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Doctor Who

The Twelfth Doctor This Way Comes!

Samantha Wessel

Ok, full honesty here: I'm a fairly newcomer to the whole Doctor Who game. I started watching about a year ago via Netflix and iTunes, and I haven't watched the early Doctor Who episodes, only the episodes since the BBC brought the show back in 2005. But I don't think that means I love it any less. When I started watching the show I told my friends that I'm pretty sure the show was made for me. A British sci-fi show with a kickass female character? Sold!


Confession: I actually really enjoyed Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. I know, I know, people are going to think I'm crazy, but Eccleston was a nice introduction to the Doctor. He played the Doctor with a sense of heaviness and guilt to show the weight that the Doctor carries at all times. And he was at introducing both Billie Piper's Rose and me to the craziness that time and space has to offer.  While I enjoyed the whole first series, the episode "Father's Day" sealed my fate as a Whovian. I cried. A lot. At the gym. On the elliptical. And I didn't give a crap who saw me. That episode shows perfectly how an episode of Doctor Who can go from being goofy and silly to monumentally poignant.  And when Eccleston's Doctor regenerated, I cried again (a running theme with this dang show!). I was sad to see Eccleston go, but little did I know how hard I would fall for the next Doctor.


Oh David Tennant. Where do I begin? I know, I KNOW, I am not the only one who ADORED Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. But my god - what a perfect Doctor. He was goofy, and silly, and yet he was still able to show that the Doctor has seen and done things he regrets. And when he put on those glasses and smiled the sideways goofy smile - I was done. And Tennant and Billie Piper as Rose- COULD NOT HANDLE IT. I've heard some Whovians complain that the Doctor isn't supposed to fall in love, but I was totally onboard with the Rose/Doctor relationship. And when Rose got trapped in the parallel universe, I was sad in my real life for days. FOR. DAYS. Even now thinking about the Doctor and Rose being separated makes me weepy. 

After Rose's departure, I grumpily dealt with Freema Agyeman's Martha. Poor Martha. She just didn't stand a chance in my eyes or in the Doctor's. She tried her best, but I just wasn't going to love her. I was too heartbroken about Rose. (It takes time to heal Martha - don't try to force me to love you!) BUT Martha's series did introduce the Weeping Angels WHICH ARE THE SCARIEST DAMN THINGS I HAVE EVER SEEN. I see Angel statues now and I get very nervous. (For those of you now concerned about my ability to discern real life from television programs, yes I am able to do so. Thank you for your concern.) I wasn't sad to see Martha go, though she proved herself a champion in the end. 


Donna/Doctor. Doctor/Donna. The loving friendship between the Doctor and Catherine Tate's Donna was so amazing I didn't think it could ever be topped (thanks a lot Amy Pond!), and I was so, so, so devastated when Donna had to lose her memories of her time with the Doctor. And as much as I love Tennant as the Doctor I am glad he left because I don't think I could have taken another Tennant series without Donna or Rose.  


I was nervous about Matt Smith replacing Tennant. I had been warned by a friend it was going to take me some time to warm up to Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, especially since I loved Tennant so much. Well I am happy to say she was 100% incorrect. I loved Matt Smith's Doctor from the moment he popped out of the TARDIS. While Smith's Doctor may have looked youthful, he still carried that je ne sais quoi showing the Doctor's depth. And also Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill as Amy Pond and Rory Williams - C'mon! Amazing! These episodes were exciting, and mysterious, and action packed and a lot of fun.  It was really great to see how much all three of these characters loved each other. I hear or see the phrase "The Girl Who Waited" and I get chills. I think about the Last Centurion and I get chills. Amy and Rory were just too freaking amazing. And not to mention Alex Kingston as River Song. How trippy was all that time travel shit? But I loved it! I'm sure there are flaws, and foils, and foibles in the space time continuum explaining River as Rory and Amy's daughter,  but I don't care. These seasons were amazing, and once again, when Amy & Rory left (THOSE STUPID SCARY ANGELS, MAN!) I cried.

Clara. Poor Clara. So far, she's suffered from the same fate as Martha in my book. I don't love her yet, but it's not really her fault. She can't help that she's not Amy and Rory. (Also side note - until I see  a photo of Jenna Louise Coleman (who plays Clara) and Christina Ricci together, I am not convinced they aren't the same person. Ok, sorry - tangent over). She and Smith's Doctor were cute together, but I'm not sold on her just yet. I do appreciate her sassiness and I hope that seeing her with Peter Capaldi's Doctor will make me actually love her. 

And before I get to the upcoming Doctor, let me take a minute to discuss the 50th Anniversary Special, "The Day of the Doctor". Now, I know we all squealed with delight seeing Tennant and Smith together as the Doctor. It was a freaking dream come true. And the scene where they compare their sonic screwdrivers made us all laugh like little kids. BUT BUT BUT - that ending?!?! No. I have issues with Gallifrey surviving. It takes a fundamental building block of the Doctor's story and reverses it so it didn't happen. That's bothersome to me. It seems an easy way out. There's a chance it could serve the larger story (I know it helped the Doctor regenerate again but there could have been another way for that), but I'm not sold on this change yet. If anyone can prove me wrong it is Steven Moffat and I hope he does. 

Like with every previous Doctor, I was really sad to see Matt Smith go. And though my heart will always belong to Tennant's Doctor and Billie Piper's Rose, I think Peter Capaldi's Doctor is going to be hella interesting. He seems darker, and Clara doesn't seem to trust him right away. I like that. I think the show can benefit from a little bit more darkness. Plus, the Daleks are back and they're so freaking evil that there's no way the first episode doesn't rock. 

I'll be providing recaps and discussion of this season's Doctor Who. Stay tuned Whovians!!