to tell Montoya what she learns, but that Jim won’t tell her everything. Montoya tells Barbara that who Jim knows may end up in Barbara being killed. She also tells Barbara that she’s going to get a warrant for Jim’s arrest that night. Though I see that Barbara is trying to protect Jim by offering to tell Montoya what she learns, really the only thing I feel is betrayal, further reinforcing my growing dislike of Barbara.


Nygma went through the lists and found one employee that fits the profile, a Raymond Earl. Nygma holds up his coffee mug with a question mark on it in case you were concerned he wasn’t going to be the Riddler.  Bullock and Jim arrive at the same building where they found the last victim 10 years ago. Bullock is haunted by what happened to Dicks there, he feels guilty. Jim and Bullock run in to the building. Jim frees Copley while Bullock is off to find Earl. Earl tells Bullock that the Goat will always come back. This time, as Earl is about to hit Bullock, Jim saves the day and knocks him out.


At Wayne Manor, Bruce and Alfred are watching the news reporting the copycat Spirit of the Goat killer. Alfred is worried about Bruce’s safety as Bruce is the first child of one of Gotham’s rich families. Bruce isn’t worried, he doesn’t believe there is anyone to take him from, clearly hurting Alfred’s feelings and a clear set-up to a later heart-warming moment between Bruce and Alfred.


Later on, Selina Kyle/Cat makes her appearance for a rather pointless scene, though I’m guessing it’ll come up in a later episode. So much for my guess about her being our inside to the seedy underbelly of Gotham, huh? She sneaks her way into the Wayne Mansion and spots Bruce’s vision board of revenge. She’s intrigued by Bruce, even stopping to watch him sleep for a minute. And in case you were worried about her being catlike, she pops up on a bench like a cat for a minute.


At the police station, despite catching Earl, Bullock is concerned. It doesn’t appear that Milkey and Earl knew each other, and the similarities between the two bothers Bullock. Bullock thinks he’s missing something, and as long as he’s missing it, he’s worried the murders will keep happening. Jim leaves, and after he does Earl seems to come out of a trance. As eh does so, his hand begins to twitch in the same way as Mr. Hastings, the father of the first victim’s hand did. I KNEW I DIDN’T TRUST THAT THERAPIST!


Jim gets home and Barbara tells Jim that Montoya has a witness saying he killed Oswald Cobblepot. Barbara knows something happened to Jim a couple of weeks ago, and she wants to know what it is. Barbara is packing her stuff to leave, and begs Jim to go with her, but he refuses, telling her he can’t run. Right then, there’s a knock on the door and its Montoya and Allen there to arrest him.


Bullock is off to see the Hastings’ therapist, Dr. Marks. It turns out she’s a hypnotherapist and does pro bono work at a clinic and she treated Earl.  He accuses her of using hypnotherapy on Earl and Milkey to turn them into the Spirit of the Goat. She admits to the hypnotherapy, saying she was trying to help Gotham. As Bullock goes to arrest Dr. Marks, she uses her cue to sick Mr. Hastings on Bullock. After fighting him off, Bullock shoots Dr. Marks.


Meanwhile, Oswald goes to visit his mother. She accuses him of being taken in by some woman, but he tries to tell her he doesn’t even date. He tells his mother that he was taken advantage of by people he thought he could trust. He promises her that he’s going to be someone in Gotham. During a bath, in which is mother bathes him (because apparently this is “Bates Motel,”) Oswald tells his mother that he can trust Jim.

Back at the police station, Captain Essen gets a third relatively unimportant scene complaining about Bullock shooting Dr. Marks. Her inability to understand the words Bullock is telling her shows her complete irrelevance in the show. (I’m sorry, but if you’re going to have a female police captain, can you at least not make her a dipshit and maker her scenes relevant. Ok, thanks.) As she and Bullock are talking, Montoya and Allen bring Jim in to the jail cell. They ten arrest Bullock as well as an accomplice. Right then though, Oswald shows up, clearing Jim’s name, but pissing Bullock the eff off.


In a somewhat random sub-storyline, Nygma heads to the records room, which is run by Kristen Kringle. He’s clearly got a little crushy, but she’s wigged out. He’s there to find more information on the Spirit of the Goat murders from years before. He finds the record room to be unorganized, and offers Kristen his help, but she refuses. Nygma decides to take matters in to his own hands, and create a whole new system for Kristen Kringle to use. She is not pleased at all. He almost tells her that he likes her, but covers it up by saying he’s just trying to help her keep her job. She tells him that he’s odd, and he leaves the record room defeated.


Closing Thoughts: I’m kind of glad the writers haven’t kept the fact that Jim didn’t kill Oswald secret the whole season. It makes it way more interesting to see how Jim is going to work, or not work, with the criminal underbelly to help cleanup Gotham. On some level, Jim is going to have to compromise his values a bit if he wants to achieve his end goal. On the other hand, he deplores the criminal element so much; it seems to go against his nature to work with them at all. It’s going to make for an interesting show. 


Also, does anyone else find it interesting that the murderers in this episode were two mentally ill men who maybe could benefit from proper treatment? Perhaps from an improved Arkham Mental Hospital? I mean I know it may be a stretch, but I just wonder if there isn't going to be an overarching theme here. 

"Viper" (Aired October 20, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Like every good superhero or revenge seeker, Bruce Wayne has started a vision board to help solve his parents murder and how Gotham works. Alfred is worried that Bruce is wasting his time and isn’t dealing with his parents murder in the best way.


On the streets of Gotham, a homeless man plays his guitar with a sign saying he needs money for drugs. It’s a bit of refreshing honesty in this town. As homeless man is playing, a creepy ass dude places a vial of green liquid in the homeless man’s guitar case. The vial says “breathe me,” and our homeless friend does. He then walks into a convenience store, high on this new drug, and takes a gallon of milk to the face. When the store clerk reminds him he needs to pay for it, the homeless man refuses. The clerk approaches the homeless man with a bat, and the homeless man breaks it in half.


Meanwhile, Bullock is ordering Jim the best burger in town. Selina Kyle/Cat makes her first appearance in a while. Jim spots her and tries to chase her, but she’s too quick. This seems completely random, and considering we don’t see her again the rest of the episode, it seems entirely pointless. Jim then hears an alarm bell ringing from the convenience store. The clerk tells Bullock and Jim that the homeless man hauled out the ATM with his bare hands.


Jim and Bullock hit the streets to try and find their homeless man. They’re able to track him down to a warehouse where they find lots of empty milk jugs. The homeless man, Benny, tells Bullock and Jim that he needs more of the drug and tells them the man that gave him the drug had a mangled ear. As Benny lifts the ATM to throw it at Jim and Bullock, the rest of the drug leaves his system and he crushes himself to death.


At Wayne Manor, Alfred tells Bruce about the upcoming Wayne Enterprises luncheon. Bruce tells Alfred he wants to go and speak to the Wayne Enterprises Board Members. He wants to know how the Falcone and Maroni ended up with interest in the Wayne’s Arkham plan.


Ed Nygma tells Bullock and Jim that the drug uses the body’s unused calcium to create inordinate amounts of strength, thus the craving for the milk. However, this then results in the bones become brittle and crumbling, and the Viper user’s death. Bullock suggests that the “good citizens” of Gotham stay inside and let the criminals all die. How sweet. Jim asks Nygma who the best manufacturer is, and Nygma tells them it is WellZyn, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises.


Taylor Reece, the public counsel of WellZyn, shows up at the Gotham Police Station to tell Jim and Bullock that they do not develop the Viper drug, and any statements to the contrary will result in them being sued. Seems oddly defensive this early on, Ms. Reece. When Jim and Bullock ask Reece about any employees with a messed up ear, she tells them about Stan Potolsky. Reece tells them that Potolsky mainly worked on shampoos and was frustrated he wasn’t doing more important work. When Jim accuses Reece of knowing right away that Potolsky was behind the distribution of the Viper drug, Reece appears to be appalled at such an accusation.


At Maroni’s restaurant, Maroni tells his henchman, Frankie, that he wants to rob Falcone’s casino. Maroni wants to send a message to Falcone that he isn’t backing off. Oswald approaches and tells Maroni that he knows a janitor that works at Falcone’s casino and can get them in through underground tunnels. Maroni is interested in what Oswald has to say, and tells Oswald that the nickname “Penguin” is a good one. Maroni can tell that there’s more to Oswald, so Oswald tells Maroni his real name and that he used to work for Fish. Maroni then slams Oswald’s head against the table, unsure of the validity of Oswald’s story.


As Jim and Bullock head their separate ways sot investigate the case, Maroni’s henchman Frankie approaches Jim to tell him they’ve got Oswald and he needs to come along. Maroni wants Jim to tell him the same story that Penguin told Maroni. Jim confirms what Oswald already told Maroni, making Maroni very happy. Now he has a new weapon, Penguin, to use against Falcone. Maroni promises Jim to keep his story quiet, and Oswald is once again in debt to Jim for saving his life.


Jim arrives back at the police department, and Bullock questions Jim on his whereabouts, but Jim dodges the question. Bullock assumes it is problems with Barbara, and Jim lets him think this. (Barbara is THANKFULLY absent from this episode. I’m so annoyed with her after last week, I’m glad she wasn’t around this time to complain more). Digging through evidence boxes, Jim and Bullock find a picture of Potolsky with an old professor, so they’re off to see him.


Potolsky’s old professor tells Jim and Bullock that Potolsky was actually working on biochemical weapons to help soldiers with strength. Viper was actually the first iteration of the drug that becomes Venom, AKA the drug that allows Bane to get his strength. But Potolsky was concerned about the repercussions of the drug, so he went to Thomas and Martha Wayne who then shut the program down. WellZyn, after the Waynes died, decided to resume the program. Jim realizes the professor is in on the plan with Potolsky, and the professor inhales the Viper and goes after Bullock. The professor says that WellZyn and Wayne Enterprises must pay, and Jim realizes Potolsky’s next target is the Wayne Enterprises meeting.


At the Wayne Enterprises meeting, Bruce begins talking to Molly Mathis, a self purported mid-management type at Wayne Enterprises. Despite her mid-management status, she seems to know a lot about the workings of Wayne Enterprises, so I’m calling B.S. on her status. Anyway, Bruce is disappointed to find that the Board members don’t attend such luncheons. Bruce tells Molly that he wanted to speak with the Board about irregularities in the Arkham project. He asks her to arrange a meeting with the Board.


As Bruce and Molly are talking, Potolsky heads to the roof to send the Viper drug through the air system so that everyone is affected. As he’s doing this, a video of Potolsky appears on the screen in the ballroom where the meeting is taking place. He announces that he crated Viper while working for WellZyn, much to Bruce’s disdain.  Jim and Bullock arrive and Bullock tells everyone to leave. Alfred, seeing the fumes, wraps Bruce’s face to keep him from inhaling the drug.


On the rooftop, Jim confronts Potolsky. When Potolsky refuses to stop the Viper from going into the ballroom, Jim shoots the barrel containing the drug, causing Potolsky to inhale a large amount of the drug, but he seems fairly unaffected. When Bullock joins Jim on the roof, he tells Bullock not to shoot Potolsky. Potolsky says that he’s done, and tells Jim and Bullock to go checkout Warehouse 39. Potolsky then jumps off the roof killing himself, knowing his mission to attack the “important” people and make the issues known is complete.


Jim and Bullock go to check out Warehouse 39, but it’s empty. Bullock isn’t surprised, but Jim is disappointed. We see Molly Mathis on the phone telling someone that Jim and Bullock arrived, but that there’s nothing there to be seen.


At Wayne Manor, Bruce is digging through the files, and finds something on Molly Mathis. Alfred sits down with a couple of files and joins him. After that close call with Bruce, he realizes that something is going on, and he owes it to Thomas, Martha, and Bruce to figure out what it is. Though there is no dialogue in this scene, it is very important. It shows that Alfred now understands that Bruce needs to and should be taken seriously. Bruce doesn’t become Batman without Alfred, and this is the true start of that relationship.


Sitting in a car with Maroni and Frankie, waiting for the heist of the casino to be completed, Oswald confesses he’s nervous. But then, Maroni’s men run out of the casino, the heist successful. Maroni is thrilled with Oswald as his new weapon, and Oswald is relieved that his connection came through for him.


Elsewhere, Fish and Nikolai meet with Falcone. Falcone tells them that Maroni didn’t really when the Arkham deal. When Nikolai goes after Falcone, Fish jumps to his defense to preserve the image she’s still loyal to him.


Fish has been busy trying to train her new girl, Liza, in the art of seducing Falcone. She’s teaching Liza an aria that Fish knows Falcone likes, and she also instructs Liza on how to tell Falcone she loves him. Everything Liza does with Falcone will be 100% controlled by Fish.


We then see Fish in bed with Nikolai. We find out that Fish is backing Nikolai’s plan to take over Falcone, and that she has to paly nice to Falcone so he doesn’t suspect anything. Poor Nikolai, little do you know that Fish is going to betray you.


Falcone is sitting on the steps of a monument in a park when Liza walks up humming the tune Fish was teaching her. Falcone is immediately drawn to her. Not only is it Falcone’s favorite aria, but Liza now looks a lot like his mother. Looks like Fish’s plan is in play

"Arkham" (Aired October 12, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

So far in “Gotham,” the word Arkham has been alluded to with little explanation. We know that Thomas and Martha Wayne were working on a plan involving Arkham, and that it has become a point of contention between Falcone and Maroni. This episode gets into it, and allows Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock to become their full crime noir selves.


The episode begins right where “The Balloonman” left off, with Oswald Cobblepot paying a visit to Jim at his house. Jim, none too pleased to see Oswald, considering he told him never to come back to Gotham, takes Oswald outside. Oswald tells Jim that he may be the last good man in Gotham. Oswald, as a thank you to Jim for sparing his life, offers to help him. He tells Jim that he will give him information about things that are happening in Gotham, particularly with this impending “war” Oswald keeps talking about.


My least favorite thing about “Gotham” is the murder of the week thing. While I get that the “Gotham” writers feel the need to include this formulaic element, I hope things get a little less episodic, and that more plotlines become woven through each episode. This isn’t a CBS show, so the CSI formula isn’t needed. Anyway, I digress…


A man, who we come to find out goes by Richard Gladwell, kills a city councilman with a double-edged spike. When Jim floats a theory it is a political hit, Bullock shoots it down saying it’s easier to bribe council members. So Bullock and Jim begin questioning people, and as usual, Bullock suspects the first guy while Jim knows the first answer is never the right one. Going through evidence from the crime scene, Jim finds an Arkham development plan, and decides to pay a visit to Wayne Manor to see if he can get more information.


Alfred tells Jim that with the Waynes gone, Falcone took over the plan and he stands to make a lot of money if it passes. Jim realizes that Councilman Jenkins was killed because he supported Falcone’s plan, and Maroni is trying to destroy it.  Bruce comes in and tells Jim that his parents were fighting to get a new asylum built, he doesn’t want their dream to die. Jim tells Bruce that if Maroni and Falcone begin fighting over Arkham, it could be a citywide gang war, the type Oswald was talking about. As he’s talking to Bruce, Bullock calls Jim telling him another councilman has been abducted, this time, and one that backs Maroni. We then see this councilman lit on fire and killed inside the Arkham Asylum. How apropos.


Meanwhile, the Mayor holds a press conference to announce the development of Arkham. He says that before their deaths, the Waynes had a plan to build affordable housing for Gotham’s poor. The plan was to tear down Arkham Asylum and build a new mental health facility. The Mayor says even though the Waynes are gone, he still wants it to happen.


At the crime scene of the second councilman’s murder, Captain Essen concedes that Jim was right in his guess that the councilmen’s deaths concerned politics. Jim then fills Bullock and Essen in on his idea that this is a war about Arkham. Bullock is suspicious of Jim’s sudden insight into the inner workings of the criminal side of Arkham. Luckily, Ed Nygma arrives to keep Jim from having to answer Bullock’s suspicions. Nygma tells Bullock and Jim that the same hitman is working for both Falcone and Maroni, killed all three victims.


Bullock and Jim go to see Minks, a prisoner in Gotham City Penitentiary. Minks tells Bullock and Jim about Richard Gladwell. They’re off to his office to try and track him down. When they arrive, Gladwell takes off, prepping his weapon to kill Jim. Harvey finds evidence on Gladwell’s desk that confirms he killed the councilmen. They also find a piece of paper with the letters “C,” “L,” and “M” on it.


At Wayne Manor, Bruce awakens from a nightmare about his parents’ murder. He asks Alfred for more files about the Arkham development plan. He’s looking for a connection between the councilmen’s murders and the murder of his parents.


At Maroni’s restaurant, Oswald’s manager catches him looking at Maroni’s men counting large stacks of money. Later that day, the restaurant is robbed by a group of men with pantyhose on their faces. Oswald’s manager is killed, and the bags of money were stolen. When Maroni’s men arrive, they find Oswald in the walk-in freezer with some of the money he tells them he was able to save. When Maroni arrives he believes that Falcone is the one who hit the restaurant. Maroni thanks Oswald for saving some of the money, and promotes Oswald to restaurant manager.


After his promotion, we find that Oswald staged the whole robbery to help move himself up the ranks. He brings cannoli as a thank you to the men who pulled off the robbery. And of course the cannolis are poisoned. Oswald has to eliminate any unknown entities that may mess up his ultimate plan. God damn I love how manipulative and calculating Oswald is.


When Jim gets home that night, Barbara has had a DRAMATIC change of heart. Last episode she was supportive of Jim and believed that he couldn’t have murdered Oswald. But now, seemingly out of nowhere, she’s accusing Jim of keeping secrets from her and asking about Oswald Cobblepot. Jim realizes that Montoya is the one that filled Barbara in on Oswald. Barbara tells Jim that she and Montoya used to be in a relationship. This takes Jim completely by surprise, and he accuses Barbara of lying to him.  


At Fish Mooney’s place, Fish is auditioning new singers. She tells the first girl auditioning that the job involves more than just singing, and orders the girl to seduce Fish. The girl does a very poor job at the sudction. Fish wants to use this new girl likely to help seduce and take down Falcone. Fish isn’t entirely pleased with the first singer, so she tells Butch to find her another girl The second girl, Liza, does a much better job of seducing Fish than the first girl. And considering we find out her name, we know she’s going to be the one who gets the job. Sure enough, Fish has Liza and girl number one fight it out, and Liza wins.


After Liza’s audition, Bullock shows up to ask Fish if she can find Gladwell.  Fish tells Bullock that if Maroni gets even a piece of Arkham, it will show that Falcone is old and weak. Fish tells Bullock that if Falcone goes down, she’ll be ok.


Meanwhile, Jim is still at the police department when he gets a call from Oswald. Oswald tells Jim that the next hit on the Mayor will happen that night. Jim is off to the Mayor’s house and finds that the three police cars sent to protect the Mayor are empty. As the Mayor is grabbing some items that he apparently can’t leave the house without, Gladwell arrives. Right as Gladwell is about to stab Jim, Bullock shows up (gee this seems familiar). Gladwell still goes to kill the Mayor, but Bullock and Jim kill him.


Following the incident with Gladwell, Barbara shows up to the police department to apologize for not telling him about Montoya. She tells him she doesn’t want any more secrets, and asks about Cobblepot. Jim tells her he can’t tell her about his work anymore, in an attempt to keep her safe. She gives him an ultimatum: he is going to either have to tell her about his work or things aren’t going to work out. Seems fair. I mean, there’s no possible rational reason he would want to not tell her every little detail of his work. It makes me question Barbara’s motives, and at the very least, makes me dislike her. A lot.


The Mayor then holds a press conference announcing that the two Arkham plans have been merged: it will be a site for low-income housing and waste disposal. Mayor James says that the Arkham Asylum will be retrofitted and reopened. Maroni is thrilled that he’s getting a piece of the Arkham plan. Fish tells Liza that Falcone took a hit from the plan, and she’s thrilled.


At Wayne Manor, Bruce is not happy about the new plan. Jim tells Bruce that the Mayor was caught between Maroni and Falcone, and out of fear for his safety, gave Maroni the contract to rebuild Arkham Asylum and a waste disposal site. Falcone gets the low income housing part. Jim tells Bruce that the compromise may have prevented a gang war. Bruce tells Jim that everything his parents worked for is falling into the hands of criminals, but Jim reminds Bruce that he’s still alive, and it’s not too late for Gotham to be saved. 

"The Balloonman" (Aired October 5, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

Guys, I think I may be officially hooked on “Gotham.” Three episodes in, and I’m already invested in the characters, particularly Jim Gordon and Oswald Cobblepot. I do wish they’d do a bit more with Selina Kyle, but we’re only a very short way into the season, so there’s more time for that to develop. But I’d just like to say that Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot is freaking amazing. He plays the character so wonderfully – twisted and yet somehow I have the most invested in his character. Not that I want Oswald to succeed, but I’m invested in him the same way I was in Walter White’s story and Don Draper’s. Keep it up “Gotham” writers, cause so far, so great.


This episode also brings up some interesting questions about the Bullock and Jim. (I know there may be some question as to why I’m using Jim Gordon’s first name and Harvey Bullock’s last. This is in anticipation of the arrival of Harvey Dent. I don’t know that he’ll appear on the show, but just in case, I don’t want there to be confusion over which Harvey I am referring to). Though the pilot set up the Jim/Bullock relationship to kind of be good cop versus dirty cop, the more we find out about Bullock, we see that he does want what is best for Gotham. But Bullock’s version of justice and Jim’s are two different things. They have the same long-term goals, but their methods for achieving them are different. This episode also brings up the issue of vigilante justice, the main theme in the Batman stories. Again, Bullock and Jim represent two different sides of the argument.


The episode opens with Oswald returning to Gotham. He observes all the corruption and crime happening around him and looks upon it lovingly, calling it “home.” We see a TV behind Oswald reporting on Ronald Danzier, a Ponzi scheme conspirator who has become a beacon of hatred for the citizens of Gotham. After leaving his apartment, he’s attacked by a man in a pig mask. The man, the titular “Balloonman,” ties a weather balloon to Danzier, and he’s off floating away.


At the crime scene, Bullock thinks Danzier deserved what happened to him. Jim, even though he doesn’t approve of Danzier’s actions, believes that he they should still investigate his murder. Back at the Gotham Police Station, Jim meets Lieutenant Bill Cranston. Cranston hears that Jim is too soft on criminals, and Cranston proves to be the type of cop that Jim wants to stop: abusing accused criminals while questioning them.


After his interaction with Cranston, Jim meets with a man from Juvenile Services. He receives custody of Selina Kyle/Cat for the afternoon. She takes him to the scene of the Waynes’ murder. She tells Jim that the night of the murder she dropped the wallet she stole down a sewer. Jim, not fully ready to believe Cat, handcuffs her to a stairwell while he goes down in the sewer to check for the wallet. While he’s searching, Cat uses the pen she stole from Bullock’s desk to free herself. Jim finds the wallet as promised, and Cat throws the handcuffs back to Jim. Now he believes her and that she has the information she says, but now she’s gone. So really, this whole interaction was pointless. Awesome.


Montoya and Allen of the Major Crimes Unit stop by to see Fish to check on Oswald’s whereabouts. Fish tells the MCU officers that Oswald is dead, and that the rumor is that Jim Gordon killed him. Montoya is able to deduce that even if Jim killed Oswald, he did so by orders from Falcone. Allen, knowing that Falcone beat up Fish’s lover Lazlo, asks if Fish is trying to seek revenge. Fish denies this motive, and the MCU team leaves with this new information.


Meanwhile, Oswald is roaming the streets of Gotham. One of Fish’s henchmen spots him and tries to drag him back to Fish. However, Oswald fights back and kills the henchman. He then calmly and collectedly walks across the street and orders a sandwich with the money he stole from the henchmen. He’s entering full Penguin mode: killing with no question and no remorse. This is seen further when Oswald kills the dishwasher at an Italian restaurant owned by Don Maroni, Falcone’s biggest threat. Oswald kills the dishwasher to get the job so he can weasel his way into Maroni’s good graces, as Oswald believes Maroni may be the heir to Falcone’s rule.



At Wayne Manor, Alfred and Bruce practice Bruce’s fencing skills. During their sparring, some folders get knocked off the desk. It turns out Bruce has the file of his parent’s case. He is looking for a clue. Alfred reminds Bruce that Jim is trying to find the murderer. Alfred assures Bruce that Jim is going to try.


After Montoya and Allen confront Jim about him killing Oswald, Montoya pays a visit to Barbara. Montoya tells Barbara that Jim killed Oswald. We also get confirmation that Montoya and Barbara were previously in a relationship, along with a hint that Barbara may be a former drug addict. Montoya leaves after telling Barbara she still has feelings for her and that Barbara deserves better than Jim.


After a conversation with a weather balloon maker, Jim and Bullock learn the identity of a former employee who stole four weather balloons. We then see the Balloonman approach Cranston. Cranston, fresh from beating up one of his drug dealers, has an altercation with the Balloonman. He then goes through the Balloonman’s pockets, finds something intriguing to him, but in this moment, the Balloonman attaches the weather balloon to Cranston, and he’s being dragged away.


The death of Cranston creates a fear of panic throughout Gotham over the vigilante justice. This sets up the opportunity for Jim to establish his opposition to such vigilante justice.


Through his connections in the seedy underbelly of Gotham, Bullock is able to track down the disgruntled weather balloon employee, Carl Smikers While questioning him, Smikers tells Bullock and Jim that he sold the balloons to loan sharks as part of a debt, but that he has nothing to do with Balloonman’s actions. Smikers also tells Jim and Bullock that eventually the balloons burst and the bodies will come back down to Earth.


Sure enough, Cranston’s body falls back, and in the process, takes out another person. At the scene, Jim informs Bullock that the third victim, a Cardinal Quinn, has been taken away by weather balloon. Apparently Cardinal Quinn was a bit of a pedophile. As they go through Cranston’s body, they find a piece of paper with Jim’s name on it. It turns out, Balloonman is David Lamond, the Juvenile Services worker who dropped Cat off with Jim the day before.


Proving that he is definitely the smartest cop in town, Jim is able to quickly deduce Lamond’s hide out. As he and Bullock move in to inspect, Lamond takes Bullock by gunpoint. We get a further explanation of Jim’s stance against vigilante justice. Jim tells Lamond that the law will take care of those who are bad, Lamond argues saying the law has done nothing to protect anyone. Bullock is able to breakaway from Lamond’s grasp, and ties Lamond to the weather balloon, vigilante justice Bullock’s way. Jim, in his effort to ensure the law wins, clings on to Lamond, forcing Bullock to shoot the balloon down. When the ambulance arrives to take Lamond away after his fall, Jim asks whom he intended the last balloon for.


At home that night, Jim tells Barbara that the whole city is sick. He tells her that Lamond told her it didn’t matter who his fourth victim was going to be because it wouldn’t solve the problem. Jim believes that if people take the law into their own hands, then there is no law and everything breaks down. He tells Barbara there are cops who act the same way, in a vigilante sense. When she asks if he would ever, he asks her if she thinks he could. She looks incredibly relieved because she doesn’t have to directly ask Jim about Oswald. Right then, there’s a knock on the door. It turns out it is Oswald, dressed in his first Penguin suit, there to see his old buddy Jim. You guys, they made him the Penguin in Episode 3. That’s insane!!!!


At Fish’s place, Lazlo expresses concern for Fish after her MCU’s visit. Fish reassures Lazlo that she’s ok. However, she spots weakness in Lazlo and orders one of her other lackeys to take care of him. She also tells her lackey to create an accident for Natalia, Falcone’s newest girl.


Later, Falcone comes by Fish’s club and tells Fish that his girl Natalia had been mugged. Fish says that ever since the Wayne murders, people have been going crazy in the city. Falcone assures her that the person who mugged Natalia, and anyone who helped him will pay for it. He thinks Maroni may have had something to do with it. He also confirms that people in Gotham are going crazy, and that’s bad for business. Fish knows he’s talking about Arkham.


At Wayne Manor, Bruce is watching the news report concerning the capture of the Balloonman. When Alfred makes a comment about the criminals of Gotham resting peacefully, Bruce responds saying that the Balloonman killed people making him a criminal as well. The news report says now that the Balloonman is gone, who will defend the people of Gotham.  Bruce absorbs this and finally takes a bite to eat after days of not eating. It is fascinating to see the information that young Bruce absorbs, and what lessons he learns that will eventually result in his becoming Batman.

"Selina Kyle" (Aired September 28, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

With the episode being titled “Selina Kyle,” I was really hoping the episode would focus on the titular character.  Alas, young Catwoman actually plays a very small role in this episode. Instead, the episode continues to develop the opposing dichotomies in Gotham city: the Waynes versus the Falcones, Jim versus Bullock, good versus bad, light versus dark, and Bruce versus the development of Batman.


Young Bruce is at Wayne Manor, running his hand over an open flame, trying to strengthen himself. We can already see the part of Bruce developing that will result in becoming Batman. He’s upset with himself for not doing more when his parents were murdered, so he’s trying to overcome that guilt.  When Alfred sees that Bruce has been doing this, he is very upset. I’m really interested to see this relationship continue to grow and develop.


Now to the episode’s namesake: Selina (who we find out likes to be called Cat) is hanging out with some other street kids when a creepy couple approaches the kids offering them food: Patty and Doug. Cat declines the food. This ends up being a good call because as the other kids are eating the food, Patty and Doug inject them with some kind of serum knocking them out. Cat takes off running, managing to escape creepy Patty and Doug.


The next morning, Jim and Bullock are on the scene of the crime. During the commotion a homeless man was shot and killed by Patty and Doug. Cat watches Jim and Bullock at work. Jim and Bullock are informed by another officer that a group of homeless kids were abducted. Bullock and Jim talk to the homeless kid who ran away who informs them that homeless kids have been abducted for weeks.


When Jim and Bullock take the case to Captain Sarah Essen, Edward Nygma shows up to tell them the kids were taken drugged with a chemical called ATP. This drug was used at  the now closed Arkham Asylum (oh hey!) to control troublesome patients. Jim suggests that the paper should know about the abductions, but Captain Essen tells him to keep it quiet.


Carmine Falcone pays a visit to Fish Mooney to tell her about the conversation he had with Oswald Cobblepot before his “death.” Oswald told Falcone that the death of the Waynes would bring trouble to Gotham. Falcone explains that his family and the Waynes were pillars of the same house, and with the Waynes gone, they need to secure Falcone’s position. Falcone knows that Fish made comments about taking Falcone out, but Fish denies this. To prove that he’s still in control, he has Fish’s “exercise” partner beaten up in front of her.  She tells her henchman, Butch, that one day she will kill Falcone with her bare hands.


Because the abductions have been happening on Fish’s turf, Bullock and Jim are off to pay her visit to see if she has any information. Fish tells Jim that there is a market overseas for the kids, though no one knows why. At home that night, Jim is sharing the case with Barbara and expresses his frustration with the system. Barbara can tell that something is bothering Jim, but he’s not yet willing to tell her about Oswald. Barbara, in an attempt to help, makes an anonymous call to the paper to tell them about the kids being abducted.


The next morning when Captain Essen sees the headlines, she’s furious. Both Bullock and Jim both deny making the call to the paper. Bullock deduces that Barbara made the call on behalf of Jim. Jim tells Captain Essen only three companies stock ATP, so he and Bullock are off to investigate the companies.


Patty and Doug are visiting their ATP supplier who is frustrated about the news story. He demands more money, but Patty and Doug tell him that the Dollmaker needs the children. During their dispute, Bullock and Jim show up.  The pharmacist tries to throw Bullock and Jim off by telling them he hasn’t sold ATP since Arkham Asylum closed, thought he Wayne foundation was making plans to open it again. I’m guessing this won’t be the last we hear about that. Patty ends up cutting the lights off, and a gunfight ensues between Patty, Doug, Jim, and Bullock. Doug and Patty are able to escape. Jim heads back in to find the kids that are being held prisoner.


After saving the kids, the Mayor of Gotham makes a promise to protect the kids of Gotham. He’s initiated a program to get the kids into juvenile services. As the Mayor is giving his speech, we see the kids being picked up, including Cat.  After the press conference, the Mayor tells Jim that the “cute, undamaged” kids will go to foster homes, and the others will go to a juvenile prison upstate. Jim expresses his displeasure of this plan, telling the Mayor it’s a way to lock up the kids and not deal with the problem.


The street kids are being loaded on to buses. Cat tells the officer she needs to speak with Jim Gordon, but the officer checking the kids in tells Cat it isn’t going to happen. Sitting on the bus, Cat pulls out a locket, presumably of her mother. As she’s telling a fellow kid how to fight back (go for their eyes!), she hears the voice of Patty. Cat tries to escape, but Patty pulls a gun on her and tells her to sit down. Cat thought she was safe heading up to juvie, but it turns out, she’s in just as much danger as before.


Jim and Bullock go to visit the pharmacist from before who is now locked up in Gotham City jail. He tells them he saw a delivery truck with a silver plate and a fork. Jim has him draw the logo. It’s the last chance for them to save the kids before they’re shipped off.  They make calls to different companies, but aren’t able to come up with any leads.  Jim realizes that the fork is actually a trident and they’ve been contacting the wrong companies.


When the bus arrives at its destination, Patty and Doug realize a kid is missing. Patty goes back to the bus to try and find the missing kid, but Cat is able to avoid her. She starts to run out and ends up attacking and clawing the eyes out of one of Patty and Doug’s compatriots. Before Patty is able to harm Cat, Jim and Bullock show up to save the day. They’re able to save the kids and get them back to Gotham.


The next day, Jim has stopped by Wayne Manor to see Bruce. Alfred tells Jim that Bruce is causing harm to himself. When Jim suggests a psychiatrist, Alfred says that Thomas Wayne said no psychiatrist. He told Alfred how he wanted Bruce to be raised in case something happened to him and Martha. Did Thomas Wayne know that he and his wife were in danger and that their murder was a possibility? Bruce tells Jim that he’s fine and doesn’t need help. He offers to give the kids who have been abducted money, but Jim says they need someone to care for them. Bruce still wants to help, so he offers to buy them clothes.


At the Gotham Police Station, another officer is talking to Cat. She’s upset they’re sending the kids upstate even after everything they’ve been through. She tells the officer she wants to speak with Jim Gordon, and threatens to tell people that the officer touched her if he refuses to get Jim.


When Jim comes to talk to Cat, she asks if he can keep her from getting sent upstate. She tells him he has something he really wants. She knows that Jim is a friend of Bruce’s and wants to help him. She tells Jim she knows who killed the Waynes and she’ll tell him if he tries to keep her in Gotham.


Montoya and Allen of the Major Crimes Unit go pay a visit to Oswald’s mother to see if they can find out information about Oswald’s disappearance. If it gets on MCU’s radar that Jim and Bullock had something to do with Oswald’s death, it will increase their suspicions of Jim and Bullock framing Pepper.


Meanwhile, Oswald is trying to hitchhike his way out of Gotham. Two guys in a truck stop to give him a ride. At first they seem friendly and jovial enough, even offering Oswald a beer. But eventually the passenger makes a joke about Oswald walking like a penguin. Unfortunately for that passenger, that is Oswald’s least favorite comparison, so he does the only sensible thing: kill the guy.


Oswald then finds a trailer for rent, and pays the landlord in cash. Once inside the trailer, we see that Oswald has the driver hostage and is trying to get a ransom for him. He’s got some sort of long-term plan; we’ve already seen he’s super smart and ambitious.  And now, we see that he’s crazy – something we got hints of before, but was kept in check by Fish. 

"Pilot" (Aired September 21, 2014)

Samantha Wessel

When Fox announced the development of “Gotham,” the skeptic in me thought the show would be shit, a weak competitor to ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Part of me also worried the oversaturation of the comic book worlds. Look, I love all things comic book and graphic novel, but I know that the rest of the population doesn’t necessarily feel that way. I was fearful that “Gotham,” “The Flash,” and “Constantine,” may be too much and that the good sentiment and support for DC and Marvel properties may wane.


After watching “Gotham,” I think my worries are unfounded. I’m very excited for the rest of the season. I like the dark ambience of the show, which is a complete contrast to “S.H.I.E.L.D.” (And in actuality, demonstrating the differences between Marvel and DC). I’m excited about the Ben McKenzie/Donal Logue team of James Gordon and Harvey Bullock. And Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot (the future Penguin) is freaking amazing. So with all that, let’s get into the world of “Gotham” shall we?


The show opens with a young Selina Kyle, the future (and sorta present) Catwoman, making her way through the streets of Gotham, stealing milk (appropriate) and wallets. We know that young Bruce Wayne isn’t going to be the focal point of this show, and as of right now, it looks like Selina Kyle may be our way into the seedy underworld of Gotham City. I like this technique, allowing the viewers an eye into the happenings of the rougher parts of Gotham with a character we’re going to have mixed emotions about.


Anyway, Selina Kyle is hanging out in an alley when she hears Thomas, Martha, and Bruce Wayne walking through. It’s the scene we’re all familiar with where Thomas and Martha are killed in front of Bruce. And Selina sees it all happen.


Meanwhile, at the Gotham City Policy Department, Jim Gordon defuses a hostile inmate situation. Much to the disdain of his partner Harvey Bullock, Jim kept the inmate alive. As they’re arguing, they’re called to the scene of the Wayne murders. After arrive, Bullock realizes the victims are Thomas and Martha Wayne. Knowing this is going to bring a shit ton of pressure on him, he wants to transfer the case to the Major Crimes Unit. However, Jim has already made his way over to Bruce, officially making the Wayne case the business of Jim and Bullock.


After opening up about his own father’s death, Jim is able to get Bruce to tell him what happened. He tells Jim that the killer was wearing a black mask and shiny shoes. Jim promises Bruce he’ll find who killed his parents. During Jim and Bruce’s conversation, Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne butler, shows up to take Bruce home. Jim makes the same promise to Alfred. Alfred realizes this promise is one of a new, naïve officer, and whisks Bruce away.


At a diner, Jim and Bullock start talking about the case. Bullock tells Jim that talking to Bruce means they’re stuck with the case and the press is going to come down hard on them if they don’t solve the case quickly. Then Montoya and Allen from Major Crimes Unit show up and offer to take the case from Jim and Bullock. Montoya throws an insult at Bullock, and he refuses to give them the case.


Bullock and Jim go to see the police Captain who tells them to use the resources need to solve the case. Bullock then asks the Captain for a new partner, but she tells him that he’s stuck with Jim. Jim’s father was a DA back in the day, so he’s a favorite. Bullock tells Jim he seems like a nice guy and Gotham isn’t a city for nice guys.


Jim and Bullock gather up some muggers and question them, but they aren’t able to get anywhere. After a montage of questioning, we see Edward Nygma (the future Riddler) tell Jim and Bullock that the bullet used is an expensive one and came from a gun not in Gotham’s database. There are no prints on the gun that may help track down the killer. Nygma throws out a riddle, much to Bullock’s chagrin, but Jim is able to figure it out. Jim’s riddle solving clearly takes Nygma by surprise. Perhaps Jim is going to be a good foil for the future Riddler


After receiving the information from Nygma, Jim hypothesizes that the killer may not actually be from the streets. Perhaps someone was sent to specifically kill the Waynes. Since they haven’t found out anything in the first 48 hours, Bullock and Jim are off to see Fish Mooney. Fish Mooney works for mob boss Carmine Falcone. The theater district where the Waynes were murdered happened in her “area.”


Fish Mooney is introduced to us by beating the crap out of one of her henchmen for stealing money from her. We are also introduced to Oswald Cobblepot (the future Penguin) who is one of Fish’s lackeys. When Fish goes inside to meet with Bullock and Jim, Oswald takes over for Fish and starts beating the dishonest henchmen. When Oswald’s fellow lackey refers to him as Penguin because of his walk, he expresses his great displeasure in this nickname.


Inside Fish’s place, Bullock and Fish show a familiarity that seems to bother Jim. Jim hears the beating of the henchman and goes to check it out. When he comes back, Bullock and Fish are laughing together. Fish kisses Bullock goodbye and it seems like this questioning was a bust.


At home that night, we meet Jim’s fiancé Barbara. Jim fills her in on the lack of progress on the Wayne case. Really, the scene is there to establish the supportive nature of the relationship between Barbara and Jim. A few hours later, Jim receives a call from Bullock telling Jim to meet him about a lead from Fish.


The two meet up and Bullock tells Jim that a known street criminal, Mario Pepper, was trying to sell a pearl necklace fitting the description of the one Martha Wayne was wearing when she was killed. When they knock on the door, Pepper’s daughter Ivy answers (oh hey Poison Ivy). Bullock and Jim question Pepper and when they say they’re going to look around the place, Pepper runs out of the apartment with Jim chasing him. After a few minutes, Pepper is about to stab Jim, but Bullock kills him. Afterward, when the police are combing through Peppers place, they find Martha Wayne’s necklace, and Bullock and Jim are proclaimed as heroes for finding and killing the Wayne’s murderer.   


After Pepper’s death, Oswald meets up with Montoya and Allen of the Major Crimes Unit to tell them that Pepper was set up by Fish Mooney, Harvey, and Jim. Allen realizes that Oswald is revealing this information as Oswald wants to push Fish out. After meeting with Oswald, Montoya shows up to Barbara’s apartment to tell her that Jim framed Pepper. There’s some kind of history between Montoya and Barbara – perhaps they were a couple? Or perhaps Barbara used to be part of some criminal element herself. It’s unclear at the moment. Barbara refuses to believe that Jim would frame Pepper.


That night Barbara asks Jim straight out if he famed Pepper. He immediately denies it and asks who told her that. The next day Jim confronts Montoya about the evidence she has that Pepper was framed, but she refuses to share. Jim tells Montoya and Allen that he’ll find out if Pepper was framed and find the real killer.


So Jim makes a visit to Peppers wife and daughter. His wife says that while Pepper had demons he wasn’t a murderer. Jim asks to see Pepper’s shoes. When he looks in the closet, he realizes that Pepper doesn’t have the shiny shoes that Bruce described. Jim then takes this information to Bullock. Bullock tells Jim that even if Pepper was innocent, they killed him and they would lose their jobs. He tells Jim to let it go.


Jim refuses to give up, obviously, so he’s off to see Fish. He asks Fish what she and Bullock talked about during their meeting while Jim was outside. Jim starts to beat up Fish’s henchmen, but she knocks him out. Fish’s henchmen drag Jim to a meat locker where they hang up and prepare to kill him.


The next morning, Barbara shows up to the police station to ask Bullock if he knows where Jim is. Bullock lies and tells Barbara that Jim is on a stake out. Bullock realizes that Jim couldn’t let it go, so he’s off to Fish’s to save Jim. Bullock tries to convince Fish to let Jim go. He tells Fish that Major Crimes knows she planted the necklace on Pepper. She realizes that Oswald sold her out, and she tells her henchmen to kill both Bullock and Jim.


After her phone call with Bullock, Fish tells Oswald that Falcone is taking over, and she may as well take over. She then tells Oswald that she knows he betrayed her to the Major Crimes Unit. When Fish tests Oswald’s loyalty, he’s not able to prove it, and she begins beating him.


As Harvey and Jim are hanging upside down in the meat locker and about to be killed, Carmine Bullock shows up and tells Fish’s henchmen that Fish has overstepped her boundaries by trying to kill police officers without speaking to him first.


Falcone then has a little chit-chat with Jim. He tells Jim that he knew Jim’s father and that Jim’s father and Falcone had a friendship. Jim tells Falcone that when he leaves, he’s going to tell that Falcone owns the police department and that he thought Falcone had the Waynes killed, but if he did, he wouldn’t let Jim live. Falcone confesses to Jim that the necklace they found in Pepper’s apartment was a replica, and that Falcone framed Pepper to let the people of Gotham see justice so they would feel safe and secure. He tells Jim “You can’t have organized crime without law and order.” Falcone tells Jim that bringing down City Hall and the Police department would make the problems in Gotham even worse.


Bullock then drives Jim to the docks and opens up the trunk to reveal Oswald. Bullock tells Jim that Falcone demanded that Jim kill Oswald to show that Jim is on board with everything. Bullock tells Jim that if he doesn’t kill Oswald, then Harvey will have to kill Jim, and they may even go after Barbara. Obviously, Jim isn’t going to kill him. So Jim walks Oswald down to the end of the pier and tells Oswald to never come back to Gotham. He pushes Oswald off the pier right as he shoots the gun. I can’t tell if Bullock knows Jim didn’t actually kill Oswald, but he either way, he seemed pleased with Jim.


Jim arrives at the Wayne manor to find Bruce standing on the roof. Bruce explains to Jim that he’s trying to conquer his fear. Jim then tells Bruce that Pepper was framed, and he didn’t keep his promise. Jim hands his badge over to Bruce, telling Bruce he believes he can fight the corruption but that he should do it from the inside. Bruce hands Jim back his badge as a sign of approval and forgiveness. As Jim drives away, we see Selina Kyle on the walls of the Wayne property, gazing upon the manor.


The episode ends with Oswald emerging from the river. He kills a lonely fisherman and eats the fisherman’s sandwich. He’s not quite the Penguin yet, but he’s well on his way.